A U.S. Air Force Whistleblower is Going Public



  • France devolves into chaos as Islamists conspire with Marxists and Communists to prevent populist Marine La Pen’s nationalist party from winning Sunday’s parliamentary elections.
  • French Jews are deciding it’s time to get out of France. We’ll explain why.
  • Joe Biden continues to melt down on national TV, and the mainstream corporate media appears all too happy to watch him self-destruct.
  • Biden’s Surgeon General releases a highly politicized report in which he paints private firearm ownership in America as a public health emergency. 
  • A U.S. Air Force whistleblower explains why she became a believer in geoengineering as a method of manipulating weather patterns.
  • And tensions flare on the Korean peninsula as both sides prepare for war.

All these stories and more when the Worldview Report begins, right now! 


Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report.

France descended into chaos on Sunday as reports of leftists winning parliamentary elections started to emerge, leading white liberals and Jihadist illegal immigrants to take to the streets and cause violence.

As we reported yesterday, Marine Le Pen’s right-wing National Rally (RN) suffered an upset despite a strong showing in early polls and high voter turnout.

Euro News reported, “The New Popular Front (NFP), a hastily formed coalition of socialists, communists, greens and the leftist France Unbowed party, is set to take between 172 and 192 of the chamber’s 577 seats, Ipsos predicted.”

Yet, though seemingly winning everything they could have ever wanted, the leftists and Islamists still flooded the streets of Paris and other cities, burning vehicles, attacking police and causing utter chaos.

WATCH VIDEO (clip first 3 minutes)


And here’s Ben Bergquam in a report for Real America’s Voice.


Because the right-wingers were basically scammed out of a victory by last-minute back-room scheming, one might expect that it would be those French citizens on the right who were out in the streets protesting. 

But that’s not the case.

It seems nothing upsets the right enough to stir them to violence. Whether in France, the UK, Germany or America, conservatives are by nature peaceful people. But it’s also because they know the reaction from the police would be far different than what you saw in the videos we just watched. The police would become brutal and the protesters would feel the full force of the law slamming down on their necks. 

If we learned anything from January 6, it was that protests on the right are treated much differently than protests on the left. The same applies in France and throughout the formerly free Western world.


French Jews fear they may have no future in the country after the far-left’s victories in the parliamentary elections Sunday.

As Breitbart News reported, French President Emmanuel Macron’s alliance with the New Popular Front delivered a victory over Marine Le Pen’s populist right, which has sparked concerns about rising antisemitism.

Moshe Sebbag, a rabbi for the Synagogue de la Victoire, told the Times of Israel that “it seems France has no future for Jews” while advising young Jews in the country to leave for Israel.

He said, “But people my age, who are 50, 60, we’ve made our life here and we fear for the future of our children.”

French-Jewish philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy wrote on X:

“The left is once again kidnapped by the infamous Melenchon. Divisive language. Hate of the republic on the lips. Around him right now are some incarnations of the new antisemitism. A chilling moment. A stain: Continue to fight against these people.”

Jean-Luc Melenchon, leader of the France Unbowed far-left party, or LFI, previously called French Jews “an arrogant minority that lectures to the rest.”

French-Jewish journalist Yohann Taieb wrote on X:

“Melenchon’s victory is a terrible signal of impunity sent to the anti-Jewish Islamo-Fascists.”

Karys Rhea, a producer with the Epoch Times, said on X that the rise of Melenchon will lead to more unrest for Jews.

“This will be a disaster for the Jews, because Macron will have to sit with Melenchon, who will essentially be the deal breaker and demand a lot from Macron. Melenchon is a cut-throat, power-hungry, fierce communist- almost Antifa level. So, Macron has a serious problem, as there is no history in post-war France of sharing that kind of power. I believe Jews will leave in the tens of thousands.”


Joe Biden penned a letter to congressional Democrats Monday in which he dismisses calls for him to end his bid for re-election and calls for an end to the interparty drama that has divided Democrats since his embarrassing public debate against Donald Trump.

Democrat lawmakers returned to Washington Monday confronting a choice: Decide whether to revive Biden’s campaign or try to edge him out and risk political backlash should Biden prevail.

If money counts, and it always does in Washington, it would seem that the biggest money is on the side of Biden’s opponents. Several of the largest Democrat donors have said they will opt out this time around if Biden remains the Democrat nominee.

Biden wrote in the two-page letter that “the question of how to move forward has been well-aired for over a week now. And it’s time for it to end.” He stressed that the party has “one job,” which is to defeat presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in November.

In the letter, distributed by his re-election campaign, he further writes: “Any weakening of resolve or lack of clarity about the task ahead only helps Trump and hurts us. It’s time to come together, move forward as a unified party, and defeat Donald Trump.”

Top-ranking Democratic lawmakers are joining calls for Biden to step aside for a replacement candidate. At the same time, some of the president’s most staunch supporters are redoubling the fight for Biden’s presidency, insisting there’s no one better to beat Trump.


Biden followed up the letter with a phone interview with MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” show, on which he insisted that “average Democrats” want him to stay in the race and said he was frustrated by the calls from party officials for him to step aside.

“They’re big names, but I don’t care what those big names think,” Biden said.



Democratic voters are split on whether Biden should remain the Democratic Party’s nominee for president, according to a New York Times/Siena College poll.


U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy released a report on June 25th in which he tried to characterize private firearm ownership in America as a public health emergency. 

The report is titled “U.S. Surgeon General Issues Advisory on the Public Health Crisis of Firearm Violence in the United States.”  

Biden’s Surgeon General writes that, “Firearm violence is pervasive, with more than half (54 percent) of U.S. adults or their family members having experienced a firearm-related incident in their lives. Over the last decade, the number of people who have died from firearm-related injuries, including suicides, homicides, and accidental deaths, has been rising, and firearm violence is now the leading cause of death among children and adolescents.  “

The fake poll, which doesn’t provide the geographic location of those surveyed, is not even worth responding to. The assertion that firearm violence is now the leading cause of death among children is misleading. That assertion is only potentially accurate if one includes people 18+, suicides, accidents and gangs shooting each other. 

Murthy’s report, as to be expected by any Biden appointee, is also highly racialized.

It states, “Black community endured the highest firearm homicide rates in every age group,” but fails to mention that this is because Black criminals commit violent crimes at rates far outstripping their numbers in the population. Nor does Murthy mention Democrats have done all they can to help those criminals, releasing them without bail, refusing to prosecute, and in the rare cases where violent felons are prosecuted, imposing ridiculously light sentences.

Predictably, Murthy’s recommendations adhere strictly to the Democrat Party line, focusing not on getting tougher on violent criminals but on stripping law-abiding Americans of their Second Amendment rights.


A self-described witch with ties to the Sinaloa drug cartel was killed on June 30 after trying to kidnap a baby boy from his parents to use him as a sacrifice.

The woman, a Mexican national identified as 33-year-old Maria Guadalupe R.M., allegedly wanted to use the child’s death as a sacrifice to the so-called patron saint of cartels, Santa Muerte (Saint Death), the Daily Mail reported on Monday, citing a Norte Digital article.



Breitbart reports that prior to the attempted kidnapping the woman told her nephew, the baby’s father, she believed a deceased family member had been reincarnated as the baby and allegedly broke into the Juarez home to get the baby.

But the woman’s 23-year-old nephew reportedly killed the woman with a baseball bat.

The Daily Mail article reported that Guadalupe allegedly practiced satanic worship.

“She also had ties to the notorious street gang Los Mexicles, the armed goons for the Sinaloa drug cartel, formerly run by drug kingpin El Chapo Guzman, who is imprisoned in the U.S., Mexican authorities confirm,” the Mail article said. 

The article also stated it was unclear if the baby was hurt during the incident.

Although his father turned himself in, he was later released once officials determined it was a case of self-defense.


A U.S. Air Force whistleblower is going public, explaining why she went from debunking the concept of geoengineering to confirming that it exists as a method of manipulating weather patterns and poisoning the population.

Here’s a clip from an interview with Kristen Meghan. She is mistakenly identified by the interviewer as an Army specialist but she was actually in the Air Force, not the Army, as we confirmed through her X account.




The Winepress News reports that last week a group of tech companies showcased the newest generation of AI-powered humanoid robots that are capable of performing many of the basic functions currently done by people.

This represents a growing threat that workers around the world will eventually be replaced by these androids.

A number of robots were on display at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2024 in Shanghai, China; but one of the more notable displays was showcased by the Chinese National Local Joint Humanoid Robot Innovation Center, which released its highly anticipated open-source general-purpose humanoid robot named Qinglong for the first time. Qinglong means “green dragon” in Chinese.

Days before the event, the company gave a sneak preview of some of the basic functions the android could perform, Shanghai Eye reported.

Here’s a report on some of the tasks China’s humanoid robots are capable of.




An Israeli army reservist officer was killed in northern Israel by a rocket launched by Hezbollah from Lebanon on Thursday, according to Times of Israel, citing IDF officials. The slain soldier is named as Major Itay Galea, age 38, who was a deputy company commander in the Yiftah Reserve Armored Brigade's 8679th unit. On Wednesday and Thursday, Hezbollah fired some 300 rockets and 20 drones at northern Israel and Golan Heights, in response to the killing of a top commander of the group. 


Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.

Military.com reports that the powerful sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un called South Korea’s recent front-line live-fire drills “suicidal hysteria” as she threatened unspecified military steps Monday if further provoked.

The warning by Kim Yo Jong came after South Korea resumed firing exercises near its tense land and sea borders with North Korea in the past two weeks. The exercises were the first of their kind since South Korea suspended a 2018 agreement with the North aimed at easing front-line military tensions in June.

“The question is why the enemy kicked off such war drills near the border, suicidal hysteria, for which they will have to sustain terrible disaster,” Kim Yo Jong said in a statement carried by state media.

She accused South Korea’s conservative government of deliberately escalating tensions as a way to escape a domestic political crisis. She said the riskiness of the South Korean drills is clear to everyone as they happened amid “a touch-and-go situation” established after the U.S., South Korea and Japan recently held a new trilateral military exercise that North Korea views as a security threat.

“In case it is judged according to our criteria that they violated the sovereignty of (North Korea) and committed an act tantamount to a declaration of war, our armed forces will immediately carry out its mission and duty assigned by the (North Korean) constitution,” she said, without elaborating.

Later Monday, Koo Byoungsam, a spokesperson at South Korea’s Unification Ministry, described Kim's statement as an attempt to trigger an internal divide in South Korea, saying that North Korea must first look at its own human rights violations and the international isolation caused by its nuclear program.

South Korea’s Defense Ministry separately said it will continue its live-fire drills as scheduled but didn’t say when and where new exercises are planned.

North Korea has been engaged in a provocative run of weapons tests since 2022. But its two recent tests — one on a missile with “a super-large warhead” and the other on a multiwarhead missile — drew widespread skepticism from South Korean officials and experts who said North Korea likely fabricated successful launches to cover up failed tests.

That begs the question: If the North Korean ballistic missiles are overrated or some kind of fraud, then why are the U.S.-backed South Koreans holding live-fire war games near the North Korean border?

Just curious. 

That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. Thanks for watching and supporting this broadcast.

Until next time…


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