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Religious Trojan Horse eBook Documentary
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Well known evangelical and pro-family leaders have joined in events, alliances, and common causes with a shocking array of unbiblical partners. As a result, many contemporary “Christian” leaders embrace and encourage the false Jesus and false gospels of Mormonism, the New Age Movement, Word of Faith teachers, the New Apostolic Reformation, Eastern Mysticism, and the spiritual left.
Religious Trojan Horse eBook Documentary

Brannon Howse spent more than three years writing this book and even more years conducting the required research. While the hardcover comes out the second or third week of September and will be mailed then to all who have made a pre-order online, the e-book documentary is available now. Why is it called an e-book documentary? The Religious Trojan Horse e-book has almost 100 video links embedded within its digital pages. When Brannon tells you about the ranting’s of a false teacher you are often able to click a link and view the person making their heretical proclamation. Brannon then reveals from God’s Word why exactly their proclamations are not Biblical. When Brannon reports how well-known New Religious Right leaders are working in spiritual enterprises with false teachers you can click a link and view a video of this activity yourself. This e-book documentary exposes the ideas, philosophies, theology, and doctrines of the New Religious Right, spiritual left, and Neo-evangelicals that are building a religious Trojan horse and how Biblically committed Christians must respond. In addition to video clips, this e-book documentary is loaded with almost 600 footnotes and many of them include hyperlinks to the sources being quoted. This is the future—where publishing and multimedia come together to enhance your learning, understanding, and interest. If you want to understand the times and how God would have you respond then purchase your copy of the Religious Trojan Horse e-book documentary and begin reading and watching. Once you start, you will not be able to put it down.

‘Certain Men Have Crept in Unnoticed’

Brannon Howse echoes the warning of Jude 3—as urgent now as the day Jude first wrote the words almost 20 centuries ago. Godless worldviews have been eroding Europe’s and America’s Judeo-Christian heritage for years, but now the problem has taken a dire turn for the worse. While false teachers have been around since biblical times, infiltration of the church has increased alarmingly, just as Jesus predicted in Matthew 24.

Well known evangelical and pro-family leaders have joined in events, alliances, and common causes with a shocking array of unbiblical partners. As a result, many contemporary “Christian” leaders embrace and encourage the false Jesus and false gospels of Mormonism, the New Age Movement, Word of Faith teachers, the New Apostolic Reformation, Eastern Mysticism, and the spiritual left.

Our bitterest philosophical enemies have made it past the gatekeepers of both mainstream and evangelical Christian thought, and anti-Christian worldviews have assembled within the walls of our churches. As a result, hostile forces wreak havoc in the minds and hearts of believers who are caught unaware.

In Religious Trojan Horse, Brannon exposes the outrageous breach of integrity in the Church, compromised by popular and dangerous teachings that are anything but scriptural. With thorough and precise documentation of every claim and accusation, Brannon shows exactly who is to blame and how. In this book, you’ll discover:

  • How the philosophy and eschatology of false religions have infiltrated evangelicalism;
  • The saboteurs who have convinced 21st century evangelicals to embrace and promote heresies of the social gospel, dominion theology, ecumenicalism, mysticism, social justice, and communitarianism;
  • The real and present danger that a false church has brought “soft” persecution to biblically committed Christians—with worse to follow;
  • The potential for an apostate Church to become the catalyst for the coming New World Order;
  • How the Harlot Church of Revelation 17 will do the bidding of a one-world leader;
  • The threat that mainstreaming a blend of “signs and wonders” with mystical “Christianity” has already conditioned unaware sheeple to accept a one-world leader;
  • That the pro-family “industry” and its “culture war” have been an easy mark for infiltration by enemies of the Gospel;
  • How Rick Warren, Tony Blair, Joel Osteen, C. Peter Wagner, Glenn Beck, Mikhail Gorbachev, the Rockefellers, Mike Bickle, Rick Joyner, Peter Drucker, Jim Wallis, Tony Compolo, Kenneth Copeland, Creflo Dollar, Benny Hinn, and others have assisted in building the religious Trojan horse.

Brannon explains how the world’s religions are converging through a syncretism now supported by evangelicals. His revelations will shock you at first. Then you’ll likely be tempted to despair. And make no mistake, the situation is grim. Yet Brannon offers hope simply by opening your eyes to what is happening and what still can be done. He charts the path on which we can return to truly biblical teaching, preaching, and raising of our children.

“Certain men” are indeed creeping in unnoticed, but God is still in charge—and working decisively through those who will not exchange any of the truth for a lie. Religious Trojan Horse will help you become one of the ones stand against the invaders.

Here Is What Christian Leaders Are Saying about Religious Trojan Horse

As I read Brannon’s new book, Religious Trojan Horse, I noticed the extensive research that had gone into the writing of this major work on some of the most pressing issues of our day. The footnoting in this great project will assure every reader that this is not just one man’s opinion but a compilation of materials gathered from many researchers.

Since I started “partnering in ministry” with Brannon and began listening to his dynamic presentations I have been impressed with his quick mind, ability to communicate, and the clarity with which he communicates a message needed in the days we are living, days very close to the return of Jesus Christ.

That same method of public presentation has been put in this published work and will be available for the next generation to read and digest for the purpose of decision making as they will live in times far worse than ours, should the Lord tarry in His call for us to join Him in the heavens at the Rapture.

Thank you, Brannon, for working so hard to present this vital information for me as well as for the countless brothers and sisters in Christ to read at such a time as this.

Dr. Jimmy DeYoung

Religious Trojan Horse is a valuable and much-needed resource for the Church. Brannon Howse not only reveals how secular subversives are destroying Christianity in our culture, but also how some leaders in the conservative community are using the Church for their own ambitions and political schemes. While crying out for the preservation of “liberty” in America, they seem to have forgotten that our only true freedom comes by faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. These men often redefine Christianity and deny the true Gospel, so as to join themselves to apostates and unbelievers in the pursuit of power. Brannon’s testimony is especially imperative, because he was once part of the movement he now confronts with biblical truth. His new book shows how the faith that was once delivered to the saints is being betrayed on behalf of a Dominionist agenda, and it sets forth a powerful warning to sincere Christians against becoming entangled in a man-centered concept of religion.

Christian J. Pinto

Christianity is under attack. Formidable forces are actively working to undermine what remains of the biblical worldview once prevalent in the United States and to distort the Gospel around the globe. These forces are powerful, well connected, well funded. They dominate key media outlets and constitute the single greatest threat to the Church today. What is most frightening, however, is that they profess to be and are widely believed to be Christian.

Brannon Howse, in his book Religious Trojan Horse, courageously exposes these false teachers peddling false doctrine. Ironically, many false teachers now embraced by today’s evangelical and pro-family leaders not so many years ago were widely recognized as heretical—and even banished by some denominations. That what was once recognized as heresy is now being endorsed as Christian is indicative of the stunning biblical illiteracy and lack of discernment among most professing believers.

As someone who has studied these movements in depth, written my Master’s thesis on them, and currently teaches seminars on them both domestically and abroad, I can attest to the thoroughness, soundness, and contextual integrity of Brannon’s research.

In a day and age in which most people desire to have their ears tickled (2 Timothy 4:3), Brannon, at considerable cost to himself and his family, has chosen the noble and biblical duty of being a Berean (Acts 17:11) and earnestly contending for the faith (Jude 3). Religious Trojan Horse is a must-read for the discerning believer who cares about the doctrinal purity and authoritative supremacy of the Gospel. I enthusiastically and without reservation recommend it.

Justin Peters
Justin Peters Ministries

Religious Trojan Horse is a must-read for all discerning followers of Christ. Spiritual confusion is running rampant in our world today, and unfortunately, as Brannon reveals, much of it is within the Church!

Jason Carlson
President, Christian Ministries International

If you’re a Pastor, read this book! You will find areas in which you’ve been blinded and deceived by a religious system that has drifted so far from orthodoxy that normal is our enemy. This book will wake the frog in the kettle. If your church doesn’t agree with the teaching in this book, get a new church!

Dr. Randy White
Randy White Ministries

As the church is tossed here and there by waves of deception and carried about by every wind of doctrine, it needs faithful preachers of God’s Word to take a stand and contend for the Gospel. With a passion for the truth, Brannon Howse does this and more in Religious Trojan Horse. Seeking the approval of God over man, he exposes the evil deeds of darkness by naming those who are diverting people away from the purity of their devotion to Christ.

Error has always been more popular than truth, but those who expose the fatal errors of Satan with the light of God’s truth are not always popular in the Church. With very few men warning of the growing apostasy which is leading many into a counterfeit Christianity, Brannon’s book Religious Trojan Horse is vitally important. I urge Christians everywhere to examine the fruit of Brannon’s tireless research and experience in exposing the ecumenical movement. This book will help us prepare for the spiritual battles which lie ahead.

Mike Gendron

Finally, someone who has the courage to expose what is taking place inside and outside the Church that was remarkably predicted 2,000 years ago. Think I’m kidding? Then read Religious Trojan Horse.

Pastor Steve Holley
Pastor of Ministries
Immanuel Bible Church, Springfield, VA

Religious Trojan Horse Table of Contents

The Bible Predicted the Religious Trojan Horse, and We Are Called to Expose It

Chapter 1
The Grave Influence of the Religious Trojan Horse

Chapter 2
Religion, the Foundation for the New World Order

Chapter 3
Dangers of the New Apostolic Reformation and Dominion Theology

Chapter 4
Beware of False Apostles and Prophets

Chapter 5
Keep the Change (Agents)

Chapter 6
The Communion of Communitarians

Chapter 7
The Watermelon Church: Environmental Green and Socialist Red

Chapter 8
Compromising the Gospel for the Sake of Liberty

Chapter 9
Emerging and Converging: The New Religious Right and Religious Left

Chapter 10
Christian Shamanism and the Law of Attraction

Chapter 11
Christian Mysticism Goes Mainstream

Chapter 12
Man-Centered from Both Sides: The Social Gospel, Right and Left

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