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The programs broadcast on WorldviewWeekend.com are the intellectual property of each broadcaster and their organization and are protected under federal copyright law. The broadcasts are made available on this website as a public service and ministry but that does not nullify the fact that they are protected under applicable, federal copyright laws. Unauthorized duplication or reloading of any of these broadcasts in whole or part to other websites or to any other location without prior written permission from the broadcaster or their organization is a violation of federal copyright laws and violators will be subject to all the penalties provided under the law.

We consider this to be a fair warning of that fact that there will be a zero tolerance policy for anyone that violates the law. There will be no excuses that will be accepted as limiting said individual from the consequences of unlawful actions including but not limited to their claim that because they are a “Christian” they are exempt from the possible consequences of unlawful use of said broadcast. If there is any doubt as to what is acceptable then we welcome your e-mail for permission or clarification at [email protected]. Failure to contact us and seek written permission or clarification of legal use may be considered as further evidence of reckless intent should violation of federal copyright laws occur.

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