• COVID shots, Avian Flu shots, and the Lust for Control | June 12, 2024

    Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet is president and CEO of Truth for Health Foundation. Since February 2020, she’s been part of the team of frontline physicians treating COVID early at home. With Dr. Peter McCullough, she is a co-author/editor of the Guide to COVID Early Treatment: Options to Stay Out of Hospital and Save Your Life. She is a past director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. She received her M.D. degree and internship in Internal Medicine at Eastern Virginia Medical School and completed special training at Johns Hopkins. She spoke on this broadcast as an independent physician, not as a spokesperson for any healthcare system, pharmaceutical company, insurance plans or political party. She is a patient advocate.
  • Islam’s Advance | June 11, 2024

    Just over 14 years ago, Usama Dakdok made his first appearance on Crosstalk. At that time he warned listeners about the goal of Islam and the caliphate whereby the lands and the people would be under the domain of Islam. He warned that this would take place in Europe. The result? In our day we are literally watching the transformation of Great Britain, France, Germany and the European Union.
  • Homosexuality: What Does the Bible Say? June 3, 2024

    With each passing year, advocates of the LGBTQ+ agenda are more vocal and more aggressive in advancing their cause while denouncing those who object. As has been his custom, President Biden issued a proclamation on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex Pride Month. His proclamation stated, “Advancing equality for the LGBTQI+ community is a top priority.”
  • Fighting a Global Agenda Locally | December 19, 2023

    California will disallow the sale of new cars powered by gasoline in 2035. That radical move, along with other environmental policies combined with the state’s sky-high taxes, and it’s no wonder so many are leaving California. Looking elsewhere, there was a new bill introduced December 5th in the state of Washington (House Bill 1868) aimed at making gas powered lawn mowers and other lawn equipment illegal, with heavy fines and even jail time for violators.
  • Threads of Hope | December 20, 2023

    As we look at poverty around the world, some individuals are forced into some very desperate situations just to provide the basic needs of life. Sometimes prostitution appears to be the only way out. With that comes exploitation and sex-trafficking. Fortunately, someone’s engaged in a ministry designed to break that cycle. That person is Alex Kuhlow. Alex is the founder & executive director for Threads of Hope, Inc.
  • News Roundup & Comment | December 21, 2023

    Due to a special Christmas edition of Crosstalk tomorrow, Jim moved up the News Round-Up broadcast. Here’s a selection of stories from the program: The Colorado Republican Party is planning to withdraw from the state’s primary election and move to a caucus system if the ruling against having President Trump on the ballot stands. The California Lieutenant Governor is calling for former President Trump to be barred from their primary ballot.
  • A Christ Focused Christmas | 2023 December 22, 2023

    Colorful lights, family gatherings, the baking, the presents, the special candy, the programs, and all the music of the season…you can become engulfed in all of these things and more, and still not understand the meaning of what’s being celebrated.
  • Tools for Spiritual Growth in 2024 | December 27, 2023

    The Bible tells us in 2 Peter 3:18, “But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.” So while you may be growing in other aspects of your life, are you growing in your spiritual life? If not, what changes are you willing to make as we approach the new year? You may answer by asking, “How can I do that? What resources are available that can help in my quest to obey 2 Peter 3:18?
  • Anti-Semitism on Campuses | December 28, 2023

    From massive demonstrations that have been shutting down traffic and blocking access to other forms of transportation to Christmas events that were interrupted, sadly, anti-Semitism is running rampant at levels in the U.S. and it’s growing around the world. One of the significant breeding grounds for this anti-Semitism has been college and university campuses.
  • News Roundup & Comment | December 29, 2023

    Here’s a look at some of the headlines that made the cut for this final edition of the News Round-Up for 2023: Yesterday Maine’s Democratic Secretary of State removed former President Trump from the state’s presidential primary ballot under the Constitution’s insurrection clause. The Michigan Supreme Court has rejected an attempt to remove former President Trump from their 2024 ballot.
  • Mysticism and the Coming World Religion | January 1, 2024

    T. A. McMahon is the President and Executive Director of The Berean Call ministry. He is also editor-in-chief and contributing writer for the Berean Call newsletter. He is co-author of The Seduction of Christianity and America: The Sorcerer’s New Apprentice. He is the author of Showtime for the Sheep? and Temporal Delusion. He has also researched and written numerous documentaries.
  • Scriptures for a New Year: 2024 | January 2, 2024

    In days like ours, when the world is in turmoil like never before and with the current state of the family and the church, it’s good to be reminded of Scriptures like this one that Jim noted from Isaiah 40: Hast thou not known? hast thou not heard, that the everlasting God, the Lord, the Creator of the ends of the earth, fainteth not, neither is weary? there is no searching of his understanding.
  • Answers in Genesis: 30 Years-Upholding Biblical Authority! | January 3, 2024

    Today there are numerous attacks taking place upon the authority of God’s Word. The mantra in society today is often what we see communicated by Satan in Genesis 3:1–”Yea hath God said?” The result is that many are turning their backs on God’s Word and the result is that great efforts have been underway to remove God from the halls of government and academia.
  • Critical Court Cases on the Horizon | January 4, 2024

    There are some very significant matters facing appellate courts as well as the U.S. Supreme Court for 2024. With a review of the past year as well as what’s ahead, Crosstalk welcomed Mat Staver. He is founder & chairman of Liberty Counsel. Mat is a constitutional attorney with three landmark cases before the U.S. Supreme Court. He’s an author and the host of the radio broadcasts Faith & Freedom and Freedom’s Call.
  • News Roundup & Comment | January 5, 2024

    Coast to coast and around the globe, Jim wrapped up the week by presenting key news stories, some of which are listed below: Ohio Republican Governor Mike DeWine banned transgender transition surgeries on minors today with an executive order. The move comes just a week after he vetoed a bill that would have banned the practice and required single-sex sports teams to be established at schools, colleges and universities throughout the state.

  • COVID Shots & Vaccination Safety Concerns | January 8, 2024

    From the earliest months of the release of the COVID vaccine, promises were made that if you were vaccinated, you would not get COVID. We all know now that this isn’t true. In spite of that, various mandates came forth along with a lot of “arm-twisting” to get people vaccinated. The result is growing skepticism toward government agencies and now, 3 years since the COVID vaccine was released, there are more concerns including the lack of timely transparency on the part of pharmaceutical companies.

  • 2024 Presidential Election: Voting Begins | January 9, 2024

    This Monday, January 15, the Republican caucus gets underway in Iowa. After that comes the New Hampshire primary on January 23rd. That is followed by the Democratic primary in South Carolina on February 3rd. Nevada is next with their caucus and then Michigan votes on February 27th. Super Tuesday is March 5th, the Republican convention is in July, the Democrats have their convention in August and it all wraps up on election day which is November 5th.
  • Globalist Agenda: Looking Back, Looking Forward | January 10, 2024

    The globalist agenda never gives up. It backs off for a while only to be repackaged in another wrapper. However, its goals always remain the same because it strikes at national sovereignty, taking every opportunity to gain central power in its desire to dominate the lives and liberties of people around the world. To prove this point via the latest news on this subject, Jim welcomed back Gary Kah. Gary is founder and director of Hope for the World. Gary is Editor of Hope for the World Update. He’s an author and former Europe & Middle East Trade Specialist for the Indiana State Government.
  • The Border: Trafficking, Terrorism and Trauma | January 11, 2024

    Last week, Speaker of the House Mike Johnson led the largest congressional delegation ever to the border. It consisted of 64 House Republicans representing 26 states and one U.S. territory. He said that there’s no order at the border. It’s completely open and what was seen was so alarming, it would break the hearts of every American and infuriate them as well.
  • News Roundup & Comment | January 12, 2024

    From war in the Middle East to Hunter Biden, Crosstalk covers it all. Here’s a sample of what Jim presented this week from the news desk: Tomorrow, in Washington, D.C., Hamas supporters are planning a big jihad jamboree at the National Mall called, “The March on Washington for Gaza.” It’s being sponsored by every jihadi partner of the Muslim Brotherhood in America.
  • Christian Persecution Abounds | January 15, 2024

    From Stephen to the Apostle Paul to a man named Jason who assisted Paul, for 2,000 years, followers of Jesus Christ have been persecuted. Paul told Timothy that those who live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution. What we must realize is that persecution isn’t simply something that happened during biblical times.
  • Foundational Truths | January 16, 2024

    It’s not unusual to hear about entire homes that have collapsed due to an insufficient foundation. So here’s a question: As it applies to your life, how strong is your spiritual foundation? What about the spiritual foundation of your family? Sadly, there have been tragedies due to a lack of a sure foundation even in Christian homes.
  • Standing for Life in Critical Times | January 17, 2024

    Brad Mattes is President of Life Issues Institute which was founded in 1991 to serve the educational needs of the pro-life movement. Brad is the host of Life Issues which is a daily radio commentary, and the host of the weekly Straight Talk on Life Issues, and has produced numerous radio specials standing for life.
  • WEF- The Push for World Governance | January 18, 2024

    The World Economic Forum is happening right now in Davos, Switzerland (Jan 15-19, 2024). They convened under the theme “Rebuilding Trust.” The program consists of four interconnected thematic priorities: 1) Achieving security and cooperation in a fractured world, 2) Creating growth and jobs for a new era, 3) Artificial intelligence as a driving force for the economy and society, and 4) A long-term strategy for climate, nature and energy.

  • Middle East & World Conflict | January 22, 2024

    Last week we passed the 100 day mark since Hamas launched its attack on Israel followed by Israel’s war in response. So much has been learned since that time as Israel continues to root-out Hamas as they know that it’s impossible to have peace with this terrorist group.
  • The Violence of Islam | January 23, 2024

    Usama Dakdok is the Founder of the Straight Way of Grace Ministry. He is the speaker on the daily radio broadcast Revealing the Truth About Islam. He speaks fluent Arabic and has translated the Quran into English.
  • Deceiving and Being Deceived | January 25, 2024

    Mike Gendron is the Founder and Director of Proclaiming the Gospel Ministry. Mike was a devout Roman Catholic for over 3 decades and was taught to rely upon the authority of the church above all else. Mike searched the Scriptures and was amazed to find that what he read in Scripture contradicted the teaching and tradition of the church he had been a part of for so long.
  • News Roundup & Comment | January 26, 2024

    Here are some of the headlines that Jim shared: Trump backs Abbot, urges states to provide Texas full support to secure southern border
    Biden Administration has released 6.2 million illegal migrants into U.S. in 3 years, often through parole loophole
    Mom sues DHS for $100M after daughter raped, killed by suspected migrant MS-13 member