Crosstalk: April 6, 2021


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Race and ethnicity seem to be constantly in the news.  However, it seems that the more we talk about diversity, critical race theory, Black Lives Matter or white privilege, the more divided we become.

Former NBA star Charles Barkley shed light on the controversy when he recently communicated that politicians are intentionally fueling the racial divide in order to keep their grasp on money and power and that the system’s designed to foster hatred and to scramble the middle class.

Jim framed this issue appropriately by quoting Acts 17:26 which says that God, ‘…hath made of one blood all nations of men…’  

Joining Jim to look at current race relations in light of this verse was Pastor Curtis McMiller.  Pastor McMiller is with Heritage Baptist Church in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  Ordained to the ministry in 1997, he started Heritage Baptist in 2001.  A passionate soul winner, he calls upon the body of Christ to be the church and is a speaker on Answer the Call, a broadcast which airs Saturday evenings locally on WVCY radio.

The program began by looking at some of the actions that are fueling the flames of the racial divide in our nation.  They include:

  • A Minnesota theater has canceled their production of Cinderella because of too many white cast members.
  • Sheet music is being condemned as a slap at students of color.  The controversy surrounds classical music at Oxford which is said to be too colonial and focuses too much on white European music from the slave period.
  • Bill Gates supporting the idea that math is racist.  The idea is to fix alleged signs of white supremacy in mathematics.
  • An audio clip from Pastor Tim Keller who believes that if you have white skin, you’re involved in injustice and the Bible affirms that.

The second quarter hour began by shifting to four things that Pastor McMiller believes are contributing to the decay of black culture.  These include:  

  • The black entertainment industry
  • The Democrat Party
  • Black liberal preachers
  • Black activists

Listeners presented their views as well to round out this edition of Crosstalk.

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