Crosstalk: December 16, 2021


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There is much posturing taking place in the world right now.  Russia, Ukraine,  China, Iran and Israel are all part of it.

Returning to Crosstalk to sort all this out was Dr. Jimmy DeYoung Jr.   Dr. DeYoung is the speaker, teacher, Mideast guide, videographer and speaker on Prophecy Today.

Much information was covered with the idea of seeing how all of this should be viewed in light of Bible prophecy.  For example: 

  • Russia: They’re building up troop strength along the Ukrainian border.  Will they invade sometime this winter?  Is Vladimir Putin posturing or does he see the U.S. as weak?  
  • Western Journal reported yesterday that Russia and China have teamed up and discussing tensions with the West.
  • Russia and China have sympathies toward Iran.  How is Israel preparing for the Iranian threat?
  • The Jerusalem Post reported this week that the U.S. has rejected an Israeli request to fast-track the delivery of 2 tanker aircraft that were ordered by Israel as part of a possible military option against Iran’s nuclear plan. Is the U.S. actually trying to hinder Israel?
  • Iran is prepping for a space launch.  Could this possibly be a ruse and that this is really about developing long-range missiles?
  • A sculpture has just been placed outside the U.N. that is a mix of jaguar and eagle.  What is the meaning behind this?   


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