John Loeffler: January 25, 2021


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Sometimes, when your whole world changes and it becomes hard to recognize, it helps to step back and review how we got here.  Opening up this week, John looks at the long progressive march through America’s institutions for the past century, as well as the change liberalism underwent from classic liberalism to neo-Marxism.  There have been pushbacks along the way as non-liberal administrations took the reins.  But, as we have seen with the flurry of executive orders from the new Biden administration, policies keep zig zagging back and forth and nothing ever gets accomplished.  John shows us the best way to move forward. 

Big Tech, media, and politicians on the Left are colluding to destroy any person or company who dissents from the woke leftist point of view.  Joining us is Adam Weiss founder and CEO of AMW Group, a New York-based PR firm.  He looks at how cancel culture is ramping up now that President Trump’s tenure has ended.  The ‘new normal’ for Big Tech consists of censorship and deplatforming anyone who doesn’t conform to what they deem to be the acceptable narrative.  

Many people are fleeing blue areas due to corrupt politicians and horrible policies.  Wrapping up the program this week is Mark Pulliam owner of the blog site Misrule of Law and resident of a bright red county in Tennessee.  He relates his experience of moving from a blue area to a red one, but things are changing even there.  People in red areas have gotten inattentive and complacent, allowing leftists to make inroads in an attempt to flip the area blue.   Mark offers solutions on how to resist the incoming progressive tide.

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