John Loeffler: May 27, 2021


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It’s time we had an honest discussion about how the media are fanning the flames of violence in Israel.  John and Producer Steve open the program this week by looking at the events that have led up to the current violence.  They discuss how Hamas uses civilians as human shields, but Israel’s forces do all they can to minimize civilian casualties when they retaliate.  But the media unilaterally condemns Israel and favors Palestinians.  It’s all part of Hamas’s strategy to diminish Israel in the eyes of the world.  It’s working only because the media play their part.  

Not since the famous Heller decision has there been a more important Second Amendment case than one currently coming out of the state of New York.  Jacob Sullum (, Senior Editor at Reason Magazine, joins us to discuss the upcoming Supreme Court case centering around whether the ‘bear arms’ portion of the Second Amendment can extend outside of the home.  He examines the history of 2A and the precedents that could be looked at in this case.  SCOTUS will hear arguments in October so stay tuned.      

One reason our education system is failing is that children are being told what to think, not how to think.  They are being taught critical race theory, not critical thinking.  Closing out the show this week is Steven Pearlman (, Founder of the Critical Thinking Initiative. His studies show that students are free thinkers when they interact socially, but in the classroom, they shut down and are told what to think by educators.  He describes what other countries are doing to fix their education problems and offers solutions for the U.S.  He also gives parents some logical exercises to help their children think and reason better.

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