Put Your Beliefs to the Test eBook

You're a Christian. Really?

Everyone has a religion. And most in America think theirs is Christianity-but they're wrong.

Too many self-professing Christians hold a schizophrenic worldview-a toxic mixture of Christian and humanist beliefs that undermine Biblical living and the potential to change the world for Christ. Recognizing the problem, Brannon Howse developed a test to help people assess their personal worldviews. Since it was first put online in 2002, more than 50,000 people have taken the test to rank themselves on a scale from "Strong Christian Thinker" to " Secular Humanist Thinker."

Using Brannon's worldview test questions as a springboard, his book helps make sure your belief system lines up with the Bible, and it clarifies why the Biblical position is correct. Here are some of the fallacious, humanistic ideas this book will protect you against:

  1. All religions are equal.
  2. Since the Bible says judge not lest you be judged, no one should ever judge the actions, beliefs or behavior of others.
  3. Science, history, and literature can and should be taught without a religious or philosophical foundation.
  4. Evolution is scientific while creationism is religious.
  5. You cannot legislate morality.
  6. Jesus Christ believed in socialism, not free enterprise.
  7. Since one of the Ten Commandments is "thou shall not kill," God is opposed to all war and to capital punishment.
  8. America's Founding Fathers violated New Testament principles when they founded the United States.
  9. Mankind is basically good.

Put Your Beliefs to the Test gives you rock-solid confidence in the Biblical perspective on law, science, economics, religion, social issues, family, civil government, and education. Teens and adults alike will appreciate this focused exercise in deeply assimilating the practical, beneficial, and superior worldview that really is the essence of Christianity.

Additional Information:

  1. Enclosed review questions for each section make this great for Bible study, Sunday School, a Christian school and Home School Classes!
  2. Includes a glossary of worldview terms
  3. Detailed worldview chart
  4. Topical index of Bible verses for major areas of life
  5. Contains tabs for each section for fast reference
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