What The President of Iran Going to Syria Means for Israel


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Aharon Laverko: Good to be with you, Brannon.


Brannon Howse: Great. Great to see you as well, my friend. Here's a headline. Look at what we have at Worldview report.com tonight, folks. Israel Defense Official Doubtful we get through the summer without a round of escalation. Uh, an Arab affairs expert said, In all-out war, we will be alone. Well, isn't that interesting? Because in the scripture, it says that when this finally happens and there's a big war over there, they will be all alone. The nations of the world will turn against Israel. The Bible describes that doesn't sound from the scripture like anyone stands with them. And yet here we have these two reports tonight. Respond to them, would you, please, Aharon?


Aharon Laverko: Well, yeah, that's what the scriptures are pointing to. The Book of Zechariah, the last four chapters, is definitely the book of Ezekiel. But it doesn't matter because the Lord is going to fight for us no matter what. Damage happens, no matter what problems happen. You know, you got to take into consideration, and especially in the neighborhood where we live, there's going to be some damage. That's the nature of war. And our defense, our military intelligence are doing all they can to try to prevent as much damage as possible, like any good, normal military army. But yeah, we have wars. We have rumors of wars. And it's just it's actually snowballing more and more, especially with Hezbollah, and Hamas meeting the ayatollah and the president of Iran at the moment. And that confederation of nations that are strengthening along with you've got Turkey, of course, you've got the Turkish elections coming up. That will be very interesting. You've got Iran, you've got Syria, you've got Hezbollah, you've got Hamas. We're surrounded. We're surrounded by our enemies. And furthermore, something I think that is, um, at home very, very serious. Um, as you know, and as a lot of our viewers know, Brennan, that our government that was elected on November 1st last year has a predominantly right-wing religious, uh, group of, um, of parties and the leading party in Netanyahu's government. The leader of that party has now threatened Netanyahu by saying that if he does not respond more aggressively, he will leave the government and it will cause the collapse of our government.


Aharon Laverko: Now. Yeah, that's pretty serious. We all know always historically, Israeli governments are always walking on thin ice, walking on eggshells. They're always very vulnerable once the honeymoon period is over. We know that somewhere along the line, the relationship with the coalition is going to be tested. And what happened is there's been a Palestinian prisoner last week. He's been arrested 15 times, but he was in prison and he staged a hunger strike. He himself chose not to eat, not to receive any food, and he died. He actually starved himself to death. Well, the Palestinians, especially the military wing of the Palestinians, Hamas from the Gaza Strip, sent over 100 missiles into Israel. And that's a lot of missiles. And while our government did respond, our this leader, Itamar Ben-gvir, said it's not strong enough. We need more than just tit for tat. We need more than just an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. We need to strike harder. And this could be some of the strategies of Hamas that they want to lure us into a full out scale war. Um, so things are becoming a little bit more tense, not just from without, but from within. All right.


Brannon Howse: As well, let's talk about this headline. Iran's President Meets with Assad in First Syria visit since war Began.


Brannon Howse: So you're telling me that you got the president of Iran literally a stone's throw from Israel? I don't know where in in in Syria they met, but he's pretty close.


Aharon Laverko: They are very close. Brennan And here's the problem. The Syrians, they owe the Iranians a lot of money. And basically the Iranian leadership, you know, they're very, very smart, very shrewd. They're basically, you know, because the Iranians and the Syrians, they're not the closest of friends. But in this case, it seems pretty clear that the Iranians are putting their arm around the shoulder of the Syrians and saying, okay, you owe us money. You know, we're willing to talk about this, but there's going to be certain conditions. And, of course, the big condition is that you let us into your borders, you let us into your territory. And that stands for only one thing for Israel the Iranians are going to be more on our borders. And don't forget that the Russians are heavily entrenched in Syria as well. And that puts Israel's relationship with Russia also at risk and makes it vulnerable as well. Because if we start taking out Iranian sites, which we do regularly, just this last week.


Brannon Howse: Iranian sites in Syria.


Aharon Laverko: Correct. Exactly. And we've been doing that the last week. We're constantly, constantly sending a message to the Iranians. And by the way, the House speaker of the United States, McCarthy was here just a few days ago, and spoke at our Knesset, the first time in 25 years that a member of that House speaker, spoke here, gave a wonderful, positive, supportive talk. He actually threw a thought out and said, if President Biden doesn't invite you, Bibi, I will. So he's warming the ties, giving total support to Israel. And the other thing is that the Americans have sent over to the Middle East, the bunker buster bombs were big B-52 planes and they're sending a message while the Iranians have been sending and attacking American sites over the last six months, year. And America has very minor and a very minor way to retaliate, it seems, with the message that McCarthy gave. And by sending these missiles and planes, maybe there's a change in American policy towards Iran. Let's hope so.


Brannon Howse: Let's hope so. Let's throw his website up there. Here it is, folks. It is light to the nations ministry.com, light to the nations ministry.com. You want to tour Israel, you want Aharon as your tour guide. Big group, small group. It doesn't matter. Check out his website and contact him lighttothenationsministry.com. Aharon as always thank you for the update.


Aharon Laverko: You're welcome. Brannon God bless you.


Brannon Howse: You too, my friend.


Aharon Laverko: Shalom.


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