• Brannon Howse: August 31, 2020

    Topic: Brannon explains why a 1984 video he watched over the weekend that featured numerous famous singers performing at a Washington D.C. Fourth of July concert on the lawn of the U.S. Capitol was so shocking in light of today’s societal collapse in 2020. Topic: The last seven days reveal America is in a civil war for those that doubted this fact previously. Topic: Man wearing patriotic prayer hat is apparently killed in cold blooded murder on video in Portland by man that said “I’m 100% Antifa all the way.” Topic: Marxist leaders admit BLM riots are “rehearsals for USA revolution.” Topic: We are watching America’s economic collapse, societal collapse, and the collapse of evangelicalism. Topic: Today Brannon encourages the listener to prepare their heart and mind for the total collapse of evangelicalism that is now underway in earnest. For many years Brannon has openly stated that if the curtain of evangelicalism was pulled back on many of its leaders and many churches and organizations the average Christian would want to vomit. From his books Religious Trojan Horse, The Coming Religious Reich, and Marxianity Brannon has spent years warning that a false church is growing and what it means for true Christians. Today Brannon explains why he believes that more scandals, like that of Jerry Falwell Jr., will come out within evangelicalism and these scandals will be used by the world and the false church to malign and discredit true Christians. Brannon explains how the collapse of evangelicalism will lead to the persecution of true Christians but also cause the growth of a false dominate church that prepares the way for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled. Topic: We take your calls. Banner