Mike Lindell

  • Brannon Howse: April 21, 2021

    Guests: Mike Lindell and Dr. Douglas Frank. Topic: Brannon describes WVW Broadcast Network Studio hosting Mike Lindell’s 48 Hour Frank-A-Thon on Monday and Tuesday and gives you a behind the scenes description of this historic event in defense of free speech. Topic: Dr. Frank joins Brannon live in the WVW radio studio to report that liberal organizations like the Clinton Foundation and others have been allowed to enter the voting rolls in numerous states and change the voting roles. Dr. Frank and Brannon describe how the FBI and CIA are aware of this voter crime and do nothing because the FBI has become America’s KGB and has worked to overthrow our Constitutional Republic. Topic: Mike Lindell joins us live in the WVW radio studio to discuss the epic launch of Frank, the voice of free speech. Topic: We take your calls.
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