"Vote For President Biden" Flyers Found At a Center For Migrants in Mexico

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  • A second whistleblower has come forth with disturbing revelations about Boeing passenger jets. We’ll tell you what he says.
  • A new forecast shows Russia's economy will grow faster than all of the world's advanced economies, including the U.S., this year. So much for those sanctions.
  • Residents of one Canadian province are being told they should line up for a new Covid injection every three months.
  • The CEO of National Public Radio says the quiet part out loud, telling us just how hostile she is towards the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
  • A former high-level Israeli government official says the Jewish state is considering bombing Iran’s nuclear facilities as one of the possible responses to Iran’s missile attack.
  • And what about those “Vote for Biden” flyers found posted at a migrant camp in Mexico? A group of GOP Congressmen are furious.

All these stories and more when the Worldview Report begins, right now!


Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report.

We start off tonight with new revelations brought forth by a second whistleblower about the horrendous quality-control issues at the passenger jet manufacturer Boeing.

Western Journal reports that a Boeing employee said Tuesday that he would never allow his family to board one of the company’s 787 Dreamliner jets.

The man, a 15-year Boeing engineer, said he worked on the Dreamliner until 2022 when he was moved to another project after he raised safety concerns about the aircraft’s structural integrity.

The company denied that claim and said it does not tolerate retaliatory actions for employees who raise concerns with their supervisors.

But that hasn’t stopped Boeing quality engineer Sam Salehpour from claiming he was pulled off of his project because he had grave safety concerns.

Salehpour first went public with dire warnings about the aircraft a week ago when he told The New York Times that the Dreamliner’s fuselage design could put passengers in danger.

He explained that the fuselages are manufactured in different pieces by separate companies and that in some cases there are significant gaps between them.

Salehpour said those pieces are fused together in a manner that he believes could compromise their strength as they are stressed by heavy use over time.

When speaking with NBC News, the engineer-turned-whistleblower claimed Dreamliners could eventually “drop to the ground” midair if the production issues he raised are not addressed.

The network asked Salehpour if he would board one of the jets with his family, and he replied, “Right now, I would not.”



He also said he would not be dissuaded from speaking about the issues he brought up or from talking about them in front of members of Congress Wednesday during a Senate subcommittee hearing on the matter.

“When I see questionable actions that could cause safety problems, I have committed I’m going to come forward regardless of what the cost is,” Salehpour said.

Salehpour called the issues with the Dreamliner “as serious as I’ve ever seen in my lifetime,” while speaking with “NBC Nightly News.”


The BBC reports that an influential global body has forecast Russia's economy will grow faster than all of the world's advanced economies, including the U.S., this year.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) expects Russia to grow 3.2% this year, significantly more than the UK, France and Germany.

Oil exports have held steady and government spending has remained high, contributing to growth, the IMF said.

Overall, it said the world economy had been “remarkably resilient.”

“Despite many gloomy predictions, the world avoided a recession, the banking system proved largely resilient, and major emerging market economies did not suffer sudden stops,” the IMF said.

The IMF is an international organization with 190 member countries. They are used by businesses to help plan where to invest, and by central banks, such as the Bank of England, to guide its decisions on interest rates.

The group says that the forecasts it makes for growth the following year in most advanced economies, more often than not, have been within about 1.5 percentage points of what actually happens.

Despite the Kremlin being sanctioned over its invasion of Ukraine, the IMF upgraded its January predictions for the Russian economy this year, and said while growth would be lower in 2025, it would be still be higher than previously expected at 1.8%.

Investments from corporate and state-owned enterprises and “robustness in private consumption” within Russia had promoted growth alongside strong exports of oil, according to Petya Brooks, deputy director at the IMF.


Not the Bee reports that, as of Monday, Alberta Health Services (AHS) in Canada has updated its guidance on mRNA COVID-19 booster shots to every three months, beginning with six-month-old babies.

That works out to about 320 doses for the average lifespan.

If you live in Alberta, you're supposed to take your baby to the doctor FOUR TIMES A YEAR to get a new Covid booster.

According to Alberta health officials, “All vaccines are safe, effective and save lives, and it doesn't matter if a patient takes a COVID-19 booster before, after, or at the same time as a flu shot.”

That goes for babies as young as six months old.

Trusting the so-called experts in Canada right now is about as safe as trusting the criminally insane.


A 6.3-magnitude earthquake struck off southwestern Japan late Wednesday, the U.S. Geological Survey reported.

Some water pipes burst, but no major damage has been reported, local media said. 

There is no risk of tsunami caused by this earthquake, the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) assured on social media platform X.

The powerful quake came four months after Japan was rocked by a devastating 7.6 magnitude event on New Year's Day, followed by as many as 1,200 aftershocks and linked to 245 deaths.


National Public Radio CEO and president Katherine Maher has been in hot water for her response following senior editor Uri Berliner’s allegations of political bias at the network.

She is shown in a new video saying “the number one challenge” in her fight against disinformation is “the First Amendment in the United States.”

The video, which was posted on X by Christopher F. Rufo, shows Maher saying the First Amendment makes it “a little bit tricky” to censor “bad information” and “the influence peddlers” who spread it.

She was speaking in a podcast interview with the globalist Atlantic Council.



Gone are the days when the corporate media would at least pretend to support the First Amendment.

Remember, it was just a few weeks ago that a liberal justice on the U.S. Supreme Court, Ketanji Brown Jackson, made this same argument. She stated that the First Amendment was “hamstringing” the government in its fight against disinformation.


The city of Chicago, like cities around the country, is hemorrhaging cash to deal with the debilitating consequences of the Biden regime’s open border.

On Monday, a budget committee of the Chicago City Council voted 20-8 to advance to the full council Mayor Brandon Johnson’s request for an additional $70 million in local taxpayer dollars to care for illegal aliens.

CBS News reports that the request is part of a spending plan announced by Illinois’ Democrat Governor JB Pritzker and the Cook County Board of Commissioners in February. The State of Illinois and Cook County pledged a combined $250 million to help fund the migrant crisis, which is anticipated to reach at least $321 million for shelter and services this calendar year alone.

During the heated debate, Alderman Chris Taliaferro said, “We are not taking care of our own. We have all but forgotten the residents on the West Side and South Side.”

Last Fall, Taliafarro spoke out against another example of the City putting illegals ahead of citizens when plans were announced to convert a youth football field into a shelter for illegals in his district.

Alderman Anthony Beale added, “We don’t have money for after-school programs. We don’t have money to help our kids get off the street. Yet, we would just blow money left and right. That’s a fundamental problem.”

Alderman David Moore stated:

“And when we talk about this money, and as important as our children are to us, a place like Ogden Park, the field house is to the Inglewood community, where shootings take place, where every economic indicator, health indicator, everything, everybody should be jumping to that to protect our children and give us the things we need.” 


Zero Hedge reports that Iranian President Raisi was present at the Islamic Republic’s annual military parade on Wednesday and warned that even the “tiniest invasion” or attack by Israel will result in a “massive and harsh” response. 

Shortly after Raisi's warning, an interview was published by Sky News in which a former Israeli Mossad intelligence chief declared that as part of Israel's retaliation being mulled by the Netanyahu government, striking Iranian nuclear facilities “is on the table.”

The former director of the spy agency described that he has no doubt that PM Netanyahu could attack sensitive facilities in Iran as some cabinet ministers are urging it.

WATCH VIDEO (clip first 33 seconds)


The former Mossad chief went on to say that deciding the timing of Israel's retaliation operation is still ongoing and that some officials are urging Netanyahu to attack as soon as possible,  while others in Tuesday's war cabinet meeting argued for getting international backing, especially from Western partners.

The Wall Street Journal aptly described the current tenuous situation in the Middle East, and the possibility of miscalculation, as follows:

“Israel’s military has long followed a clear policy: When enemies strike, hit back so hard they won’t do it again. That deterrence is no longer working. Iran, after launching a massive missile-and-drone attack on Israel over the weekend, is threatening to strike again if Israel retaliates…With no side willing to compromise for fear of showing weakness and all players seeking greater deterrence, the risk of stumbling into a regional war increases.”

Regional war? I’d say the risk of world war is just as real.


The “vote for President Biden” flyers found at a center for migrants in Mexico constitute foreign meddling in U.S. elections, a group of congressional Republicans say. 

The Daily Signal reports that the lawmakers blasted the flyers posted at the migrant services center near Brownsville, Texas, which tell illegal aliens: “Reminder to vote for President Biden when you are in the United States.”

Senator Roger Marshall, R-Kan., told The Daily Signal:

“Joe Biden has sacrificed our nation’s safety and security in his pursuit to get as many people here as possible. Why? Because he believes these are future Democrat voters.”

He added that:

“This is election interference orchestrated at the highest levels. We have to get our hands around this—Americans have to have complete confidence in their elections. Any NGO receiving federal funds and pushing illegal get-out-the-vote efforts for Joe Biden should be stripped of their funding immediately.”

The Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project notes that the flyers posted at the nongovernmental organization Resource Center Matamoros say: “Reminder to vote for President Biden when you are in the United States. We need another four years of his term to stay open.” 

Rep. Jim Banks, R-Ind., told The Daily Signal:

“Democrats want permanent power and they are willing to import a new electorate to get it. The endgame of the Biden border crisis is to disenfranchise American citizens by diluting their votes. American elections are for Americans, and Congress should pass election integrity reforms to safeguard federal elections from foreign, illegal votes.”

Heritage’s Oversight Project released images and video of the flyers posted at the Resource Center and first discovered by the news site Muckraker. 




A 42-year-old Minnesota woman beaten by police in the Lower West Terrace tunnel at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, has filed a $2 million civil suit for being repeatedly struck in the head and slammed into a concrete wall by officers.

Victoria Charity White, of Rochester, Minnesota, alleges at least two D.C. Metropolitan Police officers unlawfully used “deadly force” by repeatedly striking her head and face with steel riot batons and fists at about 4 p.m. on January 6, 2021.

The complaint names MPD Commander Jason Bagshaw and MPD Officer Neil McAllister, and alleges other unnamed officers took part in the beatings.

The suit, filed March 27 in U.S. District Court in Washington, states:

“The defendants willfully and unlawfully seized plaintiff by means of objectively unreasonable, excessive, and indeed, deadly force that shocks the conscience, thereby unreasonably restraining and depriving plaintiff of her freedom and inflicting physical and mental harm and anguish.

“Because of the senseless and unlawful beating she received at the hands of the defendants and the other MPD officers, Ms. White suffered great physical, traumatic, and emotional harm that day and continues to suffer to this day, particularly the traumatic and emotional harm.”

Bagshaw, the suit alleges, “Repeatedly struck an unarmed and defenseless White about her head, face, shoulders, and upper body with a metal baton and his fists.”

The suit alleges that McAllister “along with defendant Bagshaw and other police officers, physically assaulted the plaintiff.”

Both officers are being sued in their professional and personal capacity.

According to the suit, video evidence shows McAllister “slamming Ms. White up against the concrete tunnel wall, whereupon, inexplicably, his bodycam is shut off for some 30 seconds.”


Time now for our nightly Worldview Report commentary.

Whenever The New York Times puts out an article praising a Republican for their deft political skills, you know something wicked this way comes.

Let me read you the first two paragraphs of a Times story published Wednesday. And remember, this is supposed to be a news story, not an editorial or opinion piece.

“Speaker Mike Johnson’s elaborate plan for pushing aid to Ukraine through the House over his own party’s objections relies on an unusual strategy: He is counting on House Democrats and their leader, Rep. Hakeem Jeffries of New York, to provide the votes necessary to clear the way for it to come to the floor.

“If Democrats were to provide those crucial votes, it would mark the second time in two years that Republican leaders have had to turn to the minority party to rescue them from their own recalcitrant right-wing colleagues in order to allow major legislation to be debated and voted on.”

It goes on to say that because of the Republicans’ tiny margin of control, “Johnson will need their support on the aid itself. But before he even gets to that, he will need their votes on a procedural motion, known as a rule, to even bring the legislation to the floor — an unconventional expectation of the minority party.”

So, in essence what they’re saying is that we have a Republican Speaker of the House who is acting like a Democrat, helping push Democrat and globalist policies through the Congress.

We saw Johnson’s dark side when he refused to provide funding for border security and then when he sided with the Washington establishment to renew funding for warrantless spying on Americans through the FISA court system, a system that has all but shredded the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Now he is backing away from his commitment not to fund anymore Ukraine giveaways, a policy that is leading to more war in the world, not just in Ukraine.

Again, here’s a direct quote from the Times article:

“That puts Democrats once again in a strange but strong position, wielding substantial influence over the (Ukraine funding) measure, including which proposed changes, if any, are allowed to be voted on and how the foreign aid is structured. After all, Johnson knows that if they are unsatisfied and choose to withhold their votes, the legislation risks imploding before it even comes up.”

God forbid that a bill transferring tens of billions of dollars from the U.S. taxpayers to foreign countries should implode. That would be catastrophic in the eyes of the New York Times, even as American military veterans sleep under bridges and many elderly Americans are wondering how they’re going to pay for their food and medicine. Their priorities are clear. They’ve let it be known who they serve, and it isn’t the American people.

Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky said it clearly the day before yesterday. 

“We’re steering toward everything Chuck Schumer wants,” Massie said Tuesday, referring to the Democratic Senate majority leader from New York. 

The verdict is in. Mike Johnson is not one of us. He is one of them. Mike Johnson is a neocon through and through.

That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. Thanks for watching and supporting this viewer-supported broadcast.

Until next time…

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