Israel Hostages Rescued! Israel Rejoices, the World Mourns

Chris Katulka is the assistant director of North American Ministries at The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry and host of The Friends of Israel Today radio program.  He is a Bible teacher, writer for Israel My Glory magazine and is author of the book, Israel Always.

This past Saturday, in broad daylight, Israeli Defense Forces engaged in an amazing rescue operation of 4 Israelis that were taken hostage at the Supernova music festival that took place in Gaza (on the Israeli side) on October 7th.  While Israel has been celebrating this effort, there’s been widespread condemnation elsewhere because of those who were killed in the process.  

As an example of the celebratory tone coming from Israel, Jim noted that Israel’s Defense Minister Yoav Gallant called the rescue, “…one the most heroic and extraordinary operations I’ve witnessed over the course of 47 years serving in Israel’s defense establishment.”

This broadcast covered a lot of ground surrounding this topic as Jim and Chris discussed President Biden who continues to float a ceasefire deal, are the people who are part of the casualty numbers all innocent Palestinians, Benjamin Netanyahu’s upcoming speech before a joint session of Congress, possible banning of Israel from the Olympics and much more.

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