9 of 10 Markers Meet That Lay Foundation For Mass Killing of Jews

Brannon Howse: All right. Good evening. Welcome to the broadcast. Glad you are with us. We're going to be joined tonight by Olivier Melnick. And we're going to talk about the rise of anti-Semitism. Even mainstream media is now reporting on this. Dangerous and sad trend. I did two conferences called Holocaust Horizon a few years ago. Olivier Melnick spoke for at least one of those, along with several other of my Jewish friends. And that was several years ago. I was warning about the trend and the rise of anti-Semitism. We'll also be joined tonight by Wes Peters. We have another bank collapsing and now financial guys are warning most all of the banks are insolvent. Well, I've been telling folks for years, if you took traditional accounting and you added in things like derivatives and other things, these banks would be insolvent. We're also hearing we're hearing that Americans in large numbers don't trust the banks. Well, that's not a good thing because the whole system is largely based on consumer confidence. And then we'll be joined by David Pine. He's an expert, as you know, on military issues, satellites, EMP, and more. We'll talk with him and then we'll have a check-in from Aharon in Israel. And then Dr. Rob Linstead. We've got a busy night. Let's start off with Olivier Melnick. Olivier, welcome back to the broadcast. Thanks for joining us.


Olivier Melnick: Hey, Brannon. Thanks for having me. Good to see you. You too. You always look so good. You know, you always look like I'm kind of relaxed and you've got the tie and everything. I feel underdressed.


Brannon Howse: Well, that's all right, you know. No, put up. Put down a note. Have him on every night so he can just say nice things like that to me. That's a great way to start the show. Well, my friend, you took part in my conference in the Ozarks a few years ago called Holocaust Horizon. That's been several years. You, of course, have written a book called The New anti-Semitism. When did you write that book?


Olivier Melnick: Oh, my goodness. New anti-Semitism came out in 2020. I've got two more books since the My latest one is The Normalization of anti-Semitism and where I make a case that out of ten things I identify that need to happen for anti-Semitism to be completely normalized, nine have happened, and one has not happened. And the one that hasn't happened is the mass killing of Jews. Everything else is the stage is set. Okay. It's fascinating how fast we're going.


Brannon Howse: Yeah, it's scary. Can you give us some of the nine things that have happened?


Olivier Melnick: Uh, yes. Uh, well, you're talking about, you know, the apathy of people. You're talking about desensitization, you're talking about the demonization of the Jewish people, but also the demonization of those who support the Jewish people. The friends of the Jews are being demonized now. Uh, those are the four of them you're talking about. What else did I have? Do you think I would have to? I would remember them by heart since I wrote the book recently. Uh, it's terrible. Let me. Let me grab my book. It's right behind me right here.


Brannon Howse: In fact, let me go to his website. I can show his website as soon as it pops up here. No, there it is. There it is. Olivier Melnick. There we go. Fighting the New anti-Semitism by Olivier Melnick. This is his website. You'll find his books and everything right there as well.


Olivier Melnick: Okay, Brett Brennan, I got the list. Do you want the list? Yes. Okay. So. And some of them overlap. Some of them happen at the same time. Some of them build on the other one. But they're all in place right now. Apathy, lack of education, desensitization and low or incorrect reporting, no accountability, empowerment, demonization of the defenders, and increased persecution of the Jews and the defenders. And then two more encouragement to kill, which I think we have seen, and the only one that we haven't seen yet is the mass murder of Jews. And that's how far we are in the process of the normalization of anti-Semitism.


Brannon Howse: Yeah, it's sad and it's very disturbing. And of course, I'm not Jewish, but I am a proud and self-described Christian Zionist. And of course, people throw that at me online house. He's a Zionist. And I'm like, Yes, I am. But actually, I'm more than that. I'm a Christian Zionist because I understand the historical right of the Jewish people for the land, but I also understand the biblical right to the land which makes me a Christian Zionist, not just a Zionist. So it's interesting though, these people think they're hurling an insult at that house, he's a Zionist, like they're hurling an insult at me. You know, I think it's Genesis 12. It says, I'll bless those who bless you and I'll curse those who curse you. What's very interesting is oftentimes people will ask me, Brannon, why do you think you've been able to be so successful at many of the things that you do? And. Well, number one is everything we have comes from the father above, from the father of lights. You can't brag about anything that you've been given. How can one brag about a gift? So anything we have, we have to give honor and credit to who is the father of those gifts, number one, and our ability to even take another breath.


Brannon Howse: But one reason I believe God has blessed the work of my hands is because he said, I will bless those who bless you. I will curse those who curse you. And I have been a strong defender of the Jewish people. Olivier knows that. Now. That doesn't mean I don't get frustrated sometimes with the Israeli government and what goes on there and what the Israeli government is doing. But I always use that as an opportunity to say, look, folks, what do you expect? What do Gentiles do when they're unbelievers? They act like unbelievers. That's what Jews do when they act like unbelievers. When they're unbelievers, they act like unbelievers. So we understand that there are good Gentiles and bad Gentiles, good Jews and bad Jews. We have the sin of the fallen nature of sin. So I think that one reason God's blessed America is because we have historically stood with the Jewish state. I think we were the first nation to ever acknowledge in 1948, May of 48, the establishment of the Jewish people, I belief.


Olivier Melnick: Yes, I believe that, uh, is then escapes me. The President at the time.


Brannon Howse: That would have been. That would have been Truman. Truman.


Olivier Melnick: Truman. Truman. Truman. Truman.


Brannon Howse: Who had a Jewish business partner back in Kansas City?


Olivier Melnick: Right. And he was a very, very, very good friend of Rahimah James Wiseman, who was one of the key players in the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948. And Truman was the I think I believe the first one to congratulate, uh, James Wiseman and Ben-Gurion when that happened. And so that was a big deal. And you're right, Brannon think I've known you for about ten years now, and you've always been a friend of Israel, a friend of the Jewish people. And like me, I'm Jewish. I believe in Yeshua, I believe in Jesus. But it doesn't mean that I agree with everything that Israel is doing. You know, the government, you know every government in the world. There's corruption in every single government. I don't care where you look at. And so I understand the place of Israel biblically. I understand what God has said and the promises he's made and think right now, those who are going against the Jews and against Israel, uh, they're in for a surprise. And fortunately, it's probably, it's probably going to get a lot worse before it gets better. But because of people like you, Brannon, you have me on your show, you support Israel, you support the Jewish people. And I agree. You are right because you've blessed the Jews and you bless you. Bless me, I'm Jewish. You you know, take it just for me. You bless me. You know the Lord is going to bless. You because you understand that simple principle of blessing for blessing.


Brannon Howse: Amen. You know, when I go to WorldviewReport.com and that's our daily aggregated news site and I type and I use the old control F function, I come up with 33 times the word Israel is used on my new page, on my news page because I watch Israel. Because if I want to understand where we are on God's prophetic calendar, I think I have to watch what's happening in Israel. Israel Defense Official No doubt will get through the summer without a round of escalation. Idf Retaliate Strikes Terror Targets in Gaza. Red Alert sound in southern Israeli cities depleting military supplies in Israel will lead to us losing the war against evil. There's a report right there. And experts are saying, Olivier, the fact that we have military stockpiles in Israel that we're depleting, that's bad for America and that's bad for Israel. Do you ever get the feeling that this Ukraine-Russian conflict is being used to set up both Israel and America?


Olivier Melnick: Oh, that's the thought that crossed my mind. And right now, what's going on in Israel? The biggest big fear is that it looks like we could get into a third intifada.


Brannon Howse: Explain to our audience what that means.


Olivier Melnick: Intifada. The word intifada means uprising. So there was one in 2000, which was the second intifada. The first one was about 15 years prior to that. And basically, it's a civil well, civilian, not there's nothing civil about it, civilian uprising. And so you get people that take on the street that there's a resurgence of bombing and destruction. But it's not really a war like an organized military offensive. It's people doing, you know, shooting from the hip and and and you see a lot of of of stabbing and bombing and we've seen some of that in the last 2 or 3 weeks. That is becoming a little alarming. And of course, it is always described as an uprising of the people because of oppression and occupation. But every single time we've had an intifada, it was very well organized and prepared. It was not a knee-jerk reaction, like, we got to do something, we got to respond. The thing, if anything, Israel is always responding to Palestinian attacks. Israel never attacks just for the sake of attacking. Israel always responds and they respond in kind, although they always warn the civilian, We are going to bomb this building, we are going to do this. We are going to do that tomorrow by noon. So please leave the area. I mean, who else does that in the world when they're at war?


Brannon Howse: And yet look at this headline because this is one reason I wanted to have you on tonight. Israel 365 News has this headline. Nearly half of Democrats see Israel as apartheid and support BDS's new poll apartheid. Like like they're a racist. They're a racist nation-state or that's just baloney.


Olivier Melnick: And that is what drives me so crazy. Brannon, last trip to Israel. I'm going back to Israel this fall. But the last time I was there was in 2019, we had a woman on our tour. She fell right in front of the Damascus gate and had to take her to the hospital. I took her to the hospital in the heart of Jerusalem a Jewish hospital, The biggest one, Hadassah Hospital. That's where everybody goes. I took her there. We get in and she's afraid. She broke like something in her back. She was in bad shape. I get to the triage nurse, the triage nurse who has the right to say, you go first, You go second. She's a Palestinian. And we had a Palestinian in the job of a triage nurse in a Jewish hospital that was apartheid. They're trusting a trustworthy Palestinian to do the job. And there was no problem. And this is just one of many. Palestinians have a better chance of freedom of a job that pays and moving around in Israel than they have in Gaza or in Judea and Samaria refused to call the West Bank.


Brannon Howse: And there are Palestinians on the Supreme Court and in the Knesset. Right.


Olivier Melnick: There is I don't know as of right now how many. But yes, there are there's usually two, 2 or 3. I think there's more than that. The reason why there's probably more now is that Netanyahu really had to pull a lot of people together to get back in and he had to get in bed with both the ultra-Orthodox side of things and also some of the some of the Arabs. So that's it's always it's very interesting to where the government in Israel. All right.


Brannon Howse: Let's talk about this article. Nearly half of Democrats see Israel's apartheid, which again, is so dumb based on what you just said about the Palestinian working in the hospital and they are elected officials and hold office over there in Israel. So how could that be apartheid? You also, as I pointed out on many, many, many, many shows going back to the late 1980s, America has actually assisted Israel in flying black, black, Ethiopian Jews out of Ethiopia and into Israel. What race is an apartheid country? Do you know, folks that actually go out and scoop up black human beings? And brings them back to their community, pays for them, and by the way, scoops them up because they're about to get slaughtered because they're Jews. They're black, Ethiopian, and Jews.


Olivier Melnick: And the people that are accusing Israel of being an apartheid state are the people saying that they're doing it against the Palestinians. They don't care about what Israel does for the rest of the world. If you don't know if you notice Israel, whenever there is a natural disaster, Israel's there.


Brannon Howse: They went to Turkey. They went to Turkey recently, didn't they?


Olivier Melnick: I would say nine times out of ten. Israel is one of the first countries to say, let's send some doctors, let's send some supplies, let's send some some some engineers and help whatever they have in Haiti, in Turkey recently. I mean, any time it doesn't matter where it is, they just send people. When was the last time the Palestinian Authority sent anybody to help? Anybody, anywhere?


Brannon Howse: Yeah. And then so nearly half of the Democrats see Israel as apartheid, and support BDS, BDS, boycott, divestment, sanctions, BDS boycott. They're calling for any Israeli government, any Israeli company, Israeli product, which again if you did that, you would have to throw away your cell phone, your USB thumb drives, a lot of your medical equipment because they're made by Jews. But yeah, this just shows you the Democrats have become the Marxist party, the Jew-hating party. Not that there aren't Republicans, there are independents or libertarians that aren't as well. But when you got half of Democrats calling Israel a racist state and supporting boycotting them, well, you're not you're on your way to high-ranking levels of anti-Semitism because that was the night of the broken glass, the night of Kristallnacht that started off the Holocaust, go around and marking Jewish businesses, boycotting them before they started killing them and rounding them up. They were boycotting them. Then they started physically damaging and destroying and burning down their businesses and dragging them off to the concentration camps and the ovens. True or false?


Olivier Melnick: Absolutely true. That was the night of November 9th through the 10th of 1938 in Berlin. And there was a lot of breaking of businesses and burning of synagogues. And in all honesty, I think only about 300 Jewish people died. Between 2 and 300 Jewish people were killed during the Kristallnacht. But that was, like you just said, very, very true. That was the by all records scholars agree that this is the date that officially starts the beginning of the Holocaust. And of course, we know that it ended in 6 million Jews being killed, one of them being my grandfather. And so, yes, that was a that was at the time there was some boycott and there was you know, it goes back there. The modern boycott BDS movement started in 2005, and when you think about the hypocrisy, it was started by two men, Mahmoud Abbas, who's the leader of the Fatah movement. He thinks he's in his 17th year of a four-year term. So you go you go figure it out. And the other man is, um, uh, I think his name is, um, Barghouti. I forgot his first name. There are two of them. But that Barghouti guy is the guy in 2005 who started the BDS movement with, uh, with, um, uh, Mahmoud Abbas. And what's, what's really ironic is that Barghouti has a Ph.D. from Tel Aviv University, but if that's a Ph.D. from an Israeli university, he should probably give it back because he should boycott that, shouldn't he?


Brannon Howse: Yeah, he absolutely should. Let me show you the website, folks. Olivier Melnick, fight the new antisemitism. You can get his books and everything right here on the website. You can go to click the button shop. And there they are, The End Times anti-Semitism and so much more. You'll find them all there on his website.


Olivier Melnick: And they also they're also all on Amazon and want to invite people to also visit my YouTube channel. Yeah, I was.


Brannon Howse: Going to say, tell them about your YouTube channel.


Olivier Melnick: Yeah, well, a lot of videos. I put videos several times a week on what's going on in anti-Semitism and times in Israel. And also we do a devotion also. If they type Olivier Melnick, they will get to YouTube and they can subscribe and get the latest on that. And all my books are available on Amazon and on my website as well. And so but I wanted to maybe I don't know if we have a few more minutes.


Brannon Howse: We're just about out of time but go ahead.


Olivier Melnick: Okay. I just want to encourage your audience. This is what you need to do. They need to go to a site called BDSmovement.net, BDSmovement.net. They go there and they find the tab that. Tells them what they should not buy to hurt Israel. And then the BDS movement has done all the homework for them. Now they know what to buy to support Israel.


Brannon Howse: Excellent people. Go do that. Go do it. Go do it. Go do it. And check out Olivier Melnick on YouTube for all of his information. Olivier, great having you back. Thank you for being with us.


Olivier Melnick: Brannon. God bless you. See you next time.


Brannon Howse: You too, my friend.


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