Any Truth to Committee of 300 That Rules The World?

Brannon Howse: All right. Joining me now well, before I go to these guys, I'm going to mention it real quick. Leo Holman and Patrick are going to join me in just a minute. Let me go ahead and mention this real quick. A couple of things are over on our store or It's our aggregated news site. Let me show it to you. A lot of new stories put up today. Here they are. Kari Lake drops Hammer. Fox News is a globalist network, that wants to bring down our Constitution. I agree. Breaking Carlson was told by a member of Fox, the Fox board, that he was taken off the air as part of the Dominion settlement. Per Tucker's legal team, that sounds about right. Biden trails Trump as his approval ratings hit low in ABC Poll. The new immigration bill is a Trojan horse for E-Verify and is a threat to all Americans. We'll touch on that here in just a minute. Tucker Carlson Accuses Fox of Fraud and contract breach. Chattanooga is one of two cities to join the Smart City Alliance. We'll get into that. In another article, Chattanooga agrees to adapt, World Economic Forum's Smart City Technology. You're going to be a I guess they're going to be a 15-minute city, folks. We'll get into that. Sent that to the guys to talk about tonight. Steve Cortez. Who? You Who? I don't know. I don't I barely know who he is. But anyway, he announces he took the national spokesman job.


Brannon Howse: I guess that means money. According to this article from DeSantis, PAC now supports Ron DeSantis. Good luck. Steve barely knew who you were. Now don't even want to talk about you. The Great Reset, the control of the food supply and the control of people. Great article on Lou Rockwell tonight. Well, that's what I was telling you guys when we did the series The Great Collapse, as necessary for the Great Reset two years ago. What I give you is 7 or 8 F's, food, finances, firearms, family health care, and foreign invasion. Really? Foreign invasion. Yes. You got to bring down the borders. Here we go. The Great Reset, folks, is about control of food. Now, you know, while we've been telling folks forever, get your food, food security, food insurance, let's go back here because I have another one related to food. Where did it go? Let's see. It was. It was an article that was quoting, Here it is. Here it is. Rich dad, Poor dad. Robert Kiyosaki warns inflation is systematic or systemic. Systemic, and investors should buy gold. Real estate. Gas and food. Well, that's right. Yahoo! News reports. And when he talks about food, he says food is also essential to the economy. In a tweet last year, he touted cans of tuna and baked beans as the quote, best investments. And I remember him talking about that in the video. I saw it. So, yeah, he's talking about diversification. Where to put your money to get through this? And, you know, things like gasoline, oil.


Brannon Howse: But real estate hard asset. But he's right about food. He's right about food. And that's of course, that's exactly why you got Lew Rockwell riding up here about the Great Reset is about controlling people. And one way to do that is food. Well, that's why we encourage you to go right here. We're catching up quickly. 120 some-odd boxes went out today, I was told. So every day I'm monitoring it. We added in. We've added in like 4 or 5 new workers in the warehouse, right? Calebsome-odd, So we're working fast. We offered you guys free shipping in February and March. You're being patient. Keep being patient because a lot of you saved hundreds of dollars by that free shipping that we ate. We had to absorb that cost and we got a tidal wave of orders and we're catching up. And many of you I've emailed you, our staff has emailed you, just saying, you know, did you get your order answering your questions and Friday and Saturday, Sunday, Monday. We got a lot of emails back. Oh, the order came Friday. The order came Saturday. So again, be patient. It's coming. Now, if anybody is tired of waiting and they want a refund. Your order hasn't shown up and you want a refund, all you got to do is email us and we'll gladly do that. We have more than enough people wanting our product that if you've gotten frustrated waiting for weeks or whatever, then then we'll gladly refund you.


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Patrick Wood: Well, as a matter of fact.


Brannon Howse: I think our signal's fading. I think our signal's fading. Oh. Oh, gosh. All right. Welcome, guys. How are you doing? Very good. Doing good. Was that crazy, what Todd was reporting down there?


Patrick Wood: Yes. Nuts. Insane. Leo. What can you say? Leo should have been impeached. Yeah.


Brannon Howse: Leo, You wrote a book called Stealth Invasion. What do you make of it?


Leo Hohman: Yeah, I mean, it was all predicted in the book. I mean, it's just only worse. Worse than I ever imagined.


Brannon Howse: Wow. All right. Here's what I want to talk to you guys about tonight. Let's see here. Uh, want to grab it? Um. I emailed the article to you guys or I texted it to you guys. Then I emailed it to myself. Where did it go? Uh, there are so many emails that came in between now and then. I came to find my stinking emails. What was the title? Am I going to email it to myself? What was the title of the article? Do you guys remember?


Patrick Wood: The black nobility. Yeah. Here it is.


Brannon Howse: Thank you. All right. There we go. All right, so here it is. From the expose, the black nobility, a new world order and. Charles the Great Reset. King So I sent this to both of you today. And because I knew, if anything that starts talking about the Club of Rome and eugenics and Prince Philips and him calling for a deadly virus to take out 90% of the population and the committee of 300 and the Club of Rome and the Trilateral Commission. I know you know the Council on Foreign Relations. I know that that's right up your alley there. But unbeknownst to me. Did I hear that, Leo And you are already talking about this, Patrick.


Patrick Wood: Oops, I guess we have been. Yes, we did. Uh, and, uh, you know, there's there's a lot to be said for this whole thing, and especially with, uh, with the king just being whatever you do for kings anointed and coronation robed and. Yeah. And the.


Brannon Howse: Privacy screen. Did you. Do you see the privacy screen?


Patrick Wood: The privacy screen where they took an oath that nobody could hear what he said and with all of the the druids around and their their their garb and it's a very, very strange coronation for sure.


Brannon Howse: Yeah. So what do you make.


Leo Hohman: Yeah. Leo, I was just going to say and then we had a parallel ceremony going on in Coventry, England over the weekend of the coronation where they were. It was actually a coven of Gaia-worshipping witches and pagans, saying how much they appreciate Charles and how much he appreciates them. And it was just one big love fest between Charles and the Pagans this weekend. There.


Brannon Howse: There's his article by Leo Holman. A coven of British Witches and Pagans pledged their allegiance to King Charles, claiming he was very pagan and supportive of their beliefs.


Leo Hohman: Wow. Yeah. And, you know, he is never denied any such thing. He's supposed to be the defender of the faith. But as you know, he has changed that. He changed that to the defender of faiths, which means all of them.


Brannon Howse: So there's a book out there called The Club of Rome. Dr. Coleman wrote that the British East India Company is known today as the Committee of 300, the most powerful and controlling body in the world. On page 29 of his book, Dr. Coleman stated that an important international foreign policy arm of the Committee of 300 is the Club of Rome. The Club of Rome represents the command structure of the Illuminati, he wrote. It's very easy to see the connecting link between the plans of the BBC and the present policies of the Club of Rome. Quote, The modern Club of Rome is but an ongoing, unbroken succession of secret societies that have as their goal the destruction of liberty and freedom. That seems to be happening. It is a body dedicated to ushering in the new world order in which the so-called privileged few. The Committee of 300 will rule according to the Illuminati and High Priest of the Club of Rome, Willis Harman. Our Western ideals, belief in family, the sanctity of marriage, belief in one's country, national pride, national sovereignty, pride in our religious beliefs. Pride of our race, our trust in an omnipotent God, and our Christian beliefs are all obsolete. Harman believes that being too successful springs from being too successful as an industrialized nation with full employment and people enjoying a decent standard of living.


Brannon Howse: Harman meant that Americans, thanks to an industry-based society, were enjoying too much freedom. And this led to a position where there are just too many people who must therefore be corralled in the cold so that the Club of Rome can curb industrial growth and therefore population growth. Co-founder of the Club of Rome, Mr. PC, gave the whole game plan away when he said, quote, Since man opened, Pandora's box of new technology has suffered uncontrollable human proliferation, the mania for growth or the mania for growth, the energy crisis, actual potential securities, degradation of the environment, nuclear folly and countless other afflictions, end quote. It was not long after his speech in 1965 that they adopted the World Dynamics model constructed by the Committee of 300 by Jay Foster and Dennis Meadows. Of course, we went on to read that book where they're talking about depopulating and the Club of Rome. We've shown that book the other night. You've read this book, correct? That book was The Limits of Growth, but you've read this book and had it in your library by this gentleman, Mr. Coleman, for some time, have you not, Patrick?


Patrick Wood: Probably going back into the 1990s when it first came out, it did make kind of a splash. Not necessarily in mainstream media, but in the alternative media world at that point. Those people who were kind of, you know, given over to, you know, conspiracy theories and so on, they picked up on it quite, quite rapidly and it made the rounds. It kind of has not been making the rounds in the last ten years or so, I would say. But now with the coronation of King Charles, um, you know, a lot of what he said is like being repeated and it's coming back to be played again.


Brannon Howse: And so go ahead, Leo.


Leo Hohman: Well, I was just going to say, the reason the book's premise is coming back is that the premise of the book was that Coleman was trying to postulate or theorize, and a lot of people didn't believe it at the time, but maybe some more people are latching onto it now, given the state of current events, was that there's a sort of elitist, Atlantic based cabal of Western bankers run out of London and Wall Street that control the world, use the US military as their sort of hammer to enforce their the rest of the countries of the world into this post-World War two rules-based liberal order in which the US dollar is, you know, the top of the heap in terms of its clout. And the US military is used not to protect the defense of interests of the United States, but to promote and promulgate a sort of global rules-based order that would eventually evolve, and evolve into a one-world government. And this US-UK cabal has always had a hatred for Russia. They considered Russia to be anathema. You know, they funded the Bolsheviks to take down the royal family in Russia and now we see flash forward another 75, 80 years and what's happening there again, going after Russia. So that's why a lot of people are, you know, latching back onto this book after it had been relegated to obscurity, as Patrick said, for about ten, 12 years. So here's.


Brannon Howse: The title. It's in this book expose, but I guess it's available online for free. You text me a copy of it. Patrick the Conspirators Hierarchy, subtitled The Committee of 300, was written in 1991. He names past and present members of the Committee of 300, as well as unsavory characters such as Henry Kissinger, and Maurice Strong, who of course, he's the one that gave us the Earth Summit in Rio with the UN, got his start with the Rockefellers, David Rockefeller and members of the Rothschild family. Dr. Coleman's list includes Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Edward Duke of Kent, and Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester, amongst other aristocrats, according to Dr. Coleman's The Club of Rome. Is this black nobility? As part of the Committee of 300, the black nobility consists of the richest and most ancient of all European families. Their wealth far surpasses that of the Rockefellers. They're called black nobility because of their black deeds, their use of dirty tricks, murder, terrorism, unethical behavior, and worship of Satan. Does anyone want to comment before I go any further, Patrick?


Patrick Wood: Oh, boy. This kind of opens up a can of worms, I realize, but in a.


Brannon Howse: Good way or a bad way. I mean, why do you say that?


Patrick Wood: Well, both There there is some good information, I think, and probably some verifiable information in Coleman's book. He's written several books. This was one of them, kind of the main book that people have latched on to the title, the Committee of 300, because it kind of crystallizes down, you know, a small group of people that are supposedly controlling everything. But the one difficulty with Coleman's work is that nothing in his book was footnoted. There are no footnotes whatsoever. So a lot of the information just simply is not verifiable. It's his word against anybody else's, whether it's true or not. Now, we do know from other research that we've done, Leo has done a lot, too. But, you know, like what I used to do with Anthony Sutton, a lot of the information in this book is spot on. He could have gotten that information from anywhere, I suppose. But, you know, when you talk about the Club of Rome and you talk about the Atlantic Council and you talk about the Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies, etcetera, etcetera, and there's Sri Stanford Research Institute, the RAND Corporation, all these organizations have an abundance of literature out there on what they're all about, you know, and what they're doing, what their plans are. Club of Rome included. Nothing secret there. What he brings to the table or his theory is that there's a continuous chain going back as many as 300 years of ultra-controlling families, a generational thing, if you will, families that are controlling all of the events in the world.


Patrick Wood: This is generally speculative because there's very little proof of such a continuous connection for, say, 200 or 300 years. Professor Sutton and I did an. A pretty extensive study at one point about the Illuminati, for instance, which was in the late 1800s. And yes, it did exist. Yes, there's a body of information on it. It's very insightful. But is there evidence, clear evidence that there has been a succession of membership, say, from 1900 through today? It's not there. It's speculated, but it's not there. So when I went to research originally with Coleman's book, I was excited at first to see all the, you know, the tips and the leads that I might have for research. So I thought this would be a gold mine. You know, you get to get a lot of leads out of this one and go find out some good stuff. But I had to continuously try to verify the information with independent sources, and I had a lot of difficulty in doing that. So I was very cautious. Ultimately, I haven't ever really cited Coleman's work in any of my writings for that very reason. And it's not to say, you know, throw the bum out at all, but it's just that if I can't verify the sources personally, I have to leave them on the table for somebody else to deal with.


Brannon Howse: So do you think there's any credibility in what he's writing about or not?


Patrick Wood: Well, there's a lot of credibility in the sense that many of the things that we've talked about, like the Club of Rome, like the Atlantic Council, like the Aspen Institute for Humanistic, Humanistic Studies, all those things are verifiable. That's out there. There's a there are a large amount of writing and research journalists and stuff of investigative journalists have dug into this kind of stuff. The authors have dug into it. There's tons of stuff out there that he addresses in his book. Unquestionably is true. But some of the stuff, you know, some of the things that he that cannot be documented from his book, you have to kind of scratch your head and wonder, well, where did he hear this stuff? I mean, if he did hear it, isn't there some way that I can hear it, too, or see some reference in history, maybe in a history book, maybe in a newspaper somewhere from 30, 40, 50, or 60 years ago? I look for those kinds of things. That's just the way I do research.


Brannon Howse: Yeah. So, Leo, do you how many people do you think are running the world? Is it 300? Is it 3000? I mean, what do you think?


Leo Hohman: It's a small number, but I have no earthly idea. And if I could just follow up on some of what Patrick was talking about, this writer, this author, Dr. John Coleman, himself presents us with a bit of a mystery. Neither Patrick nor I were able to find a detailed full biography of the man. I couldn't find a full obituary anywhere for him. So he sort of this mercurial figure that's out there that has some truth. But then he also delves into the realm of speculation, which he does not back up with any documentation, as Patrick noted. So, I mean, we have to consider the fact, the possibility that he could have written this book as a psyop maybe to put some of the truth out there like our intelligence agents would call this a limited hangout. Okay? Where they provide us with some of the truth enough to sort of distract us and pique our interest, but just enough to divert us away from the core of the truth. And that could have been I'm not saying that's what the book is, but we have because this gentleman is so mysterious, we have to consider that that's a possibility.


Brannon Howse: Look at this headline here. This is coming from the Chattanooga Free Press. This is back in December 2020. Chattanooga is one of two cities to join the Smart City Alliance. Two cities were chosen to participate in a global initiative to test the new technologies and policies for a more sustainable and equitable cityscape. Also joining in the pilot project in San Jose, California. I'm just finding this out today. It's in my state, but it's the other end. Chattanooga has been selected as one of only two US cities in a new global initiative to use broadband connections and data plans and utilize energy, transportation, healthcare, and communication more sustainably and equitably. During its Smart City Expo World Congress last month, the World Economic Forum announced Chattanooga and San Jose, California were picked among three dozen cities around the globe to pilot the adoption of new technologies being developed by the G 20 Global Smart City Alliance. And then we go to another one that is entitled Chattanooga agrees to adopt World Economic Forum's Smart City Technology Roadmap. This is from a year ago. I wasn't aware of this, that Chattanooga, the other end of my state, was doing this. Is this the beginning, Patrick, of the 15-minute city? Is that what this is really kind of leading to?


Patrick Wood: It certainly speaks to it. Brennan. You remember in 2020 when this first came out, this WEF initiative, that was one year after President Trump had heralded the rollout of 5G technology throughout America. He said we have to beat. We have to beat China on this rollout. I don't know what China had to do with it because what do we care about China? This is America. If they beat us. You know, okay, fine. But the whole idea of 5G technology was to enable smart cities to come alive. It was to light up the Internet of Things, those devices that have embedded technology in them to communicate back to a headquarters, unit, machine, computer, or whatever. And, you know, the smart city, the 15-minute city, which is just kind of a mini model of a smart city. This all ties together 100% ties together. And the WEF has been championing this smart city thing for a long time. This was not out of the blue. Oh, we're so surprised they'd come up with this. They've been working on this for a long time. The smart cities that bought into this, like Chattanooga, like San Jose, and there's been a few others I think, since then. These cities are just buried. They're steeped in the Internet of Things technology, all being enabled by 5G technology.


Brannon Howse: Wow. Leo, let me get your response to this. This is an article here that just came out nine hours ago. The new immigration bill is a Trojan horse for E-Verify and is a threat to all Americans. This is, again, just nine hours ago, members of the US House of Representatives are set to vote this week on new legislation that would greatly increase the federal government's power over private businesses, workers, and US citizens. Unfortunately, much of the GOP majority is supportive of the legislation. The border security and Enhancement Act of 2023. Now, isn't that ironic, boys, that while we have this surge at the border, they offer up a bill called the Border Security and Enforcement Act of 2023 because everybody's going, well, that might be a good idea, fellas. And yet, what is this all about? Well, it does contain reasonable provisions such as attorney generals giving them the authority to sue the federal government for refusing to detain illegal aliens. But then it goes on to add in the E-Verify. Let's read it. Here we go. It was initially implemented in 97, designed to prevent companies from employing foreign nationals who had entered the US illegally. Illegal aliens. The program was never mandatory at the federal level. However, the program has generally been voluntary, except for government employees in most states. Instead, mandated use of E-Verify has been a matter of state legislation, and some states have certainly been more enthusiastic about it than others.


Brannon Howse: Since implementation, only nine states have mandated the use of E-Verify for all employees. Florida is poised to be the next to impose these mandates on employers. Governor DeSantis has repeatedly pushed to further regulate and surveil private businesses with universal E-Verify. Some states, such as Colorado, have implemented alternative but similar state-administered programs. Well, as you read through this, you find out real quick that this could be turned on Americans. They have studied it and they say and they're quoting Ron Paul, who said E-Verify almost certainly will be used for purposes unrelated to immigration. One potential use of E-Verify is to limit the job prospects for anyone whose lifestyle displeases the government. This could include those accused of failing to pay their fair share in taxes, those who homeschool or do not vaccinate their children, or those who own firearms. Unscrupulous government officials could use E-Verify against those who practice anti-war, anti-tax, anti-surveillance, and anti-Federal Reserve Act activism. Those who consider this unlikely should remember the long history of the IRS targeting the political enemies of those in power and the use of anti-terrorism laws to harass antiwar activists. They should also consider the current moves to outlaw certain types of politically incorrect speech, such as distributing the alleged consensus regarding climate change. Do any of you want to comment on this? I think the timing of this collapse of our border, this being introduced, is very interesting. Leo Yes.


Leo Hohman: Classic Hegelian dialectic, create the crisis, then come in the solution, which was already designed ahead of time before you even created the crisis, knowing that now the public will latch on to it. Now the public will celebrate it because they don't want to be overrun. And so what happens is they'll continue to be overrun. And this is just another way to delve into our privacy. This will be used against American citizens to compromise their data, while the illegals, the ones that we're told that it's being put in place to stop, will continue to run free and run wild without. Any tracking or tracing of their movement of their or interception of their data. It's the same way with everything. Brandon This is nothing but a chance to get into the real ID Id2020 and the digital ID all in one fell swoop.


Brannon Howse: Yeah. Do you want to comment on that? Do I need to let you go, Leo?


Leo Hohman: Yeah, I have another interview I have to hop on here.


Brannon Howse: All right. Leo We'll let him cut loose. Leo Leo As always. Thank you, Leo. Thanks. Brandon, What are your thoughts here, Patrick?


Patrick Wood: I think ten years ago, say 15 years ago, E-Verify had a certain definition in most people's minds. We were normalized to that definition. It wasn't very successful, I have to say. But people thought about E-Verify. Well, that means just, you know, that employers should check to make sure that they're hiring a citizen of America that's able to pay tax. They don't have a phony Social Security number, etcetera. And, you know, that made some sense back then, I'm sure, to most people. But today, E-Verify comes back up. Does it have the same definition? No, it doesn't. Do they want you to think it still has the same old definition? Yes, they do, because it takes a good crisis to slip in these other elements that are kind of put down in the fine print. They don't put it right up front anymore. Oh, well, we're going to reinvigorate E-Verify, but this time we'll do it on a national basis. Yeah, and you'll do it with essentially any global ID system that will put a permanent ID on every person in the country, illegal or not. And this has been the goal of the globalists for a long time. We know that the World Economic Forum, the United Nations, and all of these different groups are working for a universal global ID that will stick with you from birth to death. Now, E-Verify is being used as let's say, a surrogate to slip these other details in to get their agenda across. Leo is exactly right on this technocracy news.


Brannon Howse: Technocracy News is Patrick Wood. Patrick has an article over on his website today. Let me set up the article. It's about FDA approval. Let me get the exact title here. Fda. Fda Approves Gene-Edited Pigs. Gene-Edited pigs for human consumption. He embedded a little video on the article before he comments on it here. Let's watch this little video.


Video: Washington State University is working to use biotechnologies like gene editing to engineer traits in food animals that will improve their resiliency, improve their production efficiency, improve their welfare, and improve their health to be able to feed a growing global population. Human beings have been modifying the DNA of animals for thousands of years. The modifications that are being made are naturally arising. Modifications. The reason that we wanted to go through FDA approval with these animals is to show, as an example, that we can start with a basic discovery in the research lab. We can develop it as a utilizable tool into a food animal, and then we can advance it through the regulatory process. We expect the sausage that will be made from these animals to have no difference in its taste or its texture or its nutrient properties compared to a nongenome-edited animal.


Brannon Howse: Okay, so what's wrong with that? I mean, they've been doing without the technology we've been having, you know, basically doing breeding programs along the way to get a better, bigger, bigger cow, a bigger bull, better horse, better dogs. What's the problem with gene editing?


Patrick Wood: Well, you know, this first comes from the University of Washington.


Brannon Howse: Anything comes out of Washington, the state of Washington, you're like red flags.


Patrick Wood: I know. That's a red flag. And secondly, this particular article, I hesitated to post this article because it was so full of misstatements and misleading ideas. And I warned people at the top, you know, in my comments on it, to be careful with this. Keep a discerning eye as you read through this. For instance, one statement that they make here is, gene editing is a modern, cutting-edge technology that works only within a species. DNA can make changes and can make changes that could come about naturally or through traditional breeding practices. This is pure nonsense. You know, to say that CRISPR technology only works within a given species is stupid. It's just flat-out misleading. DNA can be taken from any other species and inserted in a transgenic, you know, synthetic DNA type of situation where you can take genes from other species and fire them in to like the pig. And, you know, you've got something new. And, you know, they're passing this off as being well, it's just like we're doing the natural selection, you know, like old fashioned breeding where you cross the pansies in the laboratory and you get a white one and a black one and a red one or whatever.


Patrick Wood: That's absolute nonsense. Brandon These people are trying to sneak this in as part of their overall plan to change all genetic material on planet Earth. And they're I'll tell you what, they're racing with this now. This is the second instance where the FDA has ever approved GMO meat for public consumption. It's not broad-based, but now Pandora's box has been opened. The slippery slope has been greased, and you can see where this is headed. Everything will come up sooner or later as being genetically modified for the good of the world so that they can feed all the people in the world like it's their responsibility to feed the people of the world. I'm disturbed that a university like the University of Washington would engage in a program like this and then try and sell it to the public on the absolute thinnest veneer of mistruth. And a lot of people are going to believe this and say, oh, this is wonderful, this will help mankind, blah, blah, blah, blah. It's very dangerous thinking. It's very dangerous technology. And I wish there were some way we could just throw a monkey wrench into it right now.


Brannon Howse: Absolutely. I'm sure you know who Peter Singer is, right? The. Isn't he supposed to be like an ethicist or something? At one of the Ivy League schools? I write about him in my book, Grave Influence. Peter Singer, who teaches ethics at Princeton University, makes this clear, quote, Christianity is our foe. We must destroy the Judeo-Christian religious tradition, end quote. That's Peter Singer. I'm going to tell you, he's in the news again. Uh, in this book of mine. I go on. We can pull that down now. I thought I had more quotes by the singer, but in this book on Peter, I quote the singer over and over, Here we go. Here it is right here. Found it. Peter Singer who? His platform at Princeton University has influenced many educators, students, and lawmakers asserted in Rethinking Life and Death. Listen now because he's in the news, human babies are not born self-aware or capable of grasping their lives over time, so they're not self-aware. They are not persons. Hence their lives would be would seem to be no more worthy of protection than the life of a fetus. Peter Singer also used his Down syndrome babies as an example of how his plan would work. Quote, We may not want a child to start on life's uncertain voyage if the prospects are clouded when this can be known at a very, very early age or stage in the voyage, we may still have a chance to make a fresh start.


Brannon Howse: This means detaching ourselves from the infant who has been born cutting ourselves free before the ties that have already begun to bind us to our child to become irresistible. Instead of going forward and putting all our effort into making the best of the situation, we can still say no and start again from the beginning. Of course, that's Peter Singer, and of course, he was influenced by Charles Darwin. I bring that up because I don't know if you saw this or not. Patrick. He is back in the news. I didn't know the dude was still living. He's getting to be up there about as old as Moses. But here's what we see at Yahoo! News. Peter Singer, Can we morally kill artificial intelligence if it becomes self-aware? Now, remember, he claims babies aren't self-aware so you can kill them, he says. He says, all things being equal, we should not switch it off if it has become self-aware. Okay. Killing a child who's not self-aware. Okay. Killing an AI who is self-aware? No.


Patrick Wood: Crazy. Crazy, you know? All of these initiatives that we're talking about here, whether it be gene editing and trying to change the genetic structure of food or people or to mess with people directly, like through eugenics, or to mess with nature. Um, you know, through trying to change the climate or trying to change what's in the skies and so on with the geoengineering, all of these things, if you think about them, Brandon, are sticking a finger in God's eye vis a vis his creation. These are all things that are pitted against the creation of God, the way he laid things out in Scripture very clearly. They want to do just the opposite. So it's amazing that these people, you know, generically deny intelligent creation or an intelligent creator. But they now say that because they have invented these new tools to control, edit genes, etcetera, they are now the intelligent designers of the future world. They've set themselves up literally to become God themselves. And this is something I think has been missed because as people just look at one individual little segment of what's going on, they're not going to see this bigger picture. But by and large, anything to do with the creation is under intense attack today by these people that we're talking about.


Brannon Howse: You mentioned seeding the weather, didn't you just mention seeding the weather or something about the weather?


Patrick Wood: Yes, geoengineering.


Brannon Howse: Geoengineering. Did you see that lady on The View about three weeks ago or whenever that was?


Patrick Wood: I don't know that I did.


Brannon Howse: I just came across it the other day. This is I guess she's a meteorological meteorologist. Um, listen to it a little bit. See if I can find around the corner and see if I can find out more about that.


Video: They've been saying we're in it. So shocked isn't the word. What I've had to do is reframe my brain. I went to school to forecast the weather 7 to 20 days out. Meteorology as I've known it. I used to be a conservative forecaster. The computer models used to barely verify, but they would always kind of oversell things. So I would always be like, I'm going to go under. In the last five years, I have noticed a remarkable difference that they not only verify, but they surpass. So I've had to, in the way that I describe what's going to happen, believe in myself. Yeah. Okay.


Brannon Howse: I'm going to see if I can skip through. Because somewhere in here. Somewhere. Yeah. Here we go. Let's see if this is it.


Video: This story we've known for a long time because the federal government gave us a grant. The state of Louisiana rebuilt this new town called New Isle, about 40 miles north. These folks, they're members of the Choctaw and the home tribes.


Brannon Howse: No, that's not it.


Video: Climate change. Brad Udall of Colorado, starts talking about something that I studied in school for meteorology. Well, guess what? When you get desperate and then the technology gets better 20 years later, here we are, cloud seeding is ramping up so big you see me there showing that flare on the plane. They send silver iodide into the clouds and then it makes it snow more. So they can't make a cloud. Right. But they're taking storms that are already there and then giving it a little boost. So this is not that part's not new. What's new is they have hundreds of these ground cloud seeders. So they're puffing the silver iodide with a flare. And you see, I think I have a picture of the actual ground cloud seeder into the air. That thing sits all over the Rocky Mountains, all over the American West. Ten states are doing this. And I wanted to tell the story because my friend Russ is the state climatologist of Colorado. And he said you got to see what's happening with the climate, with cloud seeding. It is huge and it's only getting bigger by next year.


Brannon Howse: Okay. Fascinating that that's on The View. So this is not right-wing conspiracy theories. Whoopi told us, Whip Whoopi reported that to us.


Patrick Wood: I know if we had said such a thing, we would have been banned from everywhere, probably within ten minutes. But they got away with saying it. And it's much worse than what she's describing there. There are a lot of other things that are happening that have been outed, so to speak, in the last 5 to 10 years. But whether a modification is intentional weather modification by changing the upper atmosphere, reflecting the sunlight into space so that it cannot heat the earth like it's supposed to. You see, this is a disturbance of a system that God set up with the creation of the world in the first place, basically saying, leave it alone and it will do just fine for you. That's not good enough for these people if they don't like the amount of sunlight coming down on the earth, well, hey, let's just throw up a screen up there and we'll just have we'll put a big shade up in essence, and we'll reflect all that heat out in space. We don't need that. We need to cool our earth. Of course, this will bring famine. It will bring all kinds of you know, geographical geological problems as well. But this again, is another attack. Geoengineering is another attack on God's creation to try and disrupt the normal operation of things as he set it in place in the first place.


Brannon Howse: Wow. Patrick, would his website technocracy news, technocracy news as always, Patrick, you're a very knowledgeable man. You never know what we're going to do in an interview. We don't rehearse it. And you and you not only flow with it, but you also brought all this new information to the table. Very knowledgeable. Thank you, Patrick.


Patrick Wood: My pleasure, Brianna. Thank you.


Brannon Howse: Patrick would check in, and check out his website, Technocracy News. All right. Before we go, why don't you check this out right here? We're brought to you by you, Mypillow 2.0. Buy one, get one free. But you've got to use the promo code B 66. We have slippers, sandals, and slides as low as $19.50. That's a great Mother's Day. Father's Day gifts Graduation gifts, and Luxurious Giza dream sheets are as low as $29.98. Those make great wedding gifts. Gifts for open houses for the graduate who's off to college. The My mattress topper has a three-inch coil. Check it all out at Sheets, towels, blankets, pet bed slippers, sandals, mattresses, mattress toppers, robes, and more. But you've got to use the promo code B66. That way you get savings, and we get credit. Let's go over it real quick. That's my channel where we store all my stuff. You'll see last night's news broadcast worldview report right there. In my interview last night with Nicole Pearson, the US farmers having land stolen for CO two carbon capture scam Pastor Art Pawlowski charged as a terrorist for preaching the truth. And then you'll see all the other shows I carry Dan Eastman, Rob Linstead, Dr. Andy Woods. So many more. You'll see all my interviews from last week and we just keep archiving them.


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