Breaking News Report On Israel At War: Live Report From Aharon On The Ground In Israel And Dr. Rob Lindsted, Anni Cyrus And Brannon Howse Reporting From The U.S.

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The following is a computer generated transcript of the above broadcast from Saturday morning on October 7, 2023. Please excuse any misspellings or grammatical errors due to the automation.

Speaker1: [00:00:16] Good morning, I'm Brannon Howse at the news desk. It is approximately 10:17 p.m. Central Time today being Saturday, October 7th, 2023. Israel is at war. We'll be joined here in just one moment by Rob Linstead and then our reporter live from Israel. Aaron will join us live from Israel last night. In fact, I would urge you right now to alert your family and friends, Tweet, text, email, Facebook, gettr, Truth, social, Frank, social, whatever you use, let them know to tune in right now. Lindell Frank world Rumble. We're broadcasting on all of our outlets and we have a special live broadcast we'll bring you tonight at 7 p.m. Central with a huge panel of experts. Shahram Hadian, born in Iran, I.A., Cyrus born in Iran. Rob Linstead been to Israel about 70 times. We should also be joined by Leo Holman as well as Aaron from Israel. Aaron from Israel will join us in just a few minutes. Last night, about 1017 Central, my phone began to go off as I have an app on my phone that gives me an alert every time a missile is shot into Israel that I've had on my phone now for probably about three months. When I first installed it, it was going off quite a bit. That's what led me to install it. And then it slowed down and went quiet. In fact, it went quiet for many weeks.

Speaker1: [00:01:48] Maybe a shot here and there. But other than that, it was quiet last night. We went off the air at 9:00 Central with Brannon Howse Live and about 1017 Central. As I was studying and reading and preparing for the Sunday night broadcast, my phone began to go off. I didn't think much of it because that happens occasionally and then it stops. But then another one. And another one and another one. And then they were back to back. And it went on for about 35, 40 minutes. And I finally text my friend Aaron in Israel. I said, Is this normal? This seems like it's come out of nowhere. And he indeed texted back, My reception is not real good. I'm in a bunker. This did come out of nowhere. Well, it continued and in fact, it continued through the night. I left my phone where I could hear the alert. And so I have been awakened all through the night with that siren going on. With my phone so I can tell you I woke up this morning after having been awakened multiple times through the night to realize what was really fully happening. And you say, well, why would you leave that on all night long? I mean, that couldn't be very good sleep. No, it's not. But that's how tuned in we are to Israel.

Speaker1: [00:03:05] Those of you that have followed this program know that we have done a Friday Middle East Israel Bible Prophecy update for over 12 years, probably closing closing in on 15 years. So we believe that so much of what happens in the world is centered around that that little nation of Israel surrounded by that glorious city, Jerusalem. And so that's how tuned in we are. Now, that is the alarm right there. That's the alarm right there. If you can hear it coming in over my phone. That's the alarm that I was hearing. And I'm going to leave it up so that you guys can get a feel for for how often these rockets are coming in. But this is what the folks of Israel deal with day in and day out when this stuff starts happening. So we think, well, that's kind of irritating. Yeah, Imagine if you're right in it. And now we have 198 reported Israelis dead. We also have reports, if you look at my screen here, the Jerusalem Post, Israel at War, IDF confirms that Hamas has Israeli hostages. Hamas has Israeli hostages. Now, for those of you who have followed our organization routinely for many years, you know that we have done extensive programs on Hamas, on Israel, particularly Hamas last, what was it, maybe a year and a half, two years ago, maybe it's been coming up on three years.

Speaker1: [00:04:28] I can barely keep up. I did a huge series on Hamas. It was a multi Sunday night series on Hamas, trying to help our audience understand who is Hamas, what is their objective, what is their goal? And now maybe folks understand why we covered these things. Let's make it very clear. Hamas folks is in America. You just don't know it as Hamas. Hamas is the terrorist wing of. Well, Muslim Brotherhood. Muslim Brotherhood started in 1928 under al-Banna Muslim Brotherhood's leader in what they called Palestine was the Grand Mufti of Palestine Al-husayni. He worked directly with Adolf Hitler. His goal was to help Hitler destroy and wipe out the Jews there in Poland, in Germany. And then Hitler said he would go over to Palestine with him to help him wipe out the Jews there. That is the Grand Mufti of Palestine. He was given an apartment in Berlin by Adolf Hitler. We have black and white footage and pictures of them together. They put Mein Kampf into Arabic. My struggle went to my jihad. They distribute it around the world. Even a few years ago, the Palestinian Liberation Organization was still translating Hitler's work and sending it around the Middle East. So Hamas is in America. There's the alert again. Hamas is in there. You can hear it. Hamas is in America. You just know them as Muslim Brotherhood.

Speaker1: [00:06:04] Also, you might know them as care. The Council on American-Islamic Relations, Muslim Brotherhood care, Hamas, they're all tied together. That's the research and documentation we've been providing for years. And now maybe some of our audience who has wondered why we are so intent on covering these groups understand why. Because they see America as the Great Satan, Israel, the little Satan. Do you find it odd that this week we had a national emergency alert test? Israel did the same thing. We also know that they were doing emergency tests for nuclear war in Israel. We know that Israel and China and Iran and North Korea are all in military alliance. But what has precipitated this apparently out of nowhere, many experts believe it is the was the soon coming coalition or peace treaty between Saudi Arabia and Israel. And Iran, we know is in Syria. We've been warning now for a long time that right on Israel's border there in Syria, you have not just Syria, but Iran, Turkey and Russia, they're there in Syria. And this is largely being done, we believe, by Iran in Syria. Now, of course, we have just seen the Biden regime two plus years ago allow for the completely inappropriate exit of Afghanistan, leaving behind some reported $85 Billion in Armament. And many have said that that was turned around and some of it was indeed shoveled off to Iran.

Speaker1: [00:07:45] Some of it, you can bet, has made its way into Syria. Israel has been bullied by the Biden regime now for months to get involved in the war in Ukraine. And they have been resisting that, and thankfully so. Israel needs to take care of itself. Some of you might remember on this broadcast, about 2 or 3 months ago, I got quite heated, probably like some of you have never seen in my anger toward Benjamin Netanyahu, because I felt and believed he was spending way too much time kowtowing to this corrupt, Jew hating Biden administration, because now you realize Israel needs to be all about Israel. Who cares what the United States regime of the Bidens thinks Israel should be doing? They don't have Israel's best interest in mind at all. We also have reports that large stockpiles of weapons that the US has kept in Israel to allow our troops to get to it for any skirmishes in the Middle East has been drawn down and shipped over to Ukraine. So anyway, the timing of this is all very troubling. And then we have an open border and pouring over our border are indeed Chinese military age males. But we also have reports from Michael Yon and others who've been down on the border and in Panama. That and Todd Benjamin has reported many times, many of them are Islamists.

Speaker1: [00:09:12] They are Muslims. They're military age males. And you can better believe that what's happening now is not happening in a vacuum, that indeed Iran has checked with China, their partner, before doing this. So the question is, how at risk is America? How many Americans are watching the news today and what's happening in Israel? A, do they understand it? And B, do they realize this involves us because they see us as the Great Satan? They have indeed pre-positioned their terror cells and shock troops in America because the last thing they want is to see the Great Satan help the little Satan. So this is an existential threat to our nation as well. Sadly, most Americans are completely oblivious to this. They will go about their day finding themselves being entertained by football, drinking beer and doing what, sadly most Americans do, completely oblivious to the existential threat also facing our nation. Nevertheless, shall we remember that the Book of Genesis says, I'll bless those who bless you and I'll curse those who curse you. So America and Americans have better understand right now what's going on. Joining me now is Dr. Rob Lindstad, who has been in Israel some 70 times. He joins us as we await also Logan, the appearance of Aaron live from Israel. Let me know when Aaron is with us as well. Dr. Linstead, welcome to the broadcast. Thank you for joining us.

Speaker2: [00:10:41] My pleasure to be with you.

Speaker1: [00:10:42] What is your what are your thoughts on my opening monologue today? You want to add to it? You want to highlight any points?

Speaker2: [00:10:49] Yes, I'd like to say that, you know, I agree with you that really the safety of America should be a major concern. Because if you look at what we have crossing our borders, we know that there are terrorists there. Friends of ours, yours and mine, have said that. We know that there's a number of terrorists who have crossed the border. And today, the invasion into Israel, it was by land, by air and by sea. We have an open border. They have a closed border. Can you imagine how much easier we'll be? And of course, one of the things that's interesting is that this this attack took place 15 years and one day from the anniversary of Yom Kippur War. And so they.

Speaker1: [00:11:37] Explain what that is to our audience, please. Okay.

Speaker2: [00:11:40] The Yom Kippur War was a very important war in the history of Israel. They've had six wars since they became a nation. And and each time they they they responded back to retaliation. And and so but the enemy loves to do that on a on a holiday, maybe on maybe on Shabbat on the Sabbath. But for sure, on the Jewish holiday, they love doing it. And so for them to attack, I'm not surprised for them to wait for the Sabbath again, I'm not surprised at all. That's their their common mode of operation. But to see this thing taking place is unbelievable. And you're and you're exactly right. I believe this shows how bad the peace process is hated. And and our government, the White House is giving lip service to the fact that they're siding with Israel. But the truth is, they're clearly in Iran's corner. And the PLO, Hamas, Hezbollah, all these they don't want peace to occur in any way because right now they have more power and they don't want a new player in the game. And that new player would be Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is not as hostile as these organizations that we're mentioning. So this really is an important thing because before it's done, it could draw Russia in, it could draw Iran in, and it most certainly could have a US factor because we're open we're so wide open for a terrorist attack, a 9/11 attack. Again, this might encourage some of the terrorist in our country to say, okay, now's our time to attack in the United States.

Speaker1: [00:13:19] Well, as you know, we have been warning about the concern over a 9/11 nuclear attack. We played a video which I'll try to find in a moment again, of a former military man in Texas who was asked, what are you expecting, another 911? And he kind of chuckled out of the foolishness of our American border and said, I can't believe one hasn't happened already. He said, you can take it to the bank. I can promise you they will obliterate an American city with a nuclear weapon as soon as they can figure out how to get one in here. We have talked to several on the air, several military experts that say, oh, you can trust they've already got one. Michael Yon, who is an Army, a military war correspondent, has said you can bet they've got one already in the US, no doubt about it. So, again, perhaps some of the people watching our broadcast thought, oh, they're just stoking fear. This is just sensationalism. No, it's not. And sadly, the American people are going to realize real quick, you, me, Michael Yon, Gordon Chang, Annie Cyrus, Rahm Hayden, Usama Doc, Leo Holman, all the rest of them that I could name. We've been trying for years to bring the American people up to speed as to the existential threat. They're about to understand this. This was not just us doing television that this these are real existential threats that our government should be preparing us for and to this day still are not preparing us for. Obviously, we have not yet, to my knowledge, seen Biden on camera yet, which to me is also a very, very bad sign. Your thoughts?

Speaker2: [00:14:52] Yes, it's a horrible sign and it shows the side that he's on. I have in front of me a couple of articles because I came to the studio. Matter of fact, the first time I talked to you this morning, although I think we text each other during during the night, but the first article I saw was Hezbollah says Muslim world must condemn those who normalize ties with Israel. So here's Hezbollah.

Speaker1: [00:15:17] Explain to our audience who's behind Hezbollah. Okay.

Speaker2: [00:15:20] Hezbollah is on the north and they're they're in Lebanon, centered in Lebanon. But they they are Syria. Russia backed. And so they're mad because they they don't want to disrupt anything right now. The White House gave to them an incredible gas field. So. So they don't want Saudi Arabia there. And so he condemns any Muslim world that would be Saudi Arabia for trying to normalize the ties. And he talks about the fact that that if that continues, then then they're going to have to cause some disruption. He promises this this is four days ago. Four days ago, he made that statement. I have another document. This one, when I looked at it, I said, this is going to cause trouble in the Middle East. This one is a little older, but it recircled on my on my pile of articles, it says Details of the Saudi Arabian shocking plan to divide the Holy Land. Just recently, the Saudi plan was to say, okay, let's not make a two state, two nation solution in Jerusalem. That that's enough almost to cause a war. Instead, let's call it the Hashemite Kingdom of the Palestinian Authority and let's put it into Jordan. Can you imagine the reaction that.

Speaker2: [00:16:43] Well, we saw. We saw the reaction this morning to that. So here's Saudi Arabia. And and they're trying to negotiate with Israel, trying to bring about a peace. I don't trust it. But do you understand that the White House does not want that kingdom, Hashemite Kingdom, to go into Jordan? They're perfectly happy to have it divide Jerusalem because, again, they profit from it. And so while they want to say we're for a peace solution, no, they've done everything they can to go against a peace solution. And I think the fact that they proposed that Jerusalem would not be divided, I think that was the final blow that said, okay, we've got to stop this process because otherwise what we've got is a peace plan that's that's growing and momentum growing a momentum, because look how many Jews showed up at the at the wall for the priestly blessing at this last I mean we're just at the end of a holiday in Israel. 50,000 people, 50,000 people were at the Western Wall. That should hold 10,000 people. 50,000 were there. So many people came. They had to do the priestly blessing twice. Israel is in the mood. They thought they had peace.

Speaker1: [00:17:55] They were even they were even rehearsing the purification, the water libation ceremony, practicing that with the founder of the Temple Institute. And for those who don't know, these would be the things they would be doing to prepare for their third temple, which, of course, if you have a peace deal with Saudi Arabia and Israel and there was talk of handing the custody of the Temple Mount from Jordan to Saudi Arabia, and if in that peace deal, they're like, hey, we're going to work so you guys can have a tabernacle temporarily up there so you can get your temple going and we'll just let the mosque and the temple sit next to each other in an interfaith kind of deal. We see these kind of things going on in United Arab Emirates and other places, Nebraska. I mean, this is kind of a growing trend. So this, of course, is going to obviously upset Iran and other Islamic nations. We also have before we go to Aaron, who's standing by, we have a statement today out of what is reported to be the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and I say reported. I haven't been able to verify this, but I have been able to find it on several sites.

Speaker1: [00:18:55] By the way, in the fog of war, we will report things and tell you what we're hearing. But again, we will maybe have to come back and make some corrections. We were hearing 198 Israelis dead. The number is depending on the news outlet is anywhere from 100 to 198. There are confirmed reports of hostages. We have reports that some of those hostages have been saved by the Israeli Defense Force. Others are still being held. We have more news than we can probably get to. Don't forget, we will be back at 7 p.m. Central Time tonight live with a special panel. But here is a statement before we go to Aaron. Doctor Linstead from Saudi Arabia. The kingdom of Saudi Arabia is closely following the developments of the unprecedented situation between a number of Palestinian factions and the Israeli occupation forces, which has resulted in a high level of violence on several fronts there. I don't know about this word Israeli occupation forces. Let's stop right there. What do you make of that statement?

Speaker2: [00:19:59] Well, I believe that for the first time we're watching here. Here's I'm going to I want to get back to that thought in a minute. But but, you know, some of the attacks were done by people in ambulances and by Hamas dressed up as IDF soldiers. So we look at the Israeli operative. We look at their their military always until now, they've been very much on guard. There's no doubt that there was a slip in the in the security in Israel. And so I think that Saudi Arabia is a little bit disappointed because I read a statement similar to that. And I think they're disappointed in the fact that Israel thought that this peace was a done deal and they let their guard down. Reminds me of Thessalonians five three. You know, when they say peace and safety, then sudden destruction. And so you can't let your guard down. And I think that's what Saudi Arabia is talking about here.

Speaker1: [00:20:57] And every time I get is that coming over? Logan What I just put up is that coming over? Okay. Every time that goes off, folks, I'm going to put that up just so you can get a sense of how much these rockets are flying. The kingdom calls for the Saudi statement. The kingdom calls for an immediate halt to the escalation between the two sides, the protection of civilians and restraint. The kingdom recalls its repeated warnings of the dangers of the explosion of the situation as a result of the continued occupation, the deprivation of the Palestinian people. I don't agree with that of their legitimate rights. And the repeat repeat. What is the word there?

Speaker2: [00:21:33] Repetitive.

Speaker1: [00:21:33] Thank you. That's what. Yeah. Of systematic provocations against its sanctities, the kingdom renews the call of the international community to assume its responsibilities and activate a credible peace process that leads to the two state solution. Look at that. To achieve security and peace and protection. Pavilions. So they're clearly not backing down over there. Joining me going to be live from Israel is going to be, Aaron, as soon as we can get him back reestablished. In the meantime, Logan, let me go to this footage here. Again, this is reported footage coming out of Israel. You can see again, this is the great thing about social media. There's not a lot of great things about social media, but one of them is the fact that we have all kinds of people in Israel on the ground, citizens loading their footage to social media. So we're going to bring you some of these shots coming out of Israel tonight by the actual citizens. Some of these, of course, are video, as this one probably is, from IDF themselves. I think we're going to go to another one. You pull that down, Logan. We'll go to another one that is reported. This will be of interest to to Rob. This is reported to be Naftali Bennett, a former prime minister of Israel, arrives for reserve duty. Can you verify that that looks like him and what would he be doing, Rob? Rob. Rob. Rob. Yes. Does that does that look like the former prime minister, the former prime minister showing up? One one report is saying this is Naftali Bennett, former prime minister of Israel, showing up for the reserves. Does that look like him to you?

Speaker2: [00:23:22] It does look like him.

Speaker1: [00:23:24] Tell me what that means. Tell our citizens what that means. That's not the kind of thing we see in America.

Speaker2: [00:23:29] No, not at all. Here's here's the thing. This isn't all. This is a real all out alert in Israel, as you mentioned. You know, they they have practiced where they go to for a for security for a bomb shelter. And they're used to rockets coming. Well, this is this is 2000 to 2500 rockets. The thing that makes this unique is that that Hamas catching them by surprise, has taken captive an Israeli commander, a well known one, Nimrod Alamy, I think his name is. That has.

Speaker1: [00:24:02] Happened today.

Speaker2: [00:24:03] That happened, yes. Just a few minutes before we went on the air. They also we had the footage now of a of a female IDF soldier taken captive. And they've handcuffed her. They they treated her rudely pushed her into a vehicle.

Speaker1: [00:24:19] Can you have your guy send that over to Logan so we can air it? I have footage that might sound like that same footage, but we can verify. Yeah, okay.

Speaker2: [00:24:28] And that but the thing that's here's the thing that's holding the war back right now because they have Israeli hostages, both civilian and military. Israel values their citizens. So what they're trying to do, they're trying to recover those. I understand that they have recovered a few. I don't have that verified. I just know that that some people say they have maybe as many as 30 to 50 Israeli hostages. They want to try to get those hostages back. They're making that that that play right now. Once they do, that's when the Israeli air force will swing into power. And when that swings into power, I think Gaza will become a memory, a shadow, because they will they have decided that they can't continue to have Hamas living in Gaza because, you know, they let Gaza survive. They did it out of their own mercy, out of their own grace. They provided them schools. They provided them grocery stores, they provided them hospitals. But if they're going to continue to put terrorists into Israel, they're going to they're going to have to blow it up. So they're that's what they're waiting for. And then this thing will will have a very grand finale.

Speaker1: [00:25:40] Here's a statement. Here's a statement from The Jerusalem Post. Hamas holding dozens of Israelis hostage. Joining us now is Aaron live from Israel. Aaron, thank you for joining us. How are you doing tonight, my friend?

Speaker3: [00:25:56] Not so good. Brennan This is a really tough day for everyone here. Really, really tough.

Speaker1: [00:26:02] You and I started talking last night about, I don't know, my phone started going off with those siren red alert sirens from that app about 1017 Central. After about 20 minutes of them just non stop. I texted you and said, Are you okay? You text back and said, My reception's not real good. I'm in a bunker. And and they were just coming one after the other. And then you said to me this seemed to come out of nowhere. This seemed to come out of nowhere. So this is not this was not maybe the normal way you're used to this, right?

Speaker3: [00:26:34] You know, the irony of it, Brennan, is just yesterday we commemorated 50 years. Since the Yom Kippur War. And the shocking thing at the Yom Kippur War was the element of surprise. We were in our synagogues praying, fasting, and there were some military tips that we got, but it wasn't enough, and we were surprised we were attacked. Our prime minister at the time, Golda Meir, even said that we may need to revert to what was called the Samson option. That's how bad it looked. We lost a lot of soldiers, a lot of people wounded. Ironically, on the 50th anniversary, the same thing happened. A lot of questions being asked, How did this happen? How could we let this happen? Of course, now's not the time to debate that and to discuss that. Now is the time. As the Leader of the Opposition, Benny Gantz said, now there's no coalition, there's no division, there's no opposition. We are one. We have to be united right now and we have to hit and hit hard. And that's what we're waiting for. But as our brother said before I came on, the different element in this scenario is that they have hostages and that and this is where we need prayer. Everyone listening, we need prayer for our military leaders. We need a strategy. We need something special in this case, guys, there's a lot of very broken hearted people in the land right now. This is a very painful time. And, you know, let me just say something that I was listening to you talk about before. I agree with pretty much everything about this being a retaliation for the Saudi Arabians coming more into the fore.

Speaker3: [00:28:44] And of course, Saudi Arabia. It was it was in Saudi Arabia that Islam was founded really from Mecca and then Medina. And wouldn't it be a crowning glory if they the Saudis, could get Jerusalem and the Temple Mount? And true. The Palestinians are upset about that. But I can almost guarantee that it's more than that. This this is bigger because going back for six months ago, we had very, very top security reports from people like Professor Mordechai Kedar, that and military intelligence that our enemies were planning an all out assault. I don't know if you heard on the news today that even on our northern border, the Hezbollah, the party of God, they tried to infiltrate up there. Now the it's the Islamic Jihad. It's Hamas. And while all that is taking place, we all know that the fingerprints behind them all, of course, are the Iranians. And I've said this a long time, that. They are using this, in my opinion, as a smokescreen, because now all the world is looking at all of what's happening here, and they should be. But the focus is is away from them while they're building, while they're planning and they are supporting all of what's going on, whether it's Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad or Hamas. So we need prayers. We need prayers for our military. This is a the people are saying nothing has happened like in our nation since the Yom Kippur War. And that was almost a disaster.

Speaker1: [00:30:35] I don't know, again, if you are able to see a screen shot, if I put something up here, I'm about to do that if I can get back to it. Here we go. Can you validate that this looks like who they're talking about? This Israeli Army general, Nimrod Alani, who has reportedly been taken by Palestinian resistance and is a hostage. Can anyone confirm that is him?

Speaker3: [00:30:57] I believe it is. I believe it is. It's a little hard to see on my screen, but it does look like him.

Speaker1: [00:31:03] What is what is that? Go ahead. Who's talking, Rob? Okay. Aaron. What. What does this mean? I mean, what tell me from a strategic standpoint, what this means when they grab this General. What? Here in America, we have one star, two star, three all the way up to four. They have different areas. Tell us what kind of asset this is to them.

Speaker3: [00:31:24] Uh, you know, to be honest, I think the way that the Jewish people in general value life from the time that Abraham was told to hold the knife over his son Isaac, in a in a period where offering up humans as a sacrifice was totally accepted from that time, the Jewish people have highly valued human life. So whether it's a general, whether it's Gilad Shalit who was kidnapped a number of years ago, uh, I don't think it's going to make any difference. We gave back 1300 Palestinian prisoners for one private or maybe he was a sergeant. Wow. So it really doesn't matter, Brendan. Every life the ancient rabbis say to save one life is to save a whole world. So, yeah, definitely, they will be boasting. They will be thinking that it's going to be a heavy price that we have to pay.

Speaker1: [00:32:28] Okay. There's that footage right there, Rob. Can you see that at all? Aaron, Can you see that footage? Can I? Can, Yeah. Is that the footage you sent over, Rob?

Speaker2: [00:32:37] Yes, that's.

Speaker1: [00:32:38] It. So that is that. That's an IDF. That's an IDF soldier. That. That the. Who is that PLO has taken? Who's taken Hamas? Who is that?

Speaker2: [00:32:46] Yeah. Thomas. Yeah, it's Hamas. And you see, as they took her out of the back of the car, they pull her hair, they they abuse her. They, they shove her in there. And, and I enjoyed hearing Aaron say that concerning how Israel values human life. I've been there when there's been other bombing situations and I've watched them as they as they close off the area and they meticulously with gloves go and they pick up every part of a body that's been destroyed by by a bomb and a bus or in a restaurant because they they see the life valuable and they even see the body valuable. So how they hold life is very different than how we hold life here in America. So when they capture a soldier, when they take a civilian captive, they're going to do everything they can to make sure that they're have them out of the way. And then they are going to they're going to unleash the Israeli air force as well as the ground troops. And so this is a very serious thing. I love the fact that Aaron also put together, Yeah, the anniversary of Yom Kippur. And I think the opposition to to to this peace process is really amazing because you see. Just in the last 24 hours, there's been a surge of Hezbollah on the north. And I have the article where Iran is actually making an airport in southern Lebanon. And the sole purpose of it is not for tourism. The sole purpose of it is to attack Israel.

Speaker2: [00:34:25] So here's Iran doing that. If you go on the on the east side, on the Syrian border, Russia and Iran have a full presence there. Turkey is there. I mean, so Israel is trying to protect itself. Got to remember how small Israel is. I mean, Israel's I mean, I live in the state of Kansas, not a big state. Five Israelis would fit into Kansas. So they're being attacked on the north in the last 24 hours by Hezbollah. They have an enemy on the east, Iran, Russia. And now Hezbollah has infiltrated from the south. And they've taken captive. And so there's a it's a very different feeling in terms of war. But isn't it amazing that at the same time they're talking about all this? Listen to this headline, Putin warns that when Russia nukes America, there's no chance of survival. There'll be no single enemy left. That's the philosophy of Russia. Iran. That's the philosophy of Hamas. They're always gloating about how they're going to completely destroy Israel. I've got news for them. God's not done with Israel. And we're going to see Israel come back in a in a powerful way. And I think the United States I think the United States has made a severe mistake in lending power to the Palestinian Authority by siding with them continually, by lending a power and authority to Iran and favoring Hezbollah. Wow. How do you do that to supposedly our best friend in the Middle East? Yeah, we got.

Speaker1: [00:35:58] Breaking news here. Annie Cyrus, who speaks multiple languages from Iran. She's our correspondent, expert on Iran and other things that related to the Middle East. She is watching media coming out of Israel. There's another alert. There's another alert on my red alert phone. Aaron. Again, I don't know where these rockets, when they go off, I'll read where they're coming from. You can tell me how far that is. I mean, these. Let me finish with Annie. She's monitoring Iranian channels over there and she can understand what they're saying. She can monitor their social media and read their language. I can't. So we're thankful. Annie Cyrus is on our team. She'll be with us tonight live at 7:00 Central. But she is reporting to us right now that Iran news channel is reporting over 100 killed in Israel, that they're celebrating. They're reporting now, again, this is Iran. So I don't know the facts of this, but here's what they're boasting about, Aaron. 57 hostages and three of those include generals. Are you hearing that on the ground in Israel? We were talking about one general. Now Iran is boasting on their media. They have three Israeli generals in their custody.

Speaker3: [00:37:04] Well, so far today, everything that our enemies have been proclaiming has pretty much been accurate. So I hope not. Brennan This is just hard.

Speaker1: [00:37:15] So you're hearing this for the first time here we are in the US reporting back to you. And again, I'm not seeing this anywhere else, but this is because, again, we have a great team of people like Annie who can monitor the Iranian social media and their websites and their news feeds and tell us what they're saying, because otherwise we would be oblivious to what they're reporting in their language and writing in their language. She says that Iraqis are on the streets marching in support of Palestinians. Palestinians chanting hit Tel Aviv. So that's what's going on in Iraq, she says. Seven cities of Israel are under Hamas control, is what the enemy is boasting. The enemy is boasting that seven cities of Israel are under Hamas control. And this is out of Iran's news network Aaron.

Speaker3: [00:38:02] Yeah, I've heard reports, I've read reports. I wouldn't call them cities, I would call them more towns. But it doesn't matter. The fact that they got in or the fact that they infiltrated this is just shocking. This is just unprecedented. This is how they got through. They came through in ten jeeps filled with Islamic Jihad, suicide, crack units, suicide crack units. They came in with nothing to lose. And like I said before, this wasn't planned just because of what's been happening with the Israeli Saudi progression towards peace. This has been going on for a long time. The build up to this and I would just say keep your eyes on Iran. They are wanting to build a nuclear bomb and now the attention is off them. Now it's on something else. But we know their strategies. But it's just a heartbreaking day. The streets I'm standing here in Tel Aviv, I've just dropped my my group had a tour group from California, just dropped them at the airport. 80% of the flights have been canceled. Thankfully, their flight is still on. I have a group coming in a few days. I doubt if they'll make it, but let's hope they do. But the streets are empty here. It's a it's a sad, painful, grievous day and it's far from over. No, the big the big question, Brandon, what kind of war is this going to be? How long is this going to go on for? And as our our friend, our doctor friend said, Doctor Rob, you know, they have a big number of hostages. This makes it even more painful.

Speaker1: [00:39:47] We now have Yemen, Yemen also showing support for the Palestinians. Annie, again, is monitoring this and sending it to our news desk. Palestinian Authority is calling for all Palestinians with weapons to come join the war. The supreme leader himself in Iran is giving a speech. So this is definitely ratcheting up. Look at this screenshot. This is Gordon Chang, our friend, Gordon Chang, an expert on Iran excuse me, on on China. He has tweeted out one hour ago, Hamas and Hezbollah are Iran's proxies. Iran is on many issues, China's proxy. It is unlikely Iran could have could would have greenlighted. It's unlikely Iran would have greenlighted the attacks on Israel without notifying Beijing and perhaps getting its approval. Remember, Ji Ping greenlighted Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Do you want to comment on that, Aaron?

Speaker3: [00:40:45] Yeah, I don't know if I agree with that. I really don't know if I agree with that. The funding of these organizations are directly from Iran. And I would I would seriously question that.

Speaker1: [00:41:01] Do you But you do believe that Iran and China are in military alliance together? Right. Absolutely.

Speaker3: [00:41:07] Absolutely. For sure. No question.

Speaker1: [00:41:09] But you're saying you're not sure they would even care about whether they got a green lighted by Xi Jinping?

Speaker3: [00:41:15] I'm not saying that. Yeah. What I'm saying is I don't know whether they necessarily need to get the green light from Beijing. I think that they're strong enough and they're independent enough to make decisions without Beijing giving their approval.

Speaker1: [00:41:34] Let me go to some other things that are developing. We saw that in the corner. And again, we wouldn't be able to understand it unless some of our audience speaks Hebrew. But we had the video of Benjamin Netanyahu saying we are at war. When was the last time a sitting prime minister of Israel declared Israel is at war? Aaron.

Speaker3: [00:41:55] Uh, well, my my recollection is probably the Lebanon the second Lebanon war. But we've had many wars. We've had smaller wars. This is a totally different kind of war. We've had places where we've had to go into territories. This is an infiltration into our territories. This is where and by the way, four months ago, the Hezbollah. They crossed over into our border. Up in the north. And they've had tents set up there for months. And we've been monitoring and and many questions have been asked, why has our military just kindly been watching them but not doing anything about it? And maybe this is another reason why the our enemies, they they look at that and they see that as a sign of weakness. But this war is so totally different. You know, we we pride ourselves in the IDF, the Israeli Defense Forces, and like I said, and now's not the time, but there's going to be a lot of questions, how did this happen? You know, you Americans say this is not going to happen on my watch. Well, who's watch was this? This is our watch. This is our border. These are our towns.

Speaker1: [00:43:17] Are you saying I mean, I know people don't want to get involved in politics per se right now, but you're kind of going there. Are you saying this could have serious consequences on holding up the government and coalition of Benjamin Netanyahu? Is this going to have political ramifications?

Speaker3: [00:43:31] No doubt. No doubt about it, especially as the military and politics these days. They overlap with each other and they're equally involved. And of course, just like in the United States, the opposition will do anything they can to pull down the government. So now's not the time. But no question there will be serious investigations. How could this happen with one of the greatest superpowers in the world, the Israeli army, who know our enemy? We know our enemy very well. How could this happen at such a large degree with ten jeeps coming over with squads of suicide bombers coming in and drones being sent over and and motorbikes coming into our territories? This is just it's just something something is just, you know, my my first reaction was maybe our enemies came under the ground like they've they've we've found a number of tunnels under the ground. This was not under the ground. This was an open air. And so now, like I mentioned before, the fact that it's in and around the time of the 50th anniversary of Yom Kippur that got us, uh, got us off guard. It's not just the 50th anniversary today. Everyone is the last day of Sukkot, the Feast of Tabernacles. It's also the Jewish festival of Simchat Torah. This is a day. It's Shabbat. It's the Sabbath today. So it's a time of celebration. It's a time of national celebration. So our enemies, they they they obviously took advantage. They they strategized it. And, you know, I'm not going to give them any credit, but they seem to have got got got a big sucker punch. And we we got hit hard today and it's painful and it's not over.

Speaker1: [00:45:37] This is Aaron on the ground in Israel. Israel got a big sucker punch today. There's your headline. This is reportedly out of Iran. They are supporting them. They are celebrating what is happening in Israel by Hamas. We also have a statement out now by President Donald Trump. We have yet to see. Let me know if Annie or anyone else in our team has seen a statement by the Biden regime yet. But we do have a statement by Donald Trump, 45th president, United States. Here it is. These Hamas attacks are a disgrace and Israel has every right to defend itself with overwhelming force. Sadly, American taxpayer dollars help fund these attacks, which many reports are saying came from the Biden administration. We brought so much peace to the Middle East through the Abraham Accords, only to see Biden whittle it away at a far more rapid pace than anyone thought possible. Here we go again. Rob Linstead, your thoughts on this and everything you've been hearing. Aaron, live from Israel say tonight.

Speaker2: [00:46:44] Well, Aaron really hit it on the head when he talks about the fact that the enemy hit Israel at a very valuable time because it is the anniversary of Yom Kippur. It was the the final day of the feast. Those are those are big. It's like our let's say our Christmas, our Thanksgiving. They know that that's going to be a time you're not expecting to be attacked. It was on Shabbat. And so here they go. They they take advantage of of this thing and the disrespect for human life. Brandon, I sent you a video. You may not even be able to show it, but it shows some of the Hamas soldiers actually desecrating the body. A dead body of an Israeli woman displaying her, mocking her, saying, our God is greater than her God. So when you see Iran go on and celebrate the attack, the hostile attack on civilians and Israel, Israel did nothing to provoke this to these people. They weren't defending themselves. It's the it's called hatred for Israel. You know, Israel was was divided. There was questions about the Constitution, questions about legislation, questions about all that. Let me tell you, when when we're done with this, Israel will be united. And so I look for the full wrath of Israel to come striking down. But but I'm I think they're doing it right. If there's seven villages that are taken over by Hamas, they must make sure that they don't have innocent civilians in there, Israeli civilians, because the 57 hostages will be tortured. How they do it is they torture people.

Speaker2: [00:48:31] I think the video are playing right now is when sent to you where they're actually blowing up an ambulance. Can you imagine that there everything about acts of war. You don't bother an ambulance. This is actually a Hamas drone dropping a bomb on a on an Israeli ambulance going to pick up people. They blow it up. That shows you the mindset of these people. They're terrorists in every sense of the word. And so for us to fund it in any way is horrible. And that's what we did. $6 billion. We funded this thing. I want to go back to the statement on China. Yeah, I don't know if if Iran got permission from China, but I do know this, that the reason why China supports Iran is because China wants Iran's oil. Let's face it, oil is a very valuable commodity. Many times it's more valuable than money. It's shaped the policies in the Middle East. It's shaped friendships. And so here's our country and we've got this idea that we're going to go green and we're and we're going to stop drilling for oil. How ridiculous this is going to be the result of allowing people hostile terrorist like nations who have control over money and oil to bully everybody else. This is exactly the situation that we can expect. It's a matter of hours, days, maybe a week. Who knows before we see some retaliation in this country because the terrorists here will be invigorated as they hear the nations condemning Israel for doing nothing but being good neighbors.

Speaker1: [00:50:04] And by the way, I cannot we cannot validate some of that footage, that last one of them piling people in the back of a truck. We're still trying to validate what that is. It looks like there was a child in there with that with that group as well. So, again, this is again, we're going to be as careful as we can. It's a live, fluid situation. There's a lot of footage being thrown out there by by the enemies of Israel as well as by citizens. We'll try to validate as much of it as we can. Aaron, this is a presentation I did on multiple Sunday nights, probably 2 or 3 years ago, and it was entitled Hamas in America. Many Americans don't realize that Hamas in America is also a muslim Brotherhood or care in America. They're all the same thing. And look at this map. Here's the Palestinian Liberation Organization map. There is no Israel. There is no Israel. Okay? Israel is not on their map. And yet the lapdog media, corporate media, with their anti-Semitism and ranting toward Israel and declaring that Israel are occupiers and they somehow are involved in racism and and pushing out the PLO and and being mean to the Palestinians. That's not true. They've built them hospitals. They've built them schools. And then when they finally took back some of the territory, Israel gave it to them. They tore all that stuff up. True? That's right.

Speaker3: [00:51:32] Absolutely true. When we pulled out of the Gaza Strip, we left vineyards. We left farms. We were expecting peace and instead they destroyed the land and we got over 10,000 bombs and missiles fired into our country. And by the way, for those that don't know, in 1967 when the Arab League was formed. The first conference they had was to discuss Israel, and they came away from that conference with three declarations, all beginning with the word no, no peace with Israel, no recognition of Israel, and no negotiations with Israel. So no recognition of Israel and most of the Arab nations. Geographical maps. There is no Israel. That's why the Abraham Peace Accords has been a success as far as making peace with our Arab cousins and. But I wanted to just say one thing about mark my words, everyone. Once our IDF, once our air force, our ground troops, once we start to hit back, I can just about guarantee the Palestinians are going to come out winners in this war. And you know how. Because even though today the United Nations condemned the Palestinians and the Americans condemned the Palestinians, watch what happens when we start to hit back, because right now the question is, is what is proportionate retaliation? Are we allowed to shoot one rocket, ten rockets, 20 rockets? What is proportionate retaliation? And I guarantee whatever we do, however we retaliate, we will be condemned. And one of the strategies that the Palestinians use, they will barricade themselves within hospitals, with schools, with kindergartens, knowing very well we're going to fire at these places. And innocent men, women and children are going to be killed. And then all of a sudden, we people forget what happened today and they just remember what we did in retaliation. And they will claim and they will get political brownie points. And then once again, the whole world will feel sorry for the poor victims, the Palestinian people. I hope I'm.

Speaker1: [00:53:54] Wrong. I hope you're wrong as well. We do have a statement from Joe Biden this morning. I spoke with Prime Minister Netanyahu about the horrific and ongoing attacks in Israel. The United States unequivocally condemns this appalling assault against Israel by Hamas terrorists from Gaza. And I made clear to Prime Minister Netanyahu that we stand ready to offer all appropriate means of support to the government and people of Israel. Terrorism is never justified. Israel has a right to defend itself and its people. The United States warns against any other party hostile to Israel seeking advantage. In this situation, my administration's support for Israel's security is rock solid and unwavering. Jill and I are keeping in our prayers all the families who have been hurt by this violence. We are heartbroken by the lives that have been tragically cut short and hope for a swift recovery for all those who have been wounded. My team and I are tracking the situation closely, and I will remain in close contact or close touch with Prime Minister Netanyahu. You know, I think that kind of makes me want to vomit because he says that while he has just funded $6 billion to Iran, gave up Afghanistan, Iran has grabbed a lot of that weaponry. I'm pretty sure some of that weaponry has made it into Syria and is being used to carry out these attacks. So for him to say this isn't worth the paper it's written on Aaron.

Speaker3: [00:55:13] Right. Absolutely. Absolutely. You know, right now I'm just thinking of the story of David when he was at a place called Ziklag and the all the wives and all the children were kidnapped by the enemies. And there's one verse in the scriptures that says, and David, because the people wanted to stone him. And it says David encouraged himself in the Lord. And right now, our people, we need to turn to the Lord. We don't need to turn to David. We need to turn to the son of David. He is our only hope right now that people turn to the Lord and find courage, find strength. And as I said before, our military has a job and a half on their hands. They need strategy. May the Lord God of heaven give our our generals, our chief of staff, our defense minister the strategies, and may this be turned around and swiftly.

Speaker1: [00:56:17] Look at this picture here. This comes from the presentation that I did on Hamas a few years ago. Again, it was a multi Sunday night presentation on Hamas. There's a the signal again, another rocket going off. Uh, and again, people wondered why did we spend so much time on a Sunday night doing a whole series on Hamas? Because again, Hamas is care. Hamas is Muslim Brotherhood. They're in America. You can bet they will carry out terrorist attacks at some point in the country. They are the ones attacking Israel right now. And here we have a picture of a congresswoman. This was when she won her election and she wrapped herself in a Palestinian flag on the night of the election. This is Rashida Talib. She has been hanging out with known jihadis. This is a member of our Congress. We have Ilhan Omar. We have all of these people. This is, again, pathetic. You can imagine how they're going to talk, but they're going to talk out of both sides of their mouth. Let me get a response from you, Rob. At first, look at this here. The president of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, is also head of its dominant faction, Fatah. And that word is a reverse acronym for the Arabic word meaning conquest by means of jihad. The Ford of. Flag features a grenade with crossed rifles superimposed on the map of Israel. This emphasizes the dedication of Fatah, along with the other so called liberation groups to the, quote, armed struggle, unquote, against Israel, which is a euphemism for terrorism against civilians. Now, again, folks, this was in a presentation I built and put together some three years ago. We're watching that come true tonight as they have taken hostages of civilians. Doctor Linstead. You know.

Speaker2: [00:58:08] We've talked several times about the value of human life. And I see the emphasis that Israel puts on human life. And then we go to the jihadist. We go to the terrorist. And they they have no respect for human life. That's why they they'll even take their their sons and daughters and make them a hero if they become a suicide jihadist. And so that's the fundamental difference between the beliefs of of Iran, the Palestinian Authority, Hamas, Hezbollah. No respect for human life. And so Aaron's right. You know, when this gets to where Israel is comfortable that their citizens are now free and their military has been has been taken back from captivity, then there will be retaliation. I think the world needs to say we understand that. Can you imagine 2000, 2500 rockets landing in our border, let's say, from Mexico or from Canada? We'd have a fit if there were if there was one, let alone 10 or 12. 2000 2000 rockets land in Israel. This little space of Israel. And and he's right. People are going to say the poor Palestinians. No, the Palestinians asked for it. They they threw the first punch tonight, but they won't throw the last punch because Isaiah 5417 talks about the fact that God said, you know what? No weapon that's formed will be successful against you as long as you go back and honor me.

Speaker1: [00:59:46] Wow. We have breaking news again. Thankful for our team. You saw my dog, Annie. Cyrus. Annie is reporting with the help of Usama Dectalk, who speaks Arabic, knows it very, very well. Annie knows various languages as well, and she knows some that Usama doesn't know and vice versa. And we now have reports that the supreme leader of Iran has given a speech saying that we have come to an agreement and passed our religious differences, just like we help Hezbollah as Shia muslim. We will help Hamas as Sunni Muslims until their mission is completed. We all know Palestinians biggest problem is their empty hands. So we need to get them as much weapons as they need. This is being reported to me right now by Annie and Usama as what is being said by the supreme leader of Iran. Again, I don't speak the language. I cannot validate it, but I trust the team. We also are hearing that the the that Hamas is calling this the flood to take over. This is where we have gotten help from Usama on the translation tonight. Today, the flood to take over. Hamas is calling this, Aaron the flood to take over. What are you making of the reports here? Again, these are coming in fast that the supreme leader of Iran is saying we're going to set aside our differences between the Sunni and the Shiite and we're going to unite to take out our united enemy. The enemy the enemy of my enemy is my friend. And we're going to unite until this job is done and we're going to provide them with the weapons they need. What do you make of this tonight, Aaron?

Speaker3: [01:01:37] Well, by by coming to the aid of the poor Palestinians, this is going to make the Iranians look very good in the eyes of the Muslim world. But I actually think this is going to backfire. I think it's going to backfire on the Palestinians. And I think it's actually going to be the Saudis, the Saudi Arabians who come in. And we've we've all been well, a lot of us have been following the news in the last week or so. Three different delegations of Israelis have landed in Saudi Arabia, and they have been making giant steps towards peace with Saudi Arabia. And it seems to a lot of us here that while the Saudi Arabians care about the Palestinians, their main priority at the moment is making peace with Israel and we know some of the reasons for that, and it's connected with the United States as well. But I think I think the Saudi Arabians are going to come in. I think they're going to make peace with Israel. I don't know when. And I think that they are going to be aiming for that Temple Mount. They see while the Iranians are trying to say let's make differences between, you know, the Sunnis and the Shiites, let's let's mend the bridges. They know that Saudi Arabia, they want to step in and take over that Temple Mount and become the chief Muslim nation in the world. And so this is a very strategic statement that we're hearing from the supreme leader of Iran. So he's trying. Yeah, go.

Speaker1: [01:03:18] Ahead. By the way, light to the nations is Aaron's website light to the nations Aaron is on the ground in Israel tonight. What is it about 722 your time tonight? Correct. Okay. And Rob Linstead joins us as well. His website is Bible Bible tip Um. When you guys hear that siren or noise going off that again. For those joining us are alerts that are coming off of my phone from an app that any of you can get called Red alert. And every time there is a missile fired into Israel, that will go off. So any of you hearing that, That's what that is. Let me take you to Worldview I have used control F to highlight the words Iran. And if you go to Worldview or aggregated news site, you will see all of the reports we were putting up earlier this week and talking about Iran and its gaining influence into the White House and the Pentagon. So again, for this comment by Joe Biden that he put out isn't worth the paper it's written on, We have cases here of members of Influence Network visited the Biden White House five times. This is the individual said to have visited the White House. Ali Vaez, he is a man that reportedly, according to Annie Cyrus, who will get into this with us tonight at 7:00 Central, could not pass the security clearance to work with the special envoy, Robert Malley, related to Israel.

Speaker1: [01:05:05] He couldn't even pass the security clearance to be a part of that team. Yet he's gotten into the White House reportedly five times. We also have high level spy ring busted in Washington. Again, this is another report we had earlier this week coming from a publication about this. The trail that leads from Tehran to DC passes through the offices of Robert Malley and the International Crisis Group. This is the compromised group of people that, on behalf of the Biden regime, were negotiating with Iran and voila, they unleash 6 billion for them. Then we have Senate Republicans urge Pentagon to yank the security clearance of official with reported ties to Iran. So, Rob, here in the United States tonight or today, I'm getting confused because I'm used to being on at night and I keep seeing it dark with Aaron. But as we're sitting here, 1124 Central Time a m in America, I'm not feeling too good about the statement from Joe Biden because it's not consistent with his actions or his foreign policy and the people that he's allowed to penetrate the White House and the Pentagon from Iran.

Speaker2: [01:06:15] Yes, it's quite disappointing because his, you know, your your your deeds speak louder than your words. And so there's nothing that he's done really to support Israel. He cited against him so many times, including the five prisoner for five prisoner trade in the $6 billion. There's not one country in the world other than Iran itself or Russia itself. It would have said that was a right thing to do. That opened a floodgate. And now we're watching many things come in. Again, I want to go back to a comment that Aaron made, and he talked about the the PLO, the Palestinian Authority, Hamas, Hezbollah, all these are getting their funding from somewhere other than themselves. Where does it come from? Well, we can trace it back almost directly to Iran.

Speaker1: [01:07:07] And by the way, just just so you guys know, The Jerusalem Post has gone offline, Aaron. The Jerusalem Post is now offline as of right this minute. Which is which is. You know what makes one wonder if we don't have some cyber attacks going on? Because most of us, of course, in the media, get a lot of our news from The Jerusalem Post. Sorry to interrupt, Rob, but that is the news right this moment. Jerusalem Post is offline. What do you make of that, Aaron?

Speaker3: [01:07:40] Well, the only thing I can think of is exactly what you just said. That is a very kind of a shocking thing to me. I, I do not know how. And I got no explanation. Yeah, I think maybe you could be right. It's a cyber attack. I can't think of any other explanation.

Speaker2: [01:07:59] Well, earlier they did warn that cyber attacks would occur. So I think this is part of the whole plan.

Speaker1: [01:08:05] Can you get on Jerusalem Post, Logan? Try. Try I can't get on it on either my devices here at the desk. Here's a question for you guys. And he's asking this question, wants me to ask you guys, where is Saudi Arabia now? I mean, where is Saudi Arabia now? Shouldn't Saudi Arabia I mean, the statement Saudi Arabia put out was rather weak and even talked about the occupation. You know, did you hear the statement by Saudi Arabia? Aaron.

Speaker3: [01:08:32] Yeah, I did.

Speaker1: [01:08:34] Didn't you think it was a little weak?

Speaker3: [01:08:37] They they've got to be very careful how they tread.

Speaker1: [01:08:41] I bet they do.

Speaker3: [01:08:42] Yeah, exactly. Well, and.

Speaker2: [01:08:45] Brandon, all week long, we've watched Saudi Arabia play both sides against the middle. And we talked about the fact that in a one week period we watched the Saudis change back and forth. So here's the thing. You can't trust what these nations say publicly. They're not people of their word. Truth is not a commodity that you that you turn off and on. But so it's very difficult to deal with with countries where where lying is acceptable. I don't know about you, but but I like my friends to tell me the truth. And and so I find it difficult when you're trying to negotiate something as delicate as a peace process, especially for the Temple Mount and for the control of Jerusalem, when when people are saying two different statements, it's just so frustrating. But there's they just have no qualms about lying. I do believe that they want a peace process. I do believe that they want to become the guardians of the Temple Mount. I think that their their plan to say let's have a two state solution, but have it in Jordan. I think that was the thing that that brought Israel to where they said, okay, maybe this is worth discussing, but do they really.

Speaker1: [01:10:00] How do we how do we know this wasn't a set up? Uh.

Speaker2: [01:10:04] You know what? As I sit here right now, I wonder exactly, is it a setup? Because. Because I just. I don't know their history of trust at all. And so that's why everything they say had to take with a grain of salt. Here's what we know. We know that in the coming day, they're going to say, okay, you have permission to do this. And they change their mind. Halfway through, they change their mind. This is friends don't do that to each other. Friends tell the truth and they stick with you. And even when the truth is told, they stick with you. That's what's missing today in world politics. Most of the leaders, they. They lie so much, they don't even know when they're telling the truth. Look at our present administration. Wow. Is there you know, I mean, even things like we never discuss business on a plane. We I never take any bribe money. Okay. When he lies about things that we know about. And we know we can't trust what he says. Now we come to a war situation. I don't trust a word that comes out of his mouth.

Speaker1: [01:11:11] Here is a graphic I'll show this real quick. Here is a graphic we have that is translated. Again, This is coming from Iran. This has come to us through Annie, who is monitoring their media. The Zionist regime is dying. Iran is full on this, guys, tonight. And again, I want to switch to the biblical side of this in a moment as well, because that is where we shine when it comes to Fox News and others. They're not going to bring in the biblical part of it at all. And so I want to bring up, though, Reza, I'm not going to get his name correct. Maybe somebody can help me. Reza. It's spelled par la vie, the crown prince of of Iran. This would he's put out a statement. And this is the oldest son of of one of the former leaders there. Tell me tell me, does anyone else know who this guy is besides Annie? I've seen him in the news recently, By the way. Does anyone know who this is? You see was.

Speaker3: [01:12:26] Uh, he. He visited Israel.

Speaker1: [01:12:29] That's right. That's. That's exactly right. Is he. Is he related? And he will. He is.

Speaker3: [01:12:34] The son. He is the son of the former Shah of Iran.

Speaker1: [01:12:39] That's what I thought. That's what I thought. He's the son of the former Shah. If Americans will remember, the Shah came to America for cancer treatment. And of course, it was during that time things started to unfold and our CIA helped remove him. I think our CIA helped put him in power. And then the with the white hats did and then the black hats unseated him and the CIA years later, thanks to Jimmy Carter. That's his son, correct? Correct. Yes. He's the son of the king. Now, of course, you have to understand a very good friend.

Speaker3: [01:13:12] I'm sorry, Brandon. A very good friend of Israel. He came and he. He blessed Israel. He blessed us. How about that?

Speaker1: [01:13:20] How about that?

Speaker3: [01:13:21] He did it.

Speaker1: [01:13:21] And he did find that footage where you can you put in there and put find the footage of him in Israel. He did it.

Speaker3: [01:13:30] As he referenced Cyrus the Persian King who allowed the Jewish people to return back to their ancient homeland and rebuild the temple. And of course, Persia is ancient Iran. What a blessing he was to us.

Speaker1: [01:13:47] And look at his statement. He has put out a statement. Again, this is coming in from our producer, Annie. Cyrus, Annie is doing an excellent job tonight or today. Sorry, I keep seeing it dark outside with you, Aaron. Today, the Jewish state is again under attack by terrorists with a murderous ideology. These forces of evil and their underwriters must be stopped. We condemn today's brazen attacks. Attack on civilians, wanton violence against women and children, and hostage taking of innocent bystanders, along with all freedom and peace loving Iranians who seek cooperation and coexistence rather than conflict with our neighbors. We offer our sincere condolences to the victims and their families. Make no mistake, Israel is being attacked by the same forces of extremism and poisonous ideology that have been taking our once prosperous and progressive region back to the dark Ages. The Islamic Republic support of Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and other terrorist groups is undeniable that regime officials in Tehran celebrated today sad news as further proof that they have no compunction about supporting terror and violence against civilians. Safety, security and stability will only come from Israel. The Iranian nation and the region as a whole, with the end of the Islamist regime in Tehran, which continues to squander the wealth of the Iranian nation in support of a murderous ideology and those who would fight for it in, quote, the son of the former Shah of Iran. Again, for the younger people, this guy was in power. He was not a he did not run. He did not run a muslim government. In fact, Annie Cyrus has told us he was they copied our American US Constitution.

Speaker1: [01:15:36] If you look at pictures of Iran in the 60s and 70s, certainly the 60s and early 70s, the women there in Iran wearing two piece bathing suits, dresses cut above the knees. You would you would you would believe it was a fashion show or something coming out of Miami or New York or Los Angeles. It was Iran. They did not have a Sharia government. This is when our friend Shahram Hayden's daddy, who was high ranking in the Iranian military, decided it was time to go. He left, got out six weeks before the fall of the Shah, who we're talking about, whose son put out this statement today and then, of course, came in the Sharia government, Islamic law. Now, we know many of the people in Iran are protesting, have been protesting. We know this one lady was beaten mercilessly and died because she was not wearing her hijab, her Islamic headgear. This, of course, caused protest all over Iran. Many of the young people coming out, many of them have now been hung. They have been executed. So let's remember tonight, there are many Iranians, many of them who are not Muslim, by the way. Others who come from that heritage are line but don't don't really want to be. They want to be a free people. Many of them would love to see someone like the son of the Shah be their ruler, to be their leader, I should say. So let's not forget about the peace loving American loving and even many Christian Iranians in Iran tonight. Comment from you first, Aaron, then Rob.

Speaker3: [01:17:18] Well, you know, when we think of those moderate Iranians, it makes me think of where Mohammed bin Salman from Saudi Arabia wants to go. He is a moderate, relatively moderate Muslim, and he is building this city called Neom. He wants to to control 9% of the world's economy. He needs Israel to help him do that. And I'm adamant he is going to go ahead and the the moderates in Saudi Arabia are going to be behind him as well. And so there is a definite balance of power struggle going on within the Muslim world. And as Dr. Rob said, you know, they they pit one off against each other. So. My my main concern sorry, going back to what's happening in Israel is our military, our leaders, they have some tough, tough decisions to make within.

Speaker1: [01:18:28] There's a picture. Here's a picture of Reza, the son of the Shah here. He was just a few months ago in Israel with the prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, and his wife. So, again, I think that statement I just read was put out on October 3rd, folks. So that was kind of interesting. We'll look for an updated statement from him. But again, I just want to make sure we have the context and are also thinking of and praying for many of the Iranian people. By the way, Dr. Rob Annie Cyrus tells me and has told me that we have quite the following. When they're able to use VPNs and other things that we have quite the following in Iran, that there are those in Iran that watch our broadcast because of the way we understand issues and because we speak up for many of them who are being persecuted, prosecuted and murdered simply for wanting to be free. So we we very likely have some Iranians watching us tonight because Annie has told me many times, your network has quite a following with the people that we follow and talk to on the dark Web in Iran.

Speaker2: [01:19:39] Dr. Rob Yes, it is amazing how a live stream does get into some of these countries and same way in Russia. I don't like the Russian government, but man, there's some really lovely Christians in Russia and and they're cheering that that we would be successful in promoting the gospel promoting human values China the same way we have so many people that we know in China that that they say we want our kids out of here because we're seeing it turn evil, darker evil than it's ever been. And I'm sure that's true in in Iran. Uh, as a matter of fact, even in Israel, a number of the Arabic family there. People that are there. I know many that are wonderful people and and I know a number of Christians Bible believing Christians. So their background is not what I'm against. As a matter of fact, that's true discrimination. It's what do they believe and how do they live? And I just got a news report just here in the last minute or so that Israel is calling this the Iron Sword operation. And they just came on Iranian television. I think it was Iranian television, and they encouraged people to celebrate, alas. The Alaska mosque, Alaska Storm operation, and they're celebrating the great victory that they're seeing right now over Israel, trying to encourage their people, the the hostile people to to celebrate this victory. But it's going to be short lived. But that's that just shows you the difference. One iron sword, one is a Las storm operation and two different ideologies and two different opposing points of view. And they just they can't coexist in an area that's small, especially when one values life. Not at all. And the other one values life is being extremely sacred.

Speaker1: [01:21:43] Yeah, indeed. And that footage there is from a few months ago, the son of the former Shah of Iran visiting Israel and giving a speech. So that's from a few months ago. And he put out a statement October 3rd on Twitter that I read earlier supporting Israel and condemning the regime in Tehran. Before I continue, folks, again, I don't want to do a crass commercial here, but I must tell you, it is Saturday morning, 11:40 a.m. Central Time, and we have had to call in Logan. We've had to get Annie Usama up. We've got resources now being spent to have the control room manned. And so the clock is running. We have to pay our team. So the one way we pay our team is through our sponsors. I'm going to give the website for some of our sponsors here, but then I'll also make sure you understand. We want you to support Dr. Rob Winstead's ministry as well. Bible Tip Bible Tip Please support Aaron and his ministry at light to the light to the That's not on the screen, but I'm assuming I've got that right. Aaron Correct. Light to the.

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Speaker3: [01:27:24] Uh, how many hours away is that? Brennan?

Speaker1: [01:27:28] That would be about eight hours away. Seven. Seven hours away. Seven hours away.

Speaker3: [01:27:34] Maybe this time tomorrow, if that works, I don't know. But I've just finished a tour because that.

Speaker1: [01:27:41] Would be like. I think that would be like three in the morning. Your time or something?

Speaker3: [01:27:45] Yeah, it's been a brutal day. I've just finished a tour and today with what was going on, it was just so intense.

Speaker1: [01:27:51] Well, I think our audience will completely understand. I know. I do. Now I notice your your sweating. What is the temperature tonight in Israel?

Speaker3: [01:27:59] Well, actually, I'm not sweating. I'm just probably red faced because it's still pretty hot. Today was probably about 83, 84, something like that. Our summers go very, very long here. And but we weren't actually allowed outside so much today. We were planning on going into Bethlehem and the government said all, uh, all tours stay in their hotel. So we were in the hotels all day, and then we were supposed to have a farewell dinner. But the government, the military, we were in Jerusalem and they said, we are putting a curfew. We are closing the city. No one is to come in. No one is to go out. So a 4:45, I said to everyone, guys, we can't have our farewell dinner if we want to make it to the airport. We got to get on the bus now. We got to get out of the city. And we got out at 459, one minute before the curfew.

Speaker1: [01:28:56] All right. Look at this. Look at this we're getting from Annie tonight. As she follows some of the media. Here we have this is, again, coming from Iran International. This is an organization, by the way, that is made up of people like Annie, who's an American Iranian. And these people do not like the regime either. And Iran International has had a lot of threats against them because of what they do. And they're tweeting today that Iran lawmakers chanted death to Israel and quote, Palestine will be victorious. Israel will be destroyed, end quote, during their open session on Saturday, expressing their support for the latest Hamas operation against Israeli positions. Let's do something that none of the networks are able to do. Let's switch to the Bible prophecy perspective as we get ready to wrap today's broadcast. Before we come back tonight at 7:00 Central Live, tell me, Rob Linstead, the biblical prophetic scenario. Here we have Ezekiel 38, Ezekiel 39. It speaks of these coalition of nations. We can take the table of nations and see that you've got Persia, Iran, you got Russia, you got obviously Syria, you got Turkey, you got Russia, Iran. Now they're right on the border of Israel, right there in Syria, a stone's throw. And now we see that Iran is heavily involved with this funding, this militarily funding this as well. What is the biblical perhaps stage that's being set prophetically, the Bible prophecy that could be fulfilled by the stage being set from this?

Speaker2: [01:30:31] I think the Ezekiel 38 and 39 is certainly a passage. But I also want to mention the Zechariah 12, 13 and 14. The reason is because Aaron mentioned the fact that when when Israel does retaliate and and I believe they're going to do so soon because I think very soon they're going to say, okay, we've we've retrieved the hostages that were taken by Hamas and now the Israeli military superiority will take over. But he's right in the fact that the people are going to condemn Israel. And so the Bible says that in the last days they're going to find a reason to condemn Israel. They're not looking to see what Israel does. The fact is they don't like Israel. I was recently in Canada. I was shocked when I saw how many churches talked about the poor Palestinians. And I said, Wow, I can't even believe that you're saying that. And it was interesting because not one of those people had ever been to Israel because there's many Palestinians who hold jobs and and they want the Israeli government to give order. And so I think the world's going to turn against Israel. They're looking for a reason, and I think they may find one as Israel retaliates for this this rocket launch, there's no doubt that the sides are drawn.

Speaker2: [01:31:55] And we see clearly that Iran and Russia are fueling this exactly as the Bible said they would. It appears to me that the Bible also indicates that Saudi Arabia would be among those who doesn't go down with Russia. And again, we're seeing that scenario. True. The Bible indicates in Revelation chapter nine that that China makes its presence known in the Middle East. We're seeing that through. So we really have so many things that are taking place that that line up exactly as the Bible said. But I think the big thing is the fact that there's a great divide in terms of of human value. And I think the Islamic point of view is that humans are not the individual life is not important in Christianity and Judaism. There's a difference. They see every every life is important. That's why, you know, I'm pro-life. I'm anti-abortion. Why? Because I think a life is important. And and so it's so valuable that God sent his son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross for our sins could be forgiven so that we could have eternal life. And these people have a very different point of view. And that's why this is a war of of beliefs as well as a war of military strength.

Speaker1: [01:33:18] Look at this headline here from the presentation I did three years ago. As Hamas is attacking Israel tonight, their leader said even Hitler hated them, loathe them, got rid of them. However, everything people say about massacres and holocaust, these are all lies. This is the mentality of what's coming against the Jewish people, many of them who have fled to Israel because they are survivors of the Holocaust, although that generation is now past passing away and passed away most of them. But of course, many of them are descendants of Holocaust survivors. This is how this great state came about largely is so many of them fleeing back to the Middle East. And again, these guys desire to finish off what Hitler started. That's their that's their own words, Aaron, Comment on that and then what you believe prophetically is happening to set the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Speaker3: [01:34:14] Well, anti-Semitism, anti hatred of the sorry anti-Jewish hatred is nothing new. We got thrown out of Europe, around the world, places like France, South Africa, Sweden, many places. And anti-Semitism is not new. So nothing like that surprises us anymore. And in fact, in many cases, anti-Semitism is getting worse. But, you know, in answer to your second question about biblical prophecy, I actually believe, you know, the remember what the what it says in Exodus that Paul quoted. He said, for this reason, I've raised up Pharaoh that I may display my splendor through him, whether it's a pharaoh, whether it's a Heyman, whether it's a Herod, whether it's an Antiochus Epiphanes or whether it's the Ayatollah Khomeini or the the Islamic leaders. God is in control and God will use these people, whether it's a Hitler, you know, as painful and as hard as it is to accept had it not been for the Holocaust, we would probably still be in Europe and there would be no state of Israel. We have a state of Israel. That, to me is biblical prophecy. God said he would bring his people back home. The Jewish people are continuing to come back home. Even the Ukrainian Russian war has caused the Ukrainian Jews to come back home. So we're seeing that God is gathering the outcasts of Israel. They're coming back and we are seeing the valley of dead bones coming back home. The spirit of God is breathed breathing into the House of Israel. And it says that when they rise up, they're going to rise up as an army. And we are an army.

Speaker3: [01:36:12] We are. We are we have our differences. No question. But right now, we are an army. We are strong. And the stage is definitely getting set with with, you know, like a game of chess. You've got as as Dr. Rob was saying, you've got Saudi Arabia, you've got Iran, you've got China, you've got Turkey, you've got these players. I agree. The prophecies of Zachariah, all the nations are going to come against Jerusalem. Jerusalem is going to be the key player here. Keep your eyes on the Temple Mount. But, you know, there's a verse that came to me before which says, when? When Dr. Rob mentioned the name of our operation, Operation Sword or or Destruction of Sword or something like that, I forgot. But the verse that came to me is that it says one day we are going to beat their swords into plowshares. And I hope that our military over the next day, two, three, however long it's going to take, we're going to beat their swords, we're going to beat their weapons, we're going to crush their weapons. And hopefully, hopefully it will. There will be as least human life. Damage as possible, especially the innocence. So we will beat their plows into sort and beat their beat their swords, swords into plowshares and and and the lion will lay with the lamb and all these prophecies. So but the big challenge is what is what is the path going to be like to get to that place of peace? We don't know. But may God have mercy on us all.

Speaker1: [01:37:56] So we're now hearing about a thousand injured. The body count is over 101,000 wounded. We have heard that there have been members of Hamas and these different groups that have busted over the border with arms. Are we getting any reports tonight that that they are further attacking and wounding civilians?

Speaker3: [01:38:21] Well, I mean, I've been with you guys for the last hour and a half, so I haven't been able to check. But I'll tell you what, I have heard stories throughout today that some of those infiltrators, they were butchering some of our people. They were mercy. Mercy, mercy. Merciless, I think, is the word and very, very disturbing.

Speaker1: [01:38:45] So as we get ready to wrap, we'll be back at seven Central tonight. Aaron, thank you so much for being with us. What you believe now, in the next few hours, we are going to see the IDF open up a massive front on this, correct?

Speaker3: [01:39:03] Brennan I really don't know. I don't know how our military is going to strategize this when our enemies have got so many of our people in captivity. This is going to be a tough decision. Remember what I quoted before about ten years ago? We traded 1300 Palestinian prisoners and many of them had multiple murders to their names. Cold blooded. They were in prison. We traded 1300 of their prisoners for one of our soldiers. So what is it going to take for us to get those people back? I don't know. But no doubt, based on reports from our military, we will be hitting and we will be hitting hard. How, when, where? I really don't know. But of course.

Speaker1: [01:39:55] They'll be using some of those hostages as human shields, won't they? That's.

Speaker3: [01:39:59] That's it. That's it. We This is it. It's a different ball game now. It's a different war. And we that's what I'm saying. We need to pray for our leaders, for the right strategy, for the right for a like almost biblical proportion miracle to turn this around.

Speaker1: [01:40:21] Let's get a report from you, if we can. Sunday morning, I'm going to text you a time as soon as we go off the air here, if we can get a report from you Sunday morning, our time. We'll we have our worldview. Our worldview report Sunday morning. It's at 8 a.m. Sunday morning. Let's see if you're able to join us at 8 a.m.. Definitely. That will be our Sunday morning, 8 a.m. That should put you at about, what, eight?

Speaker3: [01:40:48] All five in the afternoon or something like that. Here goes the sirens, everyone, as I'm standing here in Tel Aviv. Don't know if you can hear that. And I just hope that I'm not standing in the wrong place here. There are a few trees around.

Speaker1: [01:41:03] Now, why is it you? Why is it you believe we have not heard those sirens going off the whole hour? We've been hearing viewing you for well over an hour now. Why are they just now going off in Tel Aviv?

Speaker3: [01:41:14] I don't know. This is part of the the strategy of terror. It's to terrorize our people. They right now, they are cheering. They're honking their horns. They're sending candy to children. They are victorious. Even if we end up killing thousands. They will see this as a total victory Because of what Dr. Rob. What I was saying before, the value of human life is just totally different. So during the day, Brandon, I'll turn my camera around. I don't think we can see it right now, but during the day we were looking at when the sirens went off, we we actually saw probably about 20 times the Iron Dome intercept missiles. I don't know.

Speaker1: [01:42:06] How effective, how effective, what percentage of effectiveness of the Iron Dome is there.

Speaker3: [01:42:11] You know, I haven't heard statistics in today's events. I know in past events, past waves of war very high. I think it's up in about the the 85, 90% effectiveness. And and the other thing to to remember everyone is that our I don't. I don't know if you heard that bang, but there was a huge explosion just now. Um, the Iron Dog.

Speaker1: [01:42:42] Whoa, whoa, whoa. We've now gotten our first you know, we've just gotten an alert that Tel Aviv South and Jaffa two back to back on our on our alert system. Yeah, well.

Speaker3: [01:42:53] I've just heard two massive explosions. And see, what happens is sometimes the Iron Dome will will pick up from satellite that the missile is going to fall in fallow ground and is a lot more missiles going off.

Speaker1: [01:43:10] And just so people understand, your Iron Dome, which works also on satellites, picks up these rockets and shoots at them and knocks them down, right?

Speaker3: [01:43:19] Absolutely correct. Now, each missile costs 50 to $80,000 per missile, and that's a huge amount of money. However, it could be less than if we allow the bombs to fall. It would cause even more damage. But friends, our military are working on the my gosh, that was quite loud. Our military are working on the laser dome.

Speaker1: [01:43:46] Ramat Gan. Ramat Gan West. Where is that.

Speaker3: [01:43:49] Gone? Yeah. Ramat Gan is literally about two.

Speaker1: [01:43:52] Miles from where I'm standing. Gila g e a l y a. It's another one.

Speaker3: [01:44:00] Julia.

Speaker1: [01:44:01] Where's that? That's.

Speaker3: [01:44:03] That's a suburb of Tel Aviv.

Speaker1: [01:44:05] Okay, so that's where these red alerts are coming in on my phone right now from.

Speaker3: [01:44:10] Yeah, well, the sirens have gone off the finish right now, but I'm hearing explosions all around. Those explosions could be our iron domes taking out the missiles. They could be our military air force that are flying at beyond the speed of sound. And usually that makes a loud explosion. But it's just nonstop right now.

Speaker1: [01:44:31] Why any yavneh? Yavneh. Yavneh. Where's that?

Speaker3: [01:44:37] Yourcenar is probably about 20 minutes outside of Tel Aviv. Yavneh is a is a famous city where rabbinic Judaism was founded.

Speaker1: [01:44:48] Not just another red alert came from there on my phone. Okay. We're going to ask our audience to pray for you and the whole nation of Israel. We appreciate your joining us. Aaron, after a long week of tours, a tour group from California who have now taken off to come back to the States. Praying for your safety, getting another rocket attack back to back. Gomel Gomel Belt, Beit.

Speaker3: [01:45:13] Gamliel.

Speaker1: [01:45:14] That was one of them. There was another one right behind that one. So it seems, though, it's starting to pick up a little bit more as far as these alerts going off.

Speaker3: [01:45:24] Yeah, we the we don't know what our enemies are thinking. But again, the strategy is to terrorize us. And this is where we need to be strong. My gosh, I don't know if you can hear those explosions, but there were just two that went off just now.

Speaker1: [01:45:42] Ben, Ben, Ben. And then Zakai. Ben.

Speaker3: [01:45:47] Ben Zakai. Yes. That's not far from here.

Speaker1: [01:45:50] Ma, ma ma ma non FIA. Mon. Mom was two words. The alerts come up and then they go off real fast. So you've got to read quick. And I'm not good at reading all those words.

Speaker3: [01:46:06] Mhm.

Speaker1: [01:46:07] I'm doing good, actually. Read some of the basic words here in America, much less those over there. What are you thinking about what you're seeing here, Rob? I want to wrap this up and let him go so he can get some sleep. But what do you make of what you're seeing, Rob?

Speaker2: [01:46:23] Because it looks to me like they're bringing these rockets right up the coastline because Jaffa, south of Tel Aviv. And so they're they're just going up the coastline. They're flexing their muscles. They feel pretty good because they know, as Aaron said, they have hostages and they know that Israel respects the life of every citizen. So so they know that they're going to hold back until they they get these people freed. The reports that I'm getting show incredible desecration of bodies of Israelis. They're celebrating bodies. They're making a public display of them in a in a very inhumane way. So these people have no love for life of anybody. And so, you know, our reports show that over 5000 rockets now have been launched. This is ridiculous. I hope that the world condemns them, saying, you know what? Don't talk to us about peace if you can't even if you can't even restrain your people from from lobbing these rockets. This is ridiculous. This attack was not provoked. This attack. This attack was done because of their their belief.

Speaker1: [01:47:43] I mean, it's just my phone. The red alerts are going off one after the other. Aaron, I mean, I'd like to keep talking to you, but at the same time, I want you to go and get some sleep.

Speaker3: [01:47:53] Thank you. And yeah, God bless you guys. Dr. Rob Brennan and all those listening who stand with us, We really appreciate your support and your understanding, and may God bless you as you bless Israel and pray for her salvation and for our military leaders and pray for those soldiers and kidnap people right now. Pray that they would have peace, safety and for their families. What a heartbreaking day. What a what a day that we will never forget. And let's pray that this gets turned around and fast.

Speaker1: [01:48:31] Absolutely. Absolutely. Aaron, we'll be in touch with you tomorrow morning, 8 a.m., 8 a.m. Central Time Live tomorrow, Worldview Report, Sunday, 8 a.m. Central. Aaron will be live with us. And then after that, we'll have the debut of the brand new broadcast with General Flynn that he's asked us to produce. And I'll co-host that with him. That'll be at 9 a.m. tomorrow with General Michael Flynn. We've pre-taped that one. But we did talk a lot about Iran, so very timely. Aaron, thanks again, my friend. Be safe as the red alerts continue. Going off on my phone. A few more minutes with Rob Linstead. I just wanted to let Aaron go. I mean, Aaron doesn't have to leave, but I think he needs to go get some rest. Here is a video, man. Another. They're just coming back to back. The red alerts of the missiles shooting off again. Any of you can go get this red alert. I'm getting audio of Trump, okay. Trump has come out and made a statement. Let me play that real quick. I think this is Trump having made a statement. Then Andy Woods, who's over in the Mediterranean, has just released a video. Listen to I had him on yesterday from Turkey 30 minutes later. Wait a minute. I got a. Gotta make sure I don't have too many videos running here. All right. I think this is it. Logan just got their electric vehicle. Logan charged. Okay, hang on. That lasts for ten minutes. Know where all that's coming from. All right, How about now? We clean? All right, hang on. Oh, I know where that's coming from. I found it. All right. I just turned that one off. All right, let's go to I think this is a statement again, folks. We're live on the air. We're producing this very fluid. But I think this is a recent statement by Donald Trump.

Speaker4: [01:50:12] Listen, the state of Israel is the fulfillment of a dream that endured through generations of hardship and through the bottomless evils of the Holocaust, the dream of a Jewish state in the Jewish homeland. Against all odds, the state of Israel was born. And now, more than seven decades later, Israel has not just survived, it has prospered as a blessing of Almighty God to the entire world. As President, it was my honor to be the best friend the people of Israel have ever had in the White House. I withdrew from the horrendous Iran nuclear deal. I kept my promise that officially recognized. The eternal capital of Israel and opened the American embassy in Jerusalem. I also recognized Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, something that nobody thought was even possible to get. I did more for Israel than any other president, probably times ten. And that's okay. We did a great job, and I'm very proud of it. Great people. Incredible people, brave people. And with the historic Abraham Accords, we even created peace in the Middle East. The most important diplomatic breakthrough in many generations. The American people will stand with you always, and so will I.

Speaker1: [01:51:34] All right. Thank you. President Trump, we also, by the way, again, it's the news coming in in the. Wow. I'm I'm texting with General Flynn. He just texted me right now, General Flynn. And I'm going to go over to a website. General Flynn has just put up a report at Western Journal. Let me see if I can find it real quick. I have more news from Annie Cyrus. Here we go. Here's a brand new article General Flynn just texted me as we have another rocket going off with the Red Alert app that I have on my phone. And here is the new article by General Flynn. Surprise attack on Israel confirms the West is in a state of complacency. And again, here is the report by General Flynn at Western Journal. Another rocket going off. We also have I'm going to pull that down, Logan. I'll go over here and grab a report. Thank you. From Annie. Here's a Twitter, a tweet. Uh, these are scenes that stop the heart. Heavily armed Hamas terrorists are going door to door. They're in part of Israel. This is heartbreaking. I think some of this is what was being told to us by Dr. Rob Linstead. I don't know if there's any audio on this or not.

Speaker5: [01:53:04] Sector by sector.

[01:53:10] About. Oh. Yeah, that's more like it.

Speaker5: [01:53:28] Wow. Wow.

Speaker1: [01:53:37] Uh, Logan, get Annie on the phone, please. Um, again, I want to thank Logan for interrupting his weekend to come in. Again, folks, it's not crass. We need your support. We cannot run this network without paying people. We have a team. Logan came in. We have a team of, you know, 5 or 6, seven guys that work in this control room. We have Annie as an associate producer. We have Leo Holman. These people all walked away from other jobs to work for us and they work seven days a week. No joke. So we really, really need you guys to support us. We cannot do this and keep these people on a payroll if we don't have the funds to do it. So please consider supporting us in one of a few ways. One is simply by going to and using the promo code. B 66 promo code B 66. We will be back tonight at seven and less central unless we need to go again earlier. I keep trying to wrap this thing up because I want to spend the next few hours getting ready for tonight, but the news is just so fluid we may have to come back before seven Central. Hopefully you're following us on push notifications through Frank Speech and Lindell TV so that you will find that out. Annie joins us now along with Doctor Rob Linstead Annie of Live Up to Annie you're your you're helping us produce this live broadcast is so vital to us your latest footage of them going I'm going to play that again. This latest footage of them going door to door. This is Hamas going door to door, according to reports. Again, I'm not able to sit here at the news desk and validate the authenticity of these videos, but you have every reason to believe these are legitimate footage coming from on the ground in Israel tonight. Hamas going door to door. You believe these are legitimate videos tonight?

Speaker6: [01:55:46] Yes. So as I've been searching online, I've been also communicating with few people, including our mutual friend Barry Nussbaum. And I can pretty much say 100% of things I have sent you today are verified and legit.

Speaker1: [01:56:01] Now, this is when the daylight was. This was daylight. The sun was up. The sun is now down. So this footage is a few hours old.

Speaker6: [01:56:08] I believe this was posted about four hours ago.

Speaker1: [01:56:13] Okay. So, yeah, the sun would have been up by then. So Hamas going door to door, are they are they grabbing them as hostages? Are we hearing we know that we're hearing are they just executing some of them? Rob Winstead's reported. Rob, have your team send over any of the footage you're talking about, please.

Speaker2: [01:56:30] Okay, we will. You know, Brennan, if you look at that. Uh, think about the threat that that poses to us. Because, you know, I think our government gets some of their ideas from from some of these these foreign governments that are hostile to human liberty and to rights. And I think there could easily be a day that we find those of us who want to meet to study the Bible or to pray or to raise our own children have we want to raise our children. I could see them. I could see them going door to door to search us out.

Speaker1: [01:57:04] I again, I apologize, folks. This is graphic footage. This is graphic footage. But folks, I think you guys need to see this. You need to understand what it is the Israelis are dealing with the threat.

Speaker2: [01:57:14] They're they're they're celebrating the mutilation of of Jewish people. And this this is so anti-human. This is so disrespectful to to any human. How can we how can we possibly say we're going to remain neutral to this? This is the greatest violation of of human rights. And and we have an administration who is supporting this and afraid to condemn it by their actions. They just give a mouse service to it. That's really the battle that we're fighting. It goes way beyond this scrimmage. It goes way beyond just this momentary thing, although this momentary thing is important. We need to win this battle. That's how important it is. We need to win this battle.

Speaker1: [01:58:03] And the the rockets, the red alert rockets are just one after another coming in on our phones here. For those of us that have these apps, Annie, what are your thoughts on what we've been covering? And again, thank you for your excellent assistance and producing this broadcast today.

Speaker6: [01:58:19] Oh, absolutely. If I could just add something to what Dr. Robinson said. Yes, it is inhuman. But you need to keep in mind their own holy Koran says Jews are pigs and apes. They don't look at Jews as humans to behave like a human. Their own teaching is. They are the cursed people by Allah and their apes and pigs. Today, a lot of people are witnessing the reality of it. But someone like me grew up with the mentality of it. That we need to keep in mind. We're not dealing with a bunch of humans. We're. Dealing with a bunch of brainwashed, sick people who were raised to hate Jews and Christians from the bottom of their heart.

Speaker1: [01:59:06] And Andy, I've been stressing for the American people to understand, you know, you and I and Usama and Shahram and others have spent so many broadcast hours on radio and television trying to educate the American people about Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, these these countries and that Hamas that we're seeing carry these. Graphic scenes out there in America. We just know them as care. We know them as Muslim Brotherhood. They get they get treated like they're victims and they get treated like they're they're heroes here in America and that they're just so peaceful and loving. But this is Hamas here in America known as care or Muslim Brotherhood. This is where I start getting have to really check my anger at all the stupid hirelings out there who want to call themselves pastors who who who defend Muslim Brotherhood or care or do interfaith dialogue. The foolish sheriffs and police departments that do interfaith dialogue with these disgusting people. Put that footage back up, put that footage back up, as disgusting as it is, put it back up so these people are not being killed in vain. If nothing else, use it to show this. This is the this is the the nature of the people that many of your police departments and sheriff departments and church denominations and church leaders have gone into interfaith dialogue with. Look at that. James White. Look at that. James White. Look at that. All the rest of you that offended James White sitting in a interfaith dialogue with Yasir Qadhi, the imam, Yasir Qadhi, who said, look at the Jews. They're not real Jews. Look at their crooked noses. Yasir Qadhi. You know all about Yasir Qadhi, don't you, Annie?

Speaker6: [02:01:05] Yes, I do. And I would like to add another name in there. Rashida Talib. Look at this. Rashida Talib. When you wrap yourself in your Palestinian flag trying to pretend like you're going to represent the American people. Look at that video.

Speaker1: [02:01:20] Can you believe how disgusting some of these so-called Christians and evangelicals are that set in an interfaith dialogue with Yasir Qadhi in 2017 and then some of the so called defenders of Christianity? Defenders of the inerrancy of scripture. We're releasing the truth of the Bible and expositional Bible teaching. And they attacked us and our organization mercilessly for warning. Don't sit in an interfaith dialogue with Jew hating, Holocaust denying, Hitler, defending jihadi preaching imams because these people are not your friends. James White Even though James White said when, when when the seculars come after us, we'll have to hold hands with the Muslims for for religious freedom. Really? How's that looking tonight? How's that looking today for Israel? So excuse my frustration, but Rob, Annie and I, particularly Usama and I, Shahram and I were attacked mercilessly by Christian ministries that claim to teach the Bible verse by verse, some of their representatives at the highest level we were we were treated on social media like you can't believe even some of them going after our family members, trying to somehow use that, going after our family to silence us because we dared to speak up and say that one of their hyper extreme Calvinist was wrong to sit in an interfaith dialogue with Yasir Qadhi. Now we're seeing this is what we're dealing with. Maybe now people will wake up, Rob.

Speaker2: [02:02:50] Yeah, it's a sad thing. This war is much bigger than just what we're reporting this morning. And you're right, They they go to no length to to defame you and your family. And it's shocking. You know, it used to be that people could disagree and not threaten your life. Now we've passed a new ray of violence. But again, it goes back. We've got to be sure of our own beliefs. We've got to be sure of our stand on the Bible. And thank God that we have a Bible to guide us. These guys, they only use the Bible to feather their own nest. They only use the Bible to to just make their point. And but really, how can they be against the Jewish people? How can they be against the overall plan of God? It's not biblical at all, no matter what they say.

Speaker1: [02:03:44] And what other reports. Yeah.

Speaker6: [02:03:47] I have to breaking news literally as I'm talking to you, I'm reading on a screen of the Islamic Republic of Iran's news channel. So Iran is preparing troops. They're sending troops to support Palestinians. They are literally jumping in their trucks going, okay.

Speaker1: [02:04:07] So when you say they're sending troops, they're sending troops from where?

Speaker6: [02:04:13] Uh uh, Horizon is the province they're showing right now, which is the northwest of Iran. I don't have the rest of the provinces yet. Right now on the screen, they're just announcing that IRGC troops of Khorasan are getting ready to head to Syria.

Speaker2: [02:04:33] Also, Brannon, they just reported that Tel Aviv is now being hit with rockets. So we're seeing the things intensify there. Is they believe that they getting support from the Arab world. They're watching this now grow.

Speaker1: [02:04:52] Uh.

Speaker6: [02:04:53] And the second thing Saudi Arabia just released in a statement saying they have warned Israel about the, um. Uh, the treatment of Palestinians and this would have happened. Here's the Saudi Arabia supporting Israel.

Speaker1: [02:05:11] We're getting more footage and pictures. Um, but I cannot. Confirm all of the footage and the pictures that are coming in. So I'm not prone to showing them, but we are getting reports of what are pictures of some of the hostages that have been taken. And some of these are our girls, our women. And yes, they are.

Speaker6: [02:05:39] I can confirm those. There are so far I have I have confirmed of 11 girls and women being taken hostages. Okay.

Speaker1: [02:05:47] Hang on.

Speaker6: [02:05:47] Just on a motorcycle videos.

Speaker1: [02:05:49] Okay. Can you confirm any of these pictures right here?

Speaker6: [02:05:53] That is not one of the confirmed. No, sorry.

Speaker1: [02:05:56] Okay. So there are some that are saying that these but again, this is live television. We'll try to confirm. We're getting reports coming in from other people that we do know and trust. But again, it is very, very fluid. We do have a video from Andy Woods. Andy Woods was with us yesterday from Turkey. He was with us the week before in. Uh, Egypt. He has put out a report, a video to let everybody know he's safe. I personally will be glad when he gets out of there because I'm not so sure how safe he is. But let me let me see how quick I can find that report by Andy Woods. Why do you.

Speaker6: [02:06:43] Look for that updated number of rockets hitting Tel Aviv as of right now by Islamic Republic of Iran? Tv channel has gone up to 152 rockets.

Speaker7: [02:06:54] Good grief. Wow.

Speaker1: [02:06:57] All right. Here is a video by Dr. Andy Woods. Here we go. Logan, I'll play this.

Speaker8: [02:07:04] Howdy, everybody. Andy Woods here. We're on our Mediterranean cruise talking to you right now from Mykonos, Greece. Just want to let you know that we're safe. And yes, our cruise is designed to enter the borders of Israel, but we're not supposed to be in Israel until October 10th. So we just came from Ephesus to where we are now. And we appreciate the well-wishes, wanted to let everybody know that we're safe. We're, you know, obviously following the situation taking place in Israel. Just as a quick reaction, I think the bottom line to this whole thing is it shows the foolishness of the two state solution. These rocket attacks, you know, arguably with the help of Russia and Iran, are being launched from the Gaza Strip, which is a narrow strip of land southwest in the borders of Israel. That was a strip of land given by the Israelis to the so-called Palestinians in 2005. They had one and only one election. They elected Hamas. And that territory has become a sort of a beachhead for rocket attacks. And so that's what's happening right now. There's been 7000 rockets, as you know, from the news, fired into the land of Israel. The issue is if the two state solution is not working so well with the Gaza Strip, why in the world would the world community and the Biden administration think that giving up a larger territory, i.e. the so called West Bank and Judea and Samaria would work any better? It just shows the folly of that position. But anyway, I just wanted to give you this fast update and as as circumstances allow, we'll come back with more updates. Thank you for praying for us. God bless.

Speaker1: [02:09:08] You. All right. That's our broadcast partner, Dr. Andy Woods. I carry his broadcast on my channel Worldview every night at 9:00 Central. He joins me every Friday on radio to do a middle East Bible prophecy update. Again, Dr. Rob, maybe people have wondered why House is so obsessed with Bible prophecy, Israel, the Middle East, and he is so obsessed with talking about Iran and Islam. Usama Shahram Maybe there now and I know much of our audience gets it, so I'm not talking to the the ones who get it, but I'm sure there are a lot of people that are new because you have a lot of new people following us all the time that are wondering, why are these guys so obsessed with the Middle East and talking about Israel or Iran? And Gog Magog in Ezekiel 3839. I think they're getting it today, aren't they?

Speaker2: [02:09:57] Yes, I hope they're understanding because first of all, God's plan is outlined in his word and it doesn't change. We may not always understand it, but God's plan doesn't change. And what a guide it is for us to to be able to to look at world events and say, okay, we can rest assured that the plan of God, I know that Israel is going to go on for at least another thousand and seven years, but we also know that they're going to go through tremendous.

Speaker1: [02:10:27] Wait a minute. The some of the audience may be wondering why you just said 1007 years. Tell them. Yeah.

Speaker2: [02:10:33] Well, if if the tribulation were to start tomorrow, that would be seven years. And then there will be a millennial kingdom for another thousand years. And so that's why I can say that. And we know that Israel, Jerusalem particularly exist all during that time. So we know that they're safe for another thousand and seven years. We can't say that about Chicago or Detroit or New York. And so I know that the plan of God shows that it's going to continue on. But in the meantime, what a shame that so many innocent people are going to be slaughtered. And I think I hope people begin to say, okay, there's an extreme difference worldview, a people who believe the Bible, you know, as bad as I dislike enemies, I don't I don't wish them to go to hell. I don't I don't wish them to die. But but but they turn around and wish us to die. And as as our said and said, you know, they see these people as pigs and apes. In other words, not human. So when they take a life of someone who's Jewish, they don't even consider taking the life of a human. That kind of rationale is is just foreign to our thinking, and it's certainly one that gives a different worldview and a different value system. That's what we're seeing tonight. These rocket attacks, this this horrible treatment of human life, this aggressive militant behavior all comes from that point of view.

Speaker1: [02:12:10] We have a tweet by Gordon Chang. China has been making preparations for attacks on our country by agents already in place. What you see now in Israel could be replayed here perhaps soon. And that's a tweet that I've had up on my computer now for a little bit, because he tweeted that two hours ago. But I think it's appropriate to share it now in light of what Annie has just sent in to us. Here is a picture of a tweet from the IRGC and Annie that looks like General Soleimani. Is that him?

Speaker6: [02:12:47] That is General Qasem Soleimani. And look at his shadow on the wall. Pay attention to the shadow on the wall.

Speaker1: [02:12:55] Tell me about that. Oh, that's Israel.

Speaker6: [02:12:57] That is the map of Israel. Yes. And the writing says the father may not be here, but his weapon is still in our hand. Hashtag storm of flood of takeover.

Speaker1: [02:13:09] And IRGC just put this out there, General, that Trump killed and then the shadow of Israel right there. Wow. Okay.

Speaker6: [02:13:18] So this was actually posted by IRGC 8.5 hours ago, literally as this started.

Speaker1: [02:13:26] Mhm. Here's their official Twitter page. Now this is what has gotten you a 12th fatwa and I guess them now tracking on my foundation. Right. The fact that I bring you on here and do this.

Speaker6: [02:13:37] Yes, that is the translation is what got us here. Originally started with me bringing their tweet about the bounty on Trump's head on your show.

Speaker1: [02:13:50] So just just for us understands because we have Annie as an associate producer and on our team coming on here, going after their Twitter feed and translating, she got a 12 for 12. And then And then what did you find them doing on the Dark web related to us?

Speaker6: [02:14:10] Um, your. Mine is an actual bounty of death that I have received. And your organization has received a shut down bounty. Meaning the funding. The organization so you can continue being active.

Speaker7: [02:14:28] Hmm.

Speaker1: [02:14:29] So here we are on Islamic Revolutionary Guards Twitter page. I can't read any of that. What was this other one put out five hours ago? What's that say?

Speaker6: [02:14:38] We told you we're coming for you. The first tweet says, We told you we're coming for you. And that's true because Supreme Leader of Islamic Republic of Iran has started with the first statement that you put on the screen a little earlier on October 3rd. I'm reading a lot of information for like, you know, the sudden attack. And I'm like, it wasn't sudden. The supreme leader started tweeting about this attack four days ago, but no one bothered.

Speaker1: [02:15:09] No one bothered. Surely Israel was watching it. America's Intel was watching it. But then again, of course, we just reported earlier this week and brought it up again today. The White House and the Pentagon have been penetrated by known Iranians. One of them has gone there five times. This Alvi guy that couldn't pass the security clearance to work with Malley, the envoy to Iran for the Biden regime, couldn't pass the security clearance, but he makes it to the White House five times. This pro-Iranian Thai dude, right?

Speaker6: [02:15:44] Exactly. And literally, we just released another $6 billion for them. How much of how much of today do you think was funded out of that 6 billion by the.

Speaker1: [02:15:58] All right. Annie's going to be back with us tonight. Closing comments by you, Annie. What are your thoughts on everything that's unfolding? Is this going to be something that wraps itself up in the next few days, or is this going to be something that is a whole tipping point for the whole world?

Speaker6: [02:16:15] Well, it all depends on the Israeli government. I'm not an anti-Semite, but they need to stop taking orders from White House. If they receive a cease fire order, do not listen. Defend your people.

Speaker1: [02:16:29] I agree. So you remember I got pretty angry on this broadcast. What was that, 2 or 3 months ago? I got pretty hot and heated at my anger toward Benjamin Netanyahu because I felt like he was not doing what was in the best interest for Israel and and buying the lie that America is with him. By and large, I would say about half the country is not with Israel. This administration is not with Israel. Um, but I would say there's a good 30, 40% of Americans, maybe even more, that are not with Israel. Agree or disagree?

Speaker6: [02:17:04] Agreed. And the bottom line is it could be 100% of Americans that are with Israel. That's not going to help them. We can pray for them. That's all we can do. But when the regime in America is funding the enemy of Israel, the Israeli government needs to do what needs to be done to protect its people.

Speaker1: [02:17:25] So Jerusalem Post is back real quick. We're thankful for that. They're reporting the number of dead rises to 150. I'm pretty sure we all know it's going to be much, much higher than that. Operations Swords of Iron is what they're calling it. Rocket sprayed down on Hamas in Israel. Closing comment before we come back at 7:00 Central. Again, folks, we may have to come back before then, but we're going to get off the air, do more research, collect more data. And tonight, we'll be joined by Usama Dakduk from Iran excuse me, from Egypt, Shahram Hadian from Iran, Annie Cyrus, American-Iranian, Leo Holman. We'll be joined by Dr. Rob Linstead. Quite the lineup tonight starting at seven Central. Closing comment from you, doctor. Rob.

Speaker2: [02:18:14] I think the White House has done an incredible job of destroying America and now it looks like they're in the process of destroying Israel. I think the whole intent is to bring in a new world order, a government for the rich and the elite. And I would be so worried if I didn't have the Bible to guide me. I'm thankful for the Bible. I'm thankful for the for the the assurance that we have from the Bible that God's plan wins in the end. I want to side with God.

Speaker1: [02:18:43] Would you close us in a word of prayer? Dr. Linstead We don't do that very often, but I think today is very appropriate.

Speaker7: [02:18:49] Yeah, I think.

Speaker2: [02:18:50] It'd be great. Father, we come to you and we thank you for a written word of God. The. The plan of God is not a mystery. Is a plan of God has been written down. And Father, we pray specifically for those in Israel tonight. We think of the the families that are grieving because of loved ones lost, but we also think of of military soldiers who are having to leave their homes and go out and and wage a war against terrorists. And think of even officials who are going to have to make some really hard decisions about how to counterattack. So, Father, we pray for wisdom for them. We know in the past you've guided the leaders of Israel and and battles and and and you've secured victory. And so, Father, we pray that that will happen again. And, Father, we pray that here in America and around the world, Christians everywhere will unite in prayer and will encourage other Christians. And we'll also encourage one another to be faithful in these end days. Father, we we think of the Ministry of of Brandon and how he stands in the gap. Wave after wave of people opposing the truth. And we pray that you'll give him a strength. You'll give him direction. Give him courage to continue on. We pray and ask this in Jesus name. Amen.

Speaker7: [02:20:13] Amen. Amen.

Speaker1: [02:20:15] Thank you, Doctor Rob. Thank you, Annie. We appreciate both of you. Rob's ministry is live up. I'm sorry. Rob's ministry is Bible tip Bible tip Bible tip We also carry his broadcast at Worldview So if you've been introduced to him today and say, I'd love more of this guy's Bible teaching and prophecy teaching, you'll find it now on demand at Worldview And then his main ministry page is Bible Tip Annie's is live up to She also has a studio if you'd like to purchase some of her great art live. That's Lotf Lutf You'll find it if you go also to live up to She's also associate producer with my channel and my organization WW broadcast network Worldview but she's also an associate producer with us here at Lindale She is working with me on my network. And then when we started Lindale TV, we brought her over here and of course her standing up has gotten her 12 fatwas on her head. So this is not a joke at all. Annie, thank you for being with us. We'll talk to both of you tonight, my friends. Thank you, Rob. Thank you, Annie. And thank you to you guys for watching and listening. We are live 12:40 p.m. Central time. And on a stress again, we need your support. We have a staff. We cannot operate without a staff, so we need you to consider going to using the promo code.

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Speaker1: [02:25:55] Otherwise, please let your family and friends know we'll be back tonight, 7 p.m. Central Time. Usama Doc speaks Arabic fluently Expert on Islam from Egypt. He's here in the US, of course. Shahram Hadian, born in Iran, Daddy, high ranking in the Iranian military. And he got his family out six weeks before the fall of the Shah. He'll join us. Annie Cyrus, American Iranian. She'll be back. Dr. Rob Linstead. Leo Holman You do not want to miss tonight's program. We will spend the afternoon gathering video news reports to bring you a cutting edge broadcast tonight. Again, one of the things that separates us from Fox News and others is we are not afraid to call out Hamas Muslim Brotherhood care. I highly doubt you'll hear Fox News or any of those groups today calling out and telling you Hamas is care. It's Muslim Brotherhood in America. I highly doubt you will hear them warning about interfaith dialogue that many of our pastors, church denominational leaders, sheriffs and police departments have engaged in with the very organizations that are now attacking Israel and taking the dead of their citizenry into trucks and parading them around and celebrating those enemies. Those demonic enemies are in America as well. Is Iran ironically or is it that the border is down and the enemies of our nation from Iran, according to Todd Bensman, Michael Yon and others are pouring over our border from Iran, from China, from Afghanistan, Islamic nations.

Speaker1: [02:27:31] We've been reporting on that for weeks. On the border with Todd Bensman, with others with Anne van der Stille. Michael Yon. Isn't the timing curious to you? It is to me, but I doubt you'll hear a lot of this kind of talk on Fox News because their people don't understand most of them or would not be allowed to talk as freely as we give all of our hosts. We don't put any restraints on our host. None. And that's what's going to happen tonight. I highly doubt most of them are pointing out to Rashida Talib, the congresswoman from Michigan, wrapping herself in the Palestinian flag, aligning with Hamas people. Ilhan Omar. I wonder if they're making those connections that the Biden regime has been compromised by Iran. Again, we've already taped up the interview with General Flynn for his brand new inaugural program that will air tomorrow morning at 9:00 Central. He gets into Iran and its impact and infiltration of this administration. In fact, there's a brand new article if you go to General Flynn just texted me a while ago. If you go to Western Journal, you can read it. Surprise attack on Israel confirms the West is in a state of complaints. Complacency. No one expected the war in Israel except the enemies of Israel and America. The US must think hard about this.

Speaker1: [02:29:01] The West as a whole is still in a state of complacency. We are mired in a losing effort in Ukraine and Russia has been playing the US like a fiddle. Vladimir Putin. Zelensky. Know how much debt we are in. How much we spent 2 in 2 losing efforts in the Middle East, Afghanistan and Iraq. Our enemies now dominate both of those countries. Israel's unfortunate and misfortunate. Israel's misfortune. Misfortune should be a strong warning sign that we in the US and the West as a whole are under attack. We are no longer perceived as strong. The world's structure under which we live and that underpins our way of life is not secured and that we must prepare ourselves psychologically and materially at this stage to defend it actively. The invading marauders are crossing the southern border could easily start attacking inside America without warning, except to those supporting their efforts. This is also a massive US intelligence, operational and policy failure. We just sent we just gave Hamas 6 billion and didn't ensure we had exceptional sources inside reporting on their activities and guarantees in place not to act without our knowledge. We either have idiots running our foreign policy or it's intentional. I would say it's intentional. This is a very disturbing leftist element growing in Israel, just like here in America. Foreign policy hawks in the Netanyahu administration know this. This is a leftist Israeli elite that is also anti West, meaning anti American.

Speaker1: [02:30:29] They believe they can get along with elements like Hamas and those in Arab nations whom they deem responsible, reasonable, i.e. globalist. This is a globalist playbook and it does not favor the idea of a free and sovereign state of Israel. This playbook sees the world as one thing a playground to dominate. We just had the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff retire. The House speaker removed and a border policy challenge allowing even more inside our borders. Nothing is coincidental when it comes to those trying to destroy America. Well, I'm just reading this on the air for the first time. And is it that what I just said? I don't think this is coincidental. I just told you I don't think the border collapsing is coincidence. Neither does General Flynn. Plus we've given 200 billion to Ukraine and even Israel was duped into giving away arms and ammunition to her enemies and proxies. These and many other conditions of weakness offer an advantage to our enemies that we must understand, accept, and then overcome and quickly. In the end, the war in Israel is a precursor to what we can expect right here at home. But then again, we get accused of fear mongering and doom and gloom when we try to warn the American people. And yet you, my listening friends today, are the exception.

Speaker1: [02:31:44] You are the exception. You are some of the smartest, brightest, most discerning, God fearing, constitutional, loving, patriotic people on the planet. And you know, you know this topic in some cases as well, or better than maybe we do. Many of you have been studying this for years. Many of you have been studying it along with us. And now the rest of the world or the rest of Americans, maybe maybe we'll get an understanding of why we have been saying what we've been saying. And it's not to elicit fear. It's not doom and gloom. It's because we understand the existential threat. Video that is reported to be Hamas going door to door in Israel. You saw it. We showed it. If that is indeed legitimate footage and we have reason to believe it is. And we know they've taken people captive, hostage citizens. Do not think for one minute that cannot happen here. That it will not happen here. And the only people that are going to be able to withstand this are going to be people that are armed. That are prepared. Because your government. Is not going to protect you. Your government is not for you. Your government is funding the very people attacking Israel. They're letting these people and their shock troops and terrorists and jihadists into the nation as we speak. They are funding them in the tune of billions of dollars. And you think those people are going to help you? This government of ours at the federal level has been captured and at some levels the state levels, depending on the state in which you reside.

Speaker1: [02:33:25] So now many Americans, as they start to figure out what's going on, will realize what we've been saying for several years and why we have been going into great detail on who is Hamas, who is Muslim Brotherhood? Who is CAIR? What is I ran up to. What is Russia and Syria and Turkey up to? What is North Korea up to? How are they working together? How are they carrying out military exercises? What are their military exercises? Designed to prepare for to attack. And yet. As we sign off the air. Now, I can guarantee you we'll go and turn on the TV and we will see ball games and football games galore on the screen. Hundreds of thousands of Americans, millions if by perhaps several hundred thousand in the stadiums across this country, millions by television, completely blocking out everything that's going on. They will see this and think, oh, that's over there. They have no idea what Hamas you know who they are. They have no idea what we've been explaining. Today, the average American. And many of them will show no interest. They will pass by it and flip to the next ballgame, the next entertainment. Crack open the next beer. These are the very people.

Speaker1: [02:34:48] These are the very ignorant people that will be knocking on your door. Because most of you, you're ready. You're prepared. You know what's happening? You've been getting ready. And these will be the fools. The biblical fools. Vain, useless and futile in their thinking. Per Romans. One that will be knocking on your door. Panicked. But they were too busy entertaining themselves to death and mocking and mocking you. I get the emails, I get the text. I get the handwritten letters. Many of you are mocked by your own family members. For being someone that watches this network, is getting ready, has been getting ready, tries to tell them what's going on, and they tell them, Oh, I don't want to know. I don't want to hear it. It's too negative. Well, it doesn't matter what they want to hear. It doesn't matter what. They don't want to experience what Israel is dealing with today. They don't want to feel it and they don't want to experience it. But they are. And as Gordon Chang. Michael Yon. General Flynn, and the list goes on and on. I've warned this can and likely is going to come to America as they are already here in America. And so now we understand clearly. In clear focus why we have spent so many years in detailed worldview training, understanding the worldviews, communism, Marxism, Islam, the red green Axis. The Globalist.

Speaker7: [02:36:22] Now it's coming into clear focus.

Speaker1: [02:36:27] And this audience is one of the few. You are a minority in America. That has the understanding, the knowledge acquisition of truth, thus the wisdom application of truth to know what it is you're seeing. And know what it means for you, your family, your community.

Speaker7: [02:36:48] So.

Speaker1: [02:36:51] I'm glad we're prepared as much as many of us can be. You can't prepare for everything, but God expects us to be prepared. He expects us to be wise to understand the times. And then after we've done all that, we just place our trust and faith in him. And that's what we've done. That's what this audience has done. But don't be shocked at what unfolds in America. Don't be shocked at how the world now responds to this initially. Oh, this is horrible. We stand with Israel. That's horrific. Well, you just wait until Israel starts to put down their enemies, as Aaron said, and you watch how the world then responds. To Israel. Pray for the people of Israel. Pray for the Jewish people of America. Pray for the safety of the Jewish people in their synagogues. We'll be back tonight, 7 p.m. Central, and get a report. Please alert your family and friends 7 p.m. Central Time tonight with a huge panel of experts. And thank you again for your support so we can keep doing this. Reporting from our news desk here in the mid south at four minutes to one Central, I'm Brendan House. Thanks for watching. May God save Israel and may God save America. Banner