Robert Kiyosaki Predicts The U.S. Will Experience Hyperinflation



  • The president of Iran has gone down in a helicopter crash and large segments of the Iranian body politick are celebrating. We’ll explain why he was so hated.
  • Fierce fighting is taking place in northern Gaza as aid starts to roll off the newly constructed, US-built pier.
  • Joe Biden gets a rude welcome at Morehouse College, a historically black college in Atlanta.
  • Robert F. Kennedy Jr. moderates his position on abortion.
  • And Mitt Romney mocks patriotic Americans who want their representatives to actually represent American interests.

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Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi, along with the country’s foreign minister, were on board the helicopter that suffered a crash landing in Iran’s East Azerbaijan province and likely did not survive, says Iranian state media.

helicopter carrying Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and the country’s foreign minister crashed Sunday while the delegation was visiting a northern region in the country, according to the Iranian state news agency IRNA. His condition as of Sunday afternoon was unknown.

Iranian officials said dense fog is made it difficult for rescue crews to locate the downed aircraft in the remote, mountainous East Azerbaijan Province.

The country's Foreign Minister and the governor of East Azerbaijan were among a number of officials also aboard the helicopter, IRNA said.

The president of Azerbaijan said his country was ready to provide support after the helicopter carrying the Iranian leaders crashed in a remote, mountainous province near the border between the two countries.

But by Sunday evening it was reported that Raisi and the other passengers were still unaccounted for, making their survival unlikely in the harsh mountain conditions.

Iranian state news agency Press TV reported Raisi and a small contingent of other leaders had inaugurated a dam project in the border area Sunday, prior to the crash in Iran's East Azerbaijan Province.

Some Iranians celebrated the crash. Here is a video posted to X by an Iranian national who said Raisi “had the blood of thousands of innocent Iranian people on his disgusting hands.”



Fierce fighting is taking place in northern Gaza as aid starts to roll off the newly constructed, US-built pier.

According to a report by Reuters:
“Israeli forces battled Hamas fighters in the narrow alleyways of Jabalia in northern Gaza on Friday in some of the fiercest engagements since they returned to the area a week ago, while in the south militants attacked tanks massing around Rafah.”

The article goes on to cite residents of the area saying that Israeli armor had thrust as far as the market at the heart of Jabalia, the largest of Gaza’s eight historic refugee camps, and that bulldozers were demolishing homes and shops in the path of the advance.

Ayman Rajab, a resident of western Jabalia, said via a chat app:

“Tanks and planes are wiping out residential districts and markets, shops, restaurants, everything. It is all happening before the one-eyed world.”

Israel had said its forces cleared Jabalia months earlier in the Gaza war, triggered by the deadly Hamas-led attacks on southern Israel on October 7th, but said last week it was returning to prevent Islamist militants from regrouping there.

In southern Gaza bordering Egypt, thick smoke rose over Rafah, where an escalating Israeli assault has sent hundreds of thousands of people fleeing from what was one of the few remaining places of refuge.


Joe Biden delivered the commencement speech at Morehouse College in Atlanta on Sunday morning amid the backdrop of tumultuous pro-Palestinian demonstrations over the Israel-Hamas war that have erupted in recent weeks at several American universities, including Morehouse.

Campus rioters, many of them well-funded radicals and not even students of the universities they are protesting, have called for universities to divest from Israel. They have also expressed violent opposition to the White House’s financial and military support of Israel’s offensive against the Hamas terrorist group in Gaza.

Biden took the opportunity on Sunday to address left-wing rage over the Israel-Hamas war.

Biden did acknowledge what touched off the war, which was the slaughter of 1,200 Israelis on October 7. But then went on to express his unhappiness with Israel’s response.

“What’s happening in Israel and Gaza is heartbreaking,” Biden said. Biden also underscored the “humanitarian crisis” in Gaza, which he said is on the brink of famine and in desperate need of medical supplies.

In his address, Biden called for an immediate ceasefire and said his administration is working on a deal “as we speak” so that Israelis taken hostage can be returned home and more humanitarian aid can get into war-torn Gaza. Biden’s National Security Adviser, Jake Sullivan, is in Saudi Arabia and Israel this weekend to talk with top leaders.

Biden said he’s also working on a two-state agreement to create “ever-lasting peace” between the Israelis and Palestinians in the region in a post-Hamas era so that both sides can have “security and dignity.”

He described the conflict as:

“It’s one of the most hardest, complicated problems in the world.”

Biden expressed empathy with student and faculty members who’ve participated in the pro-Hamas demonstrations on campus, saying, “I know it angers and frustrates many of you, including my family. But most of all, I know it breaks your heart. It breaks mine as well.”


There are signs that black voters are abandoning Joe Biden in droves, and his commencement speech at Morehouse College provided the latest evidence of that.

Normally, when a Democrat president speaks at Morehouse, he gets a red-carpet welcome and is treated with the utmost respect.

Leading up to Sunday’s commencement, some students and faculty at Morehouse had called for Biden’s invitation to be rescinded, but that request was declined by Morehouse President David Thomas.

Thomas told CNN last Thursday that the graduation ceremony would be shut down “on the spot” if there were any disruptions during Biden’s speech

On Sunday, Biden delivered his address without any notable disruptions. One student unfurled a Palestinian flag and held it up, according to CNN. Other students turned their chairs so their backs were facing Biden while he spoke.



LifeSite News reports that Democrat environmental activist turned independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has again changed his position on abortion. 

He now says he considers fetal viability a cutoff point for legal abortion, just days after declaring his opposition to pro-life laws even in the ninth month of pregnancy.

Last week, Kennedy told podcaster Sage Steele he did not want the government to restrict abortion “even if it’s full term,” claiming he would instead reduce abortions through new federal childcare spending. The answer conflicted with his running mate Nicole Shanahan’s statement the year before that she thought “he absolutely believes in limits on abortion,” but fit multiple previous confirmations that he remains “pro-choice.”

LifeSite reports that the same day the Steele interview was released, however, Kennedy revised his position, stating that while he was “leery of inserting the government into abortion,” he “had been assuming that virtually all late-term abortions were such cases, but I’ve learned that my assumption was wrong. Sometimes, women abort healthy, viable late-term fetuses. These cases of purely ‘elective’ late-term abortion are very upsetting. Once the baby is viable outside the womb, it should have rights and it deserves society’s protection.”

He continued by saying:

“I support the emerging consensus that abortion should be unrestricted up until a certain point. I believe that point should be when the baby is viable outside the womb.”

The bottom line on Kennedy is this: He seems to be a politician who doesn’t really knowing what he believes about the pro-life issue, and is now trying desperately to align himself with whatever is dictated by the current political winds. A true pro-life person knows that life starts at conception and must be treated as sacred.


As the BRICS nations move away from the U.S. dollar, renowned investor Robert Kiyosaki predicts that the United States will experience hyperinflation and plunge into a depression. He suggests that gold, Bitcoin, and tangible assets will be the only valuable investments.

Kiyosaki shared his views from South Africa on Sunday. He mentioned rumors about the possible creation of a BRICS crypto, potentially backed by gold, which could lead to trillions of dollars returning to the U.S., resulting in hyperinflation.

“Watching and listening to rumors of what will happen when BRICS nations, Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa produce BRICS crypto, possibly backed by gold. If BRICS gold crypto happens trillions in fake money, fiat US dollars will come rushing back to home to America causing hyperinflation in America, ultimately destroying US dollar. Best Buy real gold, silver, and Bitcoin now, and protect yourself from the crash of US dollar.”

To protect against the U.S. dollar's collapse, Kiyosaki advised purchasing physical gold, silver, and Bitcoin. In a May 9th post, he predicted not just a recession, but a full-blown depression, stating that he is preparing for such a scenario despite not wishing for it.


He said in another May 9 post to X:

“Do I want a DEPRESSION? No. Yet it is better to be preparing for the worse rather than live in Disneyland, which most people are doing. For years I could see this crisis coming… which is why I wrote Rich Dad Poor Dad, own my business, use debt as money to buy cash flowing assets such as rental properties, save real gold and silver, and today Bitcoin.”


Aayden Gallagher, a biological male, won the women’s 200-meter dash at the Oregon track and field championships Saturday at Hayward Field in Eugene, Oregon.

Aaden Gallagher is unofficially ranked in the top 50 high school sprinters nationally.

According to Outsports, “Gallagher is a transgender girl in a state that affirms her right to compete on a girl’s team. Oregon requires no medical or hormonal transition for trans athletes to compete in any gendered category, and the state allows nonbinary athletes to simply choose their gender category in sports, regardless of any medical interventions.”

When Gallagher raced to second place at 200 meters, and won the 400 meters at a meet in April, that fact didn’t sit well with a group of Republican legislators in his state.
They promptly called on the Oregon State Activities Association, the governing body for high school sports in the state, to change its policy, Outsports reported.

The OSAA’s executive director, Peter Weber, stood up and publicly defended the policy. 

In response, there is a call to put forth legislation that would ban biological males from competing in female sporting competitions and strip any achievements they may have earned.

On Saturday Aayden Gallagher came from behind and defeated Aster Jones from Roosevelt to take the Women’s 6A 200 meter dash finals.


You could hear the boos ringing out from the crowd as that man found a burst of speed and another gear that the women simply didn’t have.

How pathetic that any man finds that gratifying to beat a bunch of women and trash all their dreams and hard work in the process. Worse yet are the pathetic clowns governing these universities who defend this madness.


The Gateway Pundit reports that a former official from the District Attorney’s Office of Starr County, Texas, has pleaded guilty to smuggling illegal aliens from the border in a government vehicle.


Bernice Annette Garza had been charged with conspiracy to transport people illegally within the United States.

Garza was arrested on December 7, 2022, during a traffic stop near Victoria. According to a report from MY RVG, four illegal aliens were found inside the District Attorney’s office vehicle at that time.

She pleaded guilty last Friday, May 17.

The Express News reports:

“In the car with Garza were Magaly Rosa and her husband, Juan Antonio Charles, both then 40 and part of the smuggling operation, according to court records. The deputy also found four undocumented migrants in the car, records show. They were visibly trembling, were wearing new clothes and appeared to answer questions as though rehearsed,” the complaint says.

Rosa told authorities that Garza had recruited her to smuggle migrants in her county-owned vehicle. She said Garza provided fraudulent court papers that identified migrants as crime victims, the complaint says.

Rosa and her husband operated their home as a stash house for newly arrived migrants, according to the criminal complaint. They would buy them clothes and feed them, and then Garza would pick up the migrants and Rosa in her county vehicle for the trip to Houston, the complaint says.

Garza confessed that she and her co-conspirators had made over 40 trips smuggling the migrants between June and December 2022.

The DA’s office fired Garza on the same day as her arrest.

Garza is scheduled to be sentenced in September.


A Chicago mom who called 911 during a break-in was stuck for hours without help after the dispatcher told her there were no officers available to send her.

The dispatchers also told her to call her representatives to demand more police funding.

The mother has been identified only as “Michelle” because she is afraid of retribution given the fact that the home invaders have not been caught.

NBC Chicago reports that the woman says she left her door open at approximately 12:30 p.m. after letting her dog out, and that’s when two men entered the home.

She told the local NBC affiliate: “I saw two men wearing masks standing inside my house. I screamed – ‘I am calling the police’ and they bolted.”

Michelle and a neighbor ran after the men. Then, she says she called 911.

“They told me dispatch was on the way and wait outside,” she said.

Michelle ended up calling 911 six times without any assistance. She finally asked to speak to a supervisor.

She told the local news outlet:

“A gentleman got on and said sorry to say we have no units to send you…then there was an awkward pause. He also recommended I call my alderman, and I said why — and he said encourage him to hire more police. The dispatcher also asked me if I would consider defending myself …if I had a weapon or considered getting one.”

It took four hours for officers to arrive.

Michelle has now called her alderman, but does not want the police department to be blamed for the long wait, realizing they are understaffed and overwhelmed.


Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.

Utah Senator Mitt Romney, who claims to be a Republican, is out of touch with the party’s base.

Romney, in an interview Sunday on MSNBC, said he laughs at the phrase “America first” and questioned the growing sentiment of what he terms “isolationism” within the GOP.

Romney told host Stephanie Ruhle that, “It’s unimaginable that in the party of Reagan and George Herbert Walker Bush and George W. Bush and John McCain and others that we would see a growing isolationism in our party.”

He also took a shot at Tucker Carlson, blaming him and others for the “populist streak” among conservative Americans.


Notice how he spun that conversation, claiming globalism is always “in our own self interest.” Then he repeated the tired neocon trope comparing Putin to Hitler. Vladimir Putin wants to take over the world. Only a dishonest politician like Romney would make such an idiotic and obviously false statement, and you notice that the lapdog interviewer from MSNBC did not push back on that one iota. They never do.

But these die-hard globalists are a dying breed. Whenever they run for high office they get trounced. Romney, John McCain, Nikki Haley, none of them had a message that resonated with the American people. 

That’s because working Americans are tired of war, sending our tax dollars overseas and adding trillions to the national debt. They see where it’s leading us, to a complete collapse of the dollar and our way of life.

But these globalists will not give up their view of America being the policeman of the world. It’s been very profitable for them and their buddies in the military-industrial complex, and they know they will never have to worry about the downside of their globalist polices, because their sons and daughters, their grandsons and granddaughters, they never have to go overseas to fight and die in their needless wars.

Mitt Romney is, like all globalists, a self-interested political hack who claims to be an advocate of America’s national interest. But their perverted and twisted outlook on the world almost always ends up with flag-draped coffins being flown back to devastated parents.

I won’t be giving my sons or my daughter to defend the globalists’ money interests in Ukraine or anywhere else. 

If America is ever invaded and we need to defend American soil, that’s a different story. 

But we will not give them our sons and daughters to defend another country’s borders halfway across the world. Sorry Mitt. That’s non-negotiable. 

And by the way, Americans are onto you. They know you’re a fraud, just like George W. Bush was a fraud and just like his father was a fraud. Your entire globalist foreign-policy agenda is built on lies concocted over many years by the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and other globalist NGOs that have a stranglehold over our federal agencies, especially the Department of Defense, the CIA and the Department of State.

Hopefully Americans wise up to the lies this next time around when they tell us Putin is going to take over the world if we don’t stop him. It’s just not true. He doesn’t even have the manpower to do that, but he could devastate us with a nuclear strike. And that won’t be fun for the globalists and their families, despite their well-fortified bunkers.

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