Situation Room Briefing: Unmasking Communism with Cliff Kincaid

The topic for the Live Situation Room Briefing will be The Masking of Communism. Many people do not understand that the worldview of Communism is alive and well and it is being promoted within protestant evangelicalism as well as the catholic church and by the schools and the media. Here is the big picture of how Communism once looked and how it looks today as it has been masked through such manifestations as social justice, liberation theology, environmentalism, White Privilege, political correctness (Cultural Marxism), feminism and more. A 2017 poll revealed that the majority of millennials would rather live in a socialist, communist or fascist nation. How can you reverse this thinking in the mind of your child or grandchild? What will the U.S. look like over the next 10 years if this trend is not reversed? How are many evangelicals & respected Bible teachers becoming useful idiots for mainstreaming socialism? Banner