Trump Wins In Supreme Court As Biden Flounders — The StoneZONE w/ Roger Stone

Roger Stone and co-host Troy Smith of Slingshot.News talk about the Supreme Court’s immunity ruling, which means Donald Trump will not stand trial in the tsunami of lawfare conjured up against him by the Biden regime.

Stone and Smith also discuss growing evidence that Dr. Jill Biden is functioning as the de facto President, with Biden himself virtually completely physically and mentally incapacitated. Stone likens the situation to that of President Woodrow Wilson who was felled by a stroke in 1919.

With the assistance of Col. Edward House, the White House Chief of Staff, Edith Galt Wilson was able to shield her incapacitated husband from public view while essentially making all major decisions of government.

Stone said that First Lady Jill Biden’s conduct, coupled with President Biden’s deteriorating condition even at several post-debate events, were still fueling the demand of some Democrats that Biden drop from the race for re-election.

Stone explained that Biden can only be removed as a Nominee with his acquiescence and reiterated his prediction that an open Democratic Convention would confirm former First Lady Michelle Obama as the likely Nominee.


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