The Biggest Names in Evangelicalism Are Embracing Marxianity

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September 11, 2018—17th Anniversary of the 9/11 Attacks


Today is an especially appropriate day for me to write my wrap-up to this book. The Islamo-Nazi war against our culture exploded into full view with the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, yet now, 17 years later, the problem of Marxianity in our midst has made us more susceptible to our enemies than ever.


In Denial


Although we are at war with people who want to destroy our way of life, our country is filled with people who choose not to recognize this. They do not want to identify the ideology, philosophy, and worldview of the Islamo-Nazis. This includes many of our leaders who will not name the threat. Even law enforcement officials have often not yet been trained to identify the threat.

Our FBI has been penetrated by Islamicists at the highest levels. As an example, in my upcoming movie, Sabotage, we show pictures of traitors James Comey and Robert Mueller giving the FBI Director’s Award—the organization’s highest award—to known jihadis when each of them were the director of the FBI. The award recipients were members of the Muslim Brotherhood, which has a long history of destruction, including involvement with Adolph Hitler in exterminating Jews. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem helped organize Adolf Eichmann’s final solution, as described in detail and with video footage in Sabotage.

Government denial of the obvious problem began even before the rubble from the twin towers stopped burning. A few days after 9/11, Muslim Brotherhood agents were accepted and embraced at the highest levels of our government, all the way up to the White House, and today, the problem is even worse. Most American officials seem to have no interest in exposing and rooting out Muslim Brotherhood agents within the government, despite the fact that their true agenda can be fully understood through their involvement as founding architects of the Holocaust.

In 2009, Muslim Brotherhood Leader Yusuf al-Qaradawi declared on Al Jazeera Television, “The last punishment was carried out by Hitler… Allah willing, the next time will be at the hand of the believers.” Yet Muslim Brotherhood agents continue to penetrate our police and sheriff departments, intelligence community, the military, and—as we’ve discussed at length—evangelicalism through such events as interfaith dialogues. America has not learned an important lesson from 9/11. As a result, we have failed to do what we as a nation vowed we would never do: Never forget.

Sadly, we are more of a socialistic nation than ever before. We have not learned the dangers of National Socialism by seeing its impact on Germany through Adolf Hitler, and as was the case in Germany, the church in America has been compromised by leaders we never dreamed would be compromised.


Evangelicals and Their Muslim “Brothers”


We have seen many evangelical leaders speak out of both sides of their mouths. For instance, in September 2018, a group of evangelicals released a document on social justice. Although it ostensibly condemned social justice, many of the signers have aided in the advancement of social justice and Islamic interfaith dialogue.
    One of the signers was John MacArthur, who for years has donated his immense credibility to two of the most prominent social justice organizations in America by being a leader of, and speaker for, Together for the Gospel. Since 2008, MacArthur has taken the stage at Together for the Gospel, with social justice warriors David Platt, John Piper, Matt Chandler, Ligon Duncan, and others. Then there is the Gospel Coalition, all of which we have discussed in great detail in this book.

Even the most casual observer can see that the Coalition is a radical social justice organization. Yet, for more than a decade, MacArthur has continued to bring to his Shepherds’ Conference many Coalition council members such as Mark Dever, Al Mohler, and Ligon Duncan. If MacArthur is so concerned about social justice infiltrating the church, then he might want to actually put into practice what his pen just signed.

Not only was the social justice statement incredibly weak and meaningless, but the unnamed drafters did not have the courage to name the names or organizations that are the biggest promoters of social justice. This is an example of one significant thing I have learned from these people: they will tolerate the greatest of heresies and compromise, as long as it comes from one of the members of their good ol’ boy club. Not only did MacArthur’s ghost writer and executive director of Grace to You ministry defend and affirm James White, he went on vile rants on social media to attack those (including me) who exposed White. To reveal his schizophrenic worldview: Phil Johnson was one of the first to sign this milk-toast social justice statement. Another signer was James White himself. Somehow between interfaith dialogues, he found time to sign onto a document taking issue with social justice while otherwise promoting the Islamic version of the same thing.

Yet another signer was traveling evangelist, Justin Peters, who declared in late 2017, that James White deserved a pass for his interfaith dialogue because of White’s long track record of preaching Calvinism. Peters went so far as to declare that “Islam is not a spiritual threat to the church.” Yet, he thinks social justice is? Evidently, Peters does not understand that Islam promotes social justice.
    Sadly, the actions of these men suggest that far too many ministers and pastors make fools of themselves by speaking about things of which they have little knowledge. But then, as we’ve discussed, that is the way with useful idiots.

By defending White, MacArthur gives theological cover and thereby becomes a veritable case study in orthodoxy versus orthopraxy. In laymen’s terms, he’s ready and willing to have his followers “do as I say and not as I do.” For instance, in a sermon on 2 Corinthians 6:14-17, entitled “Separating from Unbelievers,” MacArthur declared:

[quote] Therefore, any unequal yoking is intolerable; it is both irrational and it is sacrilegious. Can we make spiritual heroes out of the people that violate these commands? I would think rather a call for church discipline would be in order. [end quote]

Evidently, this orthodoxy preached by MacArthur in 2010 was not important enough to work its way into his orthopraxy in June of 2018, since James White was not recommended for church discipline for his interfaith dialogue with an anti-Christ, Islamic Imam. In fact, he was recommended by MacArthur to his church members and seminary students for a week of teaching.

If this were not so serious, it would be funny that MacArthur had James White speak as an expert on Islam, because White is clearly not that. He made numerous false statements about Islam in a radio debate with real Islamic expert, Robert Spencer. White has also become the useful idiot of Muslim Brotherhood Imam Qadhi, which further proves that he is anything but an expert on Islam.

So, how can John MacArthur be concerned about social justice as a threat to the church while affirming and giving a place of honor to a man like James White? In Islam, there is no such thing as compromise, give-and-take, syncretism, or synthesis with America’s constitutional republic and free market capitalism. Once Islam has the upper hand, Islamic social justice will be the Sharia-enforced variety. There will be no allowance for common ground with Americans, Christians, Jews, or anyone else who does not submit 100 percent to Islamic law. As a result, MacArthur, and other signers of the social justice statement, cannot be taken seriously when their compromise reveals an ignorance of how social justice is furthered through Marxist and Islamic coalitions. Unfortunately, the evidence of MacArthur’s compromise gets worse. The very week after he signed the social justice statement, he spoke in Nashville, Tennessee at a conference with some of the country’s major social justice warriors, including Tim Keller, David Platt, John Piper, and J. D. Greear. It makes me believe that MacArthur being a prominent signer of the social justice statement was nothing more than a public relations stunt to appease his donors. If so, however, the tactic has backfired.

Over the past 18 months, my office has received numerous emails and letters from men and women who had supported MacArthur’s ministry for years, but had recently withdrawn their support. These Christians have seen the orthopraxy missing from MacArthur’s work, not to mention his complicity with neo-Marxists, and have jumped ship.

As my radio audience knows, I predicted two months before the social justice statement came out that MacArthur and others would publicly condemn social justice in order to cover their tracks of supporting and giving theological cover to cultural Marxists and their organizations. I predicted it would be used as a PR stunt. If it were not that, the Nashville conference would have provided MacArthur a chance to take the platform and give a 45-minute dressing down of these social justice warriors, their spurious goals, ungodly alliances, and funding by globalist organizations. If I had been invited to speak (fat chance) with such a crowd of compromised change agents present, this is the only way in which I could biblically justify being on the platform with them without violating my own conscience and Scripture. Yet, MacArthur missed a golden opportunity to be the man many of us once thought he was, and he’s not the only one. Matt Chandler continues to reach new lows in what and who he supports.


Politics and the De-churched


Even as I’ve been writing this book, Matt Chandler has publicly sided with the most left-wing political figures in America. He recently praised Barack Obama and claims that people who voted for Donald Trump, did so because they were frightened by the left and transgender bathroom bills. As a result, according to Chandler, you who are on the right “lost your souls.”

We lost our souls because of voting for Donald Trump? Even though the only other electable choice for president in 2016 was Hillary Clinton? Perhaps there were some people who held their noses while voting for Trump, but at least they avoided a liberal disaster. And others did not have to hold their noses. They understood they were not electing a pastor, a Sunday school teacher, an elder, or a deacon. They were voting for a magistrate, and we needed a person like Trump to get some things done.

Plenty of people were more than happy to vote for Donald Trump and support his policies—not necessarily his lifestyle or personal morals—but they agreed with his policies. Since the election, they have appreciated what he’s done in lowering taxes, cutting regulations, bringing jobs back to America, and renegotiating bad treaties and trade deals. They appreciate that he’s moved the U. S. Embassy to Jerusalem. They appreciate the fact that he is defunding the PLO. And supporting these things has lost us our souls?

Oddly, Matt Chandler seems to think he can retain his soul intact while promoting communism. In a recent episode of the HBO series Vice, Matt Chandler discussed evangelicalism and explained the loss of our souls this way:


[quote] I think some of the blind spots on the left is that the left—specifically city left—feels like the country is more progressive than it actually is, and the more it presses, the more it makes conservatives dig in their heels. . . When the bathroom bill had passed–and I’m telling you people were terrified by that bathroom bill–more than anything else, the thought that their children were going to be in the bathroom with the opposite sex – right? . . . that made them go wherever the opposition is to that . . . And then they lost their soul in it, many of them did. [end quote]


It’s hard to believe he’s serious in dismissing the idea that parents should be concerned about transgenders using the bathrooms their kids would be in. Of course, parents have a right to be concerned, whether Matt or other liberals like it or not. Parents have every right to say, “You know, there ought to be a male and female bathroom.”

When asked why most evangelicals voted for Trump, Chandler dismisses real reasons by saying, “I think they’re frightened at the speed at which things are changing culturally. And so, I think they began to grasp for something that might help.” He spoke at length on a news report about the political choices we’ve made: 


Reporter— Do you agree that President Trump isn’t of the utmost moral character?


Matt Chandler—Absolutely. Like, are people arguing other than that?


Reporter—So, this is what I want to ask you. To me, evangelicals prioritize morality, being Christ-like, and yet they played a huge part in getting him elected. . . How did that happen? What do they like about him?


Matt Chandler—I think people are frightened. I think they’re frightened at the speed at which things are changing culturally . . . And so, I think they began to grasp for something that might help. The Obama presidency—great man—some of his policies and some of the ways he rolled out his policies really, really scared evangelicals . . . And without any kind of real help from pastors and ministers to help their people understand, the news media just whipped us into a frenzy.



Evidently, we would have been more disposed to someone other than Trump if our pastors and ministers had simply helped us understand how “great” the alternatives are, and promoted Obama’s Marxist policies mixed with Chandler’s brand of Christianity for Marxianity. Apparently, according to Chandler, the only problem with Obama’s policies is that no one explained to the church Obama’s greatness.

I believe Matt Chandler and many other neo-Calvinists have not only betrayed God, but they’ve betrayed their country. They’re supporting things President Obama was doing that were in direct violation of the Constitution. Yet, Mr. Obama is a great man?

People like Chandler obviously do not agree with our constitutional republic, our national sovereignty, and generally, our way of life. Whether on purpose, or just because they don’t know any better, they’re espousing neo-Marxism. That’s how foolish and depraved they are. They don’t pass the spiritual discernment test, and they don’t pass the doctrinal purity test.

I’m not suggesting that people can attain personal, sinless perfection. We are fallen and all have feet of clay, but we can all maintain purity of doctrine. You can be a very imperfect human being—as I am—but you can proclaim the pure Word of Truth. It’s simply that Chandler and people of his ilk don’t do that.

By wanting churches whose leaders will explain to their flocks the greatness of Barack Obama and his policies, Chandler-ites want “churches” that can be used as a tool of Satan to set up the global Antichrist system, because that’s what Obama was for. He advocated the end of national sovereignty and religious liberty as we know it. He promoted Islam, neo-Marxism, socialism, and the transgender diversity-perversity lifestyle.

And how is this any different than churches that jumped in line with the National Socialist Party in Germany? It’s not. Chandler might as well advocate that we abolish denominations and unite under a bishop picked by Commander/Comrade Obama. To that end, he draws lines that make it clear who fits his vision for a new church and who doesn’t. As Chandler explains:


[quote] My experience with the de-churched—that’s what I would call them, those who grew up in church and have left— is that it’s a sense of hypocrisy that they picked up on, a kind of cowardice among the church to address things that are serious and significant pains of our day.

So, whether that be domestic violence, which the church has just been painfully quiet on, or even things like racial reconciliation, which when you step into those spaces, you’re gonna draw a lot of flak from the evangelical world.

But I think especially around topics like homosexuality, and we’re quick to say it’s a sin, and you know it as sin, which I’m not gonna disagree that I would think, from the Scriptures, that that’s not what ultimately God intends, but to pretend like we’re not talking about human beings with souls who sometimes are deeply conflicted, it’s just a great error. [end quote]


He says cowardice keeps us from addressing these issues, and then he lays out the LGBT, racial reconciliation, white privilege, social justice language. We’re cowards because we hold the biblical line on issues, maintain a biblical worldview, and won’t jump on board with his neo-Marxism. It’s an astounding set-up for forgetting the lessons we shouldn’t have to learn again about how our enemies plan to demolish our culture and freedoms.


Never Say Never—Unfortunately


Big churches and ministries are not the only ones with 9/11 amnesia. Small churches do their part to share the lies and dismiss the lessons of the Holocaust and 9/11. The distressing part of this is that, if during peacetime, a pastor will not call out socialist change agents who have infiltrated evangelicalism, then they are hardly likely to speak up in a time of danger and persecution of conservatives. If they won’t do it now, they won’t do it ever.

Whether we say of the Holocaust “never again” or of 9/11 “never forget,” we should not be providing a way forward for the ideologies responsible for those atrocities. After all, these tragedies did not occur in a vacuum; they occurred because the ideas on which they were based were not opposed by people who should have opposed them.

Many in our military have sacrificed their lives in horrific ways to oppose communists, Marxists, socialists, Nazis, and Islamists. Yet, cowards in evangelicalism will not make non-life-threatening sacrifices to confront socialists when given the chance. Where are men with the courage to say, “I’ll show up at your conference,” and when they get there, speak as modern-day prophets to warn their fellow speakers and especially those who follow them?

Countless young men—many of them teenagers or in their early twenties—had their whole lives before them; they looked forward to dating, getting married, and having children and grandchildren, yet they fought to the death the ideologies of communism, socialism, Nazism, fascism, and Islamicism. Children who would have been theirs were never born. Grandchildren who would have been theirs were never conceived because those men never came home from the battlefield. And some among us, who should stand for the same convictions today, do nothing.

When I watch films of young soldiers storming the beaches of Normandy, I think, “That is a suicide mission.” Yet the landing craft doors open and out they go, many of them knowing they are about to die. You don’t see them cowering in the corner or trying to appease the enemy. They are not looking for dialogue and common ground with the foe. Rather, they die so ideologies of the enemy will not capture the hearts, minds, and freedoms of nations like ours. Nevertheless, today, men who should know better, have been taken captive by the devil.

Seduced by the pride of life, evangelical pretenders are more interested in their social status than in their spiritual stance. They care more about their legacy among worldly men than about being faithful to the legacy of fallen heroes. Pragmatists compromise truth for the promise of profit. Religious professionals have built empires only to be revealed as empty suits or an emperor who has lost his sense and wears no clothes. Preachers boast of their great orthodoxy. Yet, all their words did not burn into their own hearts to produce character that musters the courage for orthopraxy in an hour of great need.

I have listened as my friend and Vietnam veteran, Udell Meyers, told of the horrors of communism in Vietnam—of fighting one moment beside a buddy, only to be splattered with the friend’s brain the next. War is horrible, and I don’t know where such immense courage comes from. How do soldiers muster the courage to confront an enemy and die so horrifically? How do survivors continue to fight when day in and day out they are surrounded by the visions and stench of death? This must be why the World War II generation—and I would say all those who have fought valiantly since then—are called the “greatest generation.”

Yet many of our leaders—both secular and religious—will not confront those who are laying the foundation for the American church to embrace the very socialism that gave rise to Adolph Hitler, the communism that brought about the slaughter of over 500 million lives, the ongoing slaughter of the opponents of Islam-fascism. Where do these people think socialism (a.k.a., social justice) leads? If you deprive people of their property, the only thing left to take is their lives.

People often wonder how the Holocaust happened. How did the German people let such a thing go on? Well, my friends, we’re getting a taste right here, right now, of the answer to that question. We have a front-row-seat to watch it unfold before our eyes.

Compromise is the first step. None of us are perfect, of course, and we all compromise to one degree or another. After all, we live in a sinful, fallen world. We all battle the sin nature, the old man versus the new mind. I’m not suggesting that any of us can truly “go and sin no more.” In fact, with Paul, I believe I am the chief among sinners, but there is a difference between sins of omission and sins of commission.

Some people today knowingly commit sin. They partner with social justice warriors. And that should alarm us because the social justice warriors of bygone generations led to the rise of Adolph Hitler. The men of that era created a false church in Nazi Germany that dissolved denominations and united under the Reich Bishop who was handpicked by Hitler.

The pragmatism of today was the same pragmatism that led to “German Christians” who said, in essence, “We must set aside absolute truth to come together in community for our collective salvation.” Today we have religious leaders who compromise just to build credibility for their own brand of religiosity—whether extreme Calvinism, dominion theology, or replacement theology. Others do it merely because their book publishers demand large public events for book sales and profit.

Whatever the pragmatic reason, though, when you set aside absolute truth to come together in community for some ungodly kind of success, you’re heading down the path of Nazi Germany. I’ve studied for years how the German church was set up to go along with Hitler, and what you’re seeing in America today is the set-up to go along with Islamo-Nazis and the coming Reich revealed in Revelation 17 and 18. That’s why I wrote The Coming Religious Reich—to specifically warn of this threat. There will be international globalism that is nothing less than International Socialism, the twin sister of the National Socialism of the Nazis.

When my grandchildren someday ask me, “How did this happen?” I will name some of the biggest names in evangelicalism. I will say, “These men did not hold the line. These men spoke out of both sides of their mouth. They wrote social justice documents condemning social justice but supported social justice warriors they didn’t have the courage to name in their document, much less call out in public on the platform they shared with them the next week.

“This happened” because men like James White hosted interfaith dialogues with Jew-hating, Holocaust-denying, Hitler-defending, jihadi-preaching imams, and no one condemned them for it. No one condemned them because “ministry” organizations have become about power, money, public relations, marketing, branding, and placing of one’s personal legacy above truth.

How can we, 17 years after 9/11, act so pious in many regards, when we still do not realize that the Muslims who brought terror to our land hate Christians and Jews and regard the United States as the Great Satan? We act horrified by anti-Semitism, yet sit in silence as it breeds within our churches and denominations through replacement theology.

I challenge you to set aside five hours, get on YouTube, and watch testimony from the Nuremberg trials. See what witnesses said at the trial of Adolph Eichmann. Listen to the words of Holocaust survivors. Watch for five hours without stopping, and then see if you don’t join me in disgust over the fact that we, as Christians, have been lulled into a complacency that says everything is fine. Because it’s not fine. We have been groomed not to question certain people because they have long track records. But their track records matter little at this point in light of what they’re doing today.

Like sheep, many have been led into collective thinking that certain people or groups shouldn’t be questioned because they have earned their stripes and are above questioning. But this is why nations fall—because people stop questioning. This is why I warn about the danger of worshiping people in uniform, whether police or military. Certainly, we should honor and respect them when they deserve it—when they keep their oaths to defend the Constitution of United States from enemies foreign and domestic. But I do not honor them simply because they put on a uniform. Many a tin-pot dictator has worn a uniform, but has been a tyrant. We need to be cautious in this regard because even today, our military and police departments are actively recruiting Muslim Brotherhood operatives. I will not respect a uniform disgraced by the traitor disguised for the purpose of jihad. We already tend to blindly accept anyone who puts on a uniform, and such collective thinking is part of setting up Americans to fall in line when Marxists and Islamists get the upper hand and are wearing uniforms.

Similarly, many blindly worship anyone who has the title “pastor” or “reverend” in front of their names. And yet, documentaries about Adolph Hitler and the Holocaust show men with priest collars supporting the advancement of Der Fuehrer. Historical footage shows police officers helping round up the Jews and military men slaughtering them. The common theme is that they’re all wearing uniforms, and many also wear religious garb or crosses around their necks.

The frightening part of where we are right now is that if we fail to “never forget,” then the catastrophes we swore would never happen again will, in fact, happen again. The result will be yet another holocaust against the Jewish people and many Christians—what we would call tribulation saints—during the tribulation.

You may say, “Well, Brannon, it’s going to happen; it’s inevitable. Why get so upset about the inevitable?”

To that, I say it might be inevitable, but the Bible is clear: We are to “come out and be ye separate.” We’re not to be a part of it, and we certainly do not want to be among those who lay the foundation for it to happen. While there will be a false dominant church, none of us should, in any way, aid in its creation. Let not future generations say of us, “They helped to give credibility and theological cover to men who were preaching a social gospel that allowed the church to be infiltrated by men who built the false church, killing the tribulation saints and the Jews.” That will not be my legacy, and I hope it will not be yours. Unfortunately, many men we have respected, though, are providing cover and will not humble themselves to hear this warning. After all, how will it never happen again if these people embrace the very philosophies and ideologies that gave rise to the compromised church that threw in with Adolph Hitler? If you don’t want to forget and don’t want it to ever happen again on your watch, then pay attention to what’s going on, or, mark my word, you will be responsible.


Spiritualism Made the Way for Marxianity


In the early 1970s, a former KGB officer by the name of Yuri Alexandrovich Bezmenov defected to Canada and began to warn Westerners about tactics the communists use for subversion. As his reputation grew, Yuri gave a lengthy interview in 1984 to filmmaker G. Edward Griffin. He explained that the KGB was delighted that New Age spirituality had infiltrated America. Through the practice of yoga, also known as Transcendental Meditation, Americans learned to set aside any negative issues or topics of the day—including vital national security issues—that might diminish their New Age buzz. This is how Bezmenov explained the advantage it gave to the Russians:


[quote] Bezmenov—The KGB was even curious about this gentleman (it may look innocent), Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, a great spiritual leader, or maybe a great charlatan and crook, depending on from which side you are looking at him. [The] Beatles were trained at his ashram in Haridwar in India [in] how to meditate; Mia Farrow and other useful idiots from Hollywood visited his school and they returned back to [the] United States absolutely zonked out of their minds with marijuana, hashish, and crazy ideas of meditation.


To meditate, in other words, to isolate oneself from the current social and political issues of your own country, to get into your own bubble, to forget about [the] troubles of the world—obviously [the] KGB was very fascinated with such a beautiful school, such a brainwashing center for stupid Americans. I was dispatched by the KGB to check [into] what kind of VIP Americans attend this school.


Griffin (referring to a photograph)—That’s you on the left there?


Bezmenov—Yes, I’m on the left. I was trying to get enrolled in that school. Unfortunately, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi asked too much; he wanted 500 American dollars for enrollment. But my function was not actually to get enrolled in this school. My function was to discover what kind of people from [the] United States attend this school. And we discovered that yes, there are some [members of influential families], public opinion-makers of [the] United States, who come back with the crazy stories about Indian philosophy.


Indians themselves look upon them as idiots, useful idiots, to say nothing about [the] KGB who looked upon them as extremely naïve, misguided people. Obviously, a VIP, say a wife of a Congressman, or a prominent Hollywood personality, after being trained in that school, is much more instrumental in the hands of manipulators of public opinion, and [the] KGB, than a normal person, who understands, who looks through this type of fake religious training.


Griffin—Why would they be more susceptible to manipulation?


Bezmenov—I just mentioned it. Because, you see, a person who is too much involved in introspective meditation, you see, if you carefully look [at] what Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is teaching to Americans, [it] is that most of the problems, most of the burning issues of today, can be solved simply by meditating. Don’t rock the boat, don’t get involved. Just sit down, look at your navel, and meditate. And the things, due to some strange logic, due to cosmic vibration, will settle down by themselves.


This is exactly what the KGB and Marxist-Leninist propaganda want from Americans. To distract their opinion, attention, and mental energy from [the] real issues of [the] United States, into [non-issues], into a non-world, non-existent harmony. Obviously, it’s more beneficial for the Soviet aggressors to have a bunch of duped Americans than Americans who are self-conscious, healthy, physically fit, and alert to the reality.


Maharishi Mahesh Yogi obviously is not on the payroll of the KGB, but whether he knows it or not, he contributes greatly to [the] demoralization of American society. And he is not the only one. There are hundreds of those gurus who come to your country to capitalize on [the] naïveté and stupidity of Americans. It’s a fashion. It’s a fashion to meditate; it’s a fashion not to be involved.


So obviously you can see that if [the] KGB were that curious, if they paid [for] my trip to Haridwar, if they assigned me to that strange job, obviously they were very much fascinated. They were convinced that that type of brainwashing is very efficient and instrumental in [the] demoralization of [the] United States. [end quote]


Fast-forward to now, and this same don’t-worry-about-the-hard-issues mindset affects much of modern-day evangelicalism. The spiritualism of the twentieth century prepared the way for the toothless evangelicalism of the twenty-first century. Far too many evangelical Christians have no time for what they see as negative or doom-and-gloom news, regardless of how vital the knowledge may be to national security and maintaining the liberties of our Constitutional Republic. In fact, the problem has become so severe, that those we thought were serious contenders for the faith have turned out to be otherwise. In late 2017, for instance, a “discernment” conference in Ohio hosted several speakers who were pastors, professional evangelists, and even the executive director and ghost writer for John MacArthur’s Grace to You.

At the conference, one of the speakers who answered a question from the audience about yoga, explained that his pastor was the chairman of the board of Holy Yoga. The name “Holy Yoga” itself is a disturbing oxymoron since yoga means yoke or union with a Hindu god. Yet, the host of this “discernment” conference told the group he was not going to separate from his pastor over this issue. Ironically, the theme of the conference was all about judging rightly, and yet the guest speakers—the “experts”—on the platform said nothing (except one who spoke up) about this shocking revelation.

Worse, one pastor from the East Coast made a joke about it, and John MacArthur’s right hand man, Phil Johnson, said he would pass on commenting. Some of the same men that would not condemn the interfaith dialogue of James White with a Jihadi Imam were among those that day who would not condemn the blasphemous idea of Holy Yoga.

When evangelical leaders turn out to be all talk and no action on major public issues facing the church, then we can better understand how Marxianity has become a dominant worldview within evangelicalism. But I promise you this, they still make a show of stepping into the pulpit and speaking grand words of how they contend for the faith and how false teaching must be rooted out and exposed. Those who do this are not just paper tigers; they are paper pastors—good at reading words on paper and calling it a sermon, but with no works to back up their lofty language when the opportunity presents itself. After all, how hard should it be for a well-informed, dedicated preacher to explain the fallacy of Holy Yoga or interfaith dialogue with a Jihadi?


Post-Communist Evangelicalism


My friend Thomas Littleton has been a real encouragement to me. A guest many times on my radio program, he always shares fascinating research with my listeners.

Before becoming good friends in early 2018, Tom and I had independently come to some of the same conclusions about trends, people, groups, and worldviews we were tracking. Later in 2018, Tom wrote an article that truly showed how far we have come. To his conclusions, I add my own assessment that we are now living in a post-communist America that is being furthered by a post-communist evangelicalism. Why? Because people have come to tolerate the cultural Marxism and socialism we see in America today. In fact, the communists of the 1930s and 1940s may have hoped for (but would never have dreamed possible) to achieve this level of acceptance. Neither would they have imagined the extent to which evangelicalism has embraced the merger of Marxism and Christianity. Early communists readily believed they could infiltrate liberal mainline churches, but they would not have conceived that the so-called conservative right of evangelicalism would produce so many useful idiots willing to promote their ideology through social justice, white privilege, human flourishing, common good, shared responsibility, sustainable development, and countless other masking terms for communist ideology.

We should all be equally shocked. Did you ever think you would see the day when “Pastor” Mark Dever of the Gospel Coalition, Together for the Gospel, and an annual speaker for John MacArthur’s Shepherds’ Conference would endorse a cultural Marxist agenda that seeks to mainstream the radical LGBTQ agenda into mainstream evangelicalism?

Here’s how Thomas Littleton sees this feeding the Marxist agenda:


[quote] In America, the Evangelical leadership of Albert Mohler, Russell Moore, Tim Keller, The Gospel Coalition, and The Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission of The Southern Baptist Convention have lately presumed to take on the task of remodeling God’s design for the family. They now attack the “Idolatry of Family” and assert we must replace it with an inclusive and expanding village Church family. In America, the end of innocence may be at hand, bringing God’s judgment with it. Let us look soberly at where we have arrived in the parade of exhausting and relentless forced conversations and endless conferencing led by the court jesters we have allowed in leadership.


Freshly off their promotion of the radical Revoice Conference and hosting of Tim Keller and his wife Kathy for a “Gay Christianity” extravaganza in London, Living Out stepped into the global spotlight to promote a Church Audit for LGBTQ+ Inclusion as its conference legacy. They declared:


“At our Identity in Christ conference with Tim & Kathy Keller in June 2018, we launched our Living Out Church Audit—a tool to help church leadership teams answer this key question: how biblically inclusive is your church? Unsurprisingly our focus is on those who might identify as LGBTQ+/same-sex attracted: Jesus included all in a counter-cultural way and we hope this audit will help our churches follow His lead.”


Number 7 of the 10-point survey includes:

A godly Christian’s sexual orientation would never prevent them from exercising their spiritual gifts or serving in leadership in your church.

True / False / Not Sure


Number 9 of the 10-point survey includes:


Church family members instinctively share meals, homes, holidays, festivals, money, children with others from different backgrounds and life situations to them.

True / False / Not Sure


Number 10 of the 10-point survey includes:


No-one would be pressured into expecting or seeking any “healing” or

change that God has not promised any of us until the renewal of all things.

True / False / Not Sure [end quote]


So, now cultural Marxists are going to convince “conservative evangelicals” that overt same-sex-attracted adults should be church leaders and have access to your children by “sharing” them, and your church will not encourage them to change by the power of the gospel, the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, and biblical sanctification? In keeping with this tragic reality, the Living Out website announces that Mark Dever’s Capital Hill Baptist Church is hosting, with Del Ray Baptist Church, a Living Out Conference on November 14, 2018 in Alexandria, Virginia. This is the same Mark Dever who serves on Russell Moore’s liberal Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, and the same Mark Dever who is a council member with the Gospel Coalition, speaks at Together For the Gospel and has been a keynote speaker for John MacArthur’s Shepherds’ conference for years, even after it was known he was promoting extreme liberalism within evangelicalism.


Where We Stand: The False Church Versus the True Church


Throughout this book, I’ve reviewed various aspects of the true church compared to the false church. To summarize what is at stake, I’ll conclude with a specific overview of the beliefs and practices that contrast the true church with the growing false dominant church.

  1. We, the true church, preach the biblical gospel; they promote a social gospel.
  2. We believe in individual salvation; they believe in collective salvation. This concept of collective salvation holds that if we simply all come together in consensus, solve the world’s problems, transform the world, set the right environment, then people will change, good will prevail, and the kingdom of God will be ushered in.
  3. We believe in the Great Commission; they believe in cultural transformation.
  4. We believe in making biblical disciples; they believe in making community activists.
  5. We believe in biblical pastors; they believe in community organizers.
  6. We believe in biblical unity; they believe in group consensus.
  7. We believe that we should be exegeting the Scriptures and teaching it in context. They believe they should be contextualizing the Scriptures and making it conform to culture through the dialectic.
  8. We believe God brings His kingdom; they believe they build the kingdom. And to be sure, they are building a kingdom, but it is the kingdom of Antichrist.
  9. We believe in biblical theology; they believe in liberation theology.
  10. We are persecuted for speaking truth; they persecute those who speak the truth.
  11. We are marginalized and vilified for speaking the truth; they marginalize and vilify those speaking the truth.
  12. We believe that Jesus focused on spiritual poverty; they believe Jesus was focusing on material poverty.
  13. We believe the Church is to go into the world and preach the gospel; they believe the world is to be brought into the church.
  14. We believe righteousness and unrighteousness do not mix; they believe righteousness and unrighteousness bring a third way.
  15. We believe compromise brings calamity; they believe that compromise brings community.
  16. We believe the world will end with the judgment of God; they believe the world will evolve into heaven on earth.
  17. We believe in spiritual warfare; they believe in class warfare.
  18. We believe in individual responsibility; they believe in collective responsibility.
  19. We believe that the Holy Spirit and the Word changes lives; they believe the right economic and cultural environment changes lives.


Facing this dichotomy between true and false church, many Christians know something is wrong, but they cannot fully understand what it is. To help those who want the truth, I believe God has providentially provided a select group of leaders to encourage, equip, and train Christians—the Bereans, the remnant—to understand the times and know how God would have us respond.

There is no secret, complex formula for our mission. In fact, it’s quite simple: follow the Great Commission to make disciples. Peter Marshall, famed chaplain of the U. S. Senate from 1947 to 1949, told us how to view our call to faithfulness in light of the current apostasy when he said, “Better to fail in a cause that will ultimately succeed than to succeed in a cause that will ultimately fail.” My friends, even when it looks like we’re losing, we must recognize that Christ is winning.

We may look around and think, “Things are changing; this is not the same country or the same church I grew up in; it’s not the same denomination.” And indeed, these things are changing, but the stage is being set. Bible prophecy is being fulfilled, and we have a front row seat to watch the growing false dominant church. The question is: Will we follow the admonishment of Apostle Paul in Acts 20 to warn the true church of men who have risen from within to deceive the faithful, or will we be intimidated into silence by their popularity? Will we be silenced by their lies and personal attacks? By their twisting of scripture and by their willingness to appease the opposition? Our answer to these questions is a resounding NO! Together, we will continue to follow the biblical response of Acts 20 and Jude 3 to encourage, equip, and edify the saints who refuse to take part in the false dominant church.

This is what we’re doing at Worldview Weekend, and you can participate in our work and ministry each and every day at,, or Everything we do is intended to hold fast against the destruction of truth. Each day we distribute new radio programs of our faithful radio hosts and Bible teachers. We produce television programs from our Memphis, Tennessee studio, and you can watch them on your computer, smart phone, iPad, or Roku—all for free as part of our broadcast ministry. It’s our way of helping you fight the good fight against the noxious blending of Christianity and Marxism. By joining together, we will stand against Marxianity!

Thank you for being a co-laborer.

Brannon Howse
Worldview Weekend
Worldview Weekend Foundation


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