Common Enemy, Uncommon Friendships

NOTE: The following is protected by federal copyright law and is an excerpt from the book Marxianity written by Brannon Howse and is not to be published online. The footnotes that document the content in this article are found in the book Marxianity or the eBook.

The sinister problem with the Gamaliel Network is that it organizes under the auspices of an interfaith dialogue and interfaith networks. Yet, it is a Marxist group, another example of the red/green axis at work—Muslims and Marxists working together to shut down those who oppose their worldviews. Although at some point, the two ultimately incompatible groups will determine who’s in charge, for now they work together under the premise that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Both Marxists and Islamists are committed to using interfaith dialogue and interfaith campaigns to infiltrate religious organizations, so-called churches, for a religious Trojan horse that poses a serious national security threat.

Under the guise of Christianity, interfaith groups persuade churches to participate. The assemblage of hirelings, false teachers, Muslims, Unitarians, Universalists, and New Agers hijack religious terms, re-casting Jesus as a ‘social justice warrior’ bent on ending what they say are the consequences of capitalism. Unemployment, for instance, is supposedly a result of capitalistic greed. Yet as of this writing, in September 2018, more open jobs are available in America than we have people to fill them. Still, the “organizers” moan about unemployment. It’s part of the Alinsky playbook. Alinsky declared:


[quote] An organizer must stir up dissatisfaction and discontent. He must create a mechanism that can drain all the underlying guilt for having accepted the previous situation for so long. Out of this mechanism a new community organization arises. [end quote]


The odd bedfellows see America as the common enemy. Christianity is the foe; capitalism is the foe. Both Muslims and Marxists want a revolution in America. Social justice is a major tenet of Marxism, but did you know it was also a major tenet of Islam? Both groups are tyrannical and thus they have much common ground from which to nurture and grow their red-green axis of evil, and groups like the Gamaliel Network provide important linkage for their work together. They currently have organized this Marxist interfaith network formally in 17 states (to see if yours is one of them, simply Google “[state name] interfaith network”). Many of their affiliates have biblical-sounding names such as Esther, Isaac, Jonah, and Wisdom. Even in states where the network has not been formalized, chances are still good that multiple Marxist, Muslim, red/green axis interfaith groups are at work.

The Gamaliel Network has even seen fit to boast on its social media about shutting down the Worldview Weekend events I told you about earlier. It’s Wisconsin affiliate, Wisdom, gushed to its members:


[quote] Thanks to many, many phone calls and expressions of concerns, the Understanding the Threat group canceled the workshop it planned for April 9th . . . after being exposed in Green Bay and Pewaukee, they shut down their entire planned Midwest tour. This is a group the Southern Poverty Law Center categorizes as an anti-Muslim hate group. Make no mistake, they canceled their recruiting events because so many of you called the venues to let them know what kind of group was attempting to use their facilities. Congratulations. [end quote]


Worldview Weekend, of course, is the “Understanding the Threat group” the quotation refers to.

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