Compromised Evangelical Leaders Are The Bridge For The Coming World Government

NOTE: The following is protected by federal copyright law and is an excerpt from the book Marxianity written by Brannon Howse and is not to be published online. The footnotes that document the content in this article are found in the book Marxianity or the eBook.


Pulling mainstream evangelicalism into the false dominant church is crucial to the success of the one-world strategy. Satan needs the “conservative” right to close ranks with the left in order to marginalize those of us who won’t go along. I’ve written extensively about this in my previous books Religious Trojan Horse and The Coming Religious Reich (“reich” means empire or kingdom).

Often, the attacks on people like me are not even based on the arguments raised, the facts in play, or the theological points being made. The attacks are personal—even against our families. This is because many in evangelicalism are being exposed. Many people we thought we could trust, we’re finding out, are bearing dangerous fruit.

When I wrote Grave Influence in 2009, I examined 21 left-wing radicals whose worldviews exert tremendous influence on America, even though all are long dead. I focused on these leftists and received virtually no pushback from the evangelical world. Now, though, the influence of those radicals has had its effect on the mainstream, and I’m exposing what’s going on among the right. This time, the reaction is wholly different.

Many on the evangelical right are involved in pragmatism. They want power and money. Profit is the driving motive behind their “ministries.” As a result, they are trapped by the snares of the devil. Often, they are compromised by millennials who have bought into social justice, neo-Calvinism, and neo-evangelicalism. The left and right are merging.

The backlash is severe. And because they can’t debate truth-tellers on the basis of documentation and facts, they try to destroy our character. Many have attempted to undermine the reputation and credibility of my ministry, for instance.

You would hope a true believer, indwelt by the Holy Spirit, could handle the truth and say, “Whoa, wait a minute! Thank you for showing me that!” The Holy Spirit would convict the offender, so he or she could repent and get back on the right side. Sadly, though, that is not the case. Rather, they form what could be called an “evangelical mafia” to attack the truth tellers. This is a key to Satan’s strategy of merging the left and the right, and I believe there are three reasons why he so badly needs both together.


Reason #1: The coming global system is based on a mixture of socialism and capitalism that many evangelical leaders support.


Most mainline, leftists advocate pure socialism. These would be the Democrats and those in the mainline liberal churches. Those on the right, though—many of whom are Republicans—want to mix socialism with capitalism through social justice, and this second option is the basis for Satan’s one world system.

Revelation 18 tells us that the one world religious system is based on the merging of world governments, corporations, and religion. So, if you’re going to have corporations, merchants, trading, buying-and-selling, and shipping and transportation, there must be some form of capitalism in play. Hence, the right now embraces communitarianism. It’s largely the right that is willing to mix socialism with capitalism. Some degree of a free market is required to fund the system and keep it afloat.


Reason #2: It will take compromised mainstream evangelical leaders to bridge the left and the right and form a false dominant church.


Revelation 17:1 speaks of that false dominant church: “Then one of the seven angels who had the seven bowls came and spoke with me saying, ‘come and hear and I will show you the judgment of the great harlot who sits on many waters.’” And in verse 3: “He carried me away in the spirit into a wilderness, and I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast.” The great harlot is a false dominant global church used by the Antichrist to build a global system. Then in the middle of chapter 17, the Antichrist and his ten world assistants devour her. Suddenly, the false church is gone. It is replaced by an entirely new religion built on worship of the Antichrist. Compromised mainstream evangelical leaders are the bridge.

This situation underscores the reason you should never put your trust in one Bible teacher and assume you can get all your theology from one particular leader (not even me!). You should build it around the study of the Bible. Otherwise, you will be greatly disappointed to discover that the one you trusted has been compromised.


Reason #3: It will take mainstream evangelical leaders to paint thinking conservative Christians as the source of all suffering and oppression.


If the people on the left say people on the right are bad, it has little effect. After all, “they’re the enemy.” But when evangelical leaders point out “troublemakers,” extremists, homophobes, Islamophobes, or haters, others on the right take notice. It becomes easier to paint those who won’t go along as selfish or greedy because they won’t join in the cause of social justice. Mainstream evangelical leaders are needed to give approval for the persecution of true saints. If a false dominant church is to be built, you will need the right and the left. Rick Warren has said as much. After all, a bird needs ‘both a left and right wing in order to fly.’


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