Evidence that the Dominion Theology, the New Apostolic Reformation and New Religous Right Crowds Are Working With the Globalists

Welcome to the program.  Glad you’re with us.  Well, put your seatbelts on, folks.  I’ve been doing tons of research the last few days, and now I’m ready to start bringing some of it to you, and it’s gonna be very, very revealing and shocking, and it’s going to show us what I’ve been laying out, which is that the Dominion Theology crowd and the Globalists are working hand in hand. 

Let me repeat that.  The Dominion Theology crowd, the New Apostolic Reformation crowd that says we have to elect Christians to office in America and around the world and then when we establish God’s Kingdom on earth, Christ can return and only then.  And that includes your Cindy Jacobs and your C. Peter Wagners and Rick Joyners and these folks.

Well, my friends, I’ve been telling you for months that we have the information, the proof that the Globalists and the Dominion Theology crowd are merging together, and now I’m ready to reveal some of it to you.

Newt Gingrich is surrounded the Dominion Theology New Apostolic players.  Why the media has not picked up on this I don't know.  All I can say is a few United States Congress people, who I really like and respect, better wake up, smell the coffee and move away from these people fast because the media, including People for the American Way and their Right Wing Watch website, has figured this out months ago and is writing about it and has been for months.

They’re even writing about the fact that I am uncovering this stuff and talking about it.  And quite frankly, it’s kind of funny because basically the People for the American Way and their Right Wing Watch website I’m sure they think I’m a nut.  But they don’t think I’m as nutty as, well, Cindy Jacobs and Rick Joyner and Janet Folger-Porter and some of these other folks that they write about extensively.  They actually say – they’re actually talking about the fact that House is explaining who these people are, and I’ve explained to you before that the New Apostolic Reformation crowd makes the secularists like People for the American Way, which is a very liberal organization, but it makes them very nervous. 

And I’ve told you they actually make me nervous because when you start reading about the New Apostolic Reformation and their Joel’s Army and Rick Joyner’s call for him civil war inside the church to deal with those of us who are holding too rigidly to doctrine.  When you talk about these people who think they get extra-biblical revelation, they’re having visions and dreams and they’re going to heaven and talking to Paul, as Rick Joyner’s written about, and receiving information from the angel Wisdom, the talking angel.  This is all very strange and, quite frankly, in my opinion it’s right on the edge of – well, it’s not on the edge.  I believe it’s actually moving into the occult.  I believe it’s actually fooling around with the occult for even Satan appears as an angel of light.

If another comes to you, even an angel preaching another gospel, I believe these folks are fooling around with transcendental meditation they call “contemplative prayer,” “Christian yoga,” which is really nothing more than yoga.  I believe this is where we are seeing this spirituality of the Globalists and Mother Earth and the worship of Mother Earth merging with the New Apostolic crowd, and I’ve told you before to look out for it.

Now, Gingrich this last week – and I’m gonna get into Newt.  Newt is not a Conservative, okay.  He is a Globalist and he is a Third Way.  Remember I was talking about the Third Way, thesis/antithesis, idea/opposite idea?  They conflict.  They merge or they converge together or they synthesize together and produce a new thesis?  Newt Gingrich is a huge fan of the Third Way, huge fan of the Third Way by his own words, and I’ll prove that to you today.

It was in the Yahoo! News, an article March 28th.  Holly Bailey wrote it.  “Newt Gingrich Evangelicals with the Help of  Controversial Pastor.”  Listen to this.  “Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is working hard to make inroads with Evangelical Christian voters ahead of his expected 2012 presidential bid, and he’s turned to a controversial figure from the 2008 campaign to help him to do that.  On Sunday Gingrich was the key speaker at Cornerstone Church, a San Antonio megachurch headed up by Pastor John Hagee.”

Okay so Hagee, huh, interesting.  Hagee.  Hagee is quite a controversial fellow with some of the things he’s said about Jews making it into heaven without repentance and different things.  So he’s gonna go, Gingrich, and speak as he did this last Sunday to John Hagee’s church.  So the Evangelicals now are jumping on the band wagon, many of them, of Newt Gingrich.  But do they even know who Newt is?

The article _______________ a Pew Research Center poll released last week found Mike Huckabee narrowly leading Mit Romney 21 percent to 20 percent amongst self-described evangelicals.  Sara Palin trailed with 16 percent support followed by Gingrich at 11 percent.  But if Huckabee and Palin opt out of the race, as some suspect they will, it’s unclear who voters would be – it’s unclear who would be voters’ second choice.  So, folks, don’t count out Newt Gingrich yet. 

“Speaking at Cornerstone Church,” the article says, “on Sunday the former House Speaker expressed worries about the nation losing its faith and becoming a ‘secular atheist country’, a talk that earned him a standing ovation per the San Antonio Express’s News Abby Levy.  Gingrich said, quote, ‘The heart of our faith is that this is a temporary moment on a much longer journey and that we should spend this life preparing for a much larger life,’” end quote.  What does that mean?  What does that mean, Newt?  That could be New Age talk for all we know.  What does that mean?

Gingrich said, quote, “If you live purely secularly and you believe there is no much larger life, then all of this is very foolishness,” end quote.  And again, what does that mean, Newt?  A New Ager could say that.  Newt, by the way, is a Catholic.  He’s gone from being a Baptist to a Catholic.  He’s on his third marriage, and he’s been out there pushing this whole rediscovering God in America, and it was shown to churches all across the country with such speakers as David Barton.

Now, who is Jim Garlow?  Jim Garlow is the pastor that I told you about last year who wrote a five-page memo saying this coming from Christian Post, August 27th.  “’I have listened and watched very carefully regarding clues to Glen’s spiritual condition,’ said the lead pastor of Skyline Wesleyan Church in La Mesa, California.”  That would be Jim Garlow.  Quote, “I have interviewed several people who have been with him and who have talked very specifically with him regarding his own personal salvation,’ he said.  According to Garlow, Beck has said unequivocally – that was in quotes – that he relies on the atonement of Jesus on the cross for forgiveness for his sins.  Quote, ‘And those are mostly exact words,’ unquote, Garlow recalled in a five-page memo released this past Tuesday.  Quote, ‘Few people use the term atonement.  Glenn did,’” end quote.

Quote, “I have interviewed persons who have talked specifically with Glen about his personal salvation, persons extremely well-known in Christianity, and they have affirmed using language Evangelicals understand Glen is saved.  He understands receiving Christ as Savior,” end quote.

Now, again, I’ve said where’s Garlow coming out saying, “Hey, now that Beck has put out his book on Seven Wonders That Will Change Your Life where he says he believes God’s been within all of us since before we were born. There’s no Lake of Fire.  He quotes the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas, quotes Buddha, quotes Gandhi.  He talks about your truth, my truth 23 times, says no one is born with being evil, so he doesn’t believe in original sin, says he’s a devout Mormon, knows every Mormon doctrine.  He’s even studied the anti-Mormon websites.  Where’s Garlow now saying, “Hmm, maybe I had that wrong?”

If you go to Amazon.com – and this is all connected up to Newt Gingrich because Jim Garlow heads up Newt Gingrich’s organization.  Newt Gingrich appointed him and tapped him to be head of a group called “Renewing America.”  So you say what is the connection between Jim Garlow and Newt Gingrich?  Well, that’s it.  And now if you go to Amazon.com, you’ll see Jim Garlow has written a book called The Reformer’s Pledge, The Reformer’s Pledge.  And who did he write the book with?  The Reformer’s Pledge, according to Amazon.com, is an exciting collection of ten essays by the following respected and dedicated church leaders.  C. Peter Wagner’s one of them.  Oh, C. Peter Wagner, the guy that mentored Rick Warren, according to Rick Warren’s own front page of his doctorate, his advisor and mentor C. Peter Wagner.

C. Peter Wagner is the man that installed into the Apostolic Ministry the dude down in Florida.  What’s his name?  Todd Bentley.  Remember Todd Bentley who was also talking to some angel?  So C. Peter Wagner is a big part of this whole New Apostolic Reformation, Dominion Theology, Kingdom Now.  So the book Reformer’s Pledge has got all these authors.  Ten essays by the following respected and dedicated church leaders:  C. Peter Wagner, Jim Garlow, Cindy Jacobs.  Oh, Cindy Jacobs, the woman who goes around prophesying all the time.  Put her name into a search engine and look for the videos.  You’ll see Cindy Jacobs doing her thing, prophesying telling you what the Lord’s told her and yet, of course, there she is running over to Liberty University to sit and be on a forum, political forum with Richard Land of the Southern Baptist, and Rick Joyner was there in 2009 or 2010.  In fact, if you look on the website now for this Awakening 2011 conference coming up, I think, next week you’ll see the Cindy Jacobs organization’s the sponsor again.  This is really getting weird.  I mean, groups you never thought would work together are now working together.

Who else included in this book?  Lance Wallnau, W-A-L-L-N-A-U, Wallnau?  I don't know if I’m saying his name right or not.  And a bunch of other folks, Lou Engle, Lou Engle.  These are all your Dominion Theology people.  Lou Engle, in fact, Lou Engle last year Gingrich appeared alongside Engle – this would’ve been in 2009 – at a Rediscovering God in America conference, where news reports say that Engle laid hands upon Gingrich and prayed God’s protection for him.  And not long after that is when Gingrich formed his Renewing America leadership organization and tapped Jim Garlow to work on that with him, and Garlow is the chairman of the organization.  And he’s now chairman of this organization for Newt, and all these folks just had their Rediscovering God conference that they put all over the Internet and churches were downloading.

When I come back, I’ll play some sound clips and tell you why are these folks working with a globalist like Newt Gingrich, and Newt is a Globalist big time. He believes in the Third Way, a mixture of socialism with capitalism.  I’ll prove it.  Don’t go away.

Welcome back to the program.  Glad you are with us.  Brannon Howse here.  Website’s worldviewweekend.com, worldviewweekend.com.  And we’re talking about really how the Globalists are working with the New Apostolic Reformation crowd.  I want to correct one thing.  I don’t see that Jim Garlow was a part of the Rediscovering God event that took place over the weekend.  I don’t see him in that event.  But the rediscovering God event I do see on there Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee, David Barton, and I’m very concerned that these folks are the New Apostolic Reformation crowd, if you will, has latched onto Newt.  And I’m proving to you that the New Apostolic crowd, which wants to create God’s Kingdom here on Earth so Christ can return, has latched onto with a Globalist like Newt Gingrich.

Now, Jim Garlow and David Barton are good friends and they have worked together. They have sponsored tours together.  According to reports, they have reportedly appeared on the Glenn Beck Show together.  In fact, Jim Garlow says that, “Day 6, we toured Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell and the many sights associated with our nation’s founding.  In the meantime, David Barton and I flew back to New York to be on the Glenn Beck Show with a group of about seven, eight pastors/Christian leaders.  Lance Wallnau, W-A-L-L-N-A-U, flew in from Dallas to speak to the group in Philadelphia.  Lance was, as usual, exceptional in laying out how to see the culture transformed.  After the show, Dave and I flew back to Philadelphia to catch up with the group once again.”

Well, this Lance guy that also wrote this book in part with Jim Garlow, The Reformer’s Pledge, and C. Peter Wagner and Cindy Jacobs.  Lance is one of the guys pushing the whole Seven Mountain Strategy of taking Dominion.  And unfortunately, David Barton clearly has thrown his hat into the ring of the New Apostolic Reformation crowd, and that’s very, very sad.  And then, of course, as a result he doesn’t speak for us anymore.  He’s also clearly against my personal conversation with him asking him not to be involved with Glenn Beck’s Black Robe Regiment, which he organized, he told me he organized, because when I wrote an article about it saying, hey, Glenn Beck’s Divine Destiny or God’s Word, I put that out to over 200,000 people on our email list last August, David sent me an email and said, “Hey, I’m getting some phone calls about your article.”

So I called him and I said what do you mean you’re getting some phone calls?  What’s your concerns?  And why would pastors be calling you about my article, which is what he told me on the phone.  And these pastors were looking to back out of the 8/27, 8/28 events at the Kennedy Center and the Lincoln Memorial with Beck.  And I said why would they be calling you?  And he said, “Because I’m the one that put together the Black Robe Regiment.”  And I’m like you’re kidding me!  Why would you do that?  Why would you do that when Glen has clearly said this is to unite all faiths and look to one God?  And David and I had a very cordial conversation.  He’s been a friend for many, many, many years, been in my home and traveled with me and has been very, very gracious to me and very, very kind to me.  And this is very difficult, folks.  This is very difficult because he’s been one of my good, good friends for a long time.

But I pleaded with him not to take part in this, that it was gonna be an ecumenical pluralistic event and he said it wasn’t.  And I said I don’t care what your intentions are.  Beck has already decided what his are, and he’s stated it:  Unite all faiths and look to one God.

Well, he’s continued to go on his show and continued to be a part of that.  I also warned David back in March of 2008 when I was tipped off by a talk show host and a journalist that David was going to appear on a video called The Source of the Secret.  And I went to the website and saw him on this trailer and I said to the journalist give me a chance to call him.  David may not realize what this is, and maybe I can convince him that this is not right.  He shouldn’t be on this video.

So I called him and I said, David, you’re on this video that’s coming out with all these other guys promoting The Source of the Secret, the Law of Attraction.  Well, the Law of Attraction is the same thing Oprah Winfrey’s promoting. It’s completely unbiblical.  And in my conversation in March of 2008 on the phone he informed me that, yes indeed, what Oprah is doing is unbiblical. But what we’re gonna talk about is the biblical way of the Law of Attraction.  And I’m sorry, agree or disagree with me if you want, folks.  I don’t see anywhere in the scriptures this word of faith, name it and claim it, law of attraction, power of your mind garbage.

And the video – that was back in 2008.  The video kind of disappeared and went away, and I thought that maybe he took my advice and got himself off that video and maybe I hoped he understood what I was saying and that he’d changed his position on it.  But I just found out this week that that video went ahead and came out, and you’ll find David and his picture on websites with quotes talking about the Law of Attraction.  And according to one website, the video that features – you know, it was filmed a couple years ago – features Oral Roberts and a whole host of name it and claim it, word of faith people aired on TBN last May.  Well, that’s a real problem.

So it’s sad to me that my friend David Barton has clearly thrown his hat in the ring with the New Apostolic word of faith, name it and claim it, Dominion Theology crowd and hanging out with these people.  And so, as a result, he’s not speaking for us anymore, and it’s been a rather expensive deal because I’ve pulled books and DVDs , and we’ve produced some the DVDs and literally have got thousands of dollars in books and DVDs that what are we gonna do with them?

Now, to be honest with you, my friends, I could’ve kept my mouth shut.  I could’ve kept my mouth shut and just sold the stuff and been done with it, but I’m not doing that.  This is also very, very hard for me because this is a dear – has been a deal friend, and I’ve warned him about partnering up with Beck.  I warned him on the phone in 2008 about being on this video.  So I have done my part to quietly warn him, but he has publically made his decision.

And I was put on the spot this last weekend at a Calvary Chapel Prophecy conference along with two other speakers, Mark Hitchcock and Tommy Ice, from the audience asking what is the deal with David Barton?  And Mark Hitchcock said, “Well, I don’t really know a whole lot.  Brannon knows him pretty well, and maybe he can answer it.”  And Mark handed the mike to Tommy Ice.  Tommy Ice gave his opinion on the whole thing because he’s been following it, and then they passed the mike to me.  And I just had to say that he’s been a dear friend for many years and has chosen the path he’s chosen, and he doesn’t speak for us anymore because I do not align with the word of faith, name it and claim it, prosperity gospel, law of attraction crowd.

I hope that the audience can learn from this in that if I can do this, you can do this in your own personal setting that maybe isn’t on a national level.  In other words, you may find yourself having to lovingly, as I’m trying to do and have tried to do for months and months and months.  But this has come to a point where I’ve had no choice but to talk about it publically because that conference is being recorded and will now be distributed.

And I’m just getting too many emails, too many Facebook inquiries, too many people coming up to me at conferences wanting to know “what is your position on all of this because of your close ties of – with David Barton in producing DVDs featuring him?”

So I have to make it clear this is where we’re at.  We are not in the Dominion Theology crowd.  In fact, as you know, I’ve produced DVDs against it, the Religious Trojan Horse DVD series.  You can watch these video clips on our website at worldviewtube.com.  I’m working on a book that will clearly explain what the Dominion Theology crowd believes and why it’s unbiblical.

So have no choice because I have to be committed first and foremost, not to friendships no matter how long they’ve been.  I have to be committed first and foremost to biblical truth and not confusing people.  I try my best not to confuse people, and I try my best when someone brings me information and says, “You’re wrong in this area” to look at it.  And I’ve been willing to change my position on a lot of things over the years in relation to things like the founding of America and the Founding Fathers, particularly in the last few months on that topic.  So I do my best to protect our audience, to protect those who listen to this radio show, that come to our website. 

So I have to publically first and foremost defend the gospel, defend the Word of God because this is ultimately about the truth of God’s Word.  God’s Word says – God’s Word says don’t add to the Word, don’t take away from the Word.  The Bible’s clear the office of apostle and prophet are closed.  God’s Word is clear that we’re not to be involved in these esoteric activities that so many in the New Apostolic Reformation are a part of.  God’s Word is clear that we do not build the Kingdom of God on Earth.  Jesus said his Kingdom is not from here.  It is not of this world.

So this is ultimately not about me.  Ultimately, what this is about is the Word of God.  And because of my close ties with Mr. Barton over the years and my close friendship, I’m now forced to say no.  We don’t work with him any longer, and I pray that he will see the errors of his ways whether it’s appearing on the Source of the Secret DVD, whether it’s uniting arms with Glenn Beck and putting together the Black Robe Regiment of all faiths, including imams locking arms and speaking for conferences for Cindy Jacobs, which Garlow and Barton did.  According to news reports, they were key speakers along with Chuck Pierce and Dutch Sheets, key apostles under C. Peter Wagner, at one of Cindy Jacobs’ conferences back in ’09.  The event was the Convergence ’09 Conference.  So he’s chosen his path.  He can choose it.  I just have to separate from it and do it as lovingly as possible.

Now, the issue here also then is these guys sponsoring the Rediscovering God in America, One Nation Under God event that took place this last weekend, which featured David Barton and Newt Gingrich and Mike Huckabee and others and Haley Barbour, Governor of Mississippi.  Some of these folks are looking – George Barna.  Some of these folks like Barbour and Huckabee and Gingrich are looking to run for office.

But who is Newt Gingrich?  Well, there’s an article that I highly recommend you guys go get, and we’ve put it up on our website on our news division or you can find it at themoralliberal.com, themoralliberal.com.  It’s a website that has some people on it that I was shocked to find out I know some of their writers.  But there’s a series of articles there by a guy named Steve Farrell, F-A-R-R-E-L-L, Steve Farrell. 

Now, what is interesting is that Steve Farrell and his organization has people involved in it that you and I would know, so this is not some goofy guy who’s out there writing.  This is a credible organization writing on issues that affect the country.  And one of the people that writes for him on religion and family is Bryan Fischer, who is Director of Issues Analysis for Government and Public Policy at the American Family Association.  It also has guys on here like Chuck Baldwin.  Some of you know Chuck Baldwin.  It’s got … I saw a guy from the Idaho Values group.  I see Phyllis Schlafly’s name on here, some of the folks that are writers.

And so this is an article written by Steve Farrell who is the – I guess his title is – what is it here?  President, Editor-in-Chief of this organization, and again, their website is themoralliberal.com.  Well, he has a series of articles on Newt Gingrich.  Let me start before we go to the break and I’ll come pick up when we get back from the break.  But he says, “On March 11, 1994, still bubbling over the Republican takeover of both houses of Congress in his coming coronation of the Speaker of the House and his anointing as king of the Republican revolution, Congressman Newt Gingrich couldn’t resist taking advantage of the moment to put in a free plug for something he so devoutly believed in.”  When we come back from the break, you know what it is?  I’ll tell you about it.  The Third Way.  The Third Way, the mixture of socialism with capitalism.

Welcome back to the program.  Glad you’re with us.  Brannon Howse here.  Our website’s worldviewweekend.com, worldviewweekend.com.  I’m talking about how the New Apostolic Reformation crowd, that crowd that wants to take dominion, elect enough Christians to office around the world to usher in God’s Kingdom, and that’s what the New Apostolic crowd’s all about.  Don’t let anyone tell you it’s not.  If you don’t believe me, then get my four-and-a-half-hour DVD series called Religious Trojan Horse, which is based on the new book coming out this late August/early September.  And I have a whole four and a half hours explaining how the Globalists and the New Apostolic Reformation crowd are working together.  Today I’m revealing more information because Newt Gingrich has now locked armed clearly with the New Apostolic crowed.  Jim Garlow, who’s part of this whole movement, written books with people like C. Peter Wagner and Cindy Jacobs and these guys, is chairman of the organization, Renewing American Leadership, that is run by Newt Gingrich.

And, yet, Newt Gingrich a Globalist, is into what’s called The Third Way, The Third Way.  In fact, listen to this little video clip before I continue on Newt Gingrich of Jim Garlow talking about his working with Newt Gingrich and how Newt Gingrich is gonna save Western Civilization.  Really?  I don’t think he is.  I think what Newt’s gonna do is usher in the New World Order.

[Begin video clip]

“I serve as Chairman for Renewing American Leadership.  It’s an organization started by Newt Gingrich.  It’s based in Washington, DC, and as I was sorting out whether to accept the appointment of the chairmanship, I met with New Gingrich’s adult daughter, who runs this operation.  She flew out here along with another one of Newt’s colleagues, and we met with them hour after hour.  People in our church met with them because I wanted to make sure I did not compromise the gospel by being involved.  I did not compromise my pasturing and my christocentricity, my Jesus-centeredness, and so we met hour after hour.  I asked question after question.  And finally one moment,  Kathy Lubbers – that’s the daughter of Newt Gingrich – she stopped and she said this:  “Let me just explain to one thing that will help you understand exactly what we’re about.  Every morning we as members of the Gingrich family, the Gingrich organization, get up, look in the mirror and ask ourselves one question.  What can I do today to save Western Civilization?”

That impacted me when she said that.  Here’s the question I ask myself and I ask you to ask yourself as I close right now:  As you get up every morning, look in the mirror and say what can I do I do this day to help establish the Kingdom of God, the rule of Christ Jesus, on the hearts of humanity across this nation and around this world?”

[End video clip]

Okay so there you go.  Their goal there is to – let me unplug this.  There we go.  Their goal there is to see what they can do to establish the Kingdom of God, and so Newt’s family gets up and asks what can we do to save Western Civilization?  He thinks Newt’s gonna save Western Civilization?  Really?  So that’s the calling of our pastors today, save Western Civilization by working with politicians?  How about the gospel?  He says he’s concerned about the gospel.  Well, how about the gospel?  Where is Newt Gingrich on the gospel?  Newt is converted to Roman Catholicism.  Newt is into, I believe, clearly a New Age spirituality. I’ll explain that in a minute.

You see, this is what happens when you have very little theological and doctrinal foundational commitment.  And don’t forget now, the New Apostolic crowd when they refer to the “great commission” and other things, they don’t mean evangelizing people and teaching them what the Bible says.  The great commission to them is awakening Christians to take back the culture.  And by the way, as I understand it from sources, that what you just heard was actually recorded – Jim Garlow recorded that for Cindy Jacobs’ Reformation Day election prayer event.  So these guys are thick with Newt.

Now, what is Newt up to?  This goes back to the writer Steve Farrell, who has written extensively that Newt is nothing more than a Third Way socialist mixing with capitalism Globalist.  So he gives a speech on November 11, 1994 – Newt does – on the verge of taking over the Congress as the Speaker and he says, quote, “The core of our contract,” end quote, and the solution for those, quote, “trying to figure out how to put me in a box” end quote, he said could be found in a book by futurist Alvin Toffler, T-O-F-F-L-E-R, called The Third Way to which he added “I am a conservative futurist,” end quote.

Okay so he’s pushing this book by Alvin Toffler, and he recommended it over and over and over that everyone should read it.  It’s called The Third Way.  You and I have talked extensively about The Third Way.  This writer Steve says, “Futurism, as already alluded to, is one and the same with Third Way or Third Wave.”

Isn’t it interesting, too, because what does C. Peter Wagner call his movement?  The Third Wave.  These guys are all looking for a totally new recreated earth, a new created civilization, the Third Wave, a third grade awakening.  I mean, it all works together.  They’re all using each other.  The Globalists and the Dominion Theology crowd are all working together.

In fact, Mr. Gingrich, according to Steve Farrell, told his fellow congressman in his Republican Revolution speech in November ’94 that, quote, “the Third Way represented the key to figuring out where he and the new Republicans were coming from and this futurist’s book was, quote, “one of the seminal works of our time,” end quote.  Okay so he, Newt Gingrich, was saying the book The Third Way was, quote, “one of the seminal works of our time.”  Absolutely amazing.  He continues, Steve Farrell in his article, “The Third Wave leaves off with a call for the abolition of the United States Constitution.”  This is the book that Newt’s recommending.

Toffler explains in a letter he writes to our, quote, “founding parents,” end quote.  He says this, quote.  This is in the book that Newt was praising years ago in ’94 and is part of all this movement.  So this author Toffler says, “For what I now must write can all too easily be misunderstood by my contemporaries.  Some will no doubt regard it as seditious.  Yet, it is a painful truth I believe you would have quickly grasp.  For the system of government you fashioned, including the very principles in which you based it is increasingly obsolete and hints increasingly, if inadvertently, oppressive and dangerous to our welfare.  It must be radically changed and a new system of government invented, a democracy for the 21st century.”

Amazing.  Steve Farrell says Toffler answers power shifts, cultural and technological leaps – why is he doing this?  Why do we need a new America or a new system, a new government system?  Because power shifts, cultural, technological leaps, non-representation for minorities and a deficient Bill of Rights.  That’s why.  And what is his solution, asks Steve Farrell.  An expanded Bill of Rights to include notably the right of gay couples to adopt children and the right of poor people and poor nations to, quote, “share,” unquote equally with the rich haves of America via the forth redistribution of wealth.

That is what Alvin Toffler in his book The Third Way is promoting, which Newt Gingrich has promoted for years.  Toffler goes on to say – and he’s written a whole series of articles on this exposing who Newt really is – that he’s a conservative futurist, which is another way of saying Third Way.  You do things like promote faith-based subsidies, public-private partnerships.  Where else have we heard about public-private partnerships?  Oh, yeah.  Peter Drucker and Rick Warren, communitarianism.  What is the Third way?  Communitarianism.  What is Newt Gingrich?  A communitarian.  What is Peter Drucker?  Business Week said a communitarian.  What is Rick Warren, who was mentored by Peter Drucker?  A communitarian.  What are they all calling for?  Public-private partnerships.

What is that?  That’s the merging of government with the private sector, and then you add in the church, the missing ingredient, according to Rick Warren and Peter Drucker.  So you have the public, parish and private sectors all working together, what Rick Warren calls the three-legged stool.  So a conservative futurist is into faith-based subsidies, public-private partnerships, fast track hopes and the bipartisan spirit.  They’re into phrases like compassionate conservative, which George W. used over and over. 

And all of this was wrapped up, folks, into Newt’s contract with America.  In fact, Newt Gingrich revealed to Congress, quote, “For a long time I’ve been friends with Alvin and Heidi Toffler, the authors of Future Shock and The Third Wave.  And again, sometimes it’s referred to as the Third Way.  Sometimes it’s referred to as the Third Wave.  It’s the same thing. Gingrich said, quote, “I first began working with the Tofflers in the early 1970s on a concept called anticipatory democracy.  I was then a young assistant professor at West Georgia State College, and I was fascinated with the intersection of history and the future, which is the essence of political and government at its best.  For 20 years we have worked to develop a future-conscious politics and popular understanding that would make it easier for America to make the transition from the Second Wave civilization, which is clearly dying, to the emerging but in many ways undefined Third Wave civilization. The progress has been more frustrating and the progress much slower than I would have guessed two decades ago.  Yet, despite the frustrations, the development of a Third Wave political and governmental system is so central to the future of freedom and the future of America that it must be undertaken,” end quote.

Steve Farrell picks up so central, so critical indeed that Mr. Gingrich put the book by Toffler on a recommended reading list for members of Congress and all Americans, and mind you, he wouldn’t let go of it.  In speech after speech and press conference after press conference, Gingrich referred to The Third Wave as the, quote, “seminal work of our time,” end quote.  For those who haven’t read it or who know nothing about the Third Way/Third Wave – he used both names – Gingrich delivered a few extra hints of where the Third Way was taking him.  Quote, “While I’m a Republican leader in the Congress, I do believe Republicans or the Congress have a – I don’t believe – I do not believe Republicans or Congress have a monopoly on solving problems and helping America make the transformation necessary to enter the Third Wave information revolution.  Democratic mayors like Norquist in Milwaukee and Rendell in Philadelphia are making real breakthroughs at the city level.  Some of the best of Vice President Gore’s efforts to reinvent government nibble in the right direction.

So we’re gonna work with Republicans and Democrats together.  That’s the Third Wave, folks.  You mix capitalism with socialism.  Republicans and Democrats work together.  George W. did this according to the Washington Post, February 1, 2001.  Don Eberle and a Bush advisor in the White House said that they were following Clinton’s lead and trying to forge a compromise, an alternative to the Liberal-Conservative conflict.  That’s what Eberle said, an alternative to the Liberal-Conservative conflict.

He went onto say that what they wanted to do was find a compromise between the state and the market.  The state and the market.  Socialism, big state government, market, free market.  George W. was doing this.  Gingrich is doing this.  It’s the Third Way.  And, of course, in the end guess what?  The Roman Church wants a Kingdom on earth.  Isn’t that interesting?  Newt Gingrich, a member – I think – of the Council Foreign Relations and some reports say he’s a Free Mason, but a member of the Roman Catholic Church.  They want in the end Kingdom Theology, a Kingdom on earth.  The Dominion Theology crowd wants a Kingdom on earth.  The Globalists like John Rockefeller, Jr., want a Kingdom on earth.  He has said that.  In fact, John Rockefeller, Jr., said several years ago he wants the Church to lead the way in this by doing what?  Setting aside all denominational differences, and the Church would lead the way to, quote, “literally establishing the Kingdom of God on earth.”

So the Globalists like John Rockefeller, Jr., want a Kingdom of God on earth.  Your Roman Catholicism wants a Kingdom of God on earth.  The Mormons want a Kingdom of God on earth, and the United Order where the Mormon church is gonna own everything and redistribute on an as needed basis.  The New Apostolic Reformation crowd wants a Kingdom of God on earth.  Well, they’re all working together.

And, yes, isn’t it interesting that they’ve all – James Robinson and Jim Garlow – hook their wagon to Glenn Beck?  Huh.  Everybody, all the Dominion Theology crowd is all using each other.  The Globalists, the New Agers, the Mormons, the Roman Catholic Church, the New Apostolic Reformation crowd.  All of them are committed to a Kingdom of God on earth.  Maybe we can all get together and sing Kumbaya, lock arms with all religions and look to one God.  Oops, sorry.  We already did that.

Welcome back to the program.  We’re glad you’re with us.  We’re not gonna have time for calls today ‘cause I gotta fly through this.  Tomorrow we’re gonna continue this, and then we’ll open up the phone lines.  But this is just I want to make sure you guys understand what’s happening here and tomorrow cover some more and then we’ll open up the phone lines.

But I’m trying to reveal to you once again Christians are jumping onto the bandwagon of whoever they think can be their savior politically.  And, of course, we see that some of this has to do with the theology and philosophy of some of these groups of which most Americans don’t understand.  They don’t begin to understand, most people, what they believe themselves.  So it’s kind of hard for them to figure out and understand what everybody else believes.  But if you get into the world views and the philosophies and the theology of these people, you realize what their ultimate goal is, and then you realize how they’re actually using each other.

But here we have Jim Garlow and the New Apostolic crowd and David Barton and everybody working with Newt, and Newt is no Conservative.  He’s promoting Toffler and the Third Way.  He works clearly with what are called the “New Democrats.”  The New Democrats are people like Bill Clinton who had rejected flat out socialism for the Third Way.  Remember the Democratic leadership committee held conferences back in ’99 on the Third Way.  That’s what it was called.  I’ve got that documented in my book Grave Influence.

In fact, Toffler concurs in his book Creating a New Civilization:  The Politics of the Third Way.  Toffler writes, quote, “In 1975 at the request of congressional Democrats, we organized a conference on futurism and anticipatory democracy for senators and members of the House.  We invited Newt Gingrich, probably the only republican among the many futurists we knew.  He attended.  That conference led to the creation of the Congressional Clearinghouse on the Future, a group eventually co-chaired by a young senator named Al Gore, now vice president.”

So Gore and Gingrich really are united in more ways than we can really count.  Did you know, by the way, that Gingrich came up with a book a couple years ago called A Contract with the Earth, Contract with the Earth, which is nothing more than radical environmentalism wrapped in conservative ideology or conservative terminology would be a better way to say it.

Gingrich would rise within the Third Wave/Third Way movement, would become a member of the Executive Committee of the Congressional Clearinghouse of the Future and would win praise of leftists, ex-Marxist Toffler.  Toffler’s an ex-Marxist who now is into the Third Wave pretty much like mini-Fabian socialist.  You know, some of them are hiding out there, too, the Marxists.  And Toffler called Gingrich, quote, “the single smartest and most successful intellectual in American politics,” end quote. 

New American senior editor William F. Jasper, ’94 piece, quote, “The New Age Newt, subtitle A Futurist Conservative for the 21st Century” revealed that Gingrich embraces the Third Way, also included a collaborative effort with Toffler and 20 new left and New Age authors in a 1978 work titled “Anticipatory Democracy” wherein Gingrich endorsed Governor Jimmy Carter’s socialist, quote, “planning” unquote, agenda.  The book throughout extolled the virtues of, quote, “participatory democracy, a revolutionary slogan dear to the likes of Tom Hayden.”  Isn’t Tom Hayden the dude that worked with SDS?  Derek Schere and Bill Clinton and one drawn directly from the eighth plank of the Humanist Manifesto.

By 1984 Gingrich’s influence in the Third Way movement was so far to the left that it brought on kudos from the likes of New Age philosopher Mark Satin.  Mark Satin is certainly no ordinary American in his New Age politics, 1978, A Guide to New Age Political Thought.  He called for a planetary governance, a system of world taxation on resource use and increased transfer of wealth from rich to poor countries and complete military disarmament. 

He rounded this ode to Marxism out by stating in no uncertain terms his hostility for the nuclear family – meaning the traditional family – traditional marriage and heterosexual society.  So what did such a one as this think of  “Conservative” in quotes Newt Gingrich?  Well, in February 27th ’84 issue of New Opinions Satin singled out Newt Gingrich as a top, quote “decentralist/globally responsible” end quote, congressman.  Steve Farrell says not the kind of praise any true Conservative would want on his resume.  As for the odd phrase decentralist/globally responsible congressman, this is the kind of interesting paradox that fits the fishy decentralization of the Third Way, a decentralization that seeks to move power, not just down to the local level, but oddly up to the international level.

Oh, and by the way, friends, don’t forget Newt Gingrich was responsible for giving us NAFTA.  In fact, Council on Foreign Relations member and Republican insider Henry Kissinger bragged all over the place that the man most responsible for giving us NAFTA was none other than Newt Gingrich.  So Gingrich more than any other man was responsible for fast-tracking NAFTA and GAT through Congress in December of ’94, Steve Farrell writes.

By the way, you go to the New American, February 15, 2011, “Newt’s Contract with the Earth:  Pseudo-science/Big Government.”  It’s a review.  This just came out February 15, 2011, last month.  Newt Gingrich, by the way, is into promoting New Age Spirituality.  The book, by the way, has a forward.  Let’s see.  The forward is by Edward O. Wilson, Edward O. Wilson who authored the forward to Gingrich’s book, this book called A Contract with the Earth.  Edward O. Wilson, who authored the forward to Gingrich’s book, is a secular Humanist, a secular Humanist Laureate of the International Academy of Humanists along with figures such as Fabian Socialist Karl Popper.

So Gingrich is hanging out and having his forward written by Edward O. Wilson who hangs out with a Fabian Socialist Karl Popper, and now they’re co-opting the church.  They’re co-opting the religious right or is the religious right co-opting the Globalists?  I don’t really know.  I can’t keep up.  Who’s co-opting who here?  Because in the end, they’re all looking for a Kingdom of God on Earth.

And it’s kind of interesting because the New Apostolic Reformation is so into the law of attraction and transcendental meditation/contemplative prayer and new revelations that they’re getting from supposedly God but it’s not.  It’s a demon more than likely.  I mean, who else is speaking to these people?  Who else is speaking to these people?  It’s not God.  But they’re hearing audible voices and new revelation.  Who’s speaking to them, my friends?

So would we be shocked if some of the New Apostolic crowd is fooling around with pagan spirituality?  Would we be shocked that Gingrich might be doing the same thing because Gingrich is promoting ideas that really hook up with the idea of the Gaia philosophy named after the pagan Greek goddess of the Earth.

So tomorrow we’ll continue this and we’ll open up the phone lines, but here it is, folks,  what I promised you weeks ago:  the evidence that the Dominion Theology crowd, the New Apostolic Reformation crowd is working with the Globalists.  They’re co-opting the Globalists or are the Globalists co-opting them?  I don't know but they’re all going for the same goal, and they’re also working with the Mormons.  And they’re working together to establish a Kingdom of God on Earth.  Huh.  Where are the discerning Christians?

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