Neo-Calvinist Matt Chandler & His Village Church Connections to George Soros, Muslim Brotherhood & Chrislam

Tonight on the Worldview Weekend Hour. Would you want your pastor sharing the platform with a well-known young pastor whose church and church website are promoting a George Soros-funded amnesty globalist organization? Would you want your pastor sharing the platform with a pastor whose church and website is promoting a man who claims that Muslims and Christians worship the same God? Would you want your pastor sharing the platform with another pastor whose church has some of its staff attend a bridge-building dialogue conference set up by the Muslim Brotherhood?

Tonight you'll find out that some leading conservative pastors are embracing such a young man. And in fact, your pastor may be reading some of his books and think he's someone to be admired. We’re going to expose the religious Trojan horse of Neo-Calvinist, Matt Chandler, and his Village Church. The Worldview Weekend Hour begins right now.

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I'm Brannon Howse, and this is the Worldview Weekend Hour. Tonight I want to talk to you about the religious Trojan horse of Matt Chandler, a Neo-Calvinist. That's what many call him and people like him, like John Piper and others – “Neo-Calvinist” or “new Calvinist.” I believe many of these Neo-Calvinists are a great threat to the church. I believe they also are becoming a threat to national security. Now, why am I doing this program tonight? I want to make very clear it's not personal. It's principle. Matt Chandler and some of these other folks that I'll talk about tonight – who work with him and his church – may be very sincere people, but I believe they are sincerely wrong in what they're doing and promoting.

I also want to make it very clear. I am not an Arminian, but I'm also not a Calvinist. I've explained to this broadcast audience many times; I believe in the doctrine of confluence or concurrence. I believe in what the scripture teaches in John and in Matthew, particularly Matthew 11. "Come, come all you who are weary and heavy laden. Come." But we also see in Matthew, “All that the Father gives to me,” right? The doctrine of confluence or concurrence, two streams that come together as one – man's responsibility or free will and God's election. They're both true – predestination and man's responsibility. They're both true, the doctrine of confluence or concurrence. So I'm not an Arminian, but I'm also not a Calvinist.

Now, I have friends who are Calvinists, and many of them agree with what I'm going to say tonight. So this is not an Arminian versus Calvinist debate as some have tried to make it out to be. I'm simply a Biblicist. I try to follow what the Word of God teaches. I'm also an independent broadcaster. I don’t belong to good ol' boy clubs, and I don’t belong to organizations that require that I am very careful in who I talk about and who I don’t talk about. We're an independent broadcast organization. Some men, I'm afraid, as we'll see tonight, seem more concerned with the continuation of Calvinism in the next generation than they are in guarding the church.

Let me say that again. I believe some people are sharing the platform with men like Matt Chandler, because I believe they are more concerned with the continuation of the promotion of Calvinism into the next generation than they are guarding the church. That's my opinion. It could simply be the religious industrial complex, the desire to speak at very, very large conferences like the Together for the Gospel conference that has thousands upon thousands of people attend. If you want an exhibit booth there, it's thousands of dollars. Maybe it's about showing up and selling books. I don't know. Maybe it's about the continuation of Calvinism with the next generation. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. But something is going on.

I've started calling many of these people ‘bridgers.’ They are bridging between the conservative world and the more liberal world of evangelicalism by sharing the platform with them. They're being a bridge to liberalism. They should know better. But sadly when we try to warn them or warn some of their staff, their staff simply turn vile and mean on social media. They begin to attack the messenger instead of the message. So again, I'm not trying to make this personal, but I am trying to stay principled – principled according to God's Word. Let's go to God's Word before we start tonight. Let's go to Acts 20.

Acts 20, and we'll start at verse 29 where Paul tells us this, "I know that after my departure, savage wolves will come in among you not sparing the flock. And from among your own selves, men will arise, speaking perverse things to draw away the disciples after them. Therefore, be on alert, remembering that night and day for a period of three years, I did not cease to admonish everyone with tears." We're to watch. We're to warn, and we're to do it with humility, tears, weeping, conviction. Watch, warn, and weep. And so tonight I want to do that. I want to watch. I want to warn. But I want to do it with a spirit of humility, not having hostility toward any individual. I don’t desire to destroy individuals, but to destroy arguments raised up against the principles of the Lord.

We see in Jude verse 3, "For certain persons have crept in unnoticed, those who were long beforehand marked out for this condemnation, ungodly persons who turn the grace of our God into licentiousness and deny our only Master and Lord, Jesus Christ." I'm very concerned that many so-called pastors today are allowing the wolves to come in. They're promoting the wolves. They are promoting the wolves in their organization and on their church websites. They're giving the wolves credibility. Again, some of these men should know better.

And if they don’t, the older men should be admonishing them, not simply ignoring it and taking the platform with them at conferences that center around the gospel, such as the conference Together for the Gospel whose speakers include many other very troubling people, including John Piper, who has a false gospel and teaches hedonism, Christian hedonism. John Piper also teaches that we cannot determine what is good or evil according to commandment keeping. Yet the Bible says, "Without the law, I would not have known what sin is." I've done an entire two hours on John Piper, and I can clearly say I believe he has a false gospel. Therefore, how can we gather together around the gospel at the conference called Together for the Gospel if John Piper has a false gospel?

How can pastors join with men whose churches are promoting men in organizations that I believe are the very types of men that Jude and the apostle Paul in Acts warns us to be aware of and to mark out. In fact, in Romans 16 we're called to identify these people and to avoid them, to mark their doctrine, and them, and to avoid them. And yet, many run and speak at conferences like Together for the Gospel with a band of people who are promoting white privilege, Black Lives Matter, George Soros globalist organizations. This is not how we should be working in concert with such people. Because John 2:9-11 tells us that if we partner with false teachers, we are taking part in their evil deeds.

Therefore, those promoting a false teacher, well, when you come along and partner with them, you by your very essence are sharing, I believe, in that un-Biblical work. So this is a very important issue that comes from the scriptures. What is also very troubling to me is how many of these people can condemn Rick Warren. They have rightfully condemned Rick Warren for much of what he has done over the years, but yet they’re not doing a whole lot different than some of the things Rick Warren has done. So tonight, let's be sure we understand that the issue is about guarding the church, holding back the evil of globalism. Because you see, God's plan is for national sovereignty. Satan's plan is globalism, and globalism will come about.

There will be a Eurocentric world government, and it will be led by the Antichrist. And yet, I believe sadly, as we'll see tonight, his church is linking right to organizations that I believe are setting the stage for a Eurocentric world government and the coming of an antichrist figure. Well, let's get underway.

I first want to point out this on the screen. This is from the “Foundation for Ethnic Understanding.” You'll notice highlighted it says it's organized annually by the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding in cooperation with the World Jewish and the Islamic Society of North America. So the Islamic Society of North America comes together, and they do this special weekend all over America.

What is the Islamic Society of North America? It is a front group for Muslim Brotherhood, which was founded in 1928 by al-Banna. We've done entire programs on this. They were heavily involved – al-Banna and particularly al Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. He was involved in actually helping to be an architect on the Final Solution and the slaughter of five million Jews, six million non-Jews. And so Muslim Brotherhood has many front groups in America. One of them is the Islamic Society of North America, but they sponsor this group and these meetings around the country where they bring together Christian leaders, Muslim leaders, and Jewish leaders.

Well, look at what this Islamic website says, this Federation for Ethnic Understanding. It says that the Islamic Center of Frisco – that would be Frisco, Texas on November 2nd – took part in this. And look what it says. There was the Islamic Society of North America, and then it lists who some of the participants were. The president of the Islamic Society of North America along with a man with the Islamic Society of Frisco. Then we see it had a Pastor Richard Brindley, pastor at the Village Church where Matt Chandler is the senior pastor. Then it says Pastor Kyle Worley took part in this. He's pastor also at the Village Church. Another man who took part is Jason Clarke, the founder and executive director of Seek the Peace.

We'll talk about Seek the Peace in just a minute, but first here's a picture of Kyle Worley. You see at the top left-hand corner, The Village Church. We also see The Village Church, Richard Brindley. So two of Matt Chandler's staff went and took part in this dialogue that included being formed by and carried out by, in part, Muslim Brotherhood. Do you think that's very wise? Not at all. That is not only a religious issue, I believe it's also a national security issue. Now, look at this next slide. This is a screenshot of the Evangelical Immigration Roundtable. We've done entire programs on the Evangelical Immigration Roundtable. It is an organization of Neo-Evangelicals.

Leith Anderson of the National Association of Evangelicals, Richard Land, formerly with the Southern Baptist Convention, Leith Anderson, Jim Wallis, and many, many others are all calling for amnesty of millions and millions of illegals. Again, if you destroy your nation by not having borders, that is something applauded by the globalists. The globalists love the idea of no borders. And when you just let people come in your country illegally, and you do nothing about it, and you just reward them with amnesty, you're destroying your borders. When you destroy your borders, you have no national sovereignty. When there's no national sovereignty and have an open society, you're headed to world government.

Well, guess who's in favor of an open society? George Soros. George Soros, the globalist. In fact, George Soros' organization – and we've done a whole hour on George Soros inside the Situation Room that you'll find now at George Soros, the name of his organization is the Open Society Foundation. George Soros is for world government. God is not for world government. God calls for the drawing of borders, and nations, and national sovereignty. The Antichrist and Satan want a world government, and they will get one out of Europe, a Eurocentric world government.

So when you see people like George Soros funding groups like the Evangelical Immigration Roundtable that seeks to destroy national sovereignty, you need to understand, Biblically speaking, this is demonic. This is a satanic plan setting up for world government. And yet, along with many other Neo-Evangelicals, there you see on the screen, Matt Chandler of The Village Church, president of Acts 29, who has signed onto this. Here in this screenshot you see at the press conference was Richard Land to my far right. Then Leith Anderson of the National Association of Evangelicals, and circled is Jim Wallace, Neo-Marxist Jim Wallace.

I write extensively about Jim Wallace and his work with many communist groups in Latin America and South America, and yet here they are locking arms. Jim Wallace, the Neo-Marxist, is part of this – his group Sojourners – and yet Matt Chandler has signed on to the Evangelical Immigration Roundtable. Here is from Breitbart News, and they’ve reported that George Soros the globalist – who wants open society, world government – has funded groups like the Evangelical Immigration Table, donating at least $250 million to their efforts. Well, that, then helps us maybe understand why when we go to The Village Church website, the church website of Matt Chandler's church, we find listed under partners and long-term relationships, we find this organization among many – ‘Seek the Peace.’

Remember a while ago I said that we would get to Jason Clarke, who works for Seek the Peace, who was also at that conference put together by the Muslim Brotherhood that two of Matt Chandler's staff attended? Well, Jason Clarke runs this group, Seek the Peace, that is listed on The Village Church website as being long-term partners, having long-term relationships. Here's an article, in fact, on The Village Church website called "Jesus Was a Refugee." False. We won't get into that tonight, but Jesus was not a refugee. But notice at the end of the article, the arrow, Seek the Peace. So they're linking to Jason Clarke's website, Seek the Peace. Jason Clarke and his wife are founders of Seek the Peace according to their own website at Seek the Peace.

Here we see an actual article written by Jason Clarke on the Village Church website called, "Reconciliation and Refugee." Well, what is Seek the Peace all about? They're about bringing more Syrian and Iranian immigrants into America. In fact, on their Facebook page, January 20, 2016, we find that they wanted people to be aware of the fact that the Senate was planning to vote on a bill – The American Security Against Foreign Enemies, or SAFE Act – which they said would grind to a halt the resettlement of Syrian and Iraqi refugees. Well, of course, after many a terrorist attack in Europe and particularly Paris – many of them being from Syria – many politicians, and governors, and elected officials were calling for a cease of importing more Syrians and Iranians into America until we could vet them, and find out who they are, and what they really want.

But Seek the Peace did not want that to happen. In fact, here's an article by Sarah Long on Matt Chandler's church website, The Village, called "Engaging Muslims." Sarah Long. In fact, here's a picture of her on the church staff website of Matt Chandler's church. Well, what does she write about in her article entitled "Engaging Muslims?" She writes about this, ‘Islamophobia.’ She says, "With Islamophobia on the rise, countering the dehumanization of Muslims is an unpopular stance, but it is the right one. We should not be people motivated by fear." Well, again, she's using the talking points of the Muslim Brotherhood. Islamophobia is a term created in the early '90s by the International Institute of Islamic Thought, a front group for Muslim Brotherhood.

The purpose of Islamophobia, as we've discussed before, is to silence anyone that speaks truth about Islam. If you seek to tell the truth about Islam and what the Qur'an and the Hadith teach, then they will label you someone who is a fear monger, or you have a phobia, an unreasonable fear. So it is a pejorative in order to try to silence truth tellers when it comes to the worldview of Islam. Notice on his church website, Matt Chandler has Sarah Long writing, using the talking points of the Muslim Brotherhood, Islamophobia, a term actually created by the Muslim Brotherhood front group, the International Institute of Islamic Thought. She goes on to call for Christians to visit your local mosque.

Now, why would you want to encourage Christians to do that? Most Christians do not know enough about their Bible, much less do they know enough about Islam, to be able to go and talk to a Muslim at a mosque and not be completely brainwashed or deceived. Remember, under Islam it is acceptable for a Muslim to lie to you in order to gain the upper hand. So she encourages wrongly for Christians to go visit your local mosque. She then says, "Talk about Jesus, but carry no agenda." My friends, there is no way I believe anyone can talk about the Jesus of the Bible and not have a Biblical agenda. She goes on to say, "Follow the spirit's lead, not your agenda. New relationships are not the place to debate in-depth theology."

Well, my friends, theology is the study of God. How can we not talk about theology, or God, or God incarnate – Christ – when we are engaging a lost person? She then says, "God coming to us in the form of man is an essential to Christianity, but very offensive to Muslims, and thus, not a good place to begin a relationship." So again, we're to downplay the deity of Jesus Christ? Not at all. I'm sorry. She goes on in the article on Village Church website, the church website of Matt Chandler, to say, "Don’t criticize Muhammad, the Qur'an, or anything about the Islamic faith." Again, I think you can do it carefully. But doesn't the Bible call us to destroy every argument raised up against the principles of the Lord, including the false teaching of someone like Mohammed, and what we find in the Hadith, and the Qur'an?

In fact, former Muslim Shahram Hadian will tell you this is exactly what we should be doing. So will Usama Dakdok. They will tell you we should point out the inconsistencies in the Qur'an. We should point out the errors of the Qur'an, the lies of Mohammed, the life of Mohammed, and what he was all about, and what his worldview was all about so Muslims can understand the lie, the demonic nature of Islam. But no, Sarah says don’t criticize Mohammed, or the Qur'an, or the Islamic faith. She goes on, "Don’t assume you know everything about what Muslims believe or that all Muslims share the exact same beliefs." Well, my friends, if you're a Muslim, then you will believe what's in the Qur'an.

So this idea that there are, well, moderate Muslims, and extremist Muslims – no. There's just Muslims. If you are following the Qur'an, you are a Muslim. A Muslim is a Muslim is a Muslim. Now, if you're not following the Qur'an, then guess what? The Qur'an says those Muslims who are not following the Qur'an are hypocrites and worthy to be killed. But she's giving, I believe, the impression that somehow you can't really understand what a Muslim believes, because all Muslims believe something different. No, if they're following the Qur'an, they are a true Muslim. She goes on to say, "Respect their fasting during Ramadan by not eating or drinking around your Muslim friends during the holiday."

Again, why would I do that? Why would I not go about my life? Be kind to my Muslim neighbor, but I'm not going to honor their sacrifice of not eating as a part of their worship of their false God. Not going to do it. She says then, "It will not be a surprise that you and your Muslim friends disagree theologically, and they will appreciate your authenticity." Wait a minute. I thought she just said earlier we weren't going to be discussing all that much theology with them, or telling them about our beliefs, and why they're wrong. So I think she contradicts herself. But at the end of her article on Matt Chandler's church website, we find she links to, not only Seek the Peace, but she links to Peace Catalyst International. Well, what is Peace Catalyst International?

Oh, by the way when I go to the website at Peace Catalyst International, what do I find? Sarah Long is also listed as a team member there, a Texas representative and team member of Catalyst. So Sarah Long, who's writing on Matt Chandler's website, not only according to the research we've done, is on his church staff, but she's also a Texas representative and team member with Catalyst. Well, what is Catalyst? First, we see on the Catalyst website concerning Sarah Long that she is currently engaged in bridging the gap between Muslim and Christian communities in the American South. Well, remember the interfaith dialogue is a tactic of the Muslims.

And even one of the leading Muslim Brotherhood experts, Syed Qutb has admitted that interfaith dialogue is a one-way bridge to bring the Christian over to the side of Islam, never for the Muslim to go to the side of Christianity. Well, when we go to the Peace Catalyst website, we find that the executive director, the co-founder, and chairman of the board, is Rick Love. So Sarah Long, on Matt Chandler's staff, is working with and promoting on his church website, Catalyst. Catalyst was founded by Rick Love. Well, what do we know about Rick Love? On his website it says he has a Ph.D. in Intercultural Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary. Well, surprise, surprise, liberal Fuller Theological Seminary, where so many of these liberals come from. Is that a shock to you?

By the way, Fuller Theological Seminary has a whole division and movement dealing with the Muslim Brotherhood and Islam. It goes on to say that he serves on the Global Advisory Council for Religious Peace Builders, and he calls himself a global citizen. When we go to his website, Rick Love, the co-founder of Catalyst, we find where he says that he is excited about the document of Common Word, the Yale document. This is a document that says that Muslims and Christians worship the same God. He says, "Something extraordinary is happening between Muslims and Christians! One hundred and thirty-eight Muslim scholars from virtually every Islamic country or region in the world, representing every major school of Islamic thought have invited Christians to dialogue.

"These Muslim scholars maintain that the common ground between Muslims and Christians centers on the commands to love God and love our neighbor. They seek to join hands with Christians in the important work of reconciliation between our communities. This invitation is referred to as 'A Common Word between Us and You' – henceforth 'A Common Word.'" He goes on to say on his website, "I believe that Muslims worship the true God." My friends, why is Matt Chandler's church linking Catalyst? Why is it linking to this organization Catalyst, whose leader says that Muslims and Christians worship the same God and who has signed the Yale document? My friends, who else has signed the Yale document? Well, many people, but one of them is Rick Warren.

Yet, I know Christian pastors rightfully have criticized Rick Warren for this and many other things, yet then some of the same men are turning around and sharing the platform with Matt Chandler. Doesn't that seem a little hypocritical? Well, here's a picture of Rick Love and one of these Muslims. He says, "Because of this, the Yale Reconciliation Program has responded with the publication of 'Loving God and Neighbor Together: A Christian Response to 'A Common Word Between Us and You'', henceforth "the Yale response." Well, here you can go to the Yale Center for Faith and Culture, A Common Word, and what do you see? One of the signers is Rick Love, International Director, Frontiers and Adjunct Associate Professor of Islamic Studies, from where? Fuller Theological Seminary.

So again, why would Matt Chandler's church be linking to this organization Catalyst? Why would he have a staff member who apparently is on staff with The Village Church, as we've seen, and as a Texas representative for the Catalyst? Don’t you think this is very troubling? I do. And yet, why are nationally known conservative pastors sharing a platform with Matt Chandler instead of quietly pulling him aside and exposing what his church is doing? Well, here's a press release that was put out by CAIR. CAIR is the Center on American-Islamic Relations, another front group of Muslim Brotherhood. Now, we see a bigger screenshot of what that press release says. It talks about Michael Ly, a pastor at Harambee and Vice President of Peace Catalyst.

So again, this guy works with Rick Love at Peace Catalyst, and it says what? That he's been a major part of interfaith work with CAIR Washington in Washington State and local mosques. And what does he say, this Vice President of Peace Catalyst? He says, "It's truly an honor to be part of an effort to build bridges of understanding between evangelicals and Muslims." Well, here is another organization called Charity and Security Work. And look, it lists Rick Love. In fact, if you look on the Charity and Security Network, you see off to the side where the arrows are that this work is being promoted by such foundations as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Rockefeller Brothers Fund. Now, these are globalist, liberal organizations. And yet Rick Love works with them.

Rick Love yet is then promoted on Matt Chandler's church website. One of his staff members reportedly is not only on the church staff of Matt Chandler, but then is a Texas representative for Rick Love's organization. We also see that some of the board members of the Charity and Security Network include the legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union. This is an organization founded by communist Roger Baldwin. We see that another of the advisory board members include the Islamic Relief. Again, these are pro-Islamic Muslim groups. But then in this screenshot, we see where the arrow's pointed that at one time, Rick Love was listed as being on the advisory board of this organization as well.

So Rick Love is a very troubling individual, theologically speaking. And yet we see that Matt Chandler's church website links to and promotes this man's organization, and reportedly one of his own staff people is the Texas representative for Catalyst. Well, also at the end of another article there on Matt Chandler's church website, we find they're linking to and promoting International Rescue Committee. Now, what is the International Rescue Committee? Well, according to Breitbart News, "The International Rescue Committee, an open borders-backing NGO (non-government organization) fronted by former labor foreign secretary, David Miliband, has been accused of hushing up allegations of more than 30 crimes." Well, that's interesting.

They go on to say that "The International Rescue Committee is one of the charities closely linked to George Soros' push to drive aliens into European Union nations. Not only does the pro-migration body receive funding from the globalist billionaire's Open Society Foundation, but Soros has selected the IRC to create principles that would guide the Hungarian American's $500 million investment in migrant-related initiatives." So again, I ask, why is Matt Chandler's church linking to this organization known as the International Rescue Committee when it is documented they are being funded by George Soros and have been asked to help create some of the policies of his $500 million immigration program? My friends, I warned about such men in my book, Religious Trojan Horse, that came out in 2012. Then in, I think, 2016, the book came out, The Coming Religious Reich.

So in both of these books, I have warned that the globalists would use religious leaders – and not just religious leaders on the left, but religious leaders who are embraced on the right – to rise from within as Paul warned about in Acts 20 and as we saw tonight in the Book of Jude. We also see on Breitbart, the International Rescue Committee, a federal refugee resettlement contractor says six Syrian refugees will arrive in Dallas as early as today. Let me just stop right there. This is from 2015. But there are these refugee resettlement contractors that Shahram Hadian has talked extensively about that he says have received over a billion dollars under Obama's administration. During the Obama administration, the government was passing out over a billion dollars to these contractors to resettle Syrians and Iranians here in America.

Then of course, President Trump gets elected, and he wants to put a screeching halt to that so these people can be vetted, because we see that in Europe these Syrians and Iranians are coming in unvetted, and they're carrying out massive terrorist attacks. Well, according to Breitbart, the International Rescue Committee is one of those federal refugee resettlement contractors. So again, follow the money. They say that six Syrian refugees will arrive in Dallas as early as today, defying Texas governor Greg Abbott's order to pull out of federal Syrian refugee resettlement programs because of security screening concerns. Well, the NBC affiliate there in Dallas reported that the six refugees are expected to be placed in the Dallas area despite Abbot's concerns over the Syrian refugee security screening process following the Islamic State's Paris Terrorist Attacks last month.

So I ask again, why is Matt Chandler's church website promoting someone like David Miliband's organization? Well, let's find out about the worldview of David Miliband. The Telegraph, about a year ago, had this headline, "David Miliband to Be Given Top U.S. Government Job if Hillary Clinton Becomes President." Well, that'll tell you a lot about the worldview of David Miliband, won't it? But it gets worse. Here's from The Telegraph, "David Miliband Backs Tony Blair as European Union President." Well, the fact that he backs Tony Blair immediately told me he's a Fabian Socialist. That's what I believe he is. Obviously, he's part of the Labour Party, right? How did the Labour Party begin?

The Labour Party was birthed out of the Fabian Socialist Society. Why is that important? Hold on, I'll tell you. Many of you already know. Look at this headline from The Guardian – "David Miliband Is the Right Choice for Labour Leader." This is from The Daily Mail – "Blair's Victorious Secret War on Red Ed, the Great Untold Story of the Miliband Years Is Revealed in Devastating New Book." The article goes on to say that he saw David Miliband as his man to take over the party leadership – that would be over the Labour Party – only for David to lose, narrowly and surprisingly to his brother Ed, partly because David was seen as too close to Blair. So what you have is this guy, David Miliband, who is now running the International Rescue Committee that is a government receiving contractor.

They receive government funds to resettle Syrians and refugees here in America, yet the dude is from Great Britain, and he was up to be the head of the Labour Party. And yet, his brother won. But yet, he, David Miliband, has worked closely with Tony Blair. Don’t forget Tony Blair has the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, which seeks to bring the world's religions together as one. Here's an article from Quartz, "The Man Who Planned to Succeed Tony Blair Is Doing Far More for Refugees Outside of Politics." The article says, "At 29, Miliband, an Oxford-educated political analyst, became head of policy for Prime Minister Tony Blair." It goes on to say that he was the youngest foreign secretary in 30 years. It was often said that Miliband was Prime Minster material himself. So this is a very well-known guy in Great Britain. He is part of the Labour Party.

He lost being head of the Labour Party to his brother. Well, where did the Labour Party come from? It came from the Fabian Socialist Society. Wait for it. The article goes on to say, "When Labour lost the general election in 2010 and Blair's successor, Gordon Brown, stood down as party leader, it was widely assumed that Miliband would take the role. But unexpectedly, his younger brother, Ed Miliband, who had held the position of Energy and Climate Change Secretary, was generally perceived as less qualified and less polished than his older brother. Ran against his sibling." Then it goes on to say, "An extremely tight election, the elder brother and expected heir to the party leadership was defeated by his younger sibling." Well, again, he's clearly connected to the Labour Party, David Miliband.

He was running to be the head of the Labour Party. Lost to his brother. Now, why is this important? Because the Labour Party was birthed out of the Fabian Socialist Society. What is the goal of the Fabian Socialist Society? They want revolution by evolution over time. And if we go back to the Fabian window, created by George Bernard Shaw in the early 1900s, what do we see again? Two men banging on a hot globe – the Earth. It's on fire. It's in a crisis. And at the top of the window, the Fabian window created by Fabian Socialist George Bernard Shaw, it says "Remold it nearer to the heart’s desire." Remold what? Remold the Earth. In other words, take global crises and use them to remold the world, to destroy national sovereignty. To bring in world government. That's the goal of the Fabian Socialist Society.

But notice the logo above the hot, burning globe. What is that? It is nothing less than a wolf in sheep's clothing. Now, my friends, did the apostle Paul in Acts 20 not warn us of the wolf in sheep's clothing? The men who would rise from within? Do we not see that in Jude 3? Did Jesus himself in the Book of Matthew not warn of the wolves in sheep's clothing? And indeed, what are we seeing? The Fabian Socialist Society openly admits in their own Fabian window with their logo of a wolf in sheep's clothing that they must use religion. They must use religion. In fact, even at the bottom of the Fabian window, what do you see? Well-known Fabian socialist praying to a stack of Fabian essays. So we see this picture, Tony Blair, unveiling the Fabian window at a special ceremony. The Fabian window had been stolen. It was rediscovered and unveiled.

In his speech that night, Tony Blair spoke about how the Labour Party was birthed out of the Fabian Socialist Society. So David Miliband, whose organization is promoted on the website of Matt Chandler's Village Church, is a Labour Party official who was almost the head of the Labour Party. And the Labour Party came out of the Fabian Socialist movement. They want world government. They will use religion, as wolves in sheep's clothing, to accomplish their goal, just as I warned about in the book, Religious Trojan Horse, and the next one, The Coming Religious Reich. And in these books, I told you early on to be very aware of the fact that you will be shocked in coming years. I wrote in these books that you would be shocked at the men who would share the platform with and participate with men and pastors who were aligning themselves with and promoting those things which the Bible strictly forbids.

In fact, I believe that if we're here when the Antichrist is revealed – and there's debate as to whether that will happen – I tend to think the church will not be here when the Antichrist is revealed. But if the church is here when the Antichrist is revealed and clearly known to be the Antichrist, mark my words and write it down. Some of the leading so-called evangelicals in America and around the world – but here in America –  leading evangelicals will have promoted him and his organization. I believe many evangelical leaders are so ignorant, and deceived, and untrained, and unskilled in having a Biblical worldview, and theology, and understanding the times, that they will actually be promoting the man and his organization, the man who turns out to be the Antichrist. Now, more about David Miliband and his organization, the International Rescue Committee.

Who are some of the board members? According to his website, the board of directors and overseers include Timothy Geithner. Remember him, the former treasury secretary for Barack Hussein Obama? How about this guy, president of the Rockefeller Foundation. We know what the Rockefellers want. They donated the land on which the United Nations sits. It was David Rockefeller who said that he wanted to use religion to build the Kingdom of God on Earth. Well, it wasn't the Kingdom of God. It's the Kingdom of Antichrist. Here we see one of the board members and advisors is a senior advisor to the United Nations Foundation. Here's the former president of the World Bank, all sitting here working with the International Rescue Committee of David Miliband.

Now, here's an article by David Miliband from The New York Times, dated January 27, 2017. And what does that say? "Donald Trump's Un-American Refugee Policy." So of course he doesn't like Donald Trump's policy, because he, David Miliband, is one of the contractors that reportedly gets lots and lots of government money under the Obama administration to bring the Syrians and the Iranians here as part of the Muslim Brotherhood's overall strategy, which is to destroy America from within by our own miserable hand. So, my friends, we're seeing very quickly, are we not, the worldview of some of the people being promoted on The Village Church website, the website of Matt Chandler. But there's more disturbing things about Matt Chandler.

Take in this tweet from Matt Chandler from August 12, 2014. "I think @annvoskamp is becoming one of my favorite writers." I don't know how many of you are familiar with her. I've written about her as well and about her book called, A Thousand Gifts. I believe it's chapter 14 in that book that is so erotic as she talks about her relationship with God. The writing is so erotic I could not read it on radio or television. I could not read it. It's that erotic. So I ask, why is Ann Voskamp becoming one Matt Chandler's favorite writers? He goes on in another tweet dated October 1, 2017 to say, "Praying this over all of us this morning!!" What is it? A song from Jesus Culture. Well, I've done, I think, three one-hour shows on Jesus Culture.

Jesus Culture comes out of the church in Redding, California, of Bill Johnson. Bill Johnson of Redding, California, one of the biggest new Apostolic Reformation false teachers out there. And this band – this movement known as Jesus Culture came out of Bill Johnson's church. Bill Johnson believes in glory dust, and glory clouds, and feathers are falling. These people believe in modern-day prophets, modern-day apostles. They work with some of the most freakish people in the world, part of the New Apostolic Reformation. That's Jesus Culture. We have on video, and we've played it as part of a series on Jesus Culture that you'll find inside the Situation Room, that the members of Jesus Culture – this band – want to teach young people how to take trips to heaven. Yes, you got that right.

They want to learn how to take trips to heaven, get visits from angels, get words of knowledge. And yet who's promoting this? Matt Chandler. Talk about your strange fire. I remember one evangelical pastor holding a conference on strange fire and telling us how even the clear-minded charismatics should be avoided. And yet this same pastor shares the platform at Together for the Gospel conference– in 2014, 2016, and coming up in April of 2018 – with Matt Chandler. Talk about your strange fire. Here's another slide. This shows the article that Matt Chandler wanted you to read. He linked to it in this article. In this article right here, we talked about Ann Voskamp. He linked to Ann Voskamp's article. Well, in the article she goes on to praise Mother Theresa and provides a link right to Mother Theresa's book.

Now, Mother Theresa, as she was called, she believed that it didn't matter if you were a Christian, or a Hindu, or a Buddhist, or a Muslim. It didn't matter. Everybody would end up in heaven. She was a universalist. Why on earth is Ann Voskamp in this article promoting the book and linking right to Amazon for people to buy the book by Mother Theresa? And why is Matt Chandler stating that she's becoming one of his favorite writers and links to that very article? And yet again, I ask why are so-called conservative pastors sharing the platform at Together for the Gospel with Matt Chandler, and thus I believe, giving him credibility? Well, they're on the church website of The Village Church, Matt Chandler's church. We found an article where they were also promoting Dallas Willard. Well, Dallas Willard is a mystic.

Dallas Willard promotes things like contemplative prayer, breath prayers, centering prayers. Why, again, on earth is Matt Chandler's church promoting mystic Dallas Willard? The evidence is overwhelming that Matt Chandler – a Neo-Calvinist, I believe –  is not someone Bible-believing conservative Christians should be partnering with at a conference entitled Together for the Gospel. This is a clear violation of scripture. Again, how can these same people who are going to share the platform with Matt Chandler again, for at least the third year at Together for the Gospel, criticize Rick Warren? How can they criticize Rick Warren? How can some of them criticize John Piper for inviting Rick Warren to his conference, and yet they then turn around and share the platform with Matt Chandler?

Here's an article off The Village Church website called "Our Motivation for Social Justice." So Matt Chandler is a big promoter of social justice. In fact, at the end of that article, they provide a link to the book by Tim Keller called Generous Justice. Now, in my book, The Coming Religious Reich, I give a huge overview of this book by Tim Keller called Generous Justice. It really should've been called Generous Socialism or Social Justice, but he called it Generous Justice. Tim Keller, as I lay out in my book, goes on in his book Generous Justice, being promoted by Matt Chandler's website, to talk about the need for renewing the culture, reweaving the culture, and cultural transformation.

These people have a worldview and theology that thinks God requires us to remake and remold the culture. Wrong-o. We are living in a sinful world plagued by the effects of sin. And things will not be renewed. There will be no cultural renewal until Christ returns at the Second Coming and sets up his kingdom. You see, many of these people do not have a proper eschatology. And their eschatology is driving their theology. And Matt Chandler is promoting Tim Keller, who's not only involved in promoting breath prayer, centering prayers through ‘The Way of the Monk,’ a course that went on at church that I write about also in Religious Trojan Horse and The Coming Religious Reich, but Tim Keller promotes social justice, among many other things. Well, here's Matt Chandler and his church website promoting Tim Keller.

We also see that Matt Chandler in 2018 had an article entitled, "What We Can Learn from Martin Luther King, Jr.?" And he said, "We can learn from his love for and application of the word of God." Now folks, I live right here in Memphis, Tennessee. And tragically, Dr. Martin Luther King was murdered right here in Memphis, Tennessee. But I have studied Martin Luther King, Jr. for many years. Martin Luther King, Jr. was surrounded by communists. Go look it up. This is not hyperbole, conspiracy. It is a known, historical fact. Martin Luther King, Jr. was surrounded by communists. It's also known that his ‘I Have a Dream’ speech was actually given by a black Republican years earlier, but a lot of people don’t want to talk about that. But Martin Luther King, Jr. was surrounded by communists.

In fact, in the early '90s, I had dinner in North Carolina with a pastor and a former FBI agent at the end of the church service that I was the speaker for. I said something about my research in the early '90s that led me to believe that Martin Luther King, Jr. was indeed surrounded by communists. The former FBI agent, whose first and last name I still know to this day, said, "I know for a fact he was surrounded by communists." I said, "Well, as a former FBI agent, how do you know Martin Luther King, Jr. was surrounded by communists?" He said, "Because Martin Luther King, Jr.'s chauffer was my informant."

Now, not only was Martin Luther King, Jr. surrounded by communists, but it has now come out that Jackie Kennedy was disgusted when she would see the picture of Martin Luther King, Jr., because her brother-in-law – the Attorney General of the United States – had reportedly shared with her about picking up on phone conversations that they had recorded of Martin Luther King, Jr. trying to organize sex parties in Washington, D.C. when he was there to give his speech and that that really upset Jackie Kennedy, and she had a lot of angst when she would see his picture. She thought that was quite disgusting. So again, we can talk about the things her husband was up to, but she at least had the wherewithal to reportedly be disgusted by the activities she heard that Martin Luther King, Jr. was up to.

There's a lot we can say about Martin Luther King, Jr., but one of them is not that he had a love for and application of the Word of God. In fact, in a video, Matt Chandler goes on to call him a brother. We have no evidence that Martin Luther King, Jr. understood the true gospel, but this again is part of the liberalism of, I believe, Matt Chandler. Next week we'll look at some videos of Matt Chandler promoting white privilege and talking about white privilege. Well, my friends, white privilege is the talking point, the agenda, the information operation, the propaganda war of the communists. You know what white privilege is? I'm sure Matt Chandler doesn't know this, but we've done a whole hour on white privilege, a whole hour of television. You'll find it in the Situation Room. But white privilege is anti-family, anti-father, and anti-capitalist.

We'll share with you a couple audio clips and video clips from the 15th annual White Privilege Conference that took place a few years ago in Madison, Wisconsin, where these pro-communist people were saying that white privilege is anyone who has a capitalist worldview – that their goal is against capitalism, that if you're a capitalist, you're a racist, and you're a part of a white privilege society. And yet in the video next week, you will see Matt Chandler pushing and promoting the fallacy, the talking points I believe of the communist white privilege. So again, I ask the question, why are pastors promoting Matt Chandler and Acts 29 to their church? He is reportedly the president and the head of Acts 29 as well.

Why are pastors taking the platform at Together for the Gospel and sharing the platform in 2014 with Matt Chandler – not to mention the troubling worldview of John Piper, who has a false gospel with his Christian hedonism and his antinomianism that said you cannot judge good and evil by the keeping of the law? Yet the Bible says if it wasn't for the law, I would not have known what sin is. The Bible also says, "He who loves me keeps my commandments." And yet John Piper has said in a whole two hours we've done on him inside the Situation Room – that's – that you cannot judge good and evil by commandment keeping. Between the antinomianism and Christian hedonism, I believe John Piper has a false gospel.

How can you gather together at Together for the Gospel with someone like John Piper that I believe has a false gospel? Then you have people like Thabiti, who you see there in 2014, the black gentleman. You see him there again. What has he said? He's promoted Black Lives Matter. John Piper has promoted Black Lives Matter. Then you see Al Mohler. Al Mohler has declared that we need to put communist Nelson Mandela on the side of the heroes. You notice a common theme here with these folks? Black Lives Matter promotion, white privilege promotion, promoting as a hero, Nelson Mandela, promoting as a hero, Martin Luther King, Jr. While we could agree with some of the things Martin Luther King, Jr. was trying to accomplish, we cannot agree with his worldview, his morality, or the people he was surrounded by and being used by, or his "Christian socialism" that Martin Luther King, Jr. was into.

But you notice these are all people who are now making up this new brand of Calvinism, which makes me again wonder if some folks are more concerned about the continuation of Calvinism in the next generation than they are guarding the church. So these are very serious issues. Now, I appreciate the fact that many of these people do stand for things I agree with. Matt Chandler is very pro-life, and I appreciate that about him. There are things I definitely would agree with Matt Chandler on, but there are far too many concerning things about Matt Chandler to allow us to just ignore it and say it's okay. We cannot criticize Rick Warren and then turn around and give a pass to Matt Chandler for the very same things, and then see some of the biggest evangelicals in America sharing the platform with him, or pastors across America promoting him and his books to their congregation.

This is a very serious issue, because I believe Matt Chandler, and his Village Church, and these Neo-Calvinists have become a Trojan horse in many ways. Now, my friends, the program is only an hour. But what you just saw took over a week of study and preparation to put together. And again, this is not personal. It's principled. It's about guarding the church, protecting the church, and warning that there are men who may be sincere, but they're sincerely wrong when they're promoting George Soros, amnesty, globalist organizations. They're sincerely wrong when they allow their staff to participate in bridge-building with groups like the Islamic Society of North America, a Muslim Brotherhood front group. It is wrong to promote people like Ann Voskamp.

It is wrong to promote Fabian and Labour Party individuals like David Miliband, who again, is working with Tony Blair and many other folks, and many globalists like George Soros. This is just not acceptable for Christians to be doing. And yet when I point it out and explain it, and I document it, many people will not hear it. Some of these men who are working with Matt Chandler and sharing the stage and platform with him, their staff become very agitated when I expose the truth. They begin to trash us on social media. Instead of taking on the issue or message, they take on the messenger. So my friends, we are living in the very times I predicted in my books Religious Trojan Horse and The Coming Religious Reich.

I said we were going to see a merging of the left and right, and many people on the right you never thought would partake with these kind of people, would do it. It's happening, but don’t forget they will make us out to be the bad guys simply for telling the truth.

Now, if you appreciate this program and all the work and research that goes into not only producing this program, but all the others, we need to hear from you. There are two ways you can support us. One is by joining our Situation Room at It is well over $130,000.00 in e-books, audio books, transcripts, and our powerful Biblical worldview software, Worldviewpedia. You can join at The other way is through our foundation. You can make a tax deductible contribution at If you prefer to send a check, you see our address on the screen there. So my friends, these are the two ways you can support us, by either being a member of the Situation Room and/or supporting us with a tax deductible contribution to the Worldview Weekend Foundation.

It brings me no pleasure to do these kind of programs, but I believe we have to warn the church that the globalists, the internationalists, the communists, the Fabians, they want world government, and they want to destroy America. And they’ve openly admitted in their own writings, they must use religion to do that. And therefore, they must not only infiltrate the left, but they must infiltrate those who are so-called on the right. It's not a pleasant job that we have. If we love the church, for which Christ died, then we must be willing to warn about the men who are rising from within. We must warn about people, I believe like Matt Chandler and his church who are promoting such men that are rising from within like we've looked at tonight. So if you have issue with it, take issue with the Word of God. For that is where we get our marching orders for such programs as this.

Thank you for watching. Until next time, I’m Brannon Howse. Take care.


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