New Agers, The Three-Legged Stool & Cultural Marxism

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“The coming in of the Aquarian Age also stimulates in man a spirit of universality and a tendency towards fusion. This can be seen working out in the present trends towards synthesis in business, in religion, and in politics.”

New Age champion Alice Bailey, who died in 1949, wrote those revealing words in her New Age classic The Seventh Ray, Revealer of the New Age. According to Bailey, she wrote under the direction of a “spirit guide” named the Tibetan. You and I would recognize the Tibetan, however, as a demon. Yet, her characterization of the Aquarian Age sounds remarkably like what is happening in our world today.


Dialectically Demonic


Did a demon known as the Tibetan tell Alice Bailey that the three-legged stool of government, corporations, and religion would build the coming world system of Antichrist? If so, how would it know that? I believe Alice Bailey did hear from a demon, but demons are not omniscient. They can know the future, though—in the same way we do.

Demons know what Scripture says will happen, and a key to understanding Alice Bailey’s “prediction” resides in Revelation 18, where the Bible predicts that the three-legged stool of government, corporations, and religion will come together as one.

Satan and the demonic world know the Bible, but we don’t want to give too much credibility to Alice Bailey and her Tibetan. What is credible is the supernatural nature of God’s Word that tells us through Bible prophecy what is yet to come. The Bible tells us how history will play out because the inspiration of the Word of God came upon men as the Holy Spirit led them to write this supernatural book.

So, Alice Bailey channeled a demon and wrote that the world government of Antichrist would be built around a three-legged stool of government, corporations, and religion. Her “fourth ray” of “harmony through conflict” describes precisely what we would recognize as a Hegelian dialectical strategy—thesis and antithesis, idea, opposite idea. Two opposites such as socialism and capitalism fight, then merge to produce communitarianism. Bailey’s fourth ray introduces the process. Then, the seventh ray brings the power to organize. It wields the force to bring into synthetic relation the great pairs of opposites and to produce new forms of spiritual manifestation.

We are seeing just such spiritual manifestations today through syncretism. As world religions come together, Christianity is merged with Hinduism through people practicing Christian yoga or “holy yoga” even though there’s nothing truly Christian or holy about yoga. Yoga, after all, means yoke or union with a Hindu god. You might as well say you have a holy Ouija board. There’s no such thing.

The great pairs of opposites we see around us are all part of this dialectical approach. Christianity and Marxism yield liberation theology (Marxianity). Islam and Christianity merge into Chrislam. We even have the LGBT community and Christianity merging so that now within mainstream evangelicalism it’s chic to promote the idea of a Christian queer or Christian LGBT. To gain a bit of credibility and then undermine the truth of the gospel, truth and error mix to distort and neutralize the church, the concoction ultimately creating a false dominant church. Alice Bailey describes this in The Seventh Ray:


[quote] False and true standards will emerge in man’s consciousness and those choices will be made which will lay the foundation of the new order, which will inaugurate the new race, with its new laws and novel approaches, and so usher in the new religion of love and brotherhood, and that period wherein the group and the group-good will be the dominant note. [end quote]


That’s the basis for the three-legged stool of Peter Drucker, Rick Warren, Bob Buford, Tim Keller, and others.

Many of the men now promoting the three-legged stool weren’t even born by the time Alice Bailey died. They’re promoting Bailey’s new era of group consensus, an accord that will be the “foundation for the new order”—the New World Order. According to Bailey, we’ll actually become “a new race.” People will embrace pantheism (all is God), panentheism (God is in all), cosmic humanism, environmentalism, sustainable development, social justice, the common good, human flourishing.

The Bible addresses this problem in Daniel 7:25, saying that the Antichrist will speak out against the Most High, wear down the saints of the Highest One, and make alterations in times and in law. In other words, the Antichrist is going to change everything. He will end national sovereignty and regional or national currencies, taking us towards a global system, a one-world government. As everything comes together (as pairs of opposites collide), this new race of mankind will usher in the new religion of love and brotherhood wherein the group-good dominates. Separateness and hatreds will allegedly fade out, and people will be merged in a true unity.

Yet, Scripture proclaims that true Christians cannot be a part of this. We cannot tolerate it. There is no fellowship between righteousness and unrighteousness or among the things of God and the things of Baal. “Come out and be ye separate” is in the exhortation of 2 Corinthians 6:14-17. Although I began years ago to warn of what the leftists are doing to bring this about, more recently it’s become necessary to point out that some of the most popular people within evangelicalism are either promoting it or sharing the stage with those who are, thus giving them theological cover. And mine is an unpopular position. People like me are now ruthlessly attacked. Whether they know it or not, though, the attackers are aiding and abetting the coming kingdom of Antichrist. In Acts 20 and again in Jude 3, Paul warns that we should be aware of the men who rise from within, but when we point them out, they, their fans, staff members, and worshipers don’t like it.

Certainly, those of us who sound the warning are not perfect and never claim to be. The Word of God, though, is perfect, and it tells us that we cannot mix truth and error. We cannot mix Christianity and Marxism. We cannot build the kingdom of God on earth as many try to because an errant eschatology drives their debased theology. Jesus’ kingdom is not of this world, and those who say they’re trying to build the kingdom of God on earth are really building the kingdom of Antichrist.

It’s shocking to compare what Alice Bailey and her demon predicted to what we see around us:


[quote] It can be expected that the orthodox Christian will at first reject the theories about the Christ which occultism presents. At the same time this same orthodox Christian will find it increasingly difficult to induce the intelligent masses of people to accept the impossible deity and the feeble Christ which historical Christianity has endorsed. [end quote]


Many of today’s millennials do not accept this so-called feeble Christ or the “impossible deity.” As I pointed out earlier, they claim that they will come if the church offers them Jesus, the social justice warrior. As a result, some of the most popular evangelical leaders in America, like Rick Warren and Tim Keller, build churches for the unbeliever. They present this Jesus to draw people in, leading them to believe there is such a thing as a social justice, ecumenical, environmental hipster Jesus. But it is a false Christ, just as Alice Bailey described. Bailey and her demon predicted that this false dominant church would create and follow a Jesus of their own making—the new age Jesus—and reject the Jesus of the Bible.


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