Pope Francis, Gaia Worship and a Return to Babylon

By Brannon S. Howse

As discussed earlier, religious, economic, and political trends are leading the world back to Babylon and the occult religions birthed at the Tower of Babel, as revealed in Genesis 10 and 11. The connection to the mother-son cult through the Church of Rome, then, should not come as a surprise when expressed through the pronouncements of Pope Francis and his scientist friend, Hans Schellnhuber, who promotes the worship of Gaia (a.k.a., Semiramis, a.k.a., the Queen of Babylon). 

In another article entitled, “The Scientific Pantheist Who Advises Pope Francis,” Briggs reveals this Gaia earth worship agenda of Schellnhuber:

[quote] The Gaia Principle, first advanced by chemist James Lovelock (who has lately had second thoughts), and microbiologist Lynn Margulis in the 1970s, says that all life interacts with the Earth, and the Earth with all life, to form a giant self-regulating, living system. This goes far beyond the fact that the Earth’s climate system has feedbacks, which are at the very center of the debate over climate change. In the Gaia Principle, Mother Earth is alive, and even, some think, aware in some ill-defined, mystical way. The Earth knows man and his activities and, frankly, isn’t too happy with him.

This is what we might call “scientific pantheism,” a kind that appeals to atheistic scientists. It is an updated version of the pagan belief that the universe itself is God, that the Earth is at least semi-divine — a real Brother Sun and Sister Water! Mother Earth is immanent in creation and not transcendent, like the Christian God. What’s this have to do with Schellnhuber? In the 1999 Nature paper “‘Earth System’ Analysis and the Second Copernican revolution,” he said:

"Ecosphere science is therefore coming of age, lending respectability to its romantic companion, Gaia theory, as pioneered by Lovelock and Margulis. This hotly debated “geophysiological” approach to Earth-system analysis argues that the biosphere contributes in an almost cognizant way to self-regulating feedback mechanisms that have kept the Earth’s surface environment stable and habitable for life."

Geo-physiological, in case you missed it. Cognizant, in black and white. So dedicated is Schellnhuber to this belief, that he says “the Gaia approach may even include the influence of biospheric activities on the Earth’s plate-tectonic processes.”  Not the other way around, mind you, where continental drift and earthquakes affects life, but where life affects earthquakes. He elaborates:

"Although effects such as the glaciations may still be interpreted as over-reactions to small disturbances—a kind of cathartic geophysiological fever—the main events, resulting in accelerated maturation by shock treatment, indicate that Gaia faces a powerful antagonist. Rampino has proposed personifying this opposition as Shiva, the Hindu god of destruction." [end quote] 


William M. Briggs also agrees that Pope Francis and the Vatican are pushing a population control agenda:


[quote] Austin Ruse discovered a 2009 talk in which Schellnhuber said the earth “will explode” due to resource depletion once the population reaches 9 billion, a number that the UN projects in 2050. Presumably he wants earth to avoid that fate, so he must support the population control that Pope Francis so clearly repudiated in his encyclical. [end quote] 


Bless Their Hearts? 


Sadly, neo-evangelicals and the New Religious Right continue to embrace the Church of Rome and its representatives. Among those at the White House on September 23rd, 2015 to hear the speech by Pope Francis, were Rick Warren, T. D. Jakes, Leith Anderson of the National Association of Evangelicals, and Joel Hunter of Northland Church, among others. 

But wait—there’s more, as the cheesy info-commercials like to say. On October 22nd, 2015, Joel Hunter, pastor of Florida mega-Northland Church, took part in an event called “Spreading the Peace Conference.” The website for this event proudly declared it to be the “First Ever Gathering Nationally of Evangelical Pastors & Imams.” The website also listed Ed Stetzer as one of the speakers. Stetzer is the Executive Director of Research for Lifeway, an agency of the Southern Baptist Convention. When it comes to the Southern Baptist Convention, its leaders, and the lemmings who fund them, all I can say is “bless their hearts,” which here in the south really means, “You are ignorant, but I want to be as nice as possible.” 

The “useful idiots” of the New Religious Right and Neo-evangelicalism are nothing if not consistent in their compromise and ever-more-shocking levels of stupidity which they seem to attain. Spiritual enterprises and love-fests among apostates, heretics, and globalists seem to increase by the month as we are being hurled at a dizzying pace toward a one-world, Religious Reich. The intermingling is apparent to everyone. Even the Mormon Deseret News noted this in a September 25th, 2015 article:

[quote] President Henry B. Eyring's tender Vatican talk about his marriage and the LDS perspective of family is a chapter in a new interfaith book about marriage between a man and a woman.

The chapter—“To Become As One, A Mormon Perspective”—is one of 16 taken from speeches given at the Vatican colloquium on marriage and family in November 2014.

Chapter authors include prominent religious figures like Pope Francis, Pastor Rick Warren of the Saddleback Church, the Rev. Russell D. Moore of the Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, and President Eyring, First Counselor in the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. [end quote] 


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