Radical Environmentalism: Similarity Number Twenty-One Between the False Church of Nazi Germany and Today’s Growing False Global Church

By Brannon S. Howse

As we have already discussed, the false church embraces radical environmentalism under masking terms such as “creation care.” For instance, New Agers or Cosmic Humanists most of whom are environmentalists, also embrace socialism.  Yet radical environmentalism, sustainable development, and the green agenda can be traced back to the socialist agenda of Nazi Germany. 

My friend Mark Musser has written an excellent book entitled Nazi Oaks: The Green Sacrifice of the Judeo-Christian Worldview in the Holocaust. In it, Mark describes how Nazism was really the Babylonian occult of fertility brought up to date in modern science. You’ll remember the Babylonian mystery religions teach that Semiramis was the goddess of fertility. And that Semiramis is known in other cultures and religions as Aphrodite, Venus, Artemis and Diana, Minerva, and Gaia or Mother Earth. It always seems to go back to Babylon, does it not? So, it shouldn’t be shocking that Satan’s attempt at a world Reich under Hitler was based on the occultism of Babylon and that the coming religious Reich will do the same. The sacrifice of the Jews and all others that were deemed genetically, mentally, and ethically inferior for the production of a superman race were also seen as a blight upon mother earth which had to be eradicated. 

Sadly, many leftists have re-written history, and the murder of 11 million people by the Nazis is not properly or historically taught as the pagan, environmental sacrifices that they were. Musser brings history back into focus, though, when he reveals these facts:


  • [quote] There is a luxuriant oak tree standing just outside the gated entrance into Auschwitz Camp I where the sign reads “work makes you free.” In fact, there are many stately oaks inside the camp and just outside the entrance. There were also oak trees in the immediate proximity of a few of the gas chambers and crematoriums as well. More ominous, the gas chamber doors at both Auschwitz and Treblinka were made of solid oak. At Auschwitz, the Nazis made double oak doors that sealed the sacrificial fate of all the victims when they were shut. The intimate proximity of such oak symbolism to concentration and death camps like Auschwitz and Treblinka is not likely to be merely coincidental. There was a certain method to the Nazi madness…No matter how industrial the gas chambers may have been so often characterized, the ancient symbolism of human sacrifice being practiced under the oak trees bleeds through the veneer of Nazi modernism. 


  • In German paganism, the oak tree symbolized fertility, power, and sacrifice—and sacrifice was the means by which fertility and power were obtained. Sexual fertility and male virility were symbolized by oaks as well…Pagan sacrifices were offered in the sacred oak groves in order to help guarantee the fertility of nature and her harvest cycles.


  • The weaknesses of the modern western world were presumed to have its crumbling foundations within the longstanding influences of the Judeo-Christian tradition with the Jews in particular being at the very core of the problem. The “green” sacrifice of the Jews would therefore be required to help the European world return back to Nature and her eugenic racial laws of evolutionary development that the Judeo-Christian worldview interrupted.


  • In his youth while attending architectural school in Vienna in 1908, Adolf Hitler wrote up a play about religious sacrifices centering on the differences between Christianity and German paganism…Hitler was clearly very aware of the practices of religious sacrifice under the oak trees in ancient paganism. [end quote] 


Did you get all that? The Jews were murdered in part because they were seen as the source of capitalism and being the environmentalist, socialist, and corporate fascist that he was, Hitler hated capitalism. The Nazis also despised the Jews for not being Aryan. When the Nazi worldview was mixed with Darwinian evolution, Friedrich Nietzsche’s superman concept, and Hitler’s anti-Semitism, the final solution to this perceived capitalistic, environmental, and genetically inferior overpopulation was a pagan, sacrificial extermination. Hitler believed such a sacrifice to the “gods” would increase the power and fertility of the German people as they sought world domination. 

Musser points out that many have naively blamed “Nazi technology, industry, and the economy for the holocaust.” Yet the foundational worldview of the Nazi holocaust was radical, pagan, environmentalism, as Musser explains:


[quote] Hence, the Nazis believed they were defending Nature from a Jewish disease which had been rotting Germany from the inside out, and their nature conservation laws, including the Tierschutzrecht, was a part of this whole process. Indeed on October 4, 1943, Himmler declared in a speech before the SS that Germany was “the only nation of the world with a decent attitude toward animals.

…That Hess and Himmler and Hitler were all vegetarians is also part of the historical record that fits in perfectly with their animal loving tendencies. [end quote]


Musser documents on numerous pages and with detailed footnotes that sustainable development originated with Hitler’s Nazi Reich. For those who blame the industrial expansion of Germany, Musser explains:


[quote] Thus while it is true that Nazi public works were certainly employed to modernize Germany…it must not be forgotten this was also done with a strong romantic longing for a greener yesteryear when Greco-Roman man was fully embedded into the natural world. [end quote] 


Musser details that Hitler was “highly concerned about overpopulation and over-industrialization.”  


Sustainable development and radical environmentalism sees man as a blight on the environment. Ironically, they see themselves as gods, but the “little people” are a blight. Thus, they seek to take away private property from its rightful owners in order to create bio-sphere or parks. Hitler’s Reich sought to do the same, as Musser reveals:


[quote] Nazi environmentalism merged with genocide and terrorism on the eastern front. While German forester Lutz Heck shelved the idea of setting aside large national parks within Germany itself until after the war, Nazi biologist Walther Schoenichen had expansive dreams for the austere Bialowieza Forest in Poland and Lithuania. Schoenichen wanted to cleanse Jews and Slavs out of the Bialowieza Forest in order to turn it into a giant national park, much bigger than what the Poles had already designated for the area. For Schoenichen, the Bialowieza Forest would provide an opportunity to make up the primeval jungles Germany lost in colonial Africa after its defeat in the First World War. The Nazi “blood and soil” doctrine provided new environomental horizons to mold polish and Lithuanian landscapes after the German image. In the process, racial genocide coincided with landscape cleansing in the great northern forests of Poland, Lithuania, and Byelorussia…This was how the Nazis went about establishing nature reserves and parks. They first had to be freed of Jewish and Slavic occupancy. [end quote] 


Nazi hatred of the Jews was Satanic at its core. Satan hates the Jews and seeks to destroy them to prevent God from fulling His promises concerning Israel and the coming Jewish evangelists of Revelation. The Jews and many other non-Aryan people were seen as lower than dogs and subhuman, and, thus, the Nazis sought to cleanse their motherland from what they deemed to be pollution. Nazi writings and speeches often referred to Jews as “polluted,” diseased,” and “parasitic.” In fact, the murder of the Jews was seen a sacrificial offering to mother earth. Musser further details the racist and environmentalism behind the Nazi holocaust: 


  • [quote] SS leadership, racial hygiene, genocide, and environmentalism were inextricably bound up with each other on the Eastern Front… Thus, in Poland and Russia, Jews and Slavs were sacrificed by the Social Darwinian nature religion of the Nazis, and environmentalism played a ghastly role in the process. The Jews, Poles, Russians, Byelorussians, and Ukrainians were all considered unfit from both a racial and an environmental point of view. 


  • …In short, the Jews, Poles and Russians were not properly related to nature and thus deserved to be liquidated. 


  • Nazi racism was couched in “scientific” Social Darwinian terms mixed in with ecology and indigenous ethnicity.


  • Hitler wanted to plunge all of Europe into nature by dispatching with the Judeo-Christian worldview and its cultural traditions. In so doing, Germany would then be governed by the natural laws of life, i.e. Social Darwinism…racism and environmentalism were inextricably bound up with one another. Tracking alongside German racism was a volkisch environmentalism that culminated in the National Socialist movement under the blood and soil slogan where a mystical connection between biology, racism, and ecology were all hotwired together into an explosive amalgam that produced the darkest form of human sacrifice ever witnessed in all of history. It was Hitler’s hope that such a green sacrifice would usher in a revived Roman Empire with Aryan Germany restoring Europe back to ancient glory. The sacrifice of the Jews was therefore understood as a prelude to a glorious Aryan future—the 1,000 year millennial Reich.


  • In Hitler’s mind, racial warfare coupled with a green based eugenics program would help blaze the trail to revive the Roman Empire. [end quote] 


Even then, Satan was working through Hitler to attempt a revived Roman Empire. That timetable was not acceptable to God, but I believe even now the slack on the leash of Satan is being let out so that he might achieve his religious Reich its power centered within a European, Revived Roman Empire. 

According to Musser, “it must be pointed out the holocaust did not occur until after Germany had become completely awash in biblical skepticism and secularity.”

This astute statement about Germany sounds in many ways like America. The skepticism and secularity that swept through America in the early 60s was even evident in U. S. Supreme Court rulings that expunged prayer and Bible reading from America’s educational system. The skepticism of Germany led to the holocaust, and the skepticism in America led to the 1973 decision by the U. S. Supreme Court to legalize America’s abortion holocaust and the murder of over 57 million children by 2015. Skepticism has now led to mysticism as cosmic humanism and pagan spirituality have become the dominate worldviews among most Americans. 

I had phone conversation once with my friend Tommy Ice in which he explained that a culture or nation will often begin with believing in biblical theology and then move to nationalism, then skepticism, and then mysticism. This is precisely what has occurred in America and many other nations. 

So could it be that the harlot, one-world, ecumenical religious system warned of in Revelation 17:1 is based upon the worship of man and nature as I have suggested several times in this book? If so, how might God may reveal to the world of that day that He is God and His creation is not a god? Mark Musser has an interesting suggestion:

[quote] When one reads about all the great environmental catastrophes that compromise most of the book of Revelation (Revelation 16-19), could it be the whole point is that the very natural world that the greens often wish and demand to worship and save will become the same environment that is violently convulsed and traumatically destroyed by the Lord of heaven? Far from finding harmony in nature, people will suffer from its increasing terrifying imbalances. [end quote] 


Building on Mark Musser’s excellent work, I have sought to give you an overview of the role which radical environmentalism played within Germany, because I believe it will play a role again in the coming religious Reich. (I cannot stress enough the importance of reading Mark Musser’s 494-page book, Nazi Oaks, if you really want to fully understand the worldview behind the Nazi holocaust.) 


Be Ready


My ultimate goal of this chapter is to warn true believers not to be deceived by a growing false dominant church and not to give aid and comfort to the false global church now attempting to co-opt the true Church. Recognizing true believers and true churches is going to become easier and easier. They will be recognized by their defense of the Gospel and essential Christian doctrines and by the bold exposing of false teachers and the false church. They will also likely be persecuted. “Soft” and eventually “hard” persecution will be a major way to identify true believers and a truly biblical New Testament church. So stand by, and stand firm.



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