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Brannon Howse:  Welcome back, friends, to the program, glad you’re with us.  My guest tonight is Jeff Nyquist.  He’s written extensively on the topic of Putin and his partnership with Islam.

Jeff, many Americans are not aware of the fact that Russia has aligned itself with the Islamists, the terrorists.  I know that there were the Chechen – supposed Chechen terrorist attacks a few years ago that led many to believe that Russia is under attack, just like America, by Islamists.  But that’s not true at all is it, Jeff?

Jeff Nyquist:  There’s lots of questions about the Chechen civil war, and it almost looks like an alibi, arranged by Moscow, to say, “Hey, we’re fighting Islamic terrorists, too.”  Meanwhile, they were developing Islamic terrorists in nearby Dagestan.  The defector, Alexander Litvinenko, an FSB defector, testified and told British intelligence – he defected to Britain – he told them that Ayman al-Zawahiri, the number two man in Al Qaeda after Osama bin Laden, was trained in a terrorist training camp in Russian Dagestan in 1996, along with other Al Qaeda leaders.  He even showed a journalist – Post journalist friend of mine a photograph of this training camp.

In 2005, he went public with this information, and in November 1, 2006, he was poisoned with polonium.  And, of course, Scotland Yard traced it back to Moscow, the little traces of radioactive polonium were found in the aircraft that the Russian agents traveled in to go from Moscow to London.  They tried to extradite one of the Russian agents, Mr.  Lugovoy, but they made him a member of the Russian parliament.  And members of Russian parliament cannot be extradited.  So, they even protected one of the assassins of Mr.  Litvinenko, who very famously died around the time of Thanksgiving – American Thanksgiving – in Britain of that radioactive poisoning.

So, they assassinated the man after he had said this.  And in fact, Litvinenko said the real terrorist was Vladimir Putin, and that Putin was behind Al Qaeda and behind 9/11.  And this is very interesting to me.  This was my wake-up call, because in 1998, a Russian GRU defector, named Stanislav Lunev, was – I was talking with him in Washington, and I was asking him, “How, in principle, can the Russians achieve a surprise attack on America where they don’t get, you know, a mutual destruction strike from our nuclear arsenal.”

And he said, “Well, if you ever hear that an American city is attacked by Muslim terrorists with nuclear weapons, don’t believe it.”

And I said, “Well, why wouldn’t I believe it?”

And he said, “Because it will be my people.  It will be Spetsnaz.”  That’s Russian Spetsnaz.

And I said, “Well, then what happens after these nuclear attacks by these, you know, fake Muslim terrorists?”

And he said, “Well, then, in some weeks or months, the missiles from Russia will arrive,” implying that our political and economic system would implode after nuclear attacks on our cities by terrorists because people would flee the cities, and our economy would collapse, and our administrative system would collapse.  And maybe even our military, so dependent on dollars and on the economy that supports it, would collapse.  This seems to be part of the Russian strategy to create chaos.

And there’s a further thing.  Then I recalled that in 1987, another Russian defector – his actual name is Vladimir Rezun, but he writes under the pen name of Viktor Suvorov – he wrote a book that was published in the United Kingdom called Spetsnaz.  In one of the chapters in the book is about how they would set up World War III.  He called this period of preparation – they call this period “the overture,” that’s their nickname for it.  And during the overture, they would set up a terrorist organization, that would have no apparent connection to Moscow, to attack the West and to divert the security resources of the West, both intelligence and military resources, to dealing with this other terrorist threat.  They would – we would see no connection with Russia and, in fact, that it would be mercenaries controlled by intermediaries fully controlled by Russia.

The Russians ad another name for this, according to Suvorov.  They called it “gray terror,”  and that gray terror, in its final phase, would resolve into red terror, with full-blown nuclear war against the United States once the US had finally collapsed and been sufficiently diverted by this other enemy.

So, this really concerned me, because we have three Russian defectors.  And if you look at their testimony closely, it resembles what’s happened to us since 9/11.  We have been diverted by these wars.  We have been diverted to an enemy that is in Iraq and Afghanistan, and we’ve molded our military to fight against these light infantry guerrilla-type enemies, terrorist enemies, when in fact Russia is rebuilding its Guards Tank armies.  Russia is rebuilding its nuclear arsenal, and right now they’re ahead of us; they’re coming out with new types of weapons like the S-500 true Abraham system, which they’re starting to crank out.

It’s possible they could have a full Abraham umbrella so that none of our missiles could get through and they could then gain nuclear strategic superiority.  Meanwhile, we have been messing around in Afghanistan and Iraq, and we’ve been spending trillions of dollars on an enemy that’s not the real enemy, the most dangerous enemy.

Brannon Howse:  So, Jeff, you have said that you believe that the deep state are Marxists and the Marxists are the deep state.  Now, this would make sense if Comey, Mueller – all these guys at the top of our FBI and intelligence agencies – Brennan and others, Clapper – were all working to get Hillary Clinton elected and to defeat Donald Trump.  And now, of course, that didn’t happen, and so they’re going back and trying to cover their tracks.

But we know that Bill Clinton was over in the Soviet Union, behind the Iron Curtain in the 1970s, doing who knows what.  We know he has a Neo-Marxist worldview.  We know that Hillary has a Neo-Marxist worldview.  We know that Brennan supposedly is sympathetic toward Islam.  We know that the FBI Director Mueller gave an award to a – the FBI Director Award to a top jihadi.  We know as FBI Director Comey gave a top FBI Director Award to a jihadi.

So, clearly you have to be correct.  The deep state are Marxist.  They tried to get Hillary elected.  They did not count on Donald Trump being elected.  Now they’re trying to cover what they did, hence the crisis that’s going on today.  But this helps us understand that when we talk about a sabotage and sabotaging our own nation, as Muslim Brotherhood said they wanted to do, in their 1991 memorandum – they would get Americans to sabotage their own house by their own hands.  We’ve done that evident by putting Marxists, which are in cahoots with the Islamists, that Red-Green Axis, by putting Marxists at the top of the power grid within our intelligence community.  True or false?

Jeff Nyquist:  Well, it’s true, but let’s refine it a bit.  There are many different kinds of Marxists out there, and not all Marxists are actually members of the Fifth Column that’s helping Moscow and Beijing.  What I would say is that the deep state is the Communist that is Marxist-Leninist, pro-Beijing, pro-Moscow, Fifth Column.  And the Communist Fifth Column is the deep state.  This has been true since the 1930s when the Communists – the Marxist-Leninists – infiltrated the US government after FDR recognized the Soviet Union in 1933.

This is important to understand because somebody – you know, it’s – it is not good to have Socialist opinions.  Socialism is a dangerous ideology.  But when that Socialist opinion is part of a military machine of a hostile foreign power, it multiplies the bad effect of this form of Socialism many fold and becomes the kind of danger that I’m talking about.  I mean how is it that we’ve spent so much money in Iraq and Afghanistan with no conclusive result.  We won World War II in three years.  You mean we can’t defeat the jihadis in Iraq and Afghanistan in ten years?  It doesn’t entirely make sense unless you realize that those who have infiltrated our government here at home have foisted upon us concepts, ways of waging war that will guarantee that we can’t win.  I strongly suggest this is what’s going on, and some of my colleagues, too.

The whole way we’ve conceptualized of our enemy is wrong.  We’ve conceived of the wrong enemy, a diversionary enemy, and we’ve conceived even of that enemy incorrectly.  If we realize that this is the cat’s paw of the old Communist Bloc – that the Soviet Union never really collapsed, it just reorganized under a different name.

I should tell you there was a defector – I mean people just don’t read – and there was a defector named Anatoliy Golitsyn.  In 1984, he wrote a book called New Lies for Old, in which he predicted the collapse of the Soviet Union.  He predicted everything virtually that happened: that the Communist Party would appear to give up power in Russia, that the Berlin Wall would go down, that various Eastern European countries would appear to become democracies.  But he said it would be fake; it would be contrived, and that it would be done in order to get the West to open up and allow technology to flow to Russia, and that the West would disarm, and that NATO might even be dissolved in response to this strategy; that Russia would be able to get the jump on the West by gaining access to technology in markets.  At the same time, the West would disarm.

This is exactly what’s happened since 1991.  And there’s a lot of evidence – I mean back in the ’90s you could say this was debatable.  I think now, from what we’ve seen, it’s not debatable anymore.  Look last year at the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution.  Vladimir Putin gave a speech before the – an international group of youth and students, a Communist – a global Communist organization.  And he said, “We are with you.  You are the future.”  You know?  I mean how could Vladimir Putin be a Christian Nationalist, as he pretends, and give that kind of speech before a group of Communist youth?  It’s quite clear to me that we’ve been tricked.  And I think the pride of a lot of people in government refuses – they just refuse to acknowledge that they’ve been deceived.  It’s too embarrassing to admit their mistake.

Brannon Howse:  Jeff, the strategy of Putin appears to be to fund both sides.  One way this is done is through what you call the “scissors” strategy.  We’ve called it the Hegelian dialectic process, pitting opposites against each other to create a synthesis, to create compromise – also to create chaos, but then to cause people to say that they will compromise with their enemies in order to have a little bit of peace.  So, it’s used for different reasons, different ways, but it’s a strategy of pitting opposites against each other.  And again, I want to stress there are different reasons to do it and different outcomes that are sought at different times for doing it.

Let me give you one example, I think, and you tell me if this is plausible.  Russia funding the extreme right, people who are more provocateurs, saying extreme things, maybe even on the border of racist things if not outright racist things, in regard to immigration.  By getting the far right to say racist things, and even funding what would be the other side, the Neo-Nazis, supposedly fighting the Fascists, they’re, in other words, funding both sides.  But what that does is causes true conservatives to think twice about talking against immigration for fear of being labeled with the racists, but it also creates this chaos and this war that goes on, kind of like in Charlottesville, Virginia, so that you have Americans fighting each other to bring about a civil war.  Am I anywhere near being accurate in this?

Jeff Nyquist:  You’ve hit the nail on the head with that one, because look, the Russians infiltrate every significant group, even insignificant ones.  The Nazis were, at one time, fighting against the Soviet Union.  They infiltrated the Nazis.  They have infiltrated the racist right and the anti-immigrant right in Europe is heavily infiltrated with Russian agents who are trying to make the anti-immigrant right in Europe pro-Russian so that they can guide Europe from both the right and the left in Europe towards a breakup of NATO and integration with the Russian Federation – a new Soviet Union, so to speak, that would stretch from Brest to Vladivostok.  This is their strategy.

I mean look, Gorbachev talked about this strategy, our “one common European home”  he called it back in the late ’80, he said would be from – you know, Brest is in France, the furthest point in France, all the way to Vladivostok on the Pacific – the Pacific coast of Russia.  This was talked about by Boris Yeltsin as well as well.  And this strategy, they have to bring the right and left together; this is called the “Red-Brown Coalition.”  And they bring in Islam, they bring in the right, they bring in the left, and if you think that the extremes of the political spectrum are always fighting with each other, you could see that in the scissors strategy, the extreme left and the extreme right can both be used to destroy the middle, to destroy the moderate center, and to bring chaos.

There’s something wrong with these people.  These people look to me like the same kind of people that we had in the Roosevelt Administration, doing sabotage of American policy, confusing the issues.  And they – we no longer have significant enough counterintelligence to expose them.  That’s what it looks like to me.  It looks like – to me like we’ve been infiltrated, and they’re playing us, and they’re creating divisions and confusion within our own system – as you say, a scissors strategy, a dialectical strategy.  And they’re trying to cut out the good people.

Look, if you – if you point to Communists, look, they can make charges against Donald Trump with no evidence, and yet if we talk about their Communist background and connections, we’re McCarthyists.  Wow.  It’s really backwards

Brannon Howse:  But isn’t that the whole idea is to take someone like Joseph McCarthy, who was 100 percent right, and the Venona project, which ran inside the military from the early 1940s until 1980, and then the files were declassified in 1995, which showed us that what Joseph McCarthy was saying about the Communists infiltrating at the State Department, the Treasury Department, even a close friend of the President inside the White House, were 100 percent true?

So, when you see how McCarthy’s name has become a pejorative today – if you oppose Marxism or Communism, you’re now a part of McCarthyism; if you oppose Islam, you’re now called Islamophobic – you see how that’s worked.  So, it makes one wonder if Russia hasn’t deliberately taken some folks on the right, funds them, pays them, plants them, gets them to say things that are true, but gets them to say them in a way that’s so inflammatory, as a provocateur, in order then to scare off true conservative, patriotic, middle-class Americans from speaking about the issues of Islam, immigration threat, or even the issue of Marxism.  Because again, the average American’s afraid of being lumped in as Islamophobic, a racist, a bigot, or being involved in McCarthyism.

So, to me it seems as like Joseph McCarthy, while he was right, they could see what it’s done to the American culture and how the media has used McCarthy as an information operation and a pejorative to silence conservative Americans.  Well, if Russia sees how we did this to ourselves, and maybe they helped even way back then, wouldn’t make sense they would go on and duplicate that today by funding some folks on the right and people who are provocateurs on the right?

Jeff Nyquist:  Absolutely, absolutely.  There are – you know, it’s – this is a very difficult subject, and it’s very hard to talk about publicly.  The hardest strategy to oppose is the secret strategy in which secret agents are employed.  One has to study these things for a long time to get a sense of it.  And this is happening I can tell you.  And I think to understand the method, to spot the people who are doing it, it is organized in Russia.  The strategies are very sophisticated.  They’re not just thought up by individuals on the fly.  These methods – it’s called “framing.”  The Russians call it framing.  And what – how this works, how this disinformation works – and it’s a – it can be used to bully people and intimidate them, to shut people up, to destroy people, to destroy careers – and how it works is – yes, I’m glad you point it out – they tell the truth.  But remember, truth requires the right context.  If you tell me a true fact, and you’ve given me the wrong context, you’ve misled me.


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