Social Justice Churches Will Make Billions As Government Contractors


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At the beginning of this chapter, I noted that I believe the Roman Catholic Church created the model for siphoning government money into church coffers. Now, though, many Protestant leaders are accepting Catholic strategies for leadership by adopting Rome’s methodology.


[quote] In case you doubt the success of the Church of Rome in this regard, consider that a 2013 article in PolitiFact reported that:

[I]ndeed, the government even foots a notable share of the bill for Catholic charitable work through social service contracts. According to Network, a Catholic social justice lobbying group, the federal government sent more than 1.5 billion dollars to Catholic organizations over a recent two-year period. In 2012, The Economist reported that 62 percent of Catholic charity’s support came from local, state and federal government agencies. [end quote]


The Economist article referenced by PolitiFact also noted that:


[quote] The [Catholic Church] is the largest single charitable organization in the country. Catholic Charities USA, its main charity, and its subsidiaries employ over 65,000 paid staff and serve over 10 million people. These organizations distributed 4.7 billion to the poor in 2010, of which 62 percent came from local, state and federal government agencies.


The Catholic Church is serving as middleman, a contractor. Government funds pass through and the church “gets a piece of the action.” The same article also reports that:


The American [Catholic] church may account for as much as 60 percent of the global institution’s wealth. Little surprise then that it’s the biggest contributor to the head office. . . ahead of Germany, Italy and France. Everything from renovations to St. Peter’s basilica in Rome to the Pontifical Gregorian University, the church’s version of West Point, is largely paid for with American money. [end quote]


A tremendous amount of money is changing hands through social programs, and that’s why I believe people like Rick Warren, Tim Keller and others want to get in the receiving line.

There are also less direct ways of grabbing government money. The article explains that another source of revenue is Medicare and Medicaid patients in Catholic hospitals, and also students who receive government loans to attend Catholic universities. In November 2015, Breitbart ran an article called “Unholy Alliance. Christian Charities Profit from 1 Billion Federal Program to Resettle Refugees.” It explained that:


[quote] Though they are officially nonprofit, organizations, Catholic Charities, Lutheran Social Services and several other Christian organizations are profiting from lucrative contracts with the federal government to resettle refugees in the United States. . .


[I]n fiscal year 2015, the state department, through the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration and the Office of Refugee Resettlement spent more than 1 billion on these programs which settled international refugees “vetted” by the United Nations High Commission on International Refugees in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. . .


Much of this 1 billion in annual revenue goes to voluntary agencies, several of which are Christian nonprofits such as Catholic Charities, Lutheran Immigration, Refugee Service, World Relief Corporation, Church World Service and Domestic and Foreign Missionary Service of the Episcopal Church of the USA. [end quote]


Notice that Protestant groups from the Episcopal and Lutheran churches are getting a share. So, you see, the model has been set and is working even beyond the walls of the Roman Church. But anyone who buys in is automatically compromised because of government restrictions against proselytizing.

Churches in bed with the federal, state, and local governments will be the new face of Christianity. These are the “tolerant Christians,” the ones who are benevolent social justice warriors. Which means that folks like you and me—the fundamentalist, capitalist Christians—are the problem. I guarantee you that this false dominant church will give cover to the government and to implement hate crime and hate speech laws, fairness doctrines, removal of freedom of speech, religion, and assembly for those of us who are true, conservative Christians.

It’s a great ruse. The new Christians can point at conservatives—the “fake Christians”—and vilify them as the troublemakers. A 2016 article at shares “12 Reasons Millennials Are Over Church” that show the attitude laying the groundwork for this abandonment of real Christians and their faith. Here’s what the millennial writer recommends:


[quote] [I]t’s time to focus on changing the public perception of the church within the community. The neighbors, the city and the people around our church building should be audibly thankful the congregation is part of their neighborhood. We should be serving the crap out of them. We desperately need to be calling the schools and the city, knocking on doors, asking everyone around us how we can make their world better.


You see, church leaders, our generation just isn’t interested in playing church anymore. And there are real possible solutions to filling our congregations with young adults. It’s obvious you’re not understanding the gravity of the problem at hand and aren’t nearly as alarmed as you should be about the crossroads we’re at. You’re complacent, irrelevant and approaching extinction. A smattering of mostly older people doing mostly the same things they’ve always done isn’t going to turn the tide. Feel free to write me off as just another angry self-addicted millennial. Believe me, at this point I’m beyond used to being abandoned and ignored. [end quote]


To this, globalists, internationalists, statists, Neo-Marxists, and the government are saying, “We’ll give you the money to do it.” That’s why so many churches have gone from traditional to transitional to transformational, and now you’re being set up to be the problem. It’s not pretty, but that’s the way it is.


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