They Are Committed to Social Justice, the Common Good, and Communitarianism: Reason Fourteen of Sixteen Reasons The World's False Religions Can Unite

By Brannon S. Howse

A Jesuit priest name Luigi Taparelli coined the term “social justice” in 1840, just eight years before Karl Marx wrote The Communist Manifesto. So we know the Church of Rome is committed to social justice or socialism. Its first cousin, communitarianism, is the mixture of socialism with capitalism. (And, like it or not, most Republicans in Washington, D. C., today are communitarians.) 

Pope Benedict ardently supported communitarianism, as evidenced by his June 2009 encyclical in which he promoted the need to reform the United Nations so there can be true world political authority. He encouraged a tax to facilitate global redistribution of wealth from rich countries to poor countries and a worldwide redistribution of energy resources, so that countries lacking resources can have access to them. 

But where do the Word of Faith and NAR stand with respect to social justice? C. Peter Wagner has an answer when he explains that “warfare prayer is not an end in itself but a means of opening the way for the kingdom of God to come not only in evangelism but also in social justice and material sufficiency,” leaving little doubt that they can all get along on this point.


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