They Believe in Dominionism: Reason Thirteen of Sixteen Reasons The World's False Religions Can Unite

By Brannon S. Howse

As noted at the end of Reason 12, the Word of Faith, NAR, and Church of Rome all believe they will take dominion, but they’ll have to figure out who will ultimately be in charge. Their thinking is similar to Muslims and Marxists who also want world dominion. For a time, they work together to gain control, but eventually they’ll have to fight each other to determine who will actually have total rule. 

With respect to Reason 13, the starting point comes easily enough, but the final outcome is uncertain. Who will end up in charge? Word of Faith? New Apostolic Reformation and its cadre of apostles? Or the Roman Catholic Church under the pontiff? However it is they unite, they'll be working together as the false world religions gather in Babylon, the mother of harlots, through a one-world religious system.

That one-world religion will drive a one-world economy and a one-world government, yet it will last for only a season because, according to Revelation 17:15-16, the Antichrist appears to become jealous of the Great Harlot, and he destroys her along with his ten world assistants. After that, he sets up a one-world religion based on the worship of himself. 

But for now, the Church of Rome, NAR, and the Word of Faith can all unite in their commitment to dominionism. Ultimately, I believe they will be so watered down that they will merge with all the world’s religions and set up their headquarters in Babylon. This will be the false—harlot—church described as the Great Harlot in Revelation 17:1. 

Another evidence of the Roman Church’s quest for world dominion lies in the stated mission of the Jesuit university, Georgetown. Its logo pictures an eagle holding the cross in one talon and the globe in another. The motto around this seal is written in Latin but translates into English to mean “both into one,” referring to world dominion combining the cross and the globe. 

From the New Apostolic Reformation standpoint, C. Peter Wagner sets his sights on world domination this way:


[quote] Our theological bedrock is what has been known as dominion theology; this means that our divine mandate is to do whatever is necessary by the power of the Holy Spirit to retake the dominion of God’s creation which Adam forfeited to Satan in the Garden of Eden. [end quote]


To the contrary, let me make it clear: Adam was not given legal authority over the earth. God gave him stewardship. NAR believes they need to retake legal authority from Satan, and they want to do it by binding Satan and taking prayer walks against him. Although I describe in detail in Religious Trojan Horse why this is not biblical, here I’ll point out that simply binding Satan or demons is not something we’re called to do today. 

Many groups aspire to world dominion, and I think they will  come together and believe for a while that they’ve achieved what they wanted, but the Antichrist will ultimately try to establish a firm world system as he sets himself up to be as god in the temple. 


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