Trevor Loudon on The History of Antifa & Their 
Goals For America

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Brannon Howse:  Welcome to the program. Glad you're with us. Trevor Loudon joins us tonight. Many of you know Trevor. He is a groundbreaking researcher and he is a producer of some excellent movies, one of them being The Enemies Within, which is a look at Antifa. Antifa, anti-fascist. What's very interesting is the anti-fascists are actually communist. Historically what we have had are the fascist socialists going against the communists. In the time of Adolph Hitler, him being of course a socialist, it was the Nazi party, the national nationalist socialist workers party. They were fascists. They had the brown shirts and they were going against the communists. And the communists were wearing most of the time all black and they were known even then as Antifa. Eventually when Hitler took over, many of them took of their black uniforms and put on the brown shirts and joined the socialist party.

Today in America, supposedly Antifa is opposing the fascist, the neo Nazis they say. In reality, they're opposing conservative constitutional patriots and trying to label them as neo Nazis. And in some cases maybe they are really opposing neo Nazis. It’s getting confusing and some of it we believe has been set up by George Soros type organizations, as well as maybe even foreign actors who are funding both sides in order to create the chaos and to bring a revolution in America. Joining me tonight is Trevor Loudon from Washington D.C. via Skype. Trevor, thank you so much for joining us.

Trevor Loudon:  It’s great to be on, Brandon. Thanks for having me.

Brannon Howse:  Your movie, Enemies Within, is excellent. Tell us about Antifa and in my introduction, did I get anything incorrect? Was my description correct about the history of this group?

Trevor Loudon:  You were spot on, Brannon. It’s short for anti-fascists and it started in Nazi Germany or even in fascist Italy with – they were basically the street fighting troops of the communist party.

Leon Trotsky, creator and leader of the Soviet Red Army, formed the first Antifa type units, groups of armed paramilitary thugs used to suppress opposition to communism in the years leading up to the Bolshevik Revolution. The Antifa concept was so successful that Trotsky spread it through Italy, Germany, and other European countries communists were targeting for takeover. Antifa gained fame in the years prior to the Nazi takeover of Germany in 1933. The German communist party and the social democrats set up Antifa units to wage war on Hitler’s street thugs, the brown shirts.

And they would fight against the – Mussolini’s black shirts and Hitler’s brown shirts. And as you correctly stated, when Hitler prevailed over the communists, one form of socialism beating another form of socialism, many of the Antifa actually switched sides. A very large proportion switched sides and joined the Nazis. It was not a big switch. They're both totalitarian. They're both socialists. Just one emphasized international socialism and one emphasized national socialism. So it was a very easy switch for many of these socialists.

Brannon Howse:  Now we have in your documentary, you're showing footage and interviewing a gal who I think also has been very heavily involved in exposing the communists in South Africa and how they're killing the capitalist white farmers, many of them Christians. Sometimes they – the communists over there in South Africa are killing these white Christian farmers and putting a bible on their dead bodies. And you interviewed her – this young lady on Antifa as well. I think her name is Lauren and is she not documenting the fact that Antifa is marking who are conservatives in Europe – just average conservatives in Europe and then breaking into their homes and destroying their homes?

Trevor Loudon:  That’s exactly what they're doing. There's many examples of Antifa raiding the homes of those who oppose them.

The German intelligence service website explains that to Antifa, the word fascist has two meanings. Firstly, genuine Nazis. Secondly, anyone who supports the western free enterprise system capitalism.

And as you correctly pointed out, they call themselves anti fascists, but they define any conservative or constitutionalist or patriot or Christian as a fascist. That’s their definition. So they’ll come after anybody who opposes them and there's many instances of them breaking into homes, trashing homes, trashing businesses, committing assaults. And in some areas of Europe, they basically run the local cities. So the police do nothing and they are the – they are still the military terrorist wing of the European left. And in America, they are the military terrorist wing of the democratic party.

    Lauren Southern is a Canadian journalist and free speech activist. She has encountered and confronted Antifa in Vancouver, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, New York, and Berkeley, California. Sheltered, nurtured, and funded by left wing city councils, Antifa became well established across Germany, especially in the formerly communist east.

    Lauren Southern:  They have places in Germany, entire cities that I've gone to that are known as Antifa towns and have their stickers all over. And they can't set up police stations there or they’ll be shut down and raided and attacked by this militant group. And they’ve just become a thing since Trump’s election in America. They’ve really just started to get a wave of popularity there and I’m worried that it’s gonna get as bad as it is in Europe. I was interviewing a young man in Germany who was like, “Please blur my face. Please distort my voice in this interview.” He wasn’t saying anything particularly offensive, just something with a remote right wing that would be a moderate idea in America. And he was so afraid because he said the Antifa in Germany would put him on their website and on their lists, and they might hurt his child. They might come after his job, his livelihood, crash his home. There are plenty of stories of the homes of fascists being raided and all their things being smashed.

Brannon Howse:  And that is coming to America as we well know as Antifa joined the Islamists and Southern Poverty Law Center, and shut down four out of five of our conferences in April of 2018 by claiming we were a hate group and we had hate speakers. And they threatened the hotels and flooded them with calls, and we heard about some of the threats and the hotels pulled our contracts after months of promoting and spending $72,000 on printing and postage and mailing and layout of our magazine. So this is how they stifle free speech. This is Antifa that took part in this.

The next level would be not only shutting down conferences, but showing up at people’s homes. Now we have the Antifa type groups confronting people in restaurants. Recently we saw two conservative journalists confronted in a restaurant outside. The police had to get involved. How long before we start seeing them showing up at people’s homes, Trevor, here in America as they're doing in Europe?

Trevor Loudon:  This is very close. They're already recording the names of ICE agents. They're compiling big networks right now of enemies, their addresses, et cetera. And they will do what they have done in Europe. They’ll start turning up at people’s homes, businesses harassing them, threatening their families. This is a common European phenomenon and it’s all ready to come here, and I think we’ll see that developing over the next few months

Brannon Howse:  Before Donald Trump was elected, I said that America was entering one of the most dangerous times of its history. Not because of Donald Trump, but because of what Donald Trump was going to do and what he was going to oppose. The day after he was elected, I said, again, we’re entering the most dangerous time in American history. We’re now seeing that unfold. I said the Islamists and the Marxists are not gonna give up the ground they’ve gained over the last many years. And if Donald Trump is true to form, he won't back down. We are indeed entering one of the most dangerous times, if we haven’t already, in American history. I know you're from New Zealand, but I know you also know American history. What do you see coming?

Trevor Loudon:  It depends a little bit on upcoming elections, but either way, I think we’re going to see violence in the streets. See the left had a plan. When Hillary Clinton got elected, her plan was to legalize every single illegal immigrant in the country, which as a Yale study just proved is at least 22 million of them. That would’ve given the democrats somewhere between 15 and 16 million new voters. That would’ve meant they had a one party state. They could never have been beaten and when that was taken away, stolen away by President Trump, that left a lot of angry leftists with the – their only recourse in their opinion is violence. So we've seen certain levels of violence, but that is going to escalate. That’s gonna escalate until such time as the government actually takes action to counter these people.

We had levels of violence in the 1970s. We had terrorist bombings, riots, et cetera, but we still had an FBI that cared about America and could be trusted at the senior levels. And they went after the Black Panthers and the Ku Klux Klan and the other terrorist groups, and they shut them down. They put them in the jail when they caught them committing atrocities and terrorist activities. So we need the same thing in America now because like spoiled children, if you don’t clamp down on that behavior very, very quickly, it will escalate and it’s on the point of escalating very seriously right now.

Brannon Howse:  But of course as you know, part of the problem is, as Jeffrey Nyquist likes to say, the deep state at the highest levels of our government including the FBI are really the fifth column. They are the neo Marxists. They are the fifth column and they wanted Hillary Clinton. They did everything they could to try to stop President Trump from being elected. Then they tried to unseat him and so we have the deep state, i.e. neo Marxists, the fifth column, at the highest levels of our federal government and in our FBI and other agencies. So how can we count on them to protect us from the Islamists and the Marxists?

    Trevor Loudon:  That’s right and that’s why we have to work with our local departments, our local law enforcement, and keep things as local as we can until such time as these higher reaches of these agencies are purged and good people are put in there to replace them. I think what we need to understand and I think your listeners need to – readers – watchers need to understand is that under Obama, America was in the last stages of a communist takeover. This was modeled on Czechoslovakia in 1948. When the communists were elected into a coalition government, they used their power to appoint their people to the security organs of the Czechoslovakian state. Those were then used to persecute the conservatives, the Christians, the enemies of communism. And in three years, Czechoslovakia became communist without a shot being fired.

That’s where we were under Obama and Hillary Clinton would’ve finished the job. So we've been given a reprieve. We've been given another shot at this, a miraculous opportunity to turn this country around, but we shouldn’t be confused. The deep state is Marxism. The deep state would’ve meant – had it prevailed would’ve meant a Marxist takeover of this country and it’s still there and it needs to be gotten rid of because one bad election, we’re right back to where we started or even worse.


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