United Nations Declaration of Principles on Tolerance Really Means Intolerance Toward Christians

The Declaration of Principles on Tolerance was adopted and signed by the Member States of the UNESCO on 16 November, 1995. The U.S. didn't sign this anti-Christian Declaration but we must be watching as U.S. legislation being considered does incorporate these same ideals.

Notice the United Nations wants to make tolerance a "legal requirement". This is what the U.S. calls "Hate Crime” legislation that will prosecute pastors and talk show hosts for speaking out against same-sex marriage. In Canada a pastor or talk show host can go to jail for six months for speaking out against the homosexual agenda.

Another bill we are watching is the Fairness Doctrine that will destroy Christian radio by requiring that equal time goes to opposing, radical views at the expense of the broadcaster and his radio station or network.

Read some of the highlights of the UN Declaration of Principles on Tolerance  in light of the recent comments by Karen Armstrong of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations who said that people that believe in the rapture and take the book of Revelation literally are "extremists".

Here are some of the major points of The Declaration of Principles on Tolerance:

ï  "Tolerance is respect, acceptance and appreciation of the rich diversity of our world's cultures It is not only a moral duty, it is also a political and legal requirement."

ï  "Tolerance involves the rejection of dogmatism and absolutism." [Those Christians that believe in absolutes based on the Bible?]

ï  "Tolerance... means that one's views are not to be imposed on others." [No more evangelizing, openly witnessing to others]

ï  "Intolerance... is a global threat." [They mean to say Christianity and Bible-believing Christians are a global threat.]

ï  "Scientific studies and networking should be undertaken to coordinate the international community's response to this global challenge, including analysis of root causes and effective countermeasures, as well as research and monitoring... "   [Monitoring? The government is now going to have secret police monitoring those intolerant Christians that believe in absolute truth and that share the Gospel with others?]

ï  "Tolerance promotion and the shaping of attitudes of openness, mutual listening and solidarity should take place in schools and universities, and through non-formal education... at home and in the workplace." [Now they are going to monitor what goes on in our homes and how we teach our children?]

ï  "Promote rational tolerance teaching methods that will address the cultural, social, economic, political and religious sources of intolerance-- major roots of violence and exclusion.

 Click here for a full reading of The Declaration of Principles on Tolerance:



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