Were Homosexuals Targeted By Hitler?

Hitler was one of the most evil men to ever come onto the world scene. Hitler killed 6 million Jews and 5 million non-Jews. There are so many worldview lessons to be learned from Nazi Germany so such a horrific part of history is never repeated.

One of the most important lessons to be learned is how the church in Germany was compromised in so many ways. If the 14,000 evangelical pastors in Germany had stood up for what was right, for the Gospel, for the cross of Christ, for the “least of these”, Hitler would have been eliminated early in his madness. Sadly, out of 14,000 evangelical pastors, only about 800 pastors stood against Hitler and were taken off to jail and concentration camps. Many of these pastors were murdered.

We intend to post articles on the lessons that the American church must learn from the failings of the church in Germany. However, this article is simply to provide some documentation concerning one very brief topic discussed during a four-day program I hosted.

Despite the fact that it may offend the liberal media, we think authors, teachers, and talk-show hosts have the obligation to present uncensored history. Recently on my national radio program, I spent four days looking at the rise of Hitler and how the Church in Germany was largely to blame for his coming to power. During the four days, I spent a few minutes quoting authors in regards to whether or not it is true that homosexuals were specifically targeted or sought out for persecution by Hitler. I simply quoted experts and authors in seeking to answer this question. It appears that some people take offensive if anyone seeks to get at correct history when it goes against politically correct agendas. 

Therefore, I am are posting a few of the facts I sited with the footnotes. This allows the reader to do their own research and draw their own conclusion which is exactly why the topic was included in the four day program. The research seems to reveal that some homosexuals were eliminated if they were a threat to exposing that Hitler’s inner circle was filled with homosexuals. The book, “The Hidden Hitler” written by Lothar Machtan's was even reviewed by USA Today. Click here to read the article in USA Today. Mactan claims that Hitler himself may have been a homosexual and killed those who sought to expose his secret. The USA Today article reads:

The And of course there is the famous Ernst Rohm, SA chief who Hitler ordered killed, along with many in Rohm's gay camarilla in the 1934 "Night of the Long Knives." Between June 30 and July 3, 1934, Hitler ordered the killings of Rohm and some 150 of his SA allies. Tellingly, at the time, Hitler aide Joseph Goebbels said that Rohm and his people "were on the point of exposing the entire leadership of the party to suspicions of shameful and loathsome sexual abnormality."

While I and Worldview Weekend are not for special rights for any group of people and we are opposed to same-sex marriage, our opposition to these issues should always be presented in love and reverence for all people. There is no Biblical justification for any Christian to be hateful, unloving and unkind to anyone regardless of their actions, values or worldview. When Christians stand for truth but do so in an unchristian manner, the cause of Christ is only damaged and their silence would be preferred.

Source #1: The Harvard Gay and Lesbian Review (Summer 1995) contains an admirably candid review of the book  Hidden Holocaust? by Gunter Grau (in which Schoppmann was a minor contributor):   Grau and Schoppman conclude that there was no “holocaust” of gays — hence the question mark in the book’s title.  This assessment is based on the wide range of contemporary documents...Grau discounts the current wild estimates of the number of gays killed by the Nazis... [end quote]

Source #2 Dr. Erwin Lutzer in his book, Hitler's Cross: The Revealing Story of how the Cross of Christ was used as a symbol of the Nazi agenda writes:

[quote] Gay rights activists have held rallies at the museums in Israel and Washington, protesting that they were overlooked in the memorials. This tactic follows the strategy proposed in a homosexual paper,  which advised that gays should "portray themselves as victims, not aggressive challengers. In any campaign to win over the public," the authors contended, "gays must be cast as victims in the need of protection so that straights will be inclined by reflex to assume the role of protector." (Quoted in Kevin Abrams, "The Lambda Report, August 1994, 8.) [end quote]

Extensive research by Kevin E. Abrams has revealed that, whereas homosexuals were put into labor camps, they were not targeted for extermination as a class and were treated far better than most other concentration camp victims. Two years after Hitler's victory, the term "unusual" was purged from the definition of homosexuality in the German Criminal Code. Even gay historian Jonathan Katz reports that, though the police repeatedly apprehended homosexual actors and artists engaged in sodomy, they were not to be arrested.

It would have been strange indeed if the Nazis had singled out homosexuals for special persecution since the movement itself was rampant with various kinds of sexual perversions. Historian Samuel Igra states that Hitler's initial Brownshirts began as an exclusive homosexual and bisexual organization. Hitler's personal secretary, Rudolf Hess, was a bisexual known in homosexual circles as "Fraulein Anna".  Homosexuality was rampant in Hitler’s inner circle as well as in the SS, as boys were rounded up from Hitler Youth to participate in sexual orgies. (Quoted in Kevin Abrams, "The Lambda Report, August 1994, 9.)

The attempt to rewrite history by homosexual activists has been met by the International Committee for Holocaust Truth.  Their website states:

[quote] The association which has become the International Committee for Holocaust Truth, came together in 1994 in response to a "pilgrimage" to the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem, made by a small group of mostly American "gay rights" political activists. Their purpose was to demand a place in the memorial for homosexual victims of the Nazis. They were met in Jerusalem by a contingent of outraged Jewish Holocaust survivors. One heartfelt cry from the crowd captured the essence of their grief; "My grandfather was killed for refusing to have sexual relations with the camp commandant," a man screamed, "You are desecrating this place..." (The Jerusalem Post, May 30, 1994). [end quote]

The Jerusalem attempt by "gay" activists to place themselves beside the Jewish people as equals in persecution was not the first action of its kind. However, this single event served to crystalize an awareness in the minds of active and concerned members of the Christian and Jewish communities that a historical revisionist movement of frightening proportions had risen in the United States. A situation which had once been common knowledge, that Nazi sadism was intimately linked with homosexuality (so much so that Hollywood movies of the 1950's frequently portrayed SS camp guards as homosexuals), was now reversed. The villians had become the victims. [end quote]



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