Where Christians Born to Preserve The Family and Family Values?

I think James Dobson is one confused man. Not too long ago he was praising false teacher Lou Engle. I tried to warn him of these people in several e-mail exchanges we had over a year ago but he did not seem interested in understanding today's evangelicalism and the false teachers that have infiltrated it as a Religious Trojan Horse.

Dr. Dobson's October Newsletter states that he has filmed his latest video series at Word of Faith Church John Hagee and Jim Garlow's church. This is the same Jim Garlow that had Glenn Beck speak at his church and has worked closely with the false teachers of the New Apostolic Reformation; including writing a chapter of a book with them.

This is also the same Skyline church that according to my friend that is a Navy pilot features some of the worst books on the market today when it comes to mysticism and false teaching.

Dr. Dobson wrote in this October Newsletter:

The theme of parental evangelism, also called Apologetics for Children, is the essence of my new eight-video series. I have poured my very soul into it, with much prayer and forethought. These eight messages were delivered at Dr. Jim Garlow’s Skyline Church in San Diego, California, Dr. John Hagee’s Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas, and Greg Laurie’s huge Harvest Fellowship Church in Riverside and Irvine, California.

If Dr. Dobson wants to teach children to defend the true faith that was once for all delivered to the Saints then he should avoid promoting men and “churches” like those of John Hagee and Jim Garlow.

In his October newsletter Dobson goes on to write:

“I will tell you personally the preservation of the family is the Cause for which I was born.”


Well that says a lot! Show me one verse that indicates that Christians were born to preserve the family? Mormons, Catholics, the Amish, and many other groups think the perseveration of family values is important but Christians are not called to preserve family values but to preach the gospel and defend the church from false teachers. There will be many people in hell that practiced and promoted family values but they rejected the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Family values are great but ones values are derived from your worldview and thus if one wants to promote family or virtuous vales then teach a Biblical worldview and based on sound Biblical doctrine. John Hagee and Jim Garlow have proven they are not such men.


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