Why Christians Should Not Embrace The Law of Attraction

Welcome to the program.  Glad you are with us.  We’re gonna talk today about The Source of the Secret. The Source of the Secret.  What is The Source of The Secret? Are you familiar with The Secret?  First of all, are you familiar with The Secret?  We’ve talked about it here on this program before.  In fact we’ve done entire programs on it.  The Secret is a book that was written by this gal, and the book, and the DVD have been promoted I think by Oprah Winfrey and a whole bunch of other folks.


The book and video was written by Rhonda Byrne, B-Y-R-N-E, Barney or Bernie. Hopefully not Barney.  Rhonda Bernie, and here’s what you find on Page 15.  “The law of attraction is the law of creation.  You can create your life through your thoughts.”  On another page, “There isn’t a single thing you cannot do with this knowledge.  It doesn't matter who you are or where you are.  The secret can give you whatever you want.”  Page 17 of the book The Secret, “With this powerful knowledge you can completely change every circumstance and event in your life.”


And we could go on and on about The Secret and read to you from it, and in fact if you go to our website, http://www.worldviewweekend.com, and you use our search engine, and you type in The Secret you'll find an article there on our website by Kerby Anderson that we posted up on our website back on July 31st, 2007.  On July 31st, 2007 you'll find an article that far back where we were putting out an article by Kerby Anderson called “The False Teaching of The Secret.”  And Kirby did a great job.  It’s a five-page article going into great detail on the false teaching of The Secret.


Notice Kerby Anderson correctly says the false teaching of The Secret, but what if I were to tell you that there are some Christians, and I don't know if some of these guys are considered Christians or not.  I don't know what they would call themselves, but I know that we have one of them who would consider himself not a Christian because he’s a Jewish rabbi.  He’s an Orthodox Jew.  He’s not a Messianic Jew or a completed Jew.  So you've got a whole collection of people coming from all kinds of different backgrounds.


You've got a rabbi.  You've got a Catholic priest. You've got all kinds of guys appearing on this DVD called The Source of the Secret.  The back of the DVD – which I watched this morning – said, “In 2006 author Rhonda Byrne released the international best-selling book and DVD, The Secret, considered by millions worldwide as a breakthrough testament to the power of the human mind.”  The Secret promises its audience they can achieve everything and anything they desire simply through the power of their thoughts and feelings.  In fact The Secret has become a guidebook for many individuals seeking that “ideal life” filled with things they value such as a big house, luxury car, a perfect spouse, or a huge paycheck.


The back of the DVD, The Source of The Secret, continues to say, “The Source of the Secret is a provocative look at the teachings of The Secret through the eyes of some of the world’s leading and most influential teachers, authors, and thinkers.  Oral Roberts, John Bevere, Dr. Ben Johnson, all make an appearance and discuss their thoughts on what The Source of the Secret can bring to each of our lives.  Through their insights you'll be encouraged to look beyond The Secret to the actual source of its core principles.  A better life really does lie within your grasp, but to find it you must discover the source.  So you must discover the source of the secret my friends.”


It’s kind of interesting because it fits really with what we’ve been saying that there is, I believe, in my opinion – this is my opinion. You can completely disagree with me if you want to, but I’ve been researching the New Age Movement, cosmic humanism, pagan spirituality since late 1989. Actually to be honest with you I was even reading about these topics in high school.  So I’ve been reading on these issues for a long time, and we have warned for many years that we believe that these techniques, these ideas, have come into the church through transcendental meditation which is now called contemplative prayer, yoga which is now called Christian yoga, walking a labyrinth which was used in the occult for hundreds of years.


And instead of some mantra you cite a Bible verse as you walk through the labyrinth and hopefully by the time – and the labyrinth is like a maze – and they’re even putting these labyrinth or these mazes out of the floor on big sheets of paper in gymnasiums of churches.  And even some of our national pastor conferences I’ve read have had Christian yoga, contemplative prayer, walking a labyrinth.  Why not take The Secret, why not take what Kerby Anderson accurately called in July 31st, 2007 article on our website “The False Teaching of The Secret.”  Why not take the false teaching of the secret and make it Biblical?


Why not Christianize it?  We’ve Christianized yoga.  We’ve Christianized the labyrinth.  We’ve Christianized transcendental meditation.  Why not Christianize The Secret?  Well reality is you cannot Christianize that which is unbiblical, but the church in America seems to be doing this. And, my friends, as we study what went on in other nations like Germany and we see the churches in Germany rejecting the authority of the word of God through Julius Wellhausen’s German higher criticism, “Human reason is above the Bible.”


Then pretty soon we’re dissolving our denominations there in Germany and we’re all coming together under the right bishop handpicked by Adolf Hitler for the good of the nation.  And what laid down the foundation for all this?  Rejection of the authority of the word of God, sound theology and doctrine.  Now you're into pragmatism.  Now you're into the end justifies the means.  Now you're willing to come together – as they’re gonna do at Liberty University I believe this next week, actually this week.  I think it’s April 8, 9, 11, and at Liberty University through Awakening 2011 we’re gonna come together and we’re gonna have all kinds of people.


We’re gonna have politicians, and we’re gonna have some Christian speakers, and we’re gonna have some Word of Faith folks, and we’re gonna have some new apostolic reformation prophets.  Prophet Lou Engle is gonna be there I saw on the publicity. I saw that another guy who’s reportedly according to one of their own websites of the NRA is a prophet is gonna be there.  I see that Cindy Jacobs’ and Rick Joyner’s organizations are on the side of the website.  I guess they were too scared this year.


I don't know.  Were they too embarrassed this year to put their faces on the promotional material after a couple of us talked about this on national radio?  Because I don’t see Cindy Jacobs’ or Rick Joyner’s picture on the promotion materials as I did last year, but their names of their organizations are going down the side.  So we’re gonna come together at Liberty University and have all these different theologies and doctrines come together.  Some, in my opinion, are not biblical at all for the pragmatic reasons of what?  Reclaiming the country, awakening.  To what?  What are we gonna awaken to?


I understand there are some folks at Liberty, there are some professors at Liberty that are just irate right now.  They are just distressed.  Some of them have written books for 20 plus years about the dangers of dominion theology, and they’ve written extensively about the new apostolic reformation.  So we’re all seeing today what is I believe this convergence – that’s their words really, coming from the secular world and from some of these new apostolic people – converging going on of all these ideas coming together.


So why should we be shocked that the church in America – and I saw the church. I don’t think it’s the real church.  I don't think it’s the ____ of Christ.  I think it’s people who really are unfortunately getting increasingly harder to say this because some of these people we know, but it’s my opinion that some of this is people who are going to be a part of the false church, and I think that’s what we’re gonna find out.  We may find – and I pray we do – that some of them wake up and say, “Whoa.  That was wrong.  That was unbiblical,” and they pull out of that, and they join us in warning people who are practicing these unbiblical things. 


And they warn the real church, “Don’t get involved in this.  This is not biblical.  This is not the kind of thing we should do.  It’s not according to scripture.”  But here we have now this DVD with a Catholic priest.  You've got a rabbi.  You've got some folks on here like David Barton.  They’re talking about the law of attraction, and it’s a very confusing DVD because the DVD as I watched it today – I’m gonna play a sound clip for you – starts out talking about how great the secret is, and then it goes into talking about how dangerous the secret can be if not done right and if we don’t understand what is the source of the secret, if we don’t do it for the right reasons.


Then the video concludes by how great it is that people are interested in the secret.  So in my opinion I kind of left very confused.  The Secret book and DVD originally put out is good.  Then it’s also got dangers to it, but then it’s also good that people are awakening to this.  It was kind of – in my opinion – a very schizophrenic DVD, but there’s all this talk about God.  The source of the secret is really God.  Go beyond the secret. Don’t just worry about the secret.  Go beyond the secret to God.


Nowhere in this DVD did they tell you about salvation through Christ alone.  As you'll see as we listen and read some of these clips, and I read some audio clips – I read the clips to you because we have someone transcribe a lot of this.  It basically sounds like a New Age God to me because it’s getting to know this God, but I never heard anyone say, “First of all, the only way to have a relationship with God is through Jesus Christ.” John 14:6. You have to die to yourself.  You have to follow Christ. You have to repent of your sins.  You have to place your faith and trust in Christ.


The work that he did on the cross.  Why?  Because all have sinned and falling short of the glory of God.  It’s this generic talk of this God, God, God.  Of course I guess you can do that when you've got a rabbi on here, and you've got a Catholic priest on here, and you've got “evangelicals” on here, and you've got a psychotherapist on here, and you've got this life coach, and you've got what appears to me to be Word of Faith people.  You've got Oral Roberts on here.  It’s a pretty generic DVD.  Listen to this.  This is just under Fair Use Act.  We can play a few minutes of this.  Listen to this and you tell me if you don’t think this is a problem.


[Audio clip]


The difference between having a relationship with God which utilizes the law of attraction and having just the law of attraction is that the end product is not that you get the thing that you want to be attracted to you.  The end product is that you get God, and when you get God you get all the stuff he has for you.


I’ve talked to a lot of people who said The Secret has forever changed my life, and I agree that it has because they’re putting biblical principles into their life.”


[End audio clip]




[Audio clip]


Whether they realize it or not, it’s gonna change their life.  Now one thing to take a step further and give credit to the source, and the source is Jesus Christ.


The source of the secret is God and a relationship with him.  He is the source for everything, and that’s when I saw the initial secret. I saw that it was incomplete because it talked about the universe but not the one who created the universe.  It talked about creation but not the creator.  So I saw that it was absolutely incomplete.  The source is God.  After all, how can you have a law without a law giver?


The source of the secret is the Savior who he has sent to be able to change the world.  That all of the things that a person could ever desire in this life is truly provided for them inside of the source, inside of God himself. And inside there, there are a set of laws that rule life.


And so if we would just remember that, that we’re just tapping into the laws that God himself has already established we would want to go to the source because I’d much, much rather know the source –


[End audio clip]




[Audio clip]


So the secret.  It was God who is the creator, who is a real personality, and we’re created in his image.  I want to know him and not just his secrets.


It’s one thing to know the laws.  Knowing the laws is like reading a book and learning some principles, but how much better would it be if we could visit with the author, and be able to have a relationship with him, and ask him questions that are more than just what was revealed in the book?  And that’s why –”


[End of audio clip]


That’s amazing.  This is amazing, because they keep telling you about how this is all from God.  Really?  Is it from God?  Because Kerby Anderson just wrote an article July of 2007 saying “The False Teaching of The Secret.”  These folks are basically from what I’m gathering are saying, “First of all the secret is great.  I’m glad some people found out about the secret.”  Did you hear that one guy who said, “The Secret, it’s biblical”?  It’s working for them because it’s biblical.  Did you hear that?  Did you hear that guy say that?  So at one point we’re told it’s biblical.  At another point of the video we’re told it’s dangerous if it’s not done right.


Then in the part we’re told it’s great, it’s good.  But why just stop at the secret?  You can know the source of the secret which is God. Wait a minute. First of all I believe what they’re doing is takings something that is pagan, something that is New Age, the law of attraction, and they’re trying to Christianize it, number one.  Number two, they keep telling you about God.  They never once in this whole video say, “The way to know God is through Jesus Christ.”  You have to repent in your sins and place your faith and trust in Jesus Christ.  For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.


You want to know the source of the secret you got to know god, but wait a minute.  I’m contending – and this is my opinion, and again you can disagree with me – how can the source of the secret be God if it’s false teaching?  This is gonna shock some of you and maybe even bother some of you, but this is my opinion and I’m entitled to it, and you can call in when we open the phone lines and tell me you think I’m crazy.  But I’m starting to believe the source of the secret may be the demonic world, not God at all.  How do you say to people, “You need to know God,” but they didn't then tell them it’s through Jesus Christ that you come to a relationship with God? 


“No one comes to the Father comes through me” – John 15:6.  “I am the way, the truth, and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me.”  So they keep telling him, “Don’t you want to know the source of the secret, God?”  But they don’t tell you how to know God. Why?  Because this is a very universalistic DVD in my opinion.  How can it not be when you've got an evangelical on there, maybe more than one? You've got a rabbi on there.  You've got a Catholic priest on there.  They’re all over the map.


You've got a psychotherapist on here.  You've got these best-selling speakers on here. You’ve got some, clearly I think, some Word of Faith people here with the late Oral Roberts, and he wasn’t on the DVD after he was gone.  This was filmed before he passed, just in case you're worried.  This is a hybrid.  This is the problem in the church today.  They have created a hybrid Christianity where they’re merging biblical words and verses out of context with pagan spiritualty in my opinion, and it’s now – I believe this is the false religion the Bible speaks of, having a form of godliness but denying God.


Speaking about God, speaking about Jesus.  The Mormons speak about Jesus.  The cults speak about Jesus.  There’s the Jesus of the cults.  The DVD starts out with one lady talking about how this is a lot like Norman Vincent Peale and she’s thinking that that’s a good thing.  She says right at the very beginning – where is it here – 'cause you can go on a website and if someone’s transcribed a big chunk of this. Here is Kyla M. Kurian, K-U-R-I-A-N, PhD psychotherapist.  “When I first was watching some excerpts of The Secret” – that would be the original Secret –“I was very fascinated with the positivity of the actual message.  It reminded me a lot of Norman Vincent Peale’s book The Power of Positive Thinking in which he talks about using positive mantras to create positive outcomes in your life, pretty much like the law of attraction.”


How about this one guy we played of the clip of and he said, “The source of the secret is the Savior whom he has sent to be able to change the world so that the whole of things that a person could ever desire from this life is truly provided for them inside the source, inside God himself.  And inside there the law of attraction is part of a set of laws the rule life.”


Really?  Is that why Jesus Christ came, the savior whom he has sent to be able to change the world?  Is that the whole of things that a person could ever desire from this life is inside of the source, inside of God himself.  God came to we could have this life or materialism?  No God incarnate, Jesus Christ, God sent his only begotten son that whosever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life.  God came in the form of man, fully God, fully man, Emanuel, God with us, the deity of Jesus Christ.  Jesus Christ came to earth to seek and save sinners, to lay down his life as a ransom for sinners.


Another author says, on this DVD, The Source of the Secret, “So if we would just remember that we’re just tapping into the law of attraction, merely one of the laws that God himself has already established, we would want to go to the source because I’d much rather know the source of the secret who is God, who is creator, who is a real personality, and who we’re created in his image and to know him, and not just his secrets.”  Again, how are people gonna do that without hearing the gospel?  There’s no gospel presented here, and how are you gonna present the gospel with all these different religions and religious doctrines – many of them are false, I believe, doctrines represented here – and now you're gonna introduce them to God but you've left out how people meet God?


Because perhaps the reason they can’t meet the God presented on the DVD is because that’s not the God of the Bible, because I think that’s the truth.  That’s my opinion based on the fact that I don't think this source of the secret is God.  I don't know how you can take something that is pagan and then attribute it to the God of the Bible.  Here’s what one guy says on the DVD.  “There is a thirst in the human heart that’s longing for the source of all the good that we see, and the source is the person of God through Jesus Christ, and so I think it would be a sad thing if people don’t discover that the person that all this is here.  And then we discover more things that God has for us in this world goes back to this wonderful being who really wants to connect with us and let us be a part of his mission in making the world a grander, more wonderful place to be.”


Really?  Is that what the purpose of meeting Jesus Christ is, to be a part of his mission of making the world a grander, more wonderful place to be?  That sounds an awful lot like social justice to me.  Another guy says, “So even though the law of attraction temporarily might from our perspective bring me the same amount of stuff.  There is an invisible reality called the presence of God that allows everything to be enjoyed in its proper perspective when you get him with it.”  So they’re saying – as I watch and read this transcript, and watch the DVD today – “The source of the secret is God.”  But wait a minute.  How can the source be the God of the Bible if we know what we know about the original book and DVD, The Secret, that it is indeed really New Age, law of attraction, the power of your mind, the energies – and Kerby Anderson writing an article back in 2007 says, “The false teaching of The Secret”?


They’re saying, “No.  Some of it is false teaching.  We’re gonna show you how to make it good teaching.”  Really?  The narrator says at the end of the DVD, “The discovery of the law of attraction is just the beginning.  The journey can and must go deeper.  Be inspired to continue your own journey as you search for and discover the source behind these laws.  For when you seek you will find and through this journey come face-to-face with a loving God, the true source of life, love, and all the good you have ever known.”


Psshw.  Anybody could watch this DVD and not be offended quite frankly, a Buddhist, a Hindu, a Mormon, a Muslim.  I’m not sure a Muslim could be offended because even the Quran talks about Jesus.  Here this best-selling author, John Bevere, says, “The law of attraction has not been a secret.  It’s been there all along.  It’s been in the word of God right from the foundations.  It’s been taught to Adam right from the beginning.  God is the one who set those.  So let’s go to The Source of the Secret book.  Let’s know God because there’s so much to know when we come to know God.  The Secret book is only tapping into a portion of what God has given.”


Wait a minute.  The Secret book, so the book The Secret, the original book, is actually teaching you to tap into the God of the Bible?  Folks, I think the original book The Secret is teaching you to tap into the New Age God, but now we’re gonna Christianize it?  Daniel Lapin, the rabbi, says, “The point is that the law of attraction requires a kind of balance that is brought about by the presence of God in one’s life.”  How do you have the presence of God in your life?  For believers it’s through Jesus Christ, but the rabbi’s gonna tell you you can have the presence of God in your life without Jesus, and the secret will work for you too even if you don’t believe in Jesus, which right there tells you a lot, does it not?


Taking that away, meaning God, leaves one unanchored and, again, at the mercy of ideas, at the mercy of feelings, at the mercy of those demons that can overtake one in the dark hours of the night.  Another guy, senior pastor of Grace Covenant Church, co-chaplain of NFL Redskins says, “The difference between having a relationship with God, which utilizes the law of attraction, and having just the law of attraction is that the end product is not that you get the thing that you want to be attracted to.”  Let me read that again.  “The difference between having a relationship with God, which utilizes the law of attraction, and having just the law of attraction is that the end product is not that you get the thing that you want to be attracted to you.  The end product is that you get God, and when you get God you get all the stuff he has for you.”


Pshhw, another person on the DVD says, “The source to the secret is God and a relationship with him. He is the source for everything, and that’s when I saw the initial Secret, I saw that it was incomplete because it talked about the universe but not the one who created the universe.  It talked about creation but not your creator.  So I saw that it was absolutely incomplete.  The source is God.  After all, the law of attraction sounds good, but can you have a law without the lawgiver?”  And that’s the audio clip we played for you, and that’s what this DVD’s filled with.  I warned David Barton, back in March of 2008, not to be in this DVD, but he’s on here.


Here’s another person said, “What I love about the secret is the law of attraction.  It’s an automatic law.  It works whether you believe it or not.  You're applying the law of attraction by manifesting your dominant thoughts whether you realize it or not.”  And then of course they use a lot of scripture.  I shouldn’t say a lot.  They use some scripture. Some of the guys in here quote scripture but they use it out of context.  In my opinion it’s clearly out of context.  “The law of attraction is one of the principles that bring about abundance and that bring about prosperity.”


Let’s see what else we have here.  Here one guy warns, “What can really be dangerous about The Secret” – the original book and DVD –“what can be dangerous about The Secret book is it makes the law of attraction seem to become the force in Star Wars than it is to biblical truth. It takes this impersonal universe and makes it your bellhop or butler.”  So then they start getting into warning you about the dangers of the book after many people have talked about how great it is and how guy said it’s actually biblical and it will work for them.


Folks, there’s nothing biblical about the original book and DVD.  There’s nothing biblical about saying, “The source of it all is God.”  We’ll take your calls when we come back.




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Do you remember Jude 3 says, “Certain men have crept in unnoticed”?  Crept in unnoticed.  2nd Peter speaks about men who brought in secretly destructive heresies.  What is the word there?  Secretly brought in destructive heresies. So we’re finding out in the scriptures clearly folks that this is gonna be men who have crept in unnoticed; secret destructive heresies have been brought in.  In fact isn’t it Paul who says, “I’m concerned for you that you will be taken away by the simplicity that is in Christ”?  Wow.  The deception must be so great he’s saying to believers, “Be careful church.  I’m afraid that you will be taken away to another idea, another Jesus, another gospel.  You'll be removed and taken away from the simplicity that is in Jesus Christ.”


All of this tells us this is extremely seductive, and many are going to be deceived.  And I am sad to see that there are people on this DVD that should know better, one of them being my friend David Barton.  And again, I warned him in March of 2008.  Ingrid Schlueter knows that to be true because she’s the one that called and tipped me off and said, “Hey.  He’s on this DVD.  I think I’m gonna do an article on this.”  And I said, “Give me a chance to explain to him what this is, that this is not good.  Maybe he doesn't realize.”


And I thought after I talked to him that maybe he agreed with me because the DVD never came out.  I never saw it, and I was suggesting that he get the project killed or get himself taken off the project.  And so I thought, “It didn't come out so he agrees with me.  He’s taken care of this.  I’m moving on.” That’s what Christians can do with each other is warn each other.  “Did you not know this?”  We need to counsel each other, go to each other, say, “Don’t do this.  Don’t do that.  That could be dangerous.  That could be a bad testimony.  Do you not realize what this is?”


I’ve got well-known evangelical pastors, if I said their name all of you would know them who have said – at least I would know the one I talked to on this issue said to me when I confronted him about contemplative prayer – I shouldn’t’ say confront him about contemplative prayer.  I was talking to him about contemplative prayer, and what it is, and it’s in the church.  This well-known evangelical pastor who’s very solid said, “That’s what contemplative prayer is?  That’s what spiritual formation is?”  He didn't know.  One reason why is because this guy’s really busy preparing sermons and writing books.  He’s really busy.


He’s not an expert on everything, but when I presented the information to him and the documentation he was like, “Wow.  I must be living under a rock.  I’m glad to know this.  Thank you.  Thank you for sharing this with me.”  And that’s the way I’ve been when people come to me with information, and I’m like, “Thank you.  I did not know that about that author.  I did not know that about that founding father.  I didn't realize they were hostile to the gospel.  That’s very troubling.  Thank you for letting me know that I shouldn’t be saying this person was this great Christian or they were out to give us freedom of religion, the proclamation of the gospel when in their own life they’re writing how they’re hostile to the fundamentals of the faith.”


People do that with me, and I need to humbly look at what they’re presenting and say, “Wow.  I’ve got to go back and correct some things.”  That’s what we do with each other.  Iron sharpens will iron, so one man sharpens another.  So I thought that the DVD was not going to be put out or if it was I didn't think I’d see David on it, but sure enough it’s out.  And it’s just more, I believe in my opinion, it’s just more signs of the time.  Listen to this guy again, and then let’s open up the phone lines now.  You get them ______ while I play another clip.  1-800-347-9829. What do you think about this?


Do you agree with The Secret?  Do you think the problem with The Secret book and DVD is simply that we as Christians can endorse it and embrace it by looking beyond the secret to the source of the secret, or do you think from the very beginning Kerby Anderson has it right and that the secret is false teaching, period, end of story, and you can’t Christianize pagan spirituality?  Do you agree with me from what I’ve shared with you there seems to be a universalism that’s running through this DVD?


One or two people talked about Jesus, but again what do they mean about Jesus?  The New Agers talk about Jesus.  The Mormons talk about Jesus.  The Muslims talk about Jesus, but there was an awful lot of talk about knowing God, but you've got to know the source, God.  How do you know God?  And how are we gonna present God to people through Jesus Christ when we’re also, I believe, mixing in on a DVD an idea that is completely unbiblical, promoting The Secret?  While you're getting on board, 1-800-347-9829.  1-800-347-9829. 1-800-347-9829.  The video is put out – and you can order it yourself and watch it if you want to – give them money, but if you want to it’s up to you.  It’s put out by Impact Productions.  I ordered it. I watched it today, but there is a website out there that has the transcript.


I could provide a link on our website and you can see a big chunk of the transcript for yourself, and I can put the link for that up on our website where you can read it.  Listen to this clip.  This is again this guy saying, “The secret is biblical.”  What you’re getting those clicks are people getting on the phone line.  Listen to this.


[Audio clip]


And when you get God you get all the stuff he has for you.


I’ve talked to a lot of people who’ve said that The Secret has forever changed my life, and I agree that it has because they’re putting biblical principles into their life.  Whether they realize it or not it’s going to change their life.  Now I want them to take a step further and give credit to the source, and the source is Jesus Christ.”


[End of audio clip]


Kirby Anderson’s writing an article over here, on our website, July 31st 2007 saying “The False Teachings of The Secret.” The dude you just heard from is saying he’s heard from people who have used the source and the source works. It’s biblical whether they know it or not.  So which one is it?  Either Kerby Anderson is right, it’s false teaching, which I think he’s right, or this other guy over here telling you, “Yeah.  It works.  It’s biblical whether you know it or not.  Now you just need to know the source of the secret which is Jesus Christ.” Really?


And again, nobody bothered on the DVD – when I watched the whole thing – to say that the way to know God is through Jesus Christ and that is through faith, and repentance, and believing in the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ.  For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.  But would you really expect them to take what I believe is a DVD and present a clear gospel while we’re, I believe, mixing in pagan spirituality and saying, “This book is biblical”?  It’s weird because in some places people say, “There are parts of The Secret that are dangerous,” and then there are, “This is good.  People are being introduced to this.  Now we’ve got to go beyond –.”


It is a – a double-minded man is unstable in all his ways.  Let’s go to the phone lines.  1-800-347-9829. 1-800-347-9829.   Let’s go to Adam. Adam, welcome to the program.  Thank you for calling in.




They don’t want truth to get in the way.  Unfortunately for some of these folks they don’t want to hear what you have to say.  The Bible says, “They refuse to love the truth and be saved.  For this reason God will give them over to this powerful delusion so they will believe the lie, and all will be condemned.  All who’ve not delighted n righteousness but have delighted in wickedness.”  So you're right Adam.  They don’t care what you say when it’s biblical truth because they refuse to love the truth and be saved.  Thank you for your call.


Listen to this guy.  This is the executive director of Victory Bible Institute on the DVD. “So most people have self-limiting beliefs or set points.  They don’t understand.”  Let me start over. “So most people have self-limiting beliefs or set points they don’t understand exist, and because that’s the case they’re manifesting what they don’t want instead of what they do want.”  Huh.  This really sounds a lot like ______ ______, prosperity gospel without a doubt to me.  That’s what it sounds like to me.


Here’s a guy, an author, lecturer, life coach.  “We draw to ourselves those things which we believe.  It’s an interesting thing that we find that people can actually bring to themselves what they believe about themselves.”  Another guy says, “You can never rise above the image you have of yourself in your heart.  If you want to change an area of your heart you've got to see the image of yourself in that area change first.”  Really?  How about if you want to change anything in your life you surrender to the will of Jesus Christ and you study your Bible.  “How does the young man cleanse his ways?” – the Bible says – “by taking heed to the word of God.”


It doesn't say you cleanse your ways or the negative things in your heart by having a better image of yourself.  How does the young man cleanse his ways?  By taking heed to the word of God.  Here you have another guy, Rabbi Daniel Lapin, saying, “A large part of the structure of the Bible is to make sure that not only do we act in a noble and virtuous way, in a way that makes not only God proud of us but also makes us a blessing to our fellow human beings, but more importantly” – but more importantly – “that in our innermost hearts we see ourselves as good and not evil.”


No, no one is good.  No.  Not one.  The heart is desperately wicked above all things.  Who can know? Yet I was even conceived in sin, Psalms 51.  This is the same thing Glenn Beck teaches.  Now we know why Daniel Lapin can appear on Glenn.  Maybe we know now why David Barton can appear with Glenn Beck, and Cindy Jacobs, and many others.  Very troubling.




Brannon Howse here.  It’s Worldview Weekend Radio.  The website’s http://www.worldvieweekend.com.  Here’s a guy that appeared on the DVD, founder of The Healing Codes.  I guess that’s a book he wrote, PhD, founder of The Healing Codes.  He said, “Rhonda Byrne” – the author of The Secret book –“filmed me to be part of The Secret, but I was left on the editing floor.  And I believe it was because I talked in that interview so much about how the law of attraction, yes, is real, but the thing that determines whether the law of attraction is gonna work in your life or not is the condition of your heart.”  Here’s a guy that says, “If there’s something in your heart-of-hearts that conflicts with your conscious intent guess which is going to win?  Every time your heart is going to win over your head.”


As this other guy says, The Healing Codes, on the DVD  The Source of the Secret, “And as Dr. Ben Johnson and I have traveled around the world and talked to audiences who are interested in or talking about The Secret, this is one question we asked them, ‘How many of you are not having the results with the secret?’  And there will be hands going up all over the room, and I can tell you the difference.  The ones that are not having the results, their head and their heart are conflicting.  They’ve got something in their heart that’s saying, ‘Ah-ha, that’s never gonna happen.  You can’t do that.  That’s not gonna work for you.’  The people that are having it happen their heart agrees with them already.”


So you've got to get your heart and your mind aligned, and this is nothing more to me than New Age, Word of Faith, law of attraction. This is what’s in our churches today by and large, and this is very troubling, a few of the people that are on this DVD.  Let’s go to Julie in Milwaukee.  Julie welcome to the program.  Go right ahead.  Julie, go right ahead.


Yep.  Go right ahead.


Well I hope Julie that today’s program has helped you because I know this is being promoted.  I’ve walked into stores and seen the book and the DVD many, many, many times.  It has sold a ton of copies.  So Julie I hope this helps, and again we’ll bring up some of our articles by Kerby Anderson and get them up on our front page and some other things on The Secret on the front page of our website, bringing it back from 2007 up to the page of today, 2011, so you have something.  So we’ll do that as soon as we go off the air, but thank you for Julie for having a sensitive heart, to wanting to do what the Lord wants you to do, and being willing to say, “I have a conflicting spirit and this one,” and hopefully Julie that was the Holy Spirit telling you and that you were sensitive to it and you are wanting to do what is biblically right.


So I thank you for your sensitivity in that area.  Let’s go to Len.  Len welcome to the program.  Thank you for calling in Len.


Great call.  Thank you so much.  I know you could keep going.  Man, you're good.  You've done your research, and I love how you're backing it up with scripture.  That is absolutely excellent.  Thank you for doing that, and you're pointing out perfectly here, Len, that these guys are praising a book and they’re saying, “But you've got to go beyond The Secret,” but yet again the DVD’s praising the book in my opinion.  And I think that’s what it’s doing when they talk about, “It’s introduce people to The Secret.  Now we need to go further,” but you're pointing out all the unbiblical things in it just like Kerby Anderson is in his article.


Let me see if I can slip in – I’m probably not gonna have time, but Kevin if you go really fast Kevin I might be able to get you in.  Go Kevin.


Excellent, excellent.  I’ve got an audience of people that I’m really thankful for.  I’m thankful you guys are seeking to be discerning, and you want to look at things through the scriptures and sound theology and doctrine.  Let’s pray for some of these folks and hopefully they can see that this is unbiblical.  Take care.




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