Why Marxianity?

NOTE: The following is protected by federal copyright law and is an excerpt from the book Marxianity written by Brannon Howse and is not to be published online. The footnotes that document the content in this article are found in the book Marxianity or the eBook.

For years, I’ve researched, broadcast, written, and prayed against a growing coalition of problems facing biblical Christianity. If you’ve read my other books, you know that I’ve identified demonic influences that have come down to us through thought leaders over the last 150 years (Grave Influence), pointed out how religion is being used against itself (The Religious Trojan Horse), and how co-opted religion will lead to a one-world government (The Coming Religious Reich). Yet, I’ve felt there is more to be said and more to be done to fully grasp the all-encompassing challenge we face as Bible-believing Christians.

To that end, I’ve continued to reveal much-needed, if not controversial, information on the Worldview Weekend website and in our broadcasts, and little by little, I found myself articulating components of this super-challenge. Finally, one evening in early 2018, after wrapping up that night’s radio broadcast, I found myself mulling over the pieces of this war we’re in.

Sitting alone in my studio, I mused over the discussion we’d just aired about the fact that, in some of the circles threatening the true faith, Marxism and Christianity are merging. For a long time, this has been known as Liberation Theology, but under that name, it has not been fully embraced by evangelicals. Yet, something is happening “out there” that warrants its own moniker because suddenly it seemed to be finding a way into places where Liberation Theology had not yet entered.

The merging of Marxism and Christianity, I thought.

It’s happening through the billions of dollars funneled from governments through the Roman Catholic Church for refugee relief and other charities. It’s noticeable in the research about why millennials are abandoning our churches. You can even see it in the language used by churches purporting to have the best interest of poor people as their mission. It’s inherent in the turning of churches into social service centers. And it’s obvious in the new concept of “evangelical social engagement.”

Suddenly, the connections were clear, and the reality unmistakable. Many people are coming to believe that the tenets of Christianity and Marxism can actually be meshed, but they make the mistake of believing the result can still be called Christianity. The truth is, only biblically based theology and lifestyle can be rightly called Christianity. The new option—the imposter—must be called something else. And that something else is what I decided that night to call Marxianity.

With that understanding, I hope you will comprehend the gravity of our situation as you read what I’ve discovered and put together in this book. May God keep all of our eyes wide open to the purity of the truth that is His alone.

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