The Coming Religious Reich

The Coming Religious Reich
The Coming Religious Reich
The Coming Religious Reich - Hard Cover

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The Third Reich Was Bad. The Fourth Will Be Worse.


Looking back at the horrors of World War II many people think, “We’re glad that’s over with.” They naively believe the days of people like Hitler are gone for good. Yet we live amid threats creating a worldwide nightmare Hitler only managed in a few countries. 

Behind the scenes, as Brannon Howse points out in this stunning book, Satan oversees a worldwide assembly of unthinkable forces trying to capture the hearts of any men and women unaware of his sinister tactics. Politics alone will not seduce the world to follow his leaders. Neither will economics by itself. This time, the enemy of God and man is bringing together what history shows to be the most powerful of all influences: the religions of everyone on the planet.

Over the past century, postmodernism has beguiled the world and conditioned people across the globe to embrace pagan spirituality and reject reason, logic, and absolute truth. Manipulating populations through education, environmentalism, economics, and ecumenicalism will culminate in a global empire that brings oppression on a scale never before seen. The world religious Reich is the final chapter of sinful man’s history before God intervenes and crushes this Satan-inspired system. 

Although we may not all live to see the end game, we’re already living in the transformation to what will be. That’s why Brannon wants you to know how to hold fast the true gospel, stand firm in the face of whatever persecution may come, and perhaps even stem the tide in your part of the world. Brannon details the people, events, and trends that few recognize are eliminating personal freedom and eradicating Western culture. He shares a wealth of biblical and historical research, so you can discern the spread of a world Reich the Bible predicted ages ago. 

With this book, you will “understand the times” and know how to share a truly Christian worldview with those being swept toward the next Reich.

Religion is becoming the driving force behind political and economic structures of the most demonic world empire in history. As Brannon Howse demonstrates in The Coming Religious Reich, a one-world, ecumenical, religious system is in the works. It will foster a global consensus around a worldwide socialistic economy and tyrannical government. 

In the two previous books in his trilogy of warnings about the developing one-world system, Brannon first explained the grave influence of radical change agents who infiltrated the global education system to corrupt the worldview of the past several generations. Then he revealed a religious “Trojan horse” that crept into modern-day evangelicalism to set the stage for the Antichrist. Now, Brannon shows where we are on the path to worldwide totalitarianism and who the key players are. 

This is no conspiracy theory. Scripture details the facts, worldviews, key participants, nations, and the events that are at work. 

Pretense has given way to overt activism, and many seemingly respectable leaders—both past and present—shamelessly promote their demonically-inspired goals through books, speeches, white-papers, and interviews. The people and groups at work to bring about a one-world system include Pope Francis and the Vatican, Tony Blair and his Faith Foundation, The European Union, Word of Faith false teachers, compromised pro-family organizations, The International Monetary Fund, The Bank for International Settlements, and—of course—the United Nations, to name a few. You’ll shake your head as you read of their brazen plans to dominate all of us.


Here are just a few of the questions answered in The Coming Religious Reich:

  • How have globalists turned pastors into community organizers and their churches into community organizations for the promotion of social justice and globalism? 


  • Through what means does Satan proclaim just enough truth in order to gain a crowd, and then undermine the gospel? 


  • Why does Brannon believe the pro-family industrial complex is one of the greatest threats to Biblical Christianity and the true church?


  • Why will the choice for many Christians be to join the group consensus of the Coming Religious Reich, or be singled out for persecution?


  • How is the Hegelian Dialectic process being used to build the Coming Religious Reich?


  • Why is the Biblical gospel the only hope?


  • What are the Biblical hallmarks of a Christian?


  • Why does Brannon believe there are two harlots, but only one Babylon in Revelation 17 and 18?


  • What is the Biblical and historical significance for a one-world religious government based in Babylon, 58 miles south of Bagdad?


  • Who is calling for the United Nations to be moved to Babylon?


  • Who was Jean Monnet, and what are his five steps to a Euro-Centric Global Government that are being implemented today?


  • What are the religious symbols of the European Union that fit with Bible prophecy?


  • What does the Bible say about the coming global holocaust of the Coming Religious Reich?


  • What is meant by “The Mother of Harlots” in Revelation 17, and is Babylon “The Mother of Harlots?”


  • Does the Statue of Liberty actually represent a liberty of licentiousness and a liberty to rebel against God?


  • What role will feministic gnosticism play in the Coming Religious Reich?


  • Why are the real Christian founding fathers of America those that founded the American colonies?


  • Who are John Ruskin, Cecil Rhodes, and Sidney Web, and what role did they play in laying the foundation for a Euro-Centric world government?


  • How is the foundation for the fulfillment of Daniel 2 & 7 being prepared even now? 


  • What role are central bankers playing in bringing about a world economic order?


  • How are the four planks of ecumenicalism, economics, education, and environmentalism building the Coming Religious Reich?


  • What are 21 similarities between the false church of Nazi Germany and the growing global false church? 


  • Who is the socialist that wrote the Pledge of Allegiance, how was it used to undermine state rights and promote a strong federal government, and what connection did the pledge have to the Nazi salute?


  • How has deconstructionism been used to undermine truth, the authority of God’s Word, and to create a fascist group consensus just as Martin Heidegger did in Nazi Germany?


  • What influence did Charles Darwin, Friedrich Nietzsche, Martin Heidegger, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Søren Kierkegaard, and Karl Marx have on Hitler’s Third Reich, and how are their ideas and philosophies building the Coming Religious Reich?


  • How is the social justice of the Jesuits, the Vatican, the last few popes, Tim Keller, Rick Warren, Tony Campolo and other major evangelical leaders being promoted and accepted on a global scale?


  • How is pagan spirituality and Christianity merging to produce a counterfeit Christianity and false church just like the one embraced by the “German Christians” in Nazi Germany?


  • How have Jesus, unity, truth, the gospel, the mission of the church, the definition of a pastor, and the definition of a Christian all been redefined to create a false church that will be “The Great Harlot” of Revelation 17:1? 


  • What are fifteen dangerous hallmarks of the social gospel?


  • How and why are false religions being merged with evangelicalism through a syncretism being pushed by religious, political, and economic leaders?


  • How have pride, pragmatism, and profit been a snare to compromise modern-day evangelicalism?


  • What are 16 reasons the world’s religions can and will merge to produce “The Great Harlot” of Revelation 17:1 that will usher in the Coming Religious Reich?


  • Based on examining Matthew 5 and the “Sermon on the Mount,” what would Jesus say to today’s Religious legalists, theological liberals, religious isolationists, and religious right activists?


  • How is the Vatican connected to radical environmentalism, and a scientist calling for a global council and planetary court?


  • How is Gaia earth worship and radical environmentalism connected to ancient Babylon of Genesis 10 & 11 and the coming religious Babylon of Revelation 17 & 18?


  • How did America export eugenics to Hitler, and how is eugenics being practiced today in various forms that will culminate in the persecution of Christians?


  • How did America’s federal government, C.I.A., F.B.I., American corporations and foundations partner with and protect Nazi war criminals, and how will it partner with and promote the coming global Reich?


  • How should Christians respond to the Coming Religious Reich?
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