Reaching Children with the Gospel | May 30, 2024


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According to the World Population Review, there are approximately 2 billion children in the world ranging in age from 0-14.  That’s one-quarter of the world’s population.  

Sadly, children today are in the cross-hairs of efforts like the trans agenda and their admitted grooming and indoctrination.  They’re also being affected by broadcast and streaming TV, corporate America, social media, the educational system and other efforts.

All of these things magnify the need to reach children with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Joining Crosstalk to discuss one such effort was Fred Pry, Vice President of Administration for Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF).

After sharing some background on CEF, Fred described how a Supreme Court ruling now allows for CEF Good News Clubs to have equal access/equal treatment and take these clubs into the public schools.   

The result is that this past school year there have been over 3,000 Good News clubs that have operated with over half a million children involved.  This is important because many of these children don’t attend church anywhere.  

Fred discussed the impact of Satan clubs, CEF summer ministry camps/clubs, how the five-day clubs operate, how you can host a five-day club in your garage or backyard, the incredible worldwide emphasis of CEF and much more.  

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