• Peter Pry: February 9, 2022

    In this edition of The Pry Report, Dr. Pry praises the Biden Administration and Congressional Democrats for passing bill HR 4521 "The America Competes Act of 2022" that tries to do something about protecting electric grids from EMP. Dr. Pry says the bill is still "too little, too late" and does not give EMP high enough priority, but it is better that they are trying to do something instead of nothing. The U.S. is conducting a nuclear forces exercise called GLOBAL LIGHTNING, that Dr. Pry warns is probably not wise, possibly very dangerous, amidst twin international crises with Russia and China over Ukraine and Taiwan. Dr. Pry warns that one of times the world came closest to nuclear war was during the U.S.-NATO theater nuclear exercise ABLE ARCHER-83, in November 1983. Moscow misconstrued the exercise as U.S.-NATO preparations to make a surprise nuclear attack. Russia nearly launched a preemptive nuclear strike.
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