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  • A U.S. senator spills the beans on how the Senate was ready to put a stop to the state-sponsored human trafficking being conducted by the U.S. government, but then the Democrats moved to kill the legislation.
  • Squatters get out-maneuvered by a skilled “Squatter Squad” in one of America’s biggest cities.
  • Prime Minister Viktor Orban is in trouble in Hungary.
  • One of the world’s most famous automakers announces it has just manufactured its last diesel vehicle.
  • The SWIFT banking system announces plans for a new global digital currency.
  • Smart guns: What are they and why are they about to be pushed on self-defense minded Americans? 
  • And advances in artificial intelligence technology have made it possible for virtually anybody to make a deep-fake video and post it to the internet. The line between the fake and the real just got blurred and we have examples that will blow your mind.

All these stories and more when the Worldview Report begins, right now!


Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report.

We have now learned that Democrats blocked a bill that would have stopped U.S. taxpayer dollars from flying illegal aliens into the United States.

This comes from Senator Bill Hagerty, Republican of Tennessee, who revealed the Democrat action in a radio interview with Breitbart News.

This underhanded scheme occurred Saturday, Hagerty explained, as Democrats rejected a proposal which would have helped protect Americans from more violent crime, sex trafficking and labor trafficking.

The Senator stated:

“This occurred in the wee hours of Saturday morning this weekend. Again, this was pushed back. Chuck Schumer maintained ball control as late as he possibly could, right up to the point that the government almost shut down.”

He explained that Chucky Schumer wanted to avoid Hagerty putting forth legislation that “would stop the use of taxpayer money to fly illegal aliens in here on charter planes from countries like Nicaragua and Haiti.”

“You’ve got Venezuelans that are being put on charter planes, all courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer, U.S. government, U.S. taxpayer dollars and flown into America,” he said, emphasizing that these individuals are not crossing the border but flooding over into “43 different airports here in America.”

In 2023, the senator continued, 320,000 illegal migrants were flown into the U.S. using this method under the Biden administration. So, Hagerty said he put a simple vote to the floor, asking colleagues to stop using taxpayer dollars to do this.

“Every single Democrat voted against me,” he said. “Every single Democrat voted to continue this preposterous policy of flying people in here illegally by the thousands into our country,” the senator explained.


A crew known as the “Squatter Squad” was shown on a recent video confronting a dozen squatters in one Los Angeles-area home, kicking in a door, and sending the lot of them packing, Fox News reported.

The Squatter Squad noted to the cable network that it's been legally removing squatters from private properties since 2018.

In this recent instance, the task at first glance appeared challenging, with a few imposing figures standing in the way of the Squatter Squad outside the home's front door.

“You guys ... can't be here,” said one of the squatters, who was apparently recording his own video.

WATCH VIDEO (clip first 3:10 of this amazing video)

Unbelievable that Americans are having to go to such lengths to protect their own property from what appears to be, in this case, illegal alien squatters.

Soon after that video was made, the Squatter Squad said the intruders began to move out as no-trespassing signs were displayed, a new lock was placed on a gate, and the windows were boarded up.

And how many Americans would have that kind of support from their local police? Not many.


Reuters has a report out, one of the few you will find in the corporate media, that crowds have come out into the street to protest the government of conservative Prime Minister Viktor Orban in Hungary.

Thousands of people protested in Budapest near parliament on Tuesday demanding the chief prosecutor and Prime Minister Orban resign after a former government insider accused a senior aide to Orban of trying to interfere in a graft case.

Protesters marched from the chief prosecutor's office towards parliament shouting “Resign, resign”, with many carrying torches.

Orban’s political opponents published a recording of a conversation between Hungary's justice minister and her then-husband, in which she detailed an attempt by aides to Orban's cabinet chief to remove certain parts from legal documents in a graft case.

Prosecutors said in a statement they would analyze the tape, which was recorded in January 2023, and further evidence would be collected.

The statement says, “It is legally and physically impossible to eliminate and meddle into prosecution documents.”

Prosecutors were scheduled to hold a press conference on Thursday.

I hope I am wrong but I can’t help detect the stench here of a NATO-backed color revolution. Orban has been a thorn in the side of the U.S./NATO war strategy against Russia.

And the timing is not coincidental.

The allegations come, according to Reuters, “at a politically sensitive time for Orban ahead of European parliamentary elections in June, and follow a sex abuse scandal that brought down two of Orban's political allies - the former president and the former justice minister Judit Varga - last month.”

So they’re going after Orban big time, leading up to elections. This has all the earmarks of U.S. meddling.


The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, otherwise known as the SWIFT banking system, has recently announced their plans to launch a central bank digital currency system, set to release roughly a year from now.

SWIFT is the largest international banking network that facilitates transactions and interbank lending between nations. It connects over 11,500 banks and institutions in more than 200 countries and manages trillions of dollars’ worth of transactions per day.

In more recent years. it has been used as a battering ram to sanction countries such as Russia, prohibiting a number of Russian entities from transferring and receiving money through the network.

In a press release published on March 25th, SWIFT said they worked with “38 global institutions on the second phase of sandbox testing” on their CBDC system, claiming this is “one of the largest known CBDC experiments to date.”

SWIFT claims their “experiments found that our interlinking solution has the potential to simplify and speed up trade flows, unlock growth in tokenized securities markets, and enable efficient settlement. And this, all while allowing financial institutions to make use of their existing infrastructure.”

In conclusion, SWIFT says “we plan to extend our solution to support a wider range of emerging digital networks, in addition to CBDCs, such as platforms for tokenized deposits.”

Lewis Sun, Global Head of Domestic and Emerging Payments, Global Payments Solutions at HSBC, said his bank is one of several institutions working with SWIFT on the project, adding:

“The ability to interlink emerging and existing market infrastructures is essential to realizing the potential benefits brought on by tokenization and CBDCs.”

Nick Kerigan, SWIFT’s chief of innovation, said in a statement this system should be operational within 12 to 24 months, The Trends Journal reported. 

Kerigan said, “It’s moving out of the experimental stage towards something that is becoming a reality.”


There was a mass stabbing attack carried out in Rockford, Illinois, Wednesday.

KTVU in Chicago reports that a suspect is in custody after a stabbing spree left four people dead and seven others injured.

Christian Soto, age 22, is facing multiple felony charges, including murder.


Rockford police were called at 1:14 p.m. to multiple addresses on Holmes Street, Winnetka Drive and Cleveland Avenue. There, they located multiple victims who were stabbed.

The suspect was taken into custody about 20 minutes later, police said.

Three victims were pronounced dead at the scene, according to officials. Another victim was transported to an area hospital in critical condition but later died from their injuries.

The four deceased victims include a 15-year-old girl, a 63-year-old woman, a 49-year-old man and a 22-year-old man, according to police.

One of the victims was a mail carrier who worked for the U.S. Postal Service for 25 years, officials confirmed. The postal worker was reportedly run over by a vehicle and stabbed.

This was a mass murder that’s unlikely to get much media attention nationally because it involved a knife, not a firearm. The leftist fake media wants you to think that guns hop out of holsters and shoot people independently of any criminal intent and therefore guns must be strictly regulated or banned altogether. But it’s interesting how, if someone commits murder with a blade, we don’t see them get up on their soapboxes and lecture us about those evil knives. They couldn’t care less because it doesn’t fit their narrative about so-called gun violence. What about knife violence? Do you think it mattered one iota to these poor victims what tool was used to slaughter them? Of course not. Their families are grieving just the same.


A new AI-generated algorithm is causing quite a stir on social media because of a fake ad featuring a hyper-realistic young woman sitting in a car ranting about men’s hygiene.

The WinePress News reports that the ability to create lifelike videos comes courtesy of a company called Arcads. According to the company’s website, “Arcads is an AI-powered tool that transforms text into high-quality, emotionally resonant video ads. It uses advanced AI algorithms to generate authentic, realistic videos, all from the input text you provide.”

The company says, “The AI presenters in the videos are designed to appear realistic and engaging.”


As noted by some users on X, the videos rely on real people. For example, as seen with the woman in the video we just played, she is real and her name is Ariel, and she can be contracted for hire. But her interaction with viewers in the video is a deep fake.

Arcads has the licensing rights from these actors to use their likeness. This is explained in the company’s terms of service.

Arcads uses footage of the submitted user models and creators can then upload custom scripts for the models to speak through AI.

AI ad generator Alex Cooper explains how it works, challenging us to choose which actors are real and which are fake. 


So, half of those people you saw there were AI generated, not real. You can see where this is going and the potential for all sorts of abuses. 

In fact, you should count on people being abused by this technology, and then they will have an excuse to require all internet users to have a biometric digital ID before they can log onto the internet from any device. This will verify your identity. It’s for our protection, they will tell us. That’s classic Hegelian dialectic. Create the problem, foment a backlash, then swoop in with the solution, which was the end-game all along, to usher us into a 100-percent controlled society. A Brave New World, so to speak. 


The United States is about to receive its first home-made biometric “smart gun.”

Biometric Update reports that Colorado-based startup Biofire says that it will begin shipping its fingerprint and facial recognition-equipped handguns by the end of March. 

But the smart weapon maker will still face resistance among gun rights advocates who claim the technology is unreliable and that smart guns are a backdoor to controlling firearm ownership in the U.S.

The Biofire Smart Gun, a 9mm handgun, was designed to prevent unauthorized use by validating user identity, reducing accidental shootings by children, teen suicides, theft and criminal use.

The company’s CEO and founder Kai Kloepfer told NBC News that the complexity of the smart gun is equal to a “small satellite.” The firearm allows up to five authorized users, disabling the trigger mechanism after it leaves their hand. The biometric sensors do not work if the users’ faces or fingerprints are completely covered as it is intended for home use, according to Biofire.

The product has been tested for conditions such as different temperatures and sweaty hands. However, since the U.S. does not have a federal product safety regulation for firearms, there are no industry standards to test biometric weapons. The handgun meets consumer product safety requirements as well as individual states’ handgun safety standards, the firm says.


Elon Musk's X Corporation is looking to enlist investigative journalist Catherine Herridge to head up an investigative unit at the company.

The New York Post reports that after Herridge was fired from CBS News in February as its senior investigative correspondent, she was contacted by X. Herridge was most known for her coverage of the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, and her termination generated outrage after CBS News seized her personal files.

Herridge reportedly had a meeting with X CEO Linda Yaccarino at The Jefferson Hotel in Washington, DC earlier this month, according to the Post.

X Corporation wrote in a statement to the outlet: “We are in discussions with many content creators who are interested in joining X in various ways. Catherine Herridge is a great journalist who strongly supports free speech.”

The Post Millennial notes that X has been attempting to assemble a high-profile roster of journalists to bring to its platform, allowing former mainstream media journalists the opportunity to report the truth without their freedom of speech being stifled by corporate censors. 

The company hired Tucker Carlson, a former Fox News anchor, and the platform would allow Herridge to report on a variety of stories of her own free will similar to Carlson's agreement. 

However, the source did not confirm if the investigative journalist would officially join X, and told the outlet, “Herridge is weighing a number of opportunities.”


Great Britain’s News Channel, GBN, reports that Volvo has announced that it has manufactured its last diesel-engine vehicle as the brand aims to achieve a net zero emissions product line by 2040.

The Swedish car brand has hit two major milestones in recent months with the final diesel-powered V60 model made in its Ghent factory in Belgium and the last XC90 diesel car off the production line in Sweden.

Volvo has manufactured vehicles for 97 years, with diesel vehicles being produced for 45 of those years.

GBN reports that Volvo admitted that diesel vehicles have played a “significant role in our evolution into a premium brand” and helped Volvo gain a reputation for reliability and efficiency.

So now they will go headlong into producing the unreliable and inefficient electric vehicles. It makes no sense, until you realize this is all being forced by Western governments tied in with the World Economic Forum agenda.

This is more of the lunacy to force the driving public into electric vehicles. So long Volvo. I’ll write you off my list of potential future car purchases.


Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.

The city of Toronto, Canada, is considering implementing a so-called “rain tax,” an additional tax that would charge residents for the amount of precipitation that collects on their rooftops and hard-surface driveways.

According to a page on the city’s website, the tax falls under an infrastructure package called the “Stormwater Charge & Water Service Charge Consultation.”

The city announced to its citizens:

“The City of Toronto is consulting with water users and interested parties on the possible implementation of a stormwater charge, stormwater charge credits and a water service charge. These potential charges would impact the rate that customers pay for their water.”

The city says it is looking for feedback on implementing the following:

  • A stormwater charge for all property classes
  • A stormwater charge credits program for large properties; and
  • An administrative water charge (referred to as a “water service charge” in this consultation)

I hope Toronto residents fight this communist proposal with everything they’ve got. But we would be remiss if we looked at this foolishness and dismissed it as unique to Canada, an example of Canadian socialistic utopianism.

No. We should all take this as a harbinger of what’s planned for every metropolitan area, and eventually even rural areas, not just in Canada but in the U.S. and worldwide. This is all part of the United Nations Agenda 2030 platform.

And if the globalists get their way and are able to get cities to implement this agenda, it will mean the end of freedom and the end of America as we know it.

Many Western nations are already far down this path, and the U.S. is right on their tails trying to catch up under the corrupt Biden regime and his Marxist minions, folks like Pete Buttigieg who is running the Department of Transportation and Jennifer Granholm at the Department of Energy. They’re already trying to ban the use of natural gas appliances and phase out the manufacturing of gas-powered vehicles and lawn equipment.

That’s why it’s so important to make sure even your local city and county officials are carefully vetted for globalist ideas related to climate and the so-called green economy. Because it has nothing to do with saving the environment and everything to do with controlling our behavior and life decisions, right down to the minutest detail. How we use our property, how we move about in society, what we spend our money on, and even what we eat and drink. All of this is considered by globalists to be up for grabs in what amounts to a global shift in power, from elected representatives to unelected technocrats.

That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. Thanks for watching and supporting this viewer-supported broadcast. Until next time…

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