Are Muslim Terrorists Infiltrating Law Enforcement As Well As Security Jobs Inside Nuclear Power Facilities?


The following is a transcript of the Worldview Weekend hour with host Brannon Howse


Muslims are invovled in infiltration of law enforcement and security jobs as well as actual jobs inside nuclear power facilities. Watch this clip. 


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Male:    Cyberterrorism, dealing with the nuclear power plant, that is an issue because their cyber capability is growing, and I think that's really what's got some people concerned. 


Female:    Right. And so they're admitting that a nuclear power plant was already disrupted by a cyberattack. 


Male:    Yes, that's true. And that occurred in Belgium, and there's been other attempts as well. 


Female:    That was two years ago. 


Male:    Correct, right. 


Female:    So – 


Male:    We've always been concerned about the cyber capability of terrorists. Think of this. In the United States, our critical infrastructure, financial banking, utility infrastructure, and our transportation system, they are vulnerability to a sophisticated cyberattack that our adversary countries had – Russia, China, to name two. The concern that we've always had, what happens if the terrorists get their hands on that capability or buy it from the Russians because half of the Russian cyberattack capability is criminal. That is a concern. So as terrorists get more sophisticated, they're gonna move more and more to cyber capability. 


Female:    Of course. They're gonna try to do anything they can. 


Male:    Yeah. 


Female:    And the International Atomic Energy Agency head revealed that a terrorist had once tried to smuggle highly enriched uranium out of a power plant to build a dirty bomb. 


[End of Video] 

So you have these Muslims who go to work for power companies, could they then bring in on a thumb drive, a flash drive, something like Stuxnet and use that? And then you have the outside cyber hacking as well, so inside hacking, inside planting Trojan horses and things as well as outside. 


Here's an article from USA Today from 2015, Bracing for big power grid attack: 'One is too many.' The article says about once every four days part of the nation's power grid, a system whose failure could leave millions in the dark is struck by a cyber or physical attack, a USA Today analysis of federal energy records finds. 


So folks, about once every four days, part of the nation's power grid is struck by a cyberattack or physical attack. Very, very seriously. There's more to that than we have time to get into including the fact that it goes on to talk about the fact that suspects have never been identified in connection with many of the 300-plus attacks on electrical infrastructure since 2011. 

Now, here's CNN talking about North Korea hacking the nuclear power facility of South Korea which may be practice to hack America. Watch this clip. 


[Video playing] 


Male:    What do you learn in Keung? 


Female:    Well, Wolf, we need to underscore that this is a very first time that we're hearing about this in this country. It is coming to light just now, and we have to underscore as well that it was a successful attack, just like with Sony. What investigators here in South Korea are saying, it was the same malware that allowed hackers to get into one of the most difficulty government agencies, one of the most protected in this entire country, the one that runs nuclear power plants. 


Female:    South Korea say the north has launched a series of crippling attacks in that country, the most brazen coming to light just this week, a hack of South Korea's nuclear power plants system. In Jung In is a security expert, works with South Korea's military, and says hackers posted on a blog nuclear power plant blueprints and other secret documents, and then wrote this: 


Male:    Stop operation of nuclear power plant. They will destroy. 


Female:    Wow. 


Male:    Yeah. 


Female:    Very serious. 


Male:    Yes. 


Female:    That raised some serious alarm bells – 


Male:    Yes. 


Female:    – with the government? 


Male:    Yes. 


Female:    Not just because of what was stolen, but because of what this means. They're getting better at it. While the north consistently pleads innocence, the south maintains the evidence is there. Last year, South Korea's banks and media companies were hacked, ATMs frozen, television news knocked off the air. 


    Similar malware to what ground Sony Systems to a halt, and similar code to what led to this latest breach of South Korean nuclear power plants. There's a pattern, says In, practice first in South Korea, then aim overseas. 


Female:    Should America be prepared for North Korea to try to break into these types of agencies in America? 


Male:    ______. 


Female:    Of course, he says. Even though the U.S. is one of the best prepared nations, cyberattacks are really hard to protect yourself from, so they have to constantly be vigilant. 


[End of video]


And again, have you done any homework to see where these nuclear power plants are and how close you live to them? You might wanna do that. Here's an article from the National Review dated March 30, 2016, just this spring, by Michelle Malkin. Michelle Malkin, hardly someone runs around wearing a tinfoil hat, right? I mean, she's very credible, Michelle Malkin. Here's her headline: "Nuclear Jihad: The Threats are Inside our Tent." 


She writes one Belgium nuke plant security guard was murdered recently and his I.D. is missing. Two of Brussels bombers reportedly spied on the home of a top senior scientist in the country's nuclear program. Two former Belgium nuke plant workers left their jobs to fight for ISIS in Syria. 


This is also according to plan.  The al-Qaeda Inspire magazine has urged his followers to conduct attacks using, quote, specialized expertise, and those who work in sensitive locations, they would offer them unique opportunities, end quote, to wreak havoc. In other words, get jobs inside the infrastructures. 


Could Islamic terrorists and other criminal menaces now exploit homeland security vulnerabilities at our own nuclear power plants and other utilities here in the U.S., you ask? The answer: They already have. In 2011, a little-remembered Department of Homeland Security intelligence report warned of the ongoing enterprise of jihad infiltration at nuclear utility and other infrastructure facilities. 


The memo titled "Insider Threat to Utilities" warned that, quote, violent extremists have in fact obtained insider positions, end quote, moreover, quote, outsiders have attempted to solicit utility sector employees, end quote, for damaging physical and cyberattacks. Quote, based on the reliable reporting of previous incidences, we have high confidence in our judgment that insiders and their actions pose a significant threat to the infrastructure, and information systems of U.S. facilities, end quote. 


The bulletin detailed, quote, insider information on sites, infrastructure, networks, and personnel is valuable to our adversaries, and may increase the impact of any attack on the utility's infrastructure, end quote. She went on to say, but when the threats are coming from inside the tent, all those armed forces outside perimeters are for show. In other words, all the security outside, no good when the people are on the inside. She says South New Jersey jihadists and al-Qaeda-linked radical Sharif Mobley held positions at several nuclear power plants in Salem County, New Jersey before moving to Yemen. 


He has passed several federal background checks as recently as 2008. In December, Mobley was sentenced to prison after shooting a guard during an attempted escape from detention on terrorism charges. She has how many radicalized Muslims, homegrown converts, foreign business visa holders, and foreign students are working inside America's sensitive infrastructure thanks to our suicidal refusal to profile individual visitors, our international visitors, and workers from jihadist breeding grounds, nobody knows. 


She went on to say earlier this year Department of Homeland Security admitted it doesn't investigate 99 percent of illegal visa over-stayers who enter here on business or tourism; 500,000-plus in 2015 alone. Then here's another article. This one is from Family Security Matters, Paul Sperry. He documents the fact that we have security companies like GS4 who are employing some very strange people. He writes, "Another Afghan-American terrorist, Omar Mateen," – by the way that's Omar who shot up and killed 49 people at the bar in Orlando, Florida this year. 


Omar Mateen was employed as a security guard for a major federal security contractor this June when he opened fire in an Orlando nightclub killing 49. He had been dismissed from training as a prison guard after making threatening remarks, and ended up as a private security guard for G4S Secure Solutions USA, Inc. Then he goes on to report Mateen was subjected to a background check and psychological test when he was recruited by G4S in 2007 and rescreened in 2013 with no adverse findings. So how good is their screening, folks? 

Even though he threatened to kill a sheriff deputy at the St. Lucie County Courthouse where he was stationed as a security guard and then placed on a terrorist watch list by the FBI. Yet he can become a security guard? Omar became very agitated and made a comment that he could have al-Qaeda kill my employee and his family, said St. Lucie County Sheriff, Ken Mascara. Quote, if that wasn't bad enough, he went on to say that the Fort Hood shooter was justified in his actions, end quote. 


As counter-jihad first reported, the Jupiter, Florida-based security contractor, G4S – listen now – the security contractor G4S also provides security guards and other security services for, quote, 90 percent of nuclear facilities. Oh, don't worry about anything folks; nothing to worry about here. Move it along. Really? 90 percent of the security, security services for 90 percent of U.S. nuclear facilities are coming from companies like GS4 and yet they had someone like Omar Mateen who was involved in the Orlando shooting as a security guard? 

This article which is too lengthy to read goes on to talk about how they have – terrorists are infiltrating law enforcement. That's the title. By the way, did you know that the man who did the stabbing and shooting in St. Cloud, Minnesota in the mall, stabbed and slashed ten people, was wearing a security uniform? Amazing. 


How about this, this is from CBS News. Study: All 107 U.S. nuclear reactors vulnerable to terrorists. Here's another one. U.S. intelligence is fighting blind against ISIS. Why? Because Obama administration hasn't continued the human intelligence program needed. Here's another one from Family Security. A year-long study found that the present legal and regulatory approach to EMP/space whether a threat to America's nuclear power plants are inadequate and dangerous. There's more articles here than we have time to get to. 

The point is, folks, we have a very serious problem with national security, and one that hopefully Donald Trump and his administration can do something about, but it's gonna take many months, if not years. In the meantime, folks, we are vulnerable, and you cannot rely on the government to help you or secure your family if one of these attacks occurs. I think you need to prepare on your own. 


Again, go do your own preparation, do your own research, do your own due diligence then make the decision of whether you do something or don't do something. It's totally up to you. But I have spent weeks and hours upon hours studying this, and pulling together the audio clips, and for television the numerous video clips for the last three programs, three hours of this, folks, and I'm only scratching the surface. 


I have a file about that thick, and I could do many more programs, but I think we've given you the overview. You go do your own homework and decide if you should prepare. And again, if you wanna do some homework, you can go to our bookstore, and see what resources we have and what resources we recommend. 

Next week I'm gonna start a series, as I said, on the financial situation going on globally with the International Monetary Fund, the Financial Stability Board, the G20, the World Bank, Central Banks of the World, the Bank for International Settlements, and what may be coming to America which again is another reason I believe for your family to prepare accordingly. Again, I think you'll find some resources that might be helpful to you at By the way, we're placing Part 1, 2 and 3 of this series, all three hours, inside our bookstore. I urge you to send the link to your friends. 


We are gonna leave these three programs open and public indefinitely. That's the plan. where you'll find links off to the side for all three of these programs. Share them with your family and your friends, and perhaps, again, maybe buy some gifts that are not only fun gifts, but gifts that can also be used in a very serious emergency situation, but in the meantime, you can buy them and enjoy them and use them particularly if you're into camping and hiking and other things, but by all means, prepare. 


Now, again, if you appreciate this program, and the fact that we bring it to you, and notice how we cover everything from theological, biblical theological issues to worldview issues, to national security issues. Folks, we deliberately try to be very, very diverse in the topics that we cover, and you appreciate that, there are three ways you can support us. One is by shopping in our bookstore, as I've told you. The second one is by joining the Situation Room where we now have over $110,000.00 in eBooks, audio books, TV shows, radio shows, transcripts, a Bible software program, and much more. You can check it out at, 


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These are the ways you can support us and help us continue to be the world's premier biblical view radio and television ministry, not to mention we're planning on going to 17 cities in 2017 with free biblical Worldview Weekend rallies. Thank you so much for your support. Thank you again for watching this program. Direct your friends to our website and our bookstore where they can watch the previous two programs as well. 


I hope this has been a valuable public service announcement for you in helping you understand the threat our nation faces, and how we need to prepare accordingly. We don't want to give you a spirit of fear and of weakness, but we want you to be of sound mind, and understand again that some of these things may be prophetically part of the end-time scenario, but even if they're not, you need to be aware of them and know how to respond and provide for your family, and maybe provide for others and use it as an opportunity for the gospel, but certainly, providing for your family and protecting your family as Christians are called to do. 


Also, pressuring your government officials, your elected officials to uphold the purpose of government. Romans 13. Reward the righteous, punish the wicked. Security, national security, protection is a major and the major function of government. Pressure your local, state and federal elected officials to take these programs seriously, these threats seriously. Maybe direct them to these three programs that they can also watch free of charge in our bookstore at We will archive all three of these one-hour programs and leave them indefinitely. 

'Til next time, I'm Brannon Howse. Thanks for watching. Take care. 

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