Author JK Rowling Could Be Prosecuted For "Misgendering" Trans People

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  • Scotland goes full throttle into tyranny under a new hate-speech law.
  • The Joe Biden regime used a Christian holy day to blasphemously champion transgenderism.
  • The Biden regime’s official legal position is that abortion pills should not have any restrictions because they are an efficient way to abort poor and underprivileged children.
  • The City of Denver, a self-declared sanctuary city, is so overrun with illegals it is now begging them to leave and go to other cities.
  • Russian authorities have begun mass deportations of Muslims in the wake of last week’s deadly Islamic attack at a Moscow concert hall.
  • And an Easter Sunday arsonist targets a church in Tennessee.

All these stories and more when the Worldview Report begins, right now!


Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report.

Author JK Rowling could be prosecuted for “misgendering” trans people under Scotland’s odious new hate-speech law that went into force on April 1, an SNP minister has admitted.

Paul Joseph Watson reports that senior police officers are expecting a deluge of complaints over online posts after the Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Act 2021 created a new crime of “stirring up hatred” relating to age, disability, religion, sexual orientation, transgender identity or being intersex.

Watson notes that a person could now be imprisoned for up to seven years if they engage in “insulting” behavior towards protected groups, and the prosecution only needs to prove that the hatred was likely rather than intended.

Siobhian (pronounced SHOBON) Brown, the SNP’s community safety minister, initially stated that calling a so-called trans woman (which is a man) “he” would not be a crime.

However, after the law came into force, Brown stated, “It could be reported and it could be investigated. Whether or not the police would think it was criminal is up to Police Scotland for that.”

Rowling has vowed to continue calling biological males men and says she will now be targeted for telling the truth.

Here’s Paul Joseph Watson with a report on just how far they’re willing to push the envelope in Scotland.

WATCH VIDEO (clip first 2:07)

During their training program on enforcing the new law, police officers were taught that even the content of plays and comedy gigs should be considered as potential hate crimes.

Many have asserted that merely retweeting a Ricky Gervais (pronounced GERVASE) joke about transgender people could amount to a hate crime in Scotland.

As we previously highlighted, authorities admit that dealing with the expected flood of hate crime reports would prevent them from investigating real crimes.

A Police Scotland pilot in Aberdeen which was deemed a “success” and is expected to be implemented means “more than 24,000 offences a year will no longer be allocated to a front-line officer.”

Been a victim of burglary? Tough, the police are too busy clamping down on tweets that offend transgender activists.


One America News Network reports that United Airlines is asking their pilots to take unpaid time off in the month of May due to a shortage of new Boeing planes.

On Monday, United Spokesperson Leslie Scott said the offer is voluntary to reduce excess staffing, adding:

“Due to the recent delays in Boeing deliveries, our forecasted flight hours have been reduced, and we are offering our pilots voluntary programs for the month of May to reduce excess staffing.”

The United chapter of the Air Line Pilots Association said it expects United to offer more time off for the summer bid periods and potentially into the fall. The chapter said:

“Due to recent changes to our Boeing deliveries, the remaining 2024 forecast block hours for United have been significantly reduced. While the delivery issues surround our 787 and 737 fleets, the impact will affect other fleets as well.”

The airline does not anticipate receiving the Boeing aircrafts in time.

A month ago, United also said it was only expecting to receive 88 planes this year and 64 in 2025, despite being contractually entitled to 191 planes this year and 127 next year.

Because its Max 9 aircraft was grounded for inspections for three weeks following the blowout on the Alaskan plane, United had previously stated that it anticipated losing money in the first quarter. 


Breitbart reports that the Joe Biden regime used a Christian holy day to blasphemously champion transgenderism.

It happened on the holiest weekend for Christianity, Good Friday through Easter Sunday, which commemorates the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


On Sunday afternoon, Biden’s X account tweeted: “Today, on Transgender Day of Visibility, I have a simple message to all trans Americans: I see you. You are made in the image of God, and you’re worthy of respect and dignity.”

The aggressive appropriation of Christian themes for political advantage — on Christianity’s holiest days — suggests Biden’s campaign staffers are trying to provoke a political fight over religion and sex that could rally demoralized progressives to his failing presidential campaign. 

Here is Biden’s assistant secretary of Health and Human Services promoting the blasphemous Day of Visibility.


As noted by Breitbart, however, the Easter Sunday provocation will likely fail — and may backfire. 

“Christians recognize the need to suppress anger, forgive, and even love their enemies, even as they also fight hard to do good in the world.”

For example, noted Breitbart, the Bible reports that Jesus told Christians: “You have heard that it was said, ‘Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth.’ But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also.”

Many polls show that transgenderism is losing public support as more people — including many progressives, and even gays and lesbians — feel the impact of transgenderism’s civic aggressionpersonal violencecriminal behavior, intellectual incoherence, medical damagehostility to parents and women, and danger to children, women, and men.


A key legal team that has fought for years for the pro-life movement, for religious and civil rights in America, is calling out Joe Biden's Food and Drug Administration for an egregious comment about poor children.

That they should be aborted.

Liberty Counsel, which recently submitted to the Supreme Court its arguments on the issue of abortion pills, and whether women need to have basic health guidelines to protect them, said one of the problems is that business operators in pro-abortion states like New York and California are encouraging doctors to break the law and send those chemicals to patients in states where they are not permitted.

The legal issue is whether the FDA should reverse its decision to allow abortion pills to be prescribed and sent through the mail without a doctor's visit.

Liberty Counsel stated in a friend of the court brief:

“Shockingly, in a declaration submitted to the court, the Biden FDA parroted Rockefeller, Sanger, and The Population Council’s racist claims by telling the High Court that children should be aborted because they are more likely to be unfit for school, for adulthood, and for society.”

Liberty Counsel noted, “This claim is outrageous in the truest sense of the word.”

The briefing to the justices noted the patent for the deadly drug is owned by The Population Council, a “racist and eugenic” organization set up in 1952 by John D. Rockefeller III and hopes to “reduce human population.”

That group has suggested some people are weeds that need to be removed, and states, “unfit, poor, and unintelligent people were more fertile than fit people.”

The chemical mifepristone actually carries an FDA warning for causing drug toxicity, ruptured ectopic tubes, hemorrhage and more, and from February 2019 to September 2020 it is blamed for some 3,197 deaths.

That was the evidence used by the FDA previously to insist that doctors examine patients in person before handing out such chemicals.

But under Biden, the bureaucracy flipped, and it now wants to allow the distribution of the drugs through the mail, Liberty Counsel said.


Just the News reports that residents living near an upcoming, major offshore wind project say the developer’s activities are creating a lot of noise, and they weren’t told to expect it.

WTKR reported Sunday that the residents in a Virginia Beach neighborhood met with Dominion Energy about the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind project, and the meeting didn’t ease their concerns.

John Knight, a resident of the neighborhood, told WTKR that the developer never warned that his “house is going to be shaking for almost a year.” Had he known, he said he would have opposed the project.

This construction, the residents say, is going on day and night, with some of the vibrations from the development being so loud, it’s causing cracks in their walls.

Other residents are also concerned about the visual impacts of 900-foot towers that will be erected off the coast of Virginia Beach.

A spokesperson for Dominion told WTKR it’s monitoring the noise levels and working to address them.

The Heartland InstituteCommittee for a Constructive Tomorrow and the National Legal and Policy Center, are asking for a preliminary injunction to stop the construction of the 2.6-gigawatt project, arguing it will cause significant harm to the endangered North Atlantic right whale.

The company denies it is adversely affecting marine animals.


Blaze Media reports that telecommunications company AT&T announced Saturday that a recent data breach leaked the personal information, including Social Security numbers, of 73 million current and former customers on the dark web, TechCrunch reported.

A company press release explained that the sensitive data was published online approximately two weeks ago.

The company stated:

“While AT&T has made this determination, it is not yet known whether the data in those fields originated from AT&T or one of its vendors. With respect to the balance of the data set, which includes personal information such as Social Security numbers, the source of the data is still being assessed.”

AT&T has launched an investigation into the incident with the support of internal and external cybersecurity experts.


Massachusetts residents are expressing outrage over recently disclosed plans to turn veteran housing into a housing complex for illegal aliens.

This, when homelessness among military veterans is at an all-time high, having increased by 7.4% in 2023 alone. Thousands of veterans are homeless. Now they have to stand by and watch as illegals are given the royal treatment.

The Daily Mail reports Democrat Governor Maura Healey announced on March 25th the government’s intention to convert the vacant Chelsea Soldiers’ Home facility, slated for demolition, into a “safety-net site” in April. 


That facility could have been renovated and used as a shelter for homeless vets. But now it will be requisitioned for the illegals overrunning Boston. Fox News reports the move aims to address capacity constraints as Emergency Assistance Director Scott Rice highlights the strain on resources amid a nationwide immigration crisis.

This facility will accommodate 100 families eligible for the state’s Emergency Assistance family shelter system, which has been consistently operating at full capacity for months.

This is a disgrace.


A Denver city official has been captured on video begging illegal immigrants to reconsider their choice to settle in the Mile High City, with a suggestion to head to other cities like New York or Chicago for better support.

The irony is that Denver is a self-declared sanctuary city.

The footage, obtained by 9NEWS, shows a candid moment of concern from the city’s newcomer Communications Liaison Andres Carrera, who is also the political director for Democrat Mayor Mike Johnston.

The video, which aired over the weekend, reveals Carrera speaking to a group of illegal immigrants sheltered in Denver since their arrival on Tuesday.

Carrera said in Spanish:

“We are not going to block you if you want to stay here… I am here to let you know your path is not over. If you stay here you are going to suffer even more, and I don’t want to see this.”

Carrera’s message was clear: Denver had reached its capacity due to an overwhelming number of migrants, leading to a scarcity of resources. He suggested that cities like New York and Chicago could offer better prospects, including longer-term shelter and more job opportunities.

Carrera even offered to facilitate their relocation by providing free bus tickets to their chosen destination, with a note that while the city could assist in getting them close to the Canadian border, it would not take them across.

Despite the city’s appeal, the reaction of the illegals was less than enthusiastic. When polled on who wished to depart for another city, the response was lukewarm. Conversely, when asked who wanted to remain in Denver, a chorus of “everyone” echoed in the room.


According to 9NEWS, Denver has a policy of housing individual migrants for two weeks and families with children for six weeks, after which they must vacate the shelters. This measure is part of an enforcement of strict limits, possibly due to looming budget cuts.


Russian authorities have begun mass deportations of Muslims in the wake of last week’s bloody Islamic attack at a Moscow concert hall, in an effort that has been dubbed “Operation Anti-Migrant.”

According to The Moscow Times, anti-Islamic sentiment has soared in the aftermath of the attack, in which at least 144 people were killed and more than 200 others injured. The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the massacre.

The Times, citing a legal rights group, reported that authorities in St. Petersburg have been deporting migrants in the week since the deadly attack. More than 64 foreigners were deported from the city in one day, on last Thursday, March 28th.

A number of buses carrying migrants were also headed to St. Petersburg’s International Airport on Friday afternoon. The countries the migrants were being sent to were not specified, though it is known that labor migrants in Russia come mostly from poor Central Asian countries.

The four men accused of carrying out the attack were from Tajikistan, a majority Muslim country that does not share a border with Russia.


Jim Hoft at The Gateway Pundit reports that the political landscape of Turkey has undergone a seismic shift after Sunday’s local elections.

The country’s main secular opposition party, the Republican People’s Party or CHP, seized control of three major cities and broke President Erdogan’s 22-year rule under the oppressive Islamic Justice and Development Party, or AKP.

The CHP not only retained its hold over Istanbul and Ankara but also extended its influence to the traditionally AKP-dominated provinces.

With over 90% of the votes counted, Istanbul’s incumbent Mayor and Ankara’s Mayor, both members of the secular CHP, celebrated resounding victories, indicating a substantial change in the public’s sentiment towards Erdogan’s rule, AP reported.

The AKP, in contrast, witnessed its support plummet nationwide, garnering only 36% of the votes against the CHP’s 37%.

This electoral triumph extends the CHP’s dominion to 36 of Turkey’s 81 provinces. This result marks the AKP party’s poorest showing since Erdogan co-founded it in 2001 and ascended to power the following year.

In an address from the presidential palace, Erdogan conceded the defeat, acknowledging the need for self-criticism and vowing to “correct our mistakes.”

The widespread celebration suggests a yearning for change from Erdogan’s Islamic authoritarian tilt.


Notice the hijab-less women there. Clearly, they have had enough of Islamic rule.


Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.

Police revealed on Easter Sunday morning that a trailer loaded with Bibles was deliberately set ablaze at a busy intersection in Mt. Juliet, a city situated approximately 20 miles east of Nashville.


Notice the local news outlet there referred to it as a “controversial church.” What makes them controversial? They did not say. Rather, they throw out a subtle accusation, just enough to make you wonder if perhaps this church deserved to be the victim of an arson. 

One thing that may make them controversial is that Pastor Greg Locke’s church is rooted in the Bible and supports Israel.

I can see more of this type of violence being committed against other “controversial churches,” because any church that stands on the Word of God in the last days will be considered controversial, and even criminal. 

How many churches do you think are ready for the persecution that Jesus said would be intensified in the last days? He warned about this in Matthew 24. Persecution and deception, he said, would be the hallmarks of the time right before his return. Let’s pray more churches are preparing to stand.

That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. Thanks for watching and supporting this viewer-supported broadcast.

Until next time…

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