Evangelical Pastors in 15 States Partner With Marxists & Globalists to Further Immigration Trojan Horse of America’s Enemies

December 17, 2019 

Note: To understand the seriousness of this issue please watch the free 1 hour of Siege: The Clear and Present Dangers Pushing America to the Brink of a Marxist-Islamic Revolution, Civil War, World War III & Globalism

In my 2018 docouMovie Sabotage, I warned that one of the greatest threats to America are so called evangelical pastors. I also made this warning in my book Grave Influence, Religious Trojan Horse, The Coming Religious Reich and Marxianity. Now we have more proof of this fact.

In September of 2019, President Donald Trump signed an Executive Order that gave local and state governments that right to refuse refugees.  President Trump was attempting to stop the dumping of unwanted and often unvetted immigrants from Islamic nations into states and communities that did not want the security or financial burden of this dumping policy started by President Obama.

Of course the real agenda in part is to dump these “immigrants” in states and counties that will aid the Marxist Democratic party in adding more voters for their anti-American, socialist agenda. As I detail in my new docuMovie Siege, in November of 2018, Florida was just 32,000 votes away from elected an open Marxist as Governor. Georgia also came very close that same year to electing an open Marxist as Governor.

In repose to President Trump’s Executive Order, that gives states the right to reject a flood of refugees into their states, the radical Evangelical Immigration Round Table has convinced Pastors in fifteen states to sign letters asking the Governors of their respective states to settle refugees within their states.

Apparently some of the states being targeted for this dump of new Democrat voters are states that are crucial to the re-election of President Trump and that he won in his 2016 Presidential campaign. The state letters signed by the evangelical “useful idiots” and posted on the website of The Evangelical Immigration Round Table include:

Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Wisconsin. The other states listed that Trump did not win in 2016 and would likely never win in the 2020 election include Washington, Illinois and California.

As I detail in my book Marxianity, The Evangelical Immigration Roundtable (EIR) has been funded by globalist and Neo-Marxist George Soros and the globalist Ford Foundation. Yet, these “useful Idiots” serving on church staffs are begging for more refugees of which many will be Islamists that want Sharia. Many have been told by their religious leaders to not assimilate. And many could be jihaidis in waiting.

As a USA Today article a few years ago reveals, 51% of these “immigrants” will end up on some kind of government welfare. Perhaps the “ministry” and pastoral clowns that have thrown in with the globalists and Marxists are so unskilled in discernment that they don’t even know Romans 13 declares the purpose of government is to reward the righteous and punish the wicked. Yet, the immigration policy these hirelings have signed on to is all about stealing from law-abiding, tax-paying Americans to fund a foreign invasion of the United States.

As I detailed in Sabotage, Eliseo Medina is the former honorary chair of the Democratic Socialists of America which is the largest Marxist organization in America. We have video of Medina that I include in my docuMovie Sabotage that documents that Medina and his marxist friends in the Democratic party desire to turn the estimated 22 million illegal immigrants now in America into Democratic voters. Medina admits this will build a coalition that will allow the Marxist democrats to elect every socialist radical to office in almost every election held in America.

The so-called pastors and church staff members that have signed on to this radical agenda are a perfect example of why America is collapsing from within and is under siege.

In 1991, the Muslim Brotherhood Explanatory Memorandum that was discovered in 2004, in the subbasement of a Jihadi in Northern Virginia brags of how they will get Americans to sabotage their own miserable house by their own hands. This of course is why my 2018 docuMovie is entitled Sabotage. You can watch the first hour for free or order a copy of this six hour docuMovie at sabtoagethemovie.com

Vladimir Putin in many ways is the head of the global red-green axis of Marxists and Islamic terrorism as detailed in my new docuMovie Siege. In His Book Revolutionary Islam Carlos The Jackal Declared, “Only a coalition of Marxists and Islamists can destroy the US.”

Russia is using Islamic terrorism and Islamic immigration to destroy the west, de-Christianize the west, create chaos and drain America financially by training and funding global terrorism.

It is a documented fact by several former KGB agents as well as former Soviet military officers that Arafat’s successor, Mahmoud Abbas, was trained by Russia in Moscow at a KGB school. Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini was also trained by the KGB as well. And as you will hear from former KGB agent Konstantin, high ranking Al-Qaida terrorist Ayman al-Zawahiri and Carlos the Jackal. All of this is documented in great details in my new docuMovie Siege. You can watch one hour for free at siegethemovie.com

Putin, along with the Islamists, globalists and Marxists in the Democratic Party must be laughing themselves silly to read the list of all the “useful idiots” that serve on the staff of American churches now assisting them in sabotaging America.

A quick internet search reveals that many of America’s pansies in the pulpit that have aligned themselves with the Evangelical Immigration Round Table are now aligned with extreme radicals like John Perkins. We have video of Perksins in my docuMovie Sabotage declaring that we need more men of conviction like Marxist Fidel Castro and Nelson Mandela.

The pastors that have signed on with the EIR have also aligned themselves with Neo-Marxist radicals such as Jim Wallis and Ron Sider that have endorsed the agenda of the Evangelical Immigration Roundtable along with some members of the Cultural Marxist Gospel Coalition.

What few American realize is that so-called evangelical organizations have had billions of dollars poured into their coffers to resettle immigrants—including unvetted Muslims–in the United States. These organizations were literally government contractors, but in return, they had to agree not to be involved in any promotion of a biblical worldview or the true gospel. Reportedly, some of the “evangelical” organizations that are enriched through refugee resettlement are part of the EIR. Can you say conflict of interest?

When you see people like George Soros funding groups such as the Evangelical Immigration Roundtable that seeks to destroy national sovereignty, you need to understand that, biblically speaking, this is demonic. It is part of a Satanic plan for setting up world government. And yet, along with many other neo-evangelicals, Matt Chandler, who is also president of the Acts 29 church-planting network, has signed onto the Evangelical Immigration Roundtable. Other evangelicals who have likewise thrown their support to this organization include Richard Land (president of the Southern Evangelical Seminary), Leith Anderson (president of the National Association of Evangelicals), and Jim Wallis (founder and editor of Sojourners magazine).

That may help explain why The Village Church website lists “partner” organizations such as Seek the Peace, an organization dedicated to bringing Syrian and Iranian immigrants into the United States as “refugees.”

The Village Church website features a Seek the Peace article called “Jesus Was a Refugee,” intended to pull at the heart strings about the “cause” of refugees coming to America. The title of the article itself is misleading, if not an outright lie. Jesus was not a refugee in any sense of the word, but that just shows the lengths these people will go to in order to make a case for their unbiblical positions. The earthly parents of Jesus did not stay in Egypt, but eventually returned. Are America’s “refugees” going to return to their homeland? Did the family of Jesus break the law by entering Egypt? Did the family of Jesus receive welfare—which is theft—by taking from one and giving to another? Did the family of Jesus get free public education at the expense of taxpayers as illegal refugees? Obviously, all the answers are “no.” The comparison of Jesus with current-day refugees is asinine.

The American Association of Evangelicals was established to counter the liberal National Association of Evangelicals, and in September 2016, the AAE went public with documented proof of globalists, Marxists, and progressives “renting” evangelicals to become mascots for Marxianity. The AAE report revealed:

"As recent leaked documents confirm, and as Rev. Jim Wallis of Sojourners eventually admitted, wealthy, anti-Christian foundations, following the lead of billionaire George Soros’s Open Society Foundation, fund and 'rent' Christian ministers as 'mascots' serving as surprising validation for their causes. The consequent realities include injury to countless people, the Church, the family, nation and the global Church including many martyrs."

As you go through the list of “pastors” and church staff that have signed on to the globalist and marxist agenda of the Evangelical Immigration Round Table the question is are they change agents that have infiltrated evangelicalism or are they just “useful idiots”? Perhaps they are so lacking in common sense they did not even think to do a quick internet search to find out the truth about the radical Marxists and globalists behind the Evangelical Immigration Round Table?

Clearly the “pastors” and church staff that have signed on to these letters are not qualified to be pastors or on a church staff because they apparently know so little about the Bible or how to read it in context they cannot spot the immediate glaring propaganda on the Evangelical Immigration Round Table website. Over and over the EIR uses phrases such as “welcome the stranger” or “I was a stranger.”

The EIR has used Leviticus 19 and Matthew 25 out of context for years on their website, in publications, and in television spots. Yet, the dolts serving on church staffs that signed these letters are apparently so unskilled and unqualified for their jobs that they are easily manipulated by globalists and cultural Marxists as they twist scripture in their cunning and crafty scheming.

Leviticus 19:34—“You must regard the foreigner who lives with you as the native-born among you. You are to love him as yourself, for you were foreigners in the land of Egypt” (HCSB)—to claim that a pro-amnesty position is biblical. This verse, however, has nothing to do with immigration law. It is part of the ceremonial and civic laws of Israel. It does not support acceptance of law-breaking, illegal immigrants. Rather it addresses the issue of Jews being gracious and fair with non-Jews who are traveling with them or through their land. The scripture also speaks to church practices. Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary describes the meaning this way: “Strangers shall be welcome to God’s grace; we should do what we can to recommend religion to them.”

The Matthew 25 passage used by the EIR has nothing to do with immigration policy. In this passage Jesus is actually speaking about those who did kindnesses for fellow believers during the tribulation. He is also speaking of this when He says, in talking about setting up His millennial kingdom, “You did this for these, my brothers.” Matthew 25 describes believers ministering to believers. More specifically Jesus is commending those that ministered to the Jews during their hour of tribulation.

Leviticus 19:34 and Matthew 25:43 has NOTHING to do with immigration policy but apparently the “pastors” and church staff that signed on to the EIR letters could not even pick up on the very obvious misuse of Scripture for the purpose of propaganda.

It is astounding the simpletons that countless Americans look to as spiritual leaders and advisers. No wonder the rate of church attendance in America is dropping like a rock. Maybe it is because they realize the religious industrial complex is made up of folks that are as dumb as a box of rocks.

Who wants to sit under the instruction of clergymen that are so stupid as to be complicit or accomplice in the destruction of our liberties, freedoms and national sovereignty?

If you have an electrician that is unskilled at electrical work why would you pay him or take his advice? You most likely would not. So why are so many Americans taking the advice and giving money to so-called churches that are filled with the “useful idiots” of the Marxists and globalists?

I believe that unless Americans are fond of funding those involved in spiritual and national treason they need to immediately cease the cash payments to these hirelings and their community organizations that masquerade as churches.

These religious dupes are so lacking in common sense that apparently they don’t realize these “evangelical” groups that take money from the government to re-settle refugees means they cannot ,by law, give the gospel to the immigrants they are importing.

In addition, two of the Ten Commandments include: Thou shall not steal and thou shall not covet. Yet, this immigration program is all about stealing from taxpayers and redistributing their money to support the social services that will be consumed by the majority of the immigrants being imported as voters for the Marxist democrats.

The religious fools that have signed on to the cultural Marxist agenda of the EIR are aiding in the lie that this immigration agenda of the globalists is about the gospel, justice, mercy, love, or the kingdom of God. These are all words that are used as making terms for social justice.

Alexander Trachtenberg at the National Convention of Communist Parties, Madison Square Garden, 1944 declared.

"When we get ready to take the United States, we will not take it under the labels of Communism we will not take it under the label of Socialism. These labels are unpleasant to the American people, and have been speared too much. We will take the United States under labels we have made very lovable; we will take it under Liberalism, under Progressivism, under Democracy. But take it we will.”

American evangelicals are being taken in by the Marxists and their brood of religious vipers as they hijack religious words and labels to conceal their socialism and Marxism.

Americans must call their governors right now and ask them to ignore these religious fools that I believe are betraying both God and country. Sadly, the truth of this fact will be realized by many too late when the consequences of their spiritual and national treason are fully manifest.

Note: To understand the seriousness of this issue please watch the free 1 hour of  Siege: The Clear and Present Dangers Pushing America to the Brink of a Marxist-Islamic Revolution, Civil War, World War III & Globalism

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