Former Federal Agent That Has Gone Undercover in Over 425 U.S. Mosques Warns That a Terrorist Attack Far Worse Than 9-11 is Coming

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  • The gentleman who filmed the killing of Ashli Babbitt on January 6, 2021, has been sentenced to six years in prison for the crime of being a citizen journalist.
  • One of the most notoriously anti-American billionaires turns up as a major funder of the pro-Hamas rallies being held across the country.
  • Another explosive train derailment, this time in New Mexico.
  • More reports of coming food shortages.
  • And get ready for an LGBTQ love fest at this summer’s Olympic Games in Paris.

All these stories and more when the Worldview Report begins, right now!


Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report.

A Utah man who caught the shooting of Ashli Babbitt on video on January 6, 2021, was sentenced to six years in prison on Friday, despite his claims that he was at the Capitol as a citizen journalist.

Babbitt was a protester and 14-year Air Force veteran who was shot and killed by a United States Capitol police officer during the protest on Capitol Hill. Babbitt was shot trying to enter a secured area inside the U.S. Capitol Building the day the Capitol riot took place. She was unarmed at the time, and tried to climb through a broken window in a door near the House Chamber.

Prosecutors claimed John Earle Sullivan, who was convicted on multiple charges including felony obstruction of an official proceeding and civil disorder, made $90,000 off his video footage of the riot, which included Babbitt's death. Sullivan was heard shouting expletives that encouraged the protesters, according to an Axios report.

Sullivan was also convicted of entering or remaining in a restricted building or grounds with a dangerous weapon, and disorderly or disruptive conduct in a restricted building or grounds with a dangerous weapon, after he brought a Smith & Wesson pocket knife to the Capitol, according to the Justice Department

Babbitt's mother sued the federal government over her daughter's death, alleging she was ambushed. An internal investigation from the Capitol Hill Police Department determined – big surprise here – that Capitol Police Lt. Michael Byrd had violated no laws and would not be disciplined for the shooting. 


The Western Journal reports that the notorious billionaire George Soros has struck again.

This time, it appears he has entered the arena of the suspiciously well-organized and well-funded anti-Israel, pro-Hamas protests plaguing highways, public spaces and college campuses.

Folks first got suspicious seeing how the student encampment protests at various colleges around the country, starting with Columbia University in New York, all had identical tents, with even NYC Mayor Eric Adams asking, “Why is everybody's tent the same? Was there a fire sale on those tents?”

Likewise, as with any college protests since the birth of this deplorable trend in the 1960s, the question as to whether these blights on society had real jobs also prompted some deeper digging.

And, according to an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal, all roads led back to the infamous George Soros.

The Journal explained that two of the most prominent protesters, who have kept re-emerging despite setbacks such as arrests, were “youth fellows” of the U.S. Campaign for Palestinian Rights. They identified the two as University of California Berkeley law student Malak Afaneh and Yale University senior Craig Birckhead-Morton.

As youth fellows, these irritants have received stipends of $2,880 to $3,360 to work about eight hours a week for a three-month period, essentially getting paid to protest and ruin everyone else's days.

And the money for that organization came from Education for Just Peace in the Middle East, which has received gobs of money from -- you guessed it -- George Soros.

The New York Post likewise informed readers that Soros' Open Society Foundation has given that group at least $300,000 since 2017, while the Rockefeller Brothers Fund had given them $355,000 since 2019.

The Post reported that the students paid by Soros and his minions have been specifically instructed to “rise up” and spark revolution, while rejecting reform.


On Friday afternoon a train carrying fuel derailed near the Arizona-New Mexico border. The derailment caused a large explosion and fire, which led to an evacuation of the immediate area and traffic closures, including Interstate 40.

The BSNF train detailed at approximately 1:45 MT. It was carrying gasoline and liquid propane.

Authorities ordered evacuations after multiple train cars left the tracks in an explosive pile-up.

The National Transportation Safety Board said in a statement issued on Saturday:

“The preliminary information we have is the train derailed at least 22 cars including multiple propane tank cars.”

Two of the tanks caught fire.

On Friday night, BSNF personnel were working to clear the site as safely as possible, according to a company statement. The cause of the derailment is under investigation.

Infowars notes that in recent years there has been an intense focus on derailments and the state of U.S. infrastructure, with suggestions that some of the derailments might be deliberate.

Recently Norfolk Southern settled a payment of damages for the catastrophic derailment that took place last year at East Palestine, Ohio. The company agreed to pay $600 million in a class-action settlement.


Regulators seized their first bank of the year last Friday, Republic First Bank of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and they did it on the same day that regulators are telling other regulators and financial institutions to ready themselves for possible trouble in the major financial clearing houses. 

Economics writer David Haggith notes in a post to his Substack account that it was a badly failed clearing house that became the epicenter of the repo crisis back in 2019.

Clearing houses are often enormous, handling trades totaling trillions of dollars. 

Haggith writes:

“One might reasonably wonder if the concern to ready financial institutions against a systemic failure that could happen from one of these institutions, as the warning was put, suggests one or more such institutions may be showing signs of trouble.”

Clearing houses are intermediaries for settling financial transactions of many kinds.

As for Republic First, the small regional bank that failed in Pennsylvania, there are no early indications that commercial real estate played an outsized role in the bank’s failure, and 4-5 seizures of this kind a year are normal. So, with this being the first of the year to be seized by the FDIC, there are no immediate fears to be had from the announcement unless something more systemic is revealed in the days ahead. 

The bank's failure is expected to cost the deposit insurance fund $667 million, a mere pittance compared to the tens of billions shelled out to rescue four failed banks last year.


In terms of economics news, here’s something that’s perhaps more concerning.

The Daily Hodl reports that China has sold more than $74 billion in U.S. Treasuries in the last year, according to new numbers from the Treasury Department.

China has decreased its Treasuries holdings from $849 billion to $775 billion between the beginning of the second quarter of 2023 and second quarter of 2024, reaching its lowest holdings since 2009.

Other countries let go of small amounts of Treasuries over the last quarter, with India selling $1.4 billion, Brazil unloading $1.2 billion, and Saudi Arabia shedding $0.3 billion.

The new data come as Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says Russia and China have almost completely stopped using the dollar in their mutual trade.

According to Lavrov, more than 90% of settlements between the countries are now carried out in their own national currencies, with their economic cooperation accelerating “despite persistent attempts by Western countries to prevent this,” as per Bloomberg.

Lavrov said last year that CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States), or countries formerly part of the Soviet Union, have grown their trade flows by a sizeable chunk without complying with the U.S.’ demands.

Lavrov, who was appointed by Russian president Vladimir Putin in 2004, says that CIS countries are already working toward further agreements that will “give an impetus for further expansion of economic interaction.”


Former New York Giants offensive lineman Korey Cunningham died suddenly and unexpectedly at the age of 28, ESPN reports.

Cunningham’s body was discovered in his home last Thursday. No cause of death has been released.


 The Giants released a statement, saying, “We are saddened to hear of the passing of Korey Cunningham. He was a vital part of the spirit and camaraderie of the locker room. Our thoughts are with Korey’s family, friends and teammates,” CBS News reported.

The Clifton Police Dept. said that no foul play is suspected at this time, according to ESPN.

The 6-foot-6, 311-pound offensive lineman was known for his upbeat personality and big laugh. He was a favorite among teammates during his years with the Giants.

The news was met with shock and sadness Friday morning, with several teammates posting about Cunningham's death.

Cunningham signed with the Arizona Cardinals in 2019 after the team picked him as a seventh-round pick out of the University of Cincinnati.


A top European Union leader is speaking out boldly against the global campaign to inject every human being with toxic mRNA drugs as “the biggest crime to ever have been committed on mankind.”

The explosive statement was made by MEP Christine Anderson, who represents Germany in the EU Parliament.

Anderson dropped the hammer of the globalist Covid mRNA shot agenda during an interview with reporter Anita Krishna.

Anderson told Krishna that the global rollout of mRNA Covid injections will go down “as the biggest medical scandal ever.”

“It will be known as the biggest crime to ever have been committed on mankind,” she warned.


Reading all from the same script, indeed. And she was quoting Klaus Schwab there, who famously said “No one is safe until everyone is vaccinated.” That was the first clue that what they were promoting was not a vaccine at all, because if a person is vaccinated against a disease, they should not have to worry about catching that disease from an unvaccinated person. That’s the very purpose of a so-called vaccine. This was not a vaccine. Don’t ever let anyone tell you it was or is. And as a result, people are dying in droves. Young, healthy people. And, yes, it is a crime against humanity of unimaginable size and scope.


Winepress News reports that Boston Dynamics has been working for 32 years to create humanoid robots that can take the place of humans in society. Meet Atlas, your new, fully electric factory and warehouse employee.

WATCH VIDEO (Clip first 29 seconds)

The company had envisioned its new Atlas as a point “person” in search-and-rescue operations: It can lift weights most humans can’t and also can twist and bend in inhuman ways, turning its knees backward and rotating its head and torso independently in complete circles.

Now, however, it sees Atlas as doing drudge work in warehouses and factories, toting oddly shaped, clumsy, and heavy loads from hither to yon.

Boston Dynamics has built “the power of an elite athlete into this tiny package,” it boasted in a press statement, as well as reinforcement learning, computer vision, and other necessities.

The company has paired Atlas with its Orbit software, which can manage a fleet of Atlas robots working alongside humans. The software makes use of machine learning and brings “impactful AI to market immediately,” it added.

Boston Dynamics is owned by Hyundai Motor Corp. and will test Atlas in Hyundai factories and a few other select locations to tweak its performance before putting the robot on the market.

Meanwhile, the company is working on an expanded set of grippers and other options for Atlas.

Amazon, BMW, and other companies that make and move things also are putting money into Atlas-like robots.


A recent meta-analysis from Harvard University, funded by the National Institutes of Health, has revealed concerning data about the impact of fluoride on children’s intelligence. The research shows that children living in areas with high fluoride concentrations in their drinking water have “significantly lower” IQ scores than those in areas with low fluoride levels. This is just the latest of many studies that challenge the long-held belief by public health authorities that fluoride is completely safe for children.

The prevailing public narrative still endorses fluoride as a harmless and beneficial substance to prevent cavities in children’s teeth. Yet, this study from Harvard suggests otherwise. Fluoride is a toxic industrial waste product, and may actually be a neurotoxin harmful to children’s brain development at much lower levels than previously understood to be harmful to adults. This significant difference between new scientific findings and existing public health policies is creating a trust gap with potential global community implications.

 A comprehensive review of 27 studies over 22 years consistently indicates a negative correlation between high fluoride exposure and children’s IQ, a pattern observed globally.


Texas Congresswoman Beth Van Duyn recently appeared in an interview with Newsmax in which she stated that the Biden regime’s open borders is a systematic restructuring of our political system with the goal being a one-party state with total control over the population.

It’s all about power and control.

WATCH VIDEO (clip first 2:31)

Well stated by the congresswoman.


The United Kingdom is facing dire food shortages and experts predict this is only the beginning.

According to a report by The Guardian, extreme weather is wreaking havoc on crops across the region. England experienced more rainfall during the past 18 months than it has over any 18-month period since recordkeeping began in 1836.

Because the rain hasn’t stopped, many farmers have been unable to get crops such as potatoes, carrots, and wheat into the ground. 

Farmers have also planted fewer potatoes, opting for less weather-dependent and financially secure crops. At the same time, many of the potatoes that have been planted are rotting in the ground.

British Growers Association CEO Jack Ward told The Guardian:

“There is a concern that we won’t ever have the volumes [of potatoes] we had in the past in the future. We are not in a good position, and it is 100% not sustainable.” 

English farmers aren’t alone — farmers are struggling to grow crops worldwide. Of course, The Guardian, a left-wing British news outlet, puts the blame on climate change. While bad weather has always been a challenge for farmers since the dawn of time, the real problem is government policies that punish efficiency in food production.

According to an ABC News report, the strain on the agriculture industry will likely continue to cause food prices to soar.


Drone footage from Sulphur, Oklahoma, the day after a tornado struck is tragic and heartbreaking. An entire town has been wiped out. Almost no building was left untouched. And the vast majority have been completely destroyed. At least three people were killed, but frankly, looking at this footage it’s hard to believe that more bodies won’t be found in the twisted rubble.


Please say a prayer for these folks and those in several other towns who were hit by this massive wave of tornados Friday and Saturday.


Time now for our nightly Worldview Report commentary.

LifeSite News reports that the upcoming Summer Olympics in Paris will feature a “Pride House” to promote LGBT ideology and “celebrate” homosexual and gender-confused athletes.  

The initiative first occurred at the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in Vancouver, Canada. It appears to have been a fixture at every Olympics since then in various forms, with the exception of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, Russia, due to the country’s ban on LGBT propaganda.  

Paris 2024 Executive Team President Tony Estanguet announced on May 17 of last year, the so-called “International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia,” that the games would host the Pride House.

Have you ever noticed that in every bit of filth the left promotes, they have a systemic habit of labeling those who oppose it as suffering from a mental health condition? Anyone who opposes or even questions their obsession with LGBTQ ideology is labeled as homophobic and transphobic. Those who oppose open borders are xenophobic. Those who oppose Islamic terrorism and Jew hatred are Islamophobic. 

A phobia is a mental disorder based on an irrational fear.

So, what they’re saying is that if you refuse to go along with their insane and suicidal agenda, you are irrational and out of your mind. You need to get help.

Meanwhile, they will go on celebrating their evil.

Estanguet, a former Olympic canoeist, has also stated that pro-LGBT athletes will have “plenty of opportunities” to display their beliefs this summer, a signal that rainbow flags may be more prominent at this year’s competition than American or Russian or Chinese flags.

The Olympic website notes that the purpose of the Pride House is to “celebrate the LGBTI+ athletes and ensure their visibility with a program of celebratory, cultural, and educational activities throughout the Games period.”

That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. Thanks for watching and supporting this viewer-supported broadcast.

Until next time…

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