ISIS & Other Terrorist Are Already In America Big Time & Most Americans Have No Clue & Are Not Personally Prepared


The following is a transcript of the Worldview Weekend hour with host Brannon Howse

As I have warned on my national radio program many times, President Obama has prepared the battle field with his policies that have let in untold numbers of terrorists. Sadly the battle field is America and sadly after Donald Trump is sworn in on January 20, 2017, I believe America enters one of its most dangerous times ever. ISIS and other terrorists are already here and I believe they are about to move from mostly soft Jihad to a hard Jihad. I think they have largely been sitting and waiting in the tall grass and after January 20, 2017 I believe we will see attacks on American cities and soft targets increase.  Watch this next clip. 


[Video playing] 

Female:    In an update on a story we brought you yesterday, a top former energy official claims an attack on an American power grid was terrorism. One or more snipers opened fire in April knocking out 17 transformers that send power to California's Silicon Valley. Officials moved the flow of electricity to another site to stop a blackout, but the man who chaired the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission at the time tells CBS News it could be an omen for a future attack. 

Male:    We have risks on physical security that were evidenced by this attack that have not yet been addressed that need to be addressed, in my opinion, immediately. 


[End of video] 

And that is the former head of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission who was in that position when that attack happened, and he's taking it very seriously, is he not. Now, I want you to watch this next clip. This is from Dr. Sebastian Gorka who you see on Fox News all the time, an expert on Islam and terrorism, and I want to you listen how he talks about how ISIS is in America. They are already in America. They already arrested some 124 individuals connected to ISIS here in the United States of America. And folks, they're flooding over our border. 

And by the way, when we're filming here on November 27, 2016, there are multiple reports that the Obama administration has now pulled off aerial footage, aerial monitoring, like drone monitoring of our nation's border on the Mexico-Texas border, and the migrants, the immigrants are flooding over that border, and we know that one area on the Texas-Mexico border is about 60 miles long, I think, where ISIS members are flooding through, terrorists are flooding through. 

Folks, don't think they're not rushing to get here before Trump is sworn into office and won't be in place to carry out something should they get orders to do so from their Islamic leaders overseas. Watch this next clip. 

[Video playing]

Male:    All right. Well, it's one of the biggest threats President Elect Trump will deal with when he takes the White House – terrorism. But even scarier than ISIS and al-Qaeda themselves is the fact that terror groups have operated, they are operating cells in Mexico, making it very easy to slip through the border into our country. Here to map out this threat, nobody better than the author of Defeating Jihad, Dr. Sebastian Gorka. Doctor, thanks for being here this morning.  Obviously a big election with a lot of change coming, but the threat looms and remains from ISIS and al-Qaeda. 

Dr. Sebastian Gorka:    Correct. Yeah, absolutely. 

Male:    What are we seeing across – we're gonna pop it up on the map – what are you most concerned about as it pertains to that threat here in the United States? 

Dr. Sebastian Gorka:    Well, as we discussed yesterday with Brian, we've had in just over two years, 124 arrests of ISIS, just ISIS terrorists in American. Now, we know there's actually some specificity to what's happening in the south. 

Male:    Sure. There's a specific portion in this map; where are we looking at? 

Dr. Sebastian Gorka:   Let's go to the – 

Male:    Right down in here, right? 

Dr. Sebastian Gorka:    Right down in here. 

Male:    Put it in context. I was just in Arizona. A border control agent came up to me proactively and said, "It's out of control. We don't have control of the border." which is not new news to our audience, but this might by new, specifically what we're looking at down here, doctor. 

Dr. Sebastian Gorka:   Right. So here is this really troubling area. There's about a 60-mile stretch down here, the West Texas area towards New Mexico, just around here where the border is not secure. 

Male:    So near El Paso, yeah. 

Dr. Sebastian Gorka:   Correct. And what we have here is reports, the State Department, D.C. tries to deny these, but when you talk to Judicial Watch that actually goes down there, talks to the local police officers, they say this area is being used by jihadis. Jihadis are cooperating with the local coyotes being smuggled across. There was one case where four ISIS terrorists were found to have used this area to cross into America. 

Male:    How does Judicial Watch know that? Where are they getting their information and what's the specificity? 

Dr. Sebastian Gorka:    Right. So the Texas Department of Public Safety, and FOIA, and also from the Mexican authorities. One of the most disturbing things is on the mirror side of El Paso, right about here, there is the report of an ISIS training camp in Mexico. 

Male:    Wow. 

Dr. Sebastian Gorka:   Yeah. 

Male:    So reports of an actual ISIS training camp – 

Dr. Sebastian Gorka:    Right. 

Male:    – just on the other side of the border, attempting – 

Dr. Sebastian Gorka:   Correct. 

Male:    – to utilize this porous portion here to come into the United States. 

Dr. Sebastian Gorka:    And one last thing that really puts it all together, they have managed to find reports. Do you remember the first ISIS attack in America? 

Male:    Mm-hmm. 

Dr. Sebastian Gorka:    Garland, Texas, that Mohammed art show, and they tried to killed Pamela Geller. 

Male:    Yep. 

Dr. Sebastian Gorka:    And two guys were killed by the local police. An associate of those individuals said, "My ISIS brothers in Texas and Mexico assisted in that attack." 

Male:    Hmm. And we do know the drug cartels, at the right price, – 

Dr. Sebastian Gorka:    Correct. 

Male:    – have been more than happy to work with jihadis to facilitate that. 

Dr. Sebastian Gorka:    Think about it. You've got a smuggling route, okay. You're gonna use it, right, whether it's guns, whether it's immigrants – 

Male:    Sure. 

Dr. Sebastian Gorka:    – whether it's drugs or whether it's a terrorist. 

Male:    You don't care, yeah. 

Dr. Sebastian Gorka:    Right. Money. 

Male:    Money, and even with things like sanctuary cities, we seem to not care about the porousness of that. Dr. Sebastian Gorka, thank you very much for – 

Dr. Sebastian Gorka:    Thank ______. 

Male:    – being with us, as always. 

[End of video] 

And as we have warned on radio, we are being told, and reading military and analyst reports that ISIS is paying for many of the tunnels that run from Mexico into Texas and Mexico into California, Mexico into San Diego, these underground tunnels that are used to run drugs, ISIS is reportedly paying for a lot of these. Remember, ISIS has $2 billion on hand making $4 to $5 million a day in their different crime enterprises, not to mention kidnapping and holding people for ransom, and then of course through oil. 

But the word is, ISIS is paying for many of these tunnels to be built for the drug cartels if they can then use them for terrorism. And we can do a whole program on that alone, but we must move very quickly because not only do we have ISIS working with the drug cartels right over our border, we have training camps here in the U.S. Even Bill O'Reilly is reporting on that. I wanna play that, but first, here's one more clip from Fox News of Dr. Gorka, or Sebastian Gorka. Watch this clip. 

[Video playing] 

Male:    Dr. Sebastian Gorka really wrote the book and the policy here in the U.S. about this, and you know Dr. Gorka well, especially the only book focused on the threat of Islam and where it came from, it's called Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War. So let's go win it. First, let's look at the threat, Dr. Gorka. Let's take a look at the U.S. 

Dr. Sebastian Gorka:    Right. So let's start with the domestic threat, Brian. Here we have the United States. Just looking at this calendar year first nine months, the black states are where we have intercepted, picked up ISIS terrorists, and the really disturbing thing is that's January to September. Let's just add up to November. We've got four more states including places like Kentucky, Ohio where we're arresting ISIS terrorists here. 

Male:    _____ our understanding is, we think Orlando was the last hit. We think the San Bernardino was one of the first recently, but you're saying these have all been avoided because our guys and our men and women have been picking it up. 

Dr. Sebastian Gorka:    Yeah, let's look at the gross numbers. Since the caliphate was declared just 2 ½ years ago from Mosul, we have killed or arrested 124 ISIS terrorists here in America. Not 24. 

Male:    Right. 

Dr. Sebastian Gorka:    Not 34. One hundred and twenty-four. And as you can see it's distributed. 

[End of Video] 

One hundred and twenty-four ISIS terrorists arrested in America. Well, of course, our borders are porous, they're here. We already again have reports that military Special Forces for Iran are already here. Now, listen to Bill O'Reilly and his guest talk about how there are Muslims being trained here in the U.S. and Muslim groups and mosques here in America calling for arming Muslims. 

And again, can these individuals turn around and attack our infrastructure? Could some of them be infiltrating the law enforcement and security community? We're gonna cover that in just a minute. Watch this clip from Bill O'Reilly. 

[Video playing] 

Bill:    With us, Ryan Mauro, National Security Analyst for the Clarion Project. So you have many, many more than this, but we picked the top five that I think will be of interest. The first one is in Hancock, New York, about 145 miles northwest of Manhattan. What's going up in Hancock? 

Ryan:    There's actually a place there called Islamberg. They have a sign that says "Welcome to Islamberg." It's about 60-70 acre large compound, and it's the headquarters for a group called Muslims of the Americas that follows a radical cleric in Pakistan. The video tape that's on the screen in something that was given to me by law enforcement showing them engaging in guerrilla warfare training at that Islamberg compound. 

Bill:    Okay. So Islamberg, upstate New York. They have weapons. It's private property. 

Ryan:    Right. 

Bill:    All right. They're training on the property. Can the authorities do anything about it? 

Ryan:    Beyond monitoring them, no, because they're not listed as a foreign terrorist organization. 

Bill:    Uh-huh. 

Ryan:    FBI documents that we've obtained do show that they consider them a threat, but because they don't have that designation, they're about to operate in the U.S. and we have a dozen – 

Bill:    Do you know how many people are up at this compound? 

Ryan:    At that specific one, no, but the estimates of the number of members that this group has across the country, they said they have 22 of these places across the country, is somewhere around 3,000. 

Bill:    Training ground. Wow. All right. Now we have the Dar-El-Hara Islamic Center in Falls Church, Virginia. What's going on there? 

Ryan:    A history of radical leadership over there, Anwar al-Awlaki used to be their imam before he went over and he joined al-Qaeda, and there was even videotape that was taken of the current imam speaking recently in Virginia where he specifically said that Muslims should be first in line to get the arms for jihad. 

Bill:    All right. So at this center in Falls Church, there's an imam there presently – 

Ryan:    Right. 

Bill:    – who wants to get arms for the jihad. 

Ryan:    He preaches that that is a requirement upon Muslims. 

Bill:    Wow. This is the rest of them that we didn't talk about. This is the map that – all of these have radical Muslim mosques or operations in all of those towns, and it's amazing. Look at them – Sacramento, outside of L.A., Pittsburgh, Chicago, and on and on. So my question is, should Americans be concerned or is this under control? 

Ryan:    It can't be under control just through monitoring them. And again, when it comes back to the issue of the ideology, which President Obama refuses to recognize, – 

Bill:    Yes. 

Ryan:    – and that's the problem here. It's not just about the person that's setting of the bomb; it's about the overall ideology that combines mosque and state, that justifies jihad anywhere. 

[End of video] 

Training them, the Muslims are being trained right here in America. Bad enough, ISIS is working with the drug cartels in Mexico, but apparently, they're also training right here in America, and working to get arms for Muslims right here in America. 

The point is, folks, we have a very serious problem with national security, and one that hopefully Donald Trump and his administration can do something about, but it's gonna take many months, if not years. In the meantime, folks, we are vulnerable, and you cannot rely on the government to help you or secure your family if one of these attacks occurs. I think you need to prepare on your own. 

Again, go do your own preparation, do your own research, do your own due diligence then make the decision of whether you do something or don't do something. It's totally up to you. But I have spent weeks and hours upon hours studying this, and pulling together the audio clips, and for television the numerous video clips for the last three programs, three hours of this, folks, and I'm only scratching the surface. 

I have a file about that thick, and I could do many more programs, but I think we've given you the overview. You go do your own homework and decide if you should prepare. And again, if you wanna do some homework, you can go to our bookstore, and see what resources we have and what resources we recommend. 



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