The Israeli Military Is Moving Ahead In Its Full Offensive Attack

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  • The world’s largest asset management company is advising its clients to dump the dollar.
  • The Boy Scouts of America is changing its name for the first time in its 114-year history, and this once great American institution seems to have its priorities all out of whack.
  • The radical America-hating Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is facing a censure in the House of Representatives after she once again proves just how much she hates Jewish supporters of the state of Israel.
  • 41% of American voters believe a second civil war could afflict the United States. Of these voters, 16% believe such a scenario is very likely. 
  • The City of Denver, Colorado, is encouraging residents with “extra room” to host illegal aliens in their homes. What could possibly go wrong?
  • And why is Joe Biden dodging the media?

All these stories and more when the Worldview Report begins, right now!


Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report.

The investment management company BlackRock has issued a major warning about the U.S. Dollar. The company, which is the world’s largest asset management firm, is warning investors sitting on large amounts of cash dollars to start moving some of it into bonds and other investments.

According to a BlackRock report, the bond market has seen some volatility amid the uncertainty around interest rates and the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy. On Friday, the 10-year Treasury yield briefly fell below 4.5%. The drop came following a weak jobs report for April and a surprise tick higher in unemployment rates.

Steve Laipply, co-author of BlackRock’s paper, wrote:

“It’s time to start migrating back to fixed income, especially with yields at these levels.”

With the Fed still working in uncertainty, the market is nearly impossible to time correctly, so stocks are not advisable, either, he said, according to the financial website

The BlackRock investment managers advise using bonds to protect U.S. Dollars. “It is a very compelling opportunity for investors to get their fixed-income side of the portfolio right-sized,” Laipply said. Furthermore, BlackRock recommends using a bond fund or an ETF. The company says investors should use a holistic approach, which can include a mix of both, to get diversified exposure cheaper for their assets.

The U.S. Dollar has had a tumultuous 2024, in part due to BRICS intervention. The bloc is actively looking to ditch the U.S. dollar and influence other countries to do the same. With the latest warning by BlackRock to secure your U.S. dollars another way, it’s clear that the alliance’s mission is succeeding.

Inflation and interest rate hikes only further helped the de-dollarization initiative.


The Boy Scouts of America is changing its name for the first time in its 114-year history and will become Scouting America. 

It's a significant shift as the organization emerges from bankruptcy following a flood of sexual abuse claims and seeks to go even more woke, focusing on what it calls diversity and inclusion.

ABC News reports that the organization steeped in tradition has made “seismic changes after decades of turmoil, from finally allowing gay youth to welcoming girls throughout its ranks.”

Finally allowing gay youth, ABC? Really? Why do youth need to be thinking about sexuality while participating in scouting activities anyway? This is the real reason why the Boy Scouts have fallen dramatically from more than 5 million members in 1972, when the U.S. population was much smaller, to 1 million now. They are no longer catering to boys or scouting but to skin color, gender and sexuality. They’ve become a pathetic shadow of their former selves, and this set the stage for them to be infiltrated by sexual predators and miscreants.

But instead of cleaning up its act, what does the Boy Scouts do?

They change their name to be more inclusive of what has already caused their demise. 

The organization began allowing gay youth in 2013 and ended a blanket ban on gay adult leaders in 2015. In 2017, it made the historic announcement that girls would be accepted as Cub Scouts as of 2018 and into the flagship Boy Scout program — renamed Scouts BSA — in 2019.

There were nearly 1,000 young women in the inaugural class of female Eagle Scouts in 2021. The ABC News report cited the case of Selby Chipman, who was a founding member of her hometown of Oak Ridge, North Carolina, chapter, which has grown from five girls to nearly 50, and she thinks the name change will encourage even more girls to realize they can join the Boy Scouts. 

This is laughable folks. If it wasn’t so sad it would be truly comical how a once-great organization can implode from within and then double down on the very thing that caused its implosion.


Slay News reports that the radical America-hating Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN) is facing a censure resolution after she referred to Jewish students who are not anti-Israel as “pro-genocide.”

Omar made the remarks during a recent visit to Columbia University in New York City.

In response, Congressman Don Bacon (R-NE) announced he is introducing the resolution against Omar on Tuesday.

The NYC Ivy League school has been the flashpoint for nationwide demonstrations on college campuses.

Students have set up tent encampments to supposedly protest their universities’ financial ties to pro-Israel companies.

Last month, Omar’s daughter was one of more than 100 Columbia students and young adults attending its sister school, Barnard College, who were arrested over their encampment.

The Marxist so-called Squad member visited the demonstration on April 26 in a show of “solidarity” for the pro-Hamas protesters.

Omar told Fox 5 New York during her visit:

“I actually met a lot of Jewish students who are in the encampment, and I think it is really unfortunate that people don’t care about the fact that all Jewish kids should be kept safe. We should not have to tolerate antisemitism or bigotry for all Jewish students, whether they are pro-genocide or anti-genocide.”

Bacon’s resolution text said Omar’s “slanderous comments against Jewish students could inflame violence against the Jewish community.”

The congressman’s resolution also accuses Omar of having “a long and demonstrated history of hateful rhetoric that plays into the worst antisemitic tropes.”


A new Rasmussen poll has found that 41% of American voters believe a second civil war could afflict the United States. Of these voters, 16% believe such a scenario is very likely. 

49% believe that it is not likely that a civil war will take place in the U.S. while10% are unsure.

The poll also found that Republican voters were more certain that the U.S. would be in a state of civil war than their Democratic counterparts. 

54% of Republican voters, 35% of Democrat voters, and 32% of independent voters believe it is at least somewhat likely that the U.S. will go through a second civil war at some point in the next five years.

The poll also found that 37% of voters believed a Biden victory would make a civil war more likely, whereas 25% believed a Trump victory would send the country into civil war.

With respect to race, 39% of white voters, 46% of black voters, and 51% of Hispanic voters believe a second civil war is at least somewhat likely to occur in the next five years.

When it comes to money makers, those making over $200,000 annually are the least likely to believe America is headed toward a second civil war.   


Denver, Colorado, like communities across the nation, is collapsing under the weight of its growing population of illegal aliens thanks to Joe Biden’s broken border.

Denver’s mayor just cut police funding by $8 million to keep catering to illegals.

Advocacy groups say that six months of free housing and food are not enough and is “insulting” to the illegals.

A new push is encouraging people with “extra room” to host illegal aliens in their homes. They even set up a helpful hotline to expedite the process.

A nonprofit group called “Hope Has No Borders” is working to pair illegals with host families across Colorado, and this can now be expedited via a new hotline.

KDVR reports, “Now, with help from the United Way, getting paired up is a simple phone call away by dialing 211.”


So all it takes is a 20-minute phone call and you can be signed up to host a migrant family? This sounds like a situation that could be easily exploited by child predators and human traffickers. And no doubt it already has been exploited.


The Israeli military took control Tuesday of the Gaza Strip side of the Rafah border crossing with Egypt – a sign Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is moving ahead with his plan to launch a full offensive on Rafah. 

Israel moving a tank brigade to the edge of the southern Gaza city came amid cease-fire negotiations with Hamas.

The Palestinian terrorist organization said Monday it had accepted an Egyptian-Qatari mediated cease-fire proposal. But Israel said it didn't meet its core demands and rejected it, according to CBS News

Israel now says it has taken “operational control” of the Rafah crossing, which is a primary route for aid entering the besieged enclave and the exit for those able to flee into Egypt, the news outlet also reports.   


Just the News reports that Cuba has spent years training some of the anti-Israel protest organizers behind the recent demonstrations on college campuses, according to a new investigation that shows the communist country's close ties to the U.S. progressive movement.

One of the most prominent activists, Manolo De Los Santos, first visited Cuba as early as 2009, and he has been featured prominently in Cuban-state-owned media since at least 2016, ADN American reported Tuesday following an extensive investigation by the outlet.

Just the News briefly spoke with De Los Santos, the founder of The People's Forum, a self-described New York City-based "movement incubator," while he attended a "Gaza Solidarity Encampment" protest earlier this month at Fordham University's Lincoln Center campus. While De Los Santos said he has never visited the region of Palestine, he has been at protests across the city, including Columbia University and City College, to support the students in their protests against Israel. 

De Los Santos has a long history of collaboration with top Cuban officials, including Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel. For example, last year, De Los Santos posted on X, formerly Twitter, that he spent 10 days in Cuba "learning with its people & President Miguel Diaz-Canel." He said that young people in the U.S. "have a responsibility to defeat, once & for all, this genocidal blockade" of Cuba. The term "blockade" is used by critics to refer to the U.S. trade embargo on the island nation.


The day of the October 7, 2023, Hamas attack that resulted in the deaths of about 1,200 people in Israel, and the kidnapping of 250 others, De Los Santos made multiple posts on X celebrating the attacks. His organization also organized a demonstration in Times Square on Oct. 8, where attendees voiced their support for the attack, which was the largest massacre of Jews in a single day since the Holocaust.

De Los Santos was also "based out of Cuba for many years," according to his biography that was featured when he spoke at an event in 2021 for the Black Alliance for Peace, an anti-Israel, pro-Cuba organization. 


The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has taken a significant step by eliminating diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) statements from its faculty hiring process. 

Fox News reported that the decision, confirmed on Sunday, marks MIT as the first among elite institutions to make such a move.

A spokesperson for the university confirmed to UnHerd that MIT has decided to remove the requirement for prospective faculty members to submit a DEI statement during the hiring process. 

The spokesperson further clarified to Fox that this decision, spearheaded by MIT’s president Sally Kornbluth, has garnered support from the Provost, Chancellor, and all six academic deans.

Kornbluth emphasized the institution’s commitment to tapping into the full breadth of human talent and attracting the very best to MIT. 


CBS News reports that an Atlas 5 rocket carrying astronauts for the first time was fueled for blastoff Monday night to boost Boeing's long-delayed Starliner crew ferry ship into orbit for its first piloted test flight. 

But trouble with a valve in the rocket's upper stage forced mission managers to order a scrub just two hours before takeoff.

It was a frustrating disappointment for commander Barry Wilmore and co-pilot Sunita Williams, who were in the process of strapping in for launch when the scrub was announced. The moment brought to mind one of Wilmore's favorite sayings, “You'd rather be on the ground wishing you were in space than in space and wishing you were on the ground.”

And with Boeing’s track record of late, that’s true by a magnitude of ten.

NASA said in a blog post early Tuesday that the launch will be delayed until at least Friday night and possibly Sunday or later next week.


Time now for our nightly Worldview Report commentary.

Is Joe Biden dodging the media?

Even the corporate mainstream media is growing impatient with Biden’s avoidance of interviews, as he has given the fewest of any president in more than 40 years.

According to a report by Just the News, some corporate-owned reporters have speculated Biden’s hiding from them is the result of old age and failing memory.

In the wake of a Politico story about tension between The New York Times and the Biden administration, the newspaper released a statement criticizing Biden for avoiding media interviews.

The statement published by The Times said, “For anyone who understands the role of the free press in a democracy, it should be troubling that President Biden has so actively and effectively avoided questions from independent journalists during his term.” 

The paper added that “Biden has granted far fewer press conferences and sit-down interviews with independent journalists than virtually all of his predecessors.”

It is humorous that The Times considers itself “independent,” when in fact it is the poster child of the New York corporate elitist establishment that works hand in glove with the CIA to propagandize Americans, is protected by the CIA and promoted by the CIA.

But According to The Times, their concern is “That systematically avoiding interviews and questions from major news organizations doesn’t just undermine an important norm, it also establishes a dangerous precedent that future presidents can use to avoid scrutiny and accountability. That is why [publisher A.G.] Sulzberger has repeatedly urged the White House to have the president sit down with The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, CNN and other major independent news organizations that millions of Americans rely on to understand their government.”

It's exactly because Americans rely on those corrupted government-approved news outlets that they remain largely ignorant of what is really going on in their country and the world.

And note that The Times’ statement makes it clear they are not worried about Biden avoiding the media, only that he is setting a “dangerous precedent” that other presidents could replicate.

The Times endorsed Biden's presidency in 2020, and has not endorsed a Republican presidential candidate since 1956, when it endorsed Dwight Eisenhower.

Enough said.

That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. Thanks for watching and supporting this viewer-supported broadcast. 

Until next time…

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