Justin Peters Speech On August 11, 2017 Confirms WVW Broadcast Network Made the Right Decision to Cancel His Programs

In early August, 2017, WVW Broadcast Network terminated the radio and television programs of Justin Peters for several reasons. Justin had expressed disagreement with our network that we broke the national news story of "minister" James White having an interfaith dialogue with a Jihadi Imam in the Memphis metro area where our network is headquartered.

Our executive director spent 6 weeks inviting Justin Peters to talk through his concerns over the phone, and yet Justin refused. Thus, the WVW broadcaster was left with no other option other than to terminate his programs. Upon termination of his program by our ministry, Mr. Peters then delivered a speech at a “discernment” conference on August 11th, 2017, in which our Executive Director was not named, but was apparent to many, as one of the targets of Justin’s believed anger, retaliation, and so-called “sanctified” slander.

Justin’s speech only confirmed to the board of this ministry that the correct decision had been made when terminating his programs days earlier.

Our board had several problems with the speech by Justin that included our belief that he inaccurately handled the Word of God in order to apparently settle a score with a spiritual edge.We sought the view of several respected theologians on the Gospel of John text that Justin used in his speech, and the consensus was, indeed, that Justin had twisted that text to fit his own agenda and not what is the clear meaning of the text.

In addition, Justin used other passages to declare that the tone of those calling out the sacrilege of the interfaith dialogue between Mr. James White and Yasir Qahdi was unbiblical. Pastor, seminary president, author, and radio host Dr. Andy Woods, on his broadcast, revealed how Justin had taken these texts out of context. 


We also believe that it is apparent that Justin went on to imply from Romans 1 that those who had reported on this interfaith dialogue were of the reprobate mind, and thus not even saved. In addition, Justin declared that the “good guys”  deserved a pass when such concerns arise since they have a good “track record” that includes preaching the doctrines of grace (Calvinism). We do not believe this is the standard of favoritism used by Paul in Galatians 2:14 when publicly confronting Peter.

In his speech on August 11th, Justin also declared that Islam is not a spiritual threat to the church. While a Christian, of course, cannot lose his salvation to Islam, that does not mean that Islam is not a spiritual threat to Christians. In addition, it is a spiritual threat to the salvation of those who are not saved, such as the children and grandchildren of church members.

In his speech, Justin admonished those who had reported on this story to pick up the phone and call James White instead of reporting on it to start with. We are aware that Justin has not practiced such advice first when publicly calling out several men such as Dr. David Jeremiah. Yet, for over six weeks, Justin would not call the executive director of this ministry who had been extremely generous with him over many years in paying for all the expenses related to his travel to our television studios, the production of his television program, and the distribution of that program. Indeed, it is the belief of this board that Justin should have given such treatment and respect to this ministry and its executive director for our “track record.” In addition, Justin’s speech at this so-called “discernment” conference, we believe, vilified, falsified, and slandered the ministry that has been nothing but gracious and generous with him. We are sad that Justin chose to compromise as he has. We wish that Justin had chosen a wiser and more Biblical path, but he has not.

In addition to the harm Justin has already wrought, his ministry continues to add to the controversy by falsely declaring that the executive director of this ministry has questioned Justin’s salvation on social media. We know that Justin had apparently done this in his August 11th speech concerning those who reported on the White-Qadhi interfaith dialogue per his use of Romans 1 and the reprobate mind. Yet, now Justin appears to be concerned that generic social media comments on how the battle for truth separates sheep from goats was somehow speaking of him. We find it a bit odd that an individual would assume that generic comments on social media on the nature of the battle for truth would somehow be speaking of him. In addition, this ministry has not implied that people should not support his ministry or that of James White if they so desire, despite such falsehood being stated.

We would plead with Justin and his ministry to publicly repent of the issues mentioned in this letter, and then seek to restore his friendship with this ministry in a spirit of mutual co-laboring for the honor and glory of our Lord.  Please join us in that prayer.

We believe the following three clips that were produced with Justin’s remarks in context will bring light and clarity to this issue and answer any questions that some might have from the misrepresentation by Justin and his ministry.

A quick view of these video clips of Justin Peters from an August 11th, 2017 speech will reveal that clearly Justin Peters does not understand Islam, its tactics, & that he has a double standard for those he deems the "good guys.” While we wish Justin Peters well, we believe these video clips reveal we made a wise decision to remove his programs from our network.


Video Clip: Justin Peters Declares Islam is NOT a Spiritual Threat to the Church



Justin Peters Declares "Touch Not God's Anointed" When It Comes To James White



Justin Peters & His Conflicting Positions on Interfaith Dialogue


Please watch this important video By Pastor and Dr. Gregory Williams: Justin Peters and the Undiscerning Christians



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