Law Enforcement Arrested an Illegal Alien for the Raping & Murder of a Mother



  • A federal judge has blocked a Biden rule that forced public schools to adopt LGBTQ-friendly policies.
  • The United Nations is sounding the alarm over the rapidly rising debt burdens among nations worldwide.
  • A House GOP Congressman announces he will be releasing a resolution with other conservative House members to rescind the subpoenas issued by the J6 Committee for Mark Meadows, Dan Scavino, Steven Bannon and Peter Navarro. 
  • The City Council of Los Angeles is removing street signs such as “No U-Turn” because they offend certain elements within the gay community. Yes, street signs are now said to be “homophobia.”
  • The U.S. House of Representatives has voted to automatically register 18-to-26 year old men for the military draft.
  • And law enforcement has arrested an illegal alien on charges that he raped and murdered a mother of five who was found dead near a hiking trail last year in Oklahoma. 

All these stories and more when the Worldview Report begins, right now!


Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report.

Leading off tonight, U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor has blocked a Biden administration rule that forced public schools to cater to LGBTQ radicals by redefining federal nondiscrimination language under Title IX.

The judge sided with Texas Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton’s legal challenge to the rule change.

In 2021, Joe Biden’s U.S. Department of Education issued a guidance to educators that its Office for Civil Rights interprets Title IX, the longstanding set of rules against sex discrimination in public education, to also cover “sexual orientation and gender identity.” The federal agency said it will “fully enforce” this interpretation “in education programs and activities that receive Federal financial assistance from the Department.”

In other words, Biden was blackmailing school districts by threatening to withhold federal funding if they didn’t bow to his radical ideology that redefines what makes someone male or female. Boys were suddenly required to be allowed into girls locker rooms and shower facilities if they simply said they identified as female.

Several states, including Texas, sued the administration over the matter, and now Judge O’Connor has ruled that with its 2021 guidance the DOE “engaged in unlawful agency action taken in excess of (its) authority, while failing to adhere to the appropriate notice and comments requirements when doing so.”

He added that:

“If Congress cannot yet decide whether or not it wants to expand Title IX’s reach, there is zero reason to believe the Department may do so,” O’Connor wrote. He found that the guidance would “functionally rewrite” Title IX and “shockingly transforms American education and usurps a major question from Congress,” which is “not how our democratic system functions.”

While not directly addressing the new formal rule, the decision is expected to bolster the legal case against it as well, leading Paxton to hail it as a “major victory.”

Paxton said:

“Joe Biden’s unlawful effort to weaponize Title IX for his extremist agenda has been stopped in its tracks. Threatening to withhold education funding by forcing states to accept ‘transgender’ policies that put women in danger was plainly illegal. Texas has prevailed on behalf of the entire Nation.”


In a new report released on June 4th, the United Nations sounded the alarm over the escalating debt burdens to global prosperity.

Titled ”A world of debt 2024: A growing burden to global prosperity”, the report highlights the unprecedented surge in public debt – comprising both domestic and external general government borrowing – which reached a historic peak of $97 trillion in 2023, up by a notable $5.6 trillion from the previous year.

Particularly in Africa, faltering economies in the wake of multiple global crises have resulted in a heavier debt burden. The number of African countries with debt-to-GDP rations above 60% has increased from 6 to 27 between 2013 and 2023.

Meanwhile, repaying debt has become more costly, and this is hitting developing countries disproportionately.

In 2023, developing nations paid $847 billion in net interest, a 26% increase from 2021. They borrowed internationally at rates two to four times higher than the U.S. and six to 12 times higher than Germany.


The Post Millennial reports that House GOP Rep. Eric Burlison announced that he will be releasing a resolution next week with other conservatives in Congress to rescind the subpoenas issued by the J6 Committee for Mark Meadows, Dan Scavino, Steve Bannon, and Peter Navarro. This would also withdraw the contempt of Congress charges against the Trump allies.  

In a post, Burlison wrote, "Next week, I’m introducing a resolution to rescind the subpoenas issued by the illegitimate January 6th Committee for Steve Bannon, Mark Meadows, Dan Scavino, and Peter Navarro and withdraw the recommendations finding them in contempt of Congress." 


The congressman added:

“The Committee was nothing more than a political witch hunt to blame President Trump and his advisors for the events that took place on January 6, 2021, and influence the 2022 mid-term elections and 2024 presidential election. The Committee was legally deficient in its composition and was more focused on producing made-for-TV hearings than following House rules. The subpoenas issued were insufficient and should be rescinded, and the contempt of Congress referrals based on those subpoenas should be withdrawn.”

The announcement of the resolution comes as Steve Bannon has been ordered to jail on July 1 for being held in contempt of Congress over defying a subpoena issued against him from the J6 Committee. He was sentenced to four months in October 2022 but was out on appeal. The appeals court upheld the conviction in May. 


The City Council of Los Angeles has voted to remove street signs such as “No U-Turn” signs because they are seen by LGBTQ activists as “homophobia.”

The LA Times reported that, at first glance, the signs are innocuous, simply directing traffic on the road, “But long-time queer residents of Silver Lake knew they were a symbol of the neighborhood’s darker past. Messages like, ‘No cruising. No U-turns. Midnight to 6 am” were posted around the neighborhood in 1997, with the intent to curb gay men from roaming the streets to hook up.”

The LA Times further reported that for years the signs remained, even as the city’s leadership changed and the community grew — until this week. In a celebration with LGBTQ community members last Monday, the city council retired the signs.

Poof. Gone. Just like that. This is how America’s cities are being run today, kowtowing to the Marxist agitators. 

Here’s how the local Fox News affiliate reported the story.

So because gay bars and sex clubs were not welcomed in the past, that was considered bigoted. My how things have changed.


Fox Baltimore reports that law enforcement have arrested an illegal alien for the raping and murder of a mother of five in Oklahoma.

Victor Antonio Martinez-Hernandez was arrested in Tulsa for the killing of Rachel Morin, a Harford County mother who was found dead near a hiking trail in August of last year.


In a press conference announcing the arrest on Saturday, Harford County Sheriff Jeffery Gahler said Martinez-Hernandez was arrested late Friday night and booked into the local jail on Saturday morning; he is charged with first-degree murder and first-degree rape.

Sheriff Gahler said:

Sheriff Gahler said Martinez-Hernandez is a 23-year-old citizen of El Salvador. He crossed the border into the United States in February 2023, and the sheriff said he believes that Morin was not his first victim.

The sheriff stated:

"It is my understanding that this suspect, this monster, fled to the United States after the murder of a young woman in El Salvador a month earlier in January of 2023. Once in our country, he brutally attacked a 9-year-old girl and her mother in a home invasion in March of 2023 in Los Angeles.”

Now, thank God, he’s behind bars in a conservative county of Oklahoma that’s unlikely to see him released.


The U.S. and Europe have seized more than $300 billion in Russian assets and are using that money to fund Ukraine’s war with Russia. But the deal is structured in the form of a loan.

Here is Lena Petrova explaining how it works.

WATCH VIDEO (clip from 0:11 mark to 3:25 mark)


LifeSite News reports that Pope Francis met last week with a group of prominent pro-abortion comedians, including Stephen Colbert, Whoopi Goldberg, and Jimmy Fallon, and told them that their jokes “make God smile.”

On Friday morning, Francis received around 100 comedians from 15 countries for a private audience, including Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, Whoopi Goldberg, Conan O’Brien, and Chris Rock. Father James Martin, who was formerly dubbed the “chaplain” of Stephen Colbert’s vulgar, left-wing “The Colbert Report,” was also present at the event.

SHOW VIDEO (clip first 0:40)

“I look with esteem at you artists who express yourselves in the language of comedy, humor, irony,” Francis said in his address to the room full of famous comics. “How much wisdom is there!”

“Of all the professionals working in television, film, theater, print media, with songs, on social media, you are among the most loved, sought after, applauded,” he continued. “Certainly because you are good; but there is also another reason: You have and cultivate the gift of making people laugh.”

“Remember this,” Francis told the audience during his speech. “When you manage to make intelligent smiles gush from the lips of even one spectator — this I will now say is not heresy! — you also make God smile.”

He added that, “How much we need to learn from you! The laughter of humor is never ‘against’ anyone, but is always inclusive, purposeful, arouses openness, sympathy, empathy.”


The Israeli military suffered one of the deadliest single incidents since its invasion of Gaza, as Benjamin Netanyahu struggles for a breakthrough in Rafah.

Eight Israeli Defense Force soldiers were killed in a single attack after their tank exploded in a surprise Hamas ambush.

All Israeli troops were killed inside the Namer tank, with no survivors. The eight dead are believed to have been driving in a convoy of several tanks following an overnight offensive against Hamas when the explosion hit. The convoy had been heading to buildings that the IDF had captured for the troops to rest. The Israeli tank, the Namer APC, is widely known as one of the world's best-protected tanks.

The attack took place in Rafah, where Israel's latest offensive is taking place. Israel's allies, including the US and UK, have repeatedly warned that they do not support the Rafah invasion in Gaza.

But Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu said the IDF is trying to oust Hamas from its last major stronghold and will not be deterred. 


Vladimir Putin on Friday offered a peace proposal to Ukraine to permanently end the War in Ukraine and begin negotiations.

The peace offer was immediately rejected by NATO in a statement by NATO Chief Jens Stoltenberg.

NATO rejected the deal before Zelensky even had a chance to respond.

Zelensky also rejected the peace deal calling it an “ultimatum message.”

So, the war drags on, with upwards of 5 Ukrainians being killed for every one Russian who meets his death on the battlefield.
Russia Today, citing senior Russian Foreign Ministry officials on Friday, said the deal offered by Putin required Kiev to cede the territory of four regions that chose to join Russia and guarantee it would never join NATO before peace talks could begin.

Zelensky told the TV network Sky TG24 while attending the G7 meeting in Italy:

“What can I say? These messages are ultimatum messages, they are nothing different than other ultimatums that he has made before. He wants us to give up part of our occupied territories, but he also wants the unoccupied ones. He talks about regions of our country, and he won’t stop.”

Zelensky’s characterization of Putin’s offer as an ultimatum was dismissed as “a wrong understanding, definitely,” according to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Friday, who told the Russian news outlet Izvestia:

“This is a comprehensive, very deep and constructive proposal.” If the terms seem harsher than those Moscow proposed in the spring of 2022, he explained, that’s because “a different situation has arisen,” with four regions choosing to become part of Russia.

Residents of the four provinces voted overwhelmingly in September 2022 to leave Ukraine and join the Russian Federation. Kiev and its Western backers have denounced the vote as “rigged” just as they refused to recognize Crimea’s return in 2014.

Peskov reminded Izvestia that Ukraine received very generous peace terms in March 2022, but rejected them “on orders from the British.” Ukrainian media and officials have confirmed that Boris Johnson, UK prime minister at the time, told them they should not accept any deal with Russia.


A bankruptcy judge in Houston, Texas, has ordered Infowars founder Alex Jones to liquidate his personal assets to help pay roughly $1.5 billion in damages to Sandy Hook families.

But the judge handed Jones a win – dismissing a separate bankruptcy case over Infowars' parent company, Free Speech Systems, that would have handed control of the company to the plaintiffs who sued him.

In his ruling, US Bankruptcy Judge Christopher Lopez said Sandy Hook families can pursue claims against Jones in state court without forcing Free Speech Systems into bankruptcy.

In doing so, Judge Lopez handed Infowars a bit of a lifeline, writing:

"The right call is to dismiss this case. I think remaining assets can be resolved outside of a bankruptcy forum.”

As for Jones' personal bankruptcy, he had agreed to convert it into a Chapter 7 liquidation last week.

Host Owen Shroyer said on air after news of the ruling broke: “Those trustees will make decisions about where things go. We’re not leaving things into the wind here. It looks like Infowars just got some extra time.”

Jones had been preparing his massive audience for a shutdown, as attorneys for the families sought not only to take over Infowars, but Jones' personal social media accounts which they argued is “no different than a customer list of any other liquidating business.”

Shortly before the hearing, Jones addressed the public to describe possible outcomes.

WATCH VIDEO (clip first 2:45)


Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.

We reported a couple of weeks ago that Congress is considering a bill that would force all 18- to 26-year-old men to be automatically registered for the draft.

Well, on Friday the U.S. House of Representatives passed an amendment as part of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2025.

The amendment, H.R. 8070, will automatically register all draft-age male Americans with the Selective Service System for a possible military draft, based on information from other federal databases.

All but three Republicans voted for the amendment, as did a majority of Democrats.

This new system of automatic draft registration would replace the existing system, in place since 1980, under which young men have the freedom to decide for themselves whether or not to sign up for the draft.

According to People’s World, the automatic draft registration proposal was initiated by the Selective Service System as part of its annual budget request to Congress.

The Gateway Pundit reported that it was introduced by Rep. Chrissy Houlahan, Democrat of Pennsylvania. Houlahan is a former Air Force officer.  

The measure was also endorsed by Mike Rogers, the Republican chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, and approved by a voice vote of the full committee without audible opposition.

And just like that, without even a roll call vote, the House has implemented a key piece of war legislation that will make it easier in the future for the government to commandeer your sons, without or without consent, and throw them into a World War III meatgrinder overseas, where they will fight against Russia or China. 

This is totalitarian in nature, and in my opinion a form of modern slavery.

But even beyond that, whenever you forcibly conscript a nation’s young men and send them to fight in foreign wars, you have now created a vulnerability on the home front. What if China or some other hostile nation invades America? Now all of our best and strongest fighters are overseas.

It's time we take a stand and say no to the government forcibly conscripting our sons in order to fill holes in a volunteer Army that almost nobody wants to join.

That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. Thanks for watching and supporting this viewer-supported broadcast.

Until next time…


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